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  1. Yeah, I saw that they replaced Dettmann. I'm not in London this weekend, unfortunately. They keep eluding me...but they're pretty active over here, I'll catch them somewhere 😂
  2. It's the indie dance version of "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck"
  3. He'll be 80, two weeks before the festival
  4. Yeah, I hear ya. It's just a vacuous warehouse, not exactly The Cause or the Wag and it doesn't have a rich history, but I seldom like to see a venue close. And I kind of like vacuous warehouses, tbh! 😁
  5. You absolutely, unequivocally love to see it. If it were me, I'd buy a box of Twix's and a giant ladder.
  6. Yep, I'm with you on that one, Gnomster. The Pyramid run of Lana Del Rey, Robert Plant, Jack White and Metallica will take some beating. Can anyone beat that? Probably worth a new thread. The best three or four act straight run on a single stage.
  7. Going to have to pull you up on that one, HuJa* "Going to California" with the sun finally breaking through the heavy rain clouds was worth the ticket price alone. * the kids can call you that
  8. What a great idea. I'm really not a fan of the side-by-side stage setup, this is much better
  9. In celebration of Macca absolutely 100% being confirmed today, I've been watching the Rick Rubin interview doc on Disney+, breaking down some of his songs. Fascinating stuff. If he and I are there in June, I'll be beyond excited
  10. And it's the last show at the Drumsheds, sadly. Another London venue gone.
  11. Cool, I thought as much. It wasn't a dig, far from it, in fact your assessment isn't a million miles away from my own! If today's news turns out to be true, you have to think that Taylor is a lock for 2023
  12. Yeah, you'll have to move that giant cardboard cut-out of Emily, for sure
  13. Interesting take. I'd only probably be at one of them, two at a push, but I'd be genuinely intrigued to see who you'd have gone for instead. Quite honestly, if they do manage to pull those three off, I'd say they've blown every other festival out of the water this year.
  14. Hold on, where does the Kendrick info come from?
  15. Personally, my inclination would be to place Macca on the Sunday, a bit more of a "local-friendly", gentle, mass singalong to close out the weekend but there's some debate of whether that type of placement is a myth.
  16. Would be great news. Is there any indication of a possible day for Macca?
  17. ^1 - 98% Numbers falling, confidence increasing. Although, I've left a 2% cushion due to the current tectonic activity.
  18. The money collection in 2019 was hilarious!
  19. Ha! I've been scouring the image for me, then realised it's 2004 and I had to sell my ticket that year due to illness. IG handle it is! And yes, let's hope it's an omen...😁
  20. Only if they bring the London Symphony Orchestra
  21. Interesting. Let's hope for a week of announcements, developments, clues and speculation
  22. Ah, cool. Bound to be some clues in there for G, then. Did that Macca Werchter date ever transpire?
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