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  1. never seen them be strict on what is fitted to a van, more interested in glass / contraband.
  2. It sounds like a plan until the bull is put in with you........
  3. yes, just entering for friends. I just put it into google and you get https://www.wateraid.org/uk/enter-the-access-denied-prize-draw-to-win-tickets-to-glastonbury-2020
  4. Nick Cave totally owning the field and showing those tweed banjo twats from Mumford's how its done in 2013. One of the best sets on that stage in my humble opinion. By the time he got to Stagger Lee there were posh mummy's dragging their children away from the sweary scary man.
  5. Beatherder, Leopolloza, Boomtown, Sunrise, Shambala, Mucky Weekender.
  6. Ran into someone i know who asked what we had just seen. Told him Fat White Family. In all seriousness he asked if it was a Barry White tribute act.
  7. pilton digger

    50p Tent

    it is still there, had a 50p cup yesterday.
  8. If it does I think we can take 0.45 mm.
  9. you may be a long time with that one. I think they are at the Cross Keys, Lydford
  10. Happy Monday everybody. Now that the weather science types have been shown to be full of shite, prepare for the worlds best party with added sun. One more day at work for me, pub tommorrow night for the usual Pilton starter session, and then see everybody in the fields.
  11. Himself is occupying 75 % of the small sofa I am sat on, asleep accompanied with the gentle sounds of snoring and gas emission, but to me it doesn't look like at at the moment. It is hard as Chuck Norris out there, stop worrying about a bit of damp.
  12. The meet is on Weds at the Ridge and Furrow
  13. Please come to the meet, we really are lovely. Odd, but lovely.
  14. Been out and run the ridge above the village and it is spotting at most. Dust settler only. Not sure how people judge rain but it is nowt as far as I am concerned. I know we do micro climate and Blue Gate is 0.8 miles away but it ain't raining here by the pub.
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