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  1. Exactly, they are clearly big enough to play, they would clearly want to play and the festival would clearly want them to play. I would say it’s a safe bet.
  2. Kano Elbow Carl Cox (pleaseeeee) J Hus Aitch Noisia All of these i'd say are relatively safe bets, some more so than others.
  3. FFS! Have some respect. Nos is annoying for the farmer, i'm not going to pretend i'm perfect and haven't had one at glastonbury but doing one during that whilst somebody like the dali lama is there is bang out of order.
  4. hjwright

    Pop ups

    Ad networks all seem to be distributing these malicious adverts ATM, nobody is safe. Just bear in mind it's not Efestivals fault, and that they're losing out on revenue because of it!
  5. Isn't that for disabled people?
  6. I will be in the minority here but here are my electronic music reccomendations. The crucast takover WILL be brilliant; Skepsis, Bru-C and Darkzy all good. Zero is a great undergound artist, more mainstream i believe jamie duggan is there who is also good. Redlight, Zinc and Shaun Dean also not to be missed.
  7. Just been sent the lineup, you will not be dissapointed.
  8. Do you know if there will be any new stages to replace all of these?
  9. Thank You. Yes, i agree. Just trying to pressure my friends into buying theirs and not waiting around... Nice to see a festival that announces when they release lineup (in contrast to reading...)!
  10. Do you know how many sold out now? And announcement date for second wave?
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