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  1. Maybe part of the crowd control issues were impatient pricks who ignored crowd control measures and pushed on through anyway?
  2. hjwright


    At boomtown the screens show up on the thursday. The last act ends at midnight on the sunday and they're packed away by about 1am. They must be very expensive to rent per day.
  3. Niche festivals getting rid of their niche to get bigger crowds, only to fall flat in a few years when they can't please the old timers or the new timers. It happens so much that it really is bizarre that anybody sees it as a viable option at all.
  4. Yep, and that's not to say those business models were bad at the time, festival republic made a killing off of it! I know the cost of living thing will be hitting everybody hard, but i'm not sure that it's the main reason for festivals not selling out so well. Young people (16-21) who are the main demographic for a lot of festivals are probably one of the least affected groups in all of this. They don't generally pay heating, any money they do earn is "fun money" and they probably don't buy drinks at a festival and they either don't drive to a festival or drive with 5 in a car making any rise in costs there relatively affordable. They go as a rite of passage and no ticket (modest) price increase will stop them going where their friends are going, i just think there is a fundamental shift in terms of what young people want to do and where they want to go. And that's been happening over the years.
  5. The main monkeypox transmission is going on between gay men at the minute, thus you're insinuating that we should close down the gay club in Glastonbury. A joke, but a particularly foul one considering the damage HIV did to the gay community.
  6. This comment is awful, have some shame.
  7. @WStonerHow pathetic can you be downvoting somebody for giving their genuine advice?
  8. I didn't know about that, but that was before the war no?
  9. I'm not sure they are, to be fair. Anecdotally it works for me and a lot of other people, it's at least worth a shot i guess
  10. You guys should try activated charcoal capsules. 1000mg before bed, when you wake up you'll feel like you'd drunk a fraction of the beer.
  11. I can't say with full confidence that if i was a famous russian i would be speaking out about what's going on personally. I don't mind her being booked, she's not come out in favour of it.
  12. Interesting. Will watch out for that.
  13. Yeah, when i had an EPO i used to be able to blag my way through but not getting a ticket from that route any more!
  14. Cheeky one, but i remember when i was off my rocker last year somebody showed me a route to skip the queue into south east corner. Unfortunately i was past the point of remembering clearly, so i wanted to know if any of you guys could tell me where it was? I think it maybe brought me out at IICON but not 100%. Just planning hw i'm going to get there quickest due to two of my fav acts this year being half an hour apart on opposite sides of the festival Feel free to DM if you don't want the secret getting out 😉
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