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  1. T>I, Bou, AMC, Metrik, Kings of the Rollers, Nia Archives, LTJ Bukem, Randall, Krust, S.P.Y, Dope Ammo, Benny Page, Goldie, Kanine, Turno, Watch the Ride (to name a few) all playing across the weekend. Can't remember the stages but if you go onto the A-Z search on the official website, it'll tell you
  2. You're maybe thinking of the Temple, on the Common?
  3. Another one for club Folamour here
  4. It's definitely an under-represented genre this year. A few from the Anjunadeep stable would have been lovely. I would definitely sacrifice some D&B for a share of some more prog/melodic/tech
  5. Yeah, I saw Sofia K at Prima (w2), perfect sunset set before Prospa's fantastic live show
  6. Dammit, that's over my late night shift
  7. Hmmmm, sounds a touch progressive for BC. There's not a huge amount at the festival, sadly we've not seen the likes of Eric Prydz, Christoph, Henry Saiz on the farm for some time. Nick Warren would be a decent shout at Funkingham Palace on the Thursday, Franky Wah is on the Glade at exactly the same time as Nick Warren(!), Sasha (Thursday Glade) and John Digweed (Friday Glade) might venture into prog territory for a bit. There are loads of acts that'll drop some nice melodic hooks their sets, HAAi, Job Jobse, Four Tet, Sofia Kourtesis to name a few. Not exactly like Prydz, et al,but it might scratch your itch.
  8. Maybe not exactly in the same style as PDM but Folamour is the go-to for disco-related business this year
  9. My two cents - what a great weekend, my first Primavera. I went to W2 with a small element of trepidation, due to the well documented issues. In all honesty, I didn't find the crowds too bad, where we were we didn't experience any of the feared overcrowding that the extra Strokes day ticketers might bring, in particular. We found that if you got to the front via the walkway on the left hand side, it was quite easy to get a decent spot quite close without causing any issues for anyone. There seemed to be a bottleneck in the main stage field where that huge viewing platform is (with the bars underneath) and the WCs on the left hand side. Once you worked through that, in our experience it was ok. Absolutely perfect weather, that sea breeze is a life saver, it's so good to be in shorts and a t-shirt, day and night. Loved the layout, although that walk to Bits is a mission! 😂 Loads of interesting stages and lovely places to chill by the sea front. Great vibe on the Dice Stage, my favourite. Boiler Room was loads of fun, the sound in there and atmosphere was on point. Super quick to get in every day, never used any of the motor transport to get home, the queues seemed huge, so we gave that a swerve. Either walked back or got a bike taxi. Food options were ok for me (vegan) but not spectacular, that huge food court was an eye opener. Highlights were Prospa, the utterly transcendent Fred Again, Run The Jewels, even The Strokes managed more engagement in one show than the previous three times I've seen them. Loads of other good stuff over the weekend. It felt like a really inclusive festival, a safe space for people to express themselves, which is what it should be about. I think we're witnessing a moustache renaissance! 😂 Downsides for me, by the end of the weekend, the toilets were in a right tangle, a lot of sinks out of water and I never found any soap or sanitizer in the dispensers from Thursday onwards. Labour shortages or cost cutting? Another festival that fails to address the shortage of facilities for females, too. I hate to think how much time women have to waste, waiting for a free WC. All-in-all though, I really enjoyed it. Beautiful city, nice setting, good atmosphere, music was great. Would definitely return for the right lineup.
  10. We walked back to Llacuna this morning. Despite my legs feeling like they're gonna fall off, I'd rather walk for 40 minutes than queue and wait for an hour
  11. Prospa crushed it last night. I do like the areas by the sea (Bits?). That Dice stage has a lovely sea breeze coming off the med... Dua Lipa cemented her place as next year's Glastonbury headliner imo. Not my thing exactly, but it was a super slick show. Let's see what tonight brings, it was busy around the main stages for Gorillaz and Dua last night. Might need to get there early and drinks double parked for the Strokes, it's gonna be rammed...
  12. Getting excited now. Great weather forecast, stacked lineup, glowing reports from W1 (Thursday not included), beautiful city. LFG!!!!
  13. I'm amazed that their licence allows it. What are we talking in terms of extra bods? 2000? 5000? Either way, it's gonna be noticeable, right? I was hoping that they were just trying to soften the blow on the day they cancelled to reduce the noise then a few days later say "sorry, we can't do that after all". At best it could be very uncomfortable, at worst very dangerous. I can't see any good coming from it whatsoever.
  14. Are they still planning to let last week's Strokes day ticketers in this Friday? How many extra thousand is that? Gotta be honest, with the comments that it's already been dangerously overcrowded at times, I'm a little concerned about it
  15. After what he was called today, I'd be the same
  16. Our dear friend Ddiamondd confirmed earlier that it would be
  17. We won't. It's just been an intense morning on the threads, it'll sort itself out in time
  18. See my post on the GOLD member refund thread
  19. Perfect etiquette . There's going to be loads of new stuff to see this year, stages, areas, layouts. Can't wait.
  20. Great shout. I'm @SPTFRE on Instagram, my only social media account.
  21. I'm fully in the 'discover it when I get there' camp. I'll probably avoid this thread (not that I come onto it too much) and just take a look at the camera now and again. The way today's going, I'll have about two threads to visit...
  22. Yes, I'm certain there was something in the terms and conditions when signing up for GFEL volunteering about not sharing images on social media in particular before the festival opens. And rightly so. I remember seeing IICON for the first time on the Wednesday last time round. Blew me away, totally unexpected.
  23. Ahhh, did they? Ok, I'll stick with just Gojira then! 😆 I'm sure there are others. Someone with a better memory could probably help.
  24. But still a surprise, an announcement that nobody saw coming, right?
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