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  1. pilton digger

    Local Ticket Sales 2018

    it is. As is keeping this thread alive. Every year people innocently raise a thread on local tickets when they have not scored, the majority (not accusing you of anything by the way) are not local and are arseholes who think they have the right to abuse local sales. This is why genuine locals don't get tickets, the same happens for Pilton Party although that takes a bit more effort. People registering at someone elses address usually get found out and their registrations cancelled. Electoral registers are a good resource. Can we please drop this thread before more Londoners volunteer to help when it is feck all to do with them.
  2. pilton digger

    Local Ticket Sales 2018

    which part of local is hard to understand?
  3. pilton digger

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    I have been to 7 out of the last 8 (son got married so I had to miss 2016) and I am considerably older than you lot. In the early days we had to either be dealers or undercover coppers, no one else was over 12. It has got older and there are a lot more mature tourists, they come once and that will do. You can see from the CV field that it is a bit bucket list for some, flash campers and money. Age is irrelevant, how you do it is up to you. Refuse to grow up. Fuzzy is right, there is still an edge that you don't get at a lot of other festivals (maybe Beatherder but different if that makes sense) but we have rarely seen any lairyness. Everyone just plays hard. Most people that I know go once out of interest and then keep going because it is so good.
  4. pilton digger

    Local Ticket Sales 2018

    the more people talk about it, the more people will take the piss and try and abuse the local ticket system. There was a local last time who was initially refused tickets, various chancers had registered at his address without his knowledge. Can we please stop talking about it. Locals know where to get the information, people casually asking probably aren't local and are depriving someone who is genuinely local.
  5. pilton digger

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    Tier 1 will sell out in minutes. We are usually lucky but we are on the ball from the sale time. Got to be quick or tier 2 it is. Still going just costs a bit.more.
  6. pilton digger

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    CGs tickets sorted by Mr Gumby. Benny sorted as well by all accounts
  7. pilton digger

    So whose getting ready for next year?

    sound check is all Oasis songs. See you down there, I'll be wearing the obligatory Fall T shirt because soemone has to.
  8. pilton digger

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    My T4 is my only vehicle. I get 40+ per gallon and do about 90 miles a day to and from work. It is used as a van for hauling logs and crap, slept in for 7 or 8 festivals a year and is the perfect solution. Get rid of your car and get a van. You know it makes sense.
  9. pilton digger

    Boomtown 2018

    normally 1900 at the bad apple.
  10. pilton digger

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    As the planning permission for premises licences have appeared at the entrances to the site we can take that as confirmation that next year is officially underway.
  11. pilton digger

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    there were a couple of bins by the Spike bar, maybe because people tend to gather there. It is one of the few bits of permenant structure and easy to find. Gives them somewhere to ditch their cans. There are a few others out but not many.
  12. pilton digger

    Solstice Sunrise

    for information, when we ran round the farm tonight there was cow fencing being put up in places (end of muddy lane / Williams Green) but no sign of any black and white beasties. Might be an idea to check the web cam to see where they may be next week. Could get a bit beefy in places.
  13. pilton digger

    Shindig Weekender

    tickets on sale for next year. Got ours, see you there.
  14. pilton digger

    Shindig Weekender

    We were in the same tent for the dowpour then. Quality weekend wasn't it.
  15. pilton digger

    don't mess with the badgers

    there were cows out over the weekend when I ran round the farm. It depends on the time of year. Lots of sheep between October and March -ish. A lot of the fields (Other, Pennards, Dairy) are down to wheat that is currently about a foot high. It is a working farm and not a place full of field ornaments.