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    Can Madonna do it on a rainy Tuesday night in Stoke?
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    Hitched there on my own in '85 with just a duvet and sixty quid. Would have gone to Stonehenge but wasn't on that year due to disgruntled politicians. Was pissing down and already muddy whan I arrived. Did some mushrooms and started looking for a friend that I knew was there.Mushrooms kicked in and every face looked like my friend. Found him the next day and we had an absolute blast...I think. Rained solidly the whole time...I think. Became total mud monsters and we kipped in the cinema tent which had been filled with straw to accommodate all the casualties like me. Hitch from hell back to N Wales caked in mud. It took 24 hours and we had no money,food or baccy. Broke into an empty house in Bristol to kip for the night as we were so desperate. Highlight was knocking on the back door of a Little Chef to ask for any old crusts. Old lady cook answered the door and said she'd have a look. Ten mins later she came out with a tray with two full fry ups and a huge pot of tea.What a legend! Been to every Glastonbury since.
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    I thought this thread was going to be about how to avoid being kicked out of the festival...
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    Bring a GoPro for when you're walking and an iPad to film the gigs. Walk up the hill and yell "DON'T TURN AROUND YET" at people. Theres usually a "what to wear" supplement in the Daily Fail a few weeks before the festival. If you want a good spot at the Pyramid Stage, get there early to get close and put your chair down for the night. Put a large blanket down aswell for all your stuff and for friends to sleep on. Print off a fake disabled pass so you can get on the viewing platform. Don't be afraid to talk a lot during the gigs. Its a social festival.
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    Well I am going no matter what. I don't have a ticket but I have a camper van. My mate who has a ticket will get the cv ticket. I am going to volunteer to work everything. I am going to try and get a ticket in the coach resale and will travel from anywhere. If that fails then main resale. Then secret resales. Then look at any hospitality options. If everything fails then I will go and sit in the camper van fields and get pissed for 5 days, watch the cricket world cup and meet random people in the camper van fields and enjoy a beer with them. I am all in now and am going no matter what.
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    9 festivals and this is about as best as I can do.
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    I think the worst thing when you miss out is the feeling that it’s entirely possible that you’ve done your last Glastonbury. Until it happens to you, you always think that, as these forums always say, ‘If you really want a ticket and get properly organised you will get one’, & then you really want one, and have organised yourself in every way possible, and you are still sitting here on Monday without a ticket. What if it’s always like this now? Thats how I felt when I missed out. During the festival I watched it on TV, & sometimes it was OK because the TV shows an entirely different festival to the one I go to anyway, but then Coldplay sang about how ‘you try your best but you don’t succeed’ & Keane sang ‘Tell me when you’re gonna let me in, I’m getting old and I need somewhere to begin!’ & I sobbed my heart out because I thought I would never be there again. .......but the next Glastonbury we did get tickets, and I really did feel like I’d won the lottery, & I knew I had to party like it could be my last, because now I know it always could. Everyone who has a ticket needs to know how to do Glastonbury like it could be their last. That is the gift that missing out gives you.
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    Hi Y'all.... haven't posted for over a year now.... I was finding it a bit difficult in the fallow year, talking/thinking/writing about Glastonbury made me feel low, as the next one was so far away and I was so nervous about whether or not I would get tickets, so I found it easier all round to try to put it out of my mind as far as is possible - Heresy I know, but does that make any kind of sense? Anyway, I'm absolutely delighted, managed to get 5 tickets for myself, my daughter and son, my niece and her boyfriend. I was typing in my card number on 4g when the sold out came up on another device... so must have got them by the skin of my teeth. My daughter has been with me twice before, but the other 3 are newbies. I can't wait, and am filling up with emotion just typing this! I went solo in 2017 and loved it, but this will be great. I've missed you all (in a weird online relationships kind of way) and will, of course, help out as far as possible in the resales for those unfortunate enough to miss out on Sunday. Got my playlists from previous festivals blaring out as I type.
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    well to be honest I had never heard of what was called Glastonbury Fayre - held in 1971 and yes I know there was one before that ' but that was unplanned ' and not counting events that were not planned the next one was 1979 and I would never have been aware about that but for a stroke of luck - a Booker for the festival showed up at the Half Moon in Putney and was after some of my friends who were in a Folk band - I got roped in as I could drive it certainly was not advertised in London nor was it on TV ' and long before the Internet ' It was a right pain in the arse to find Pilton - no GPS and it did not appear in normal car maps - no helpful Stewards { that came later } I cant find 1979/1981/1982 - not even sure if we had a wrist band ' but I do have the tickets { in a box somewhere } but I came across these - 1987 was the last year I attended as a Punter and I have huge collection of Crew wristbands since then. it would have sunk without a trace if CND did not get involved in 1981 and that is the very first year it was called ' Glastonbury Festival ' that for sure ' opened it up to the UK ' because all of a sudden ' adverts appeared in all CND shops and they also sold paper tickets - none of this using 10 PC's and 5 phones to get though - you just walked in ' handed over the money and the ticket was issued so what was 1979 like ? - have not got a clue and no one who was with me has either because ' we were well out of it ' - some came back in 1981 but the bad Mud in 1985 just was too much for the rest and I was the only one daft to go back in 1986 and 1987 and then decided to take the plunge into being a Volunteer ' even although tickets were easy to buy '
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    This bucket list bashing is becoming quite mean spirited, self righteous and completely at odds with the inclusive atmosphere of Glastonbury. Why are they bores? What’s wrong with waking up Sunday morning and thinking “fuck it”? What’s even wrong with having *something* you especially want to do one day (as I hate the bucket list term). I’d much rather have people at Glastonbury who are seeing it for the first time, enthusiastic, overawed and discovering it rather than some entitled dick.
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    The Other stage is like Hyrule in Ocarina Of Time. You're there when Charli XCX or LCD Soundsystem is on and it's all lovely and lush and verdant and everybody is happy, like in the bits where Link is still a child. Then come back when Catfish & The Bottlemen are on and it's like you've just yoinked the Master Sword out of the pedastal, everything is shit and falling apart and there's monsters everywhere and everybody is bad tempered and hostile.
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    I always like to imagine that one day @Sawdusty Surfer's name will become slang for a poo in a compostable. "just nipping off for a sawdusty surfer, meet you in 5, no 10, at JP stage"
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    Often imitated, never bettered ... http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq
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    Second that. Fortunately my line manager was unable to get tickets this year. I really could not be doing with bumping into her with my jaw in a different postcode.
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    Control entry to the ticket ballot with the following questions: 1. What is the significance of this? 2. You're on your way to see Ed Sheeran perform a "secret set" but you come across a one-armed Slovakian bagpipe player on a unicycle performing the score from Withnail & I on one of the risers. Do you stay and watch or carry on to see Ed? 3. Your favourite act is headlining the Pyramid stage, but there is literally nothing on for the entire day until that point about which you give a rat's ass. Do you camp out at the front of the stage for the day of complete boredom to ensure a prime spot for their set? 4. Do you think the T&C field should be replaced with a Nandos and some big screens to show sporting events? 5. What is this for? 6. You see a Z-list celeb from *insert tv show du jour here* while engaged in a deep conversation with your group of friends about the relative merits of your next choice of stage / area / recreational substance. Do you run over and get a selfie with them or continue to argue over Parquet Courts vs dropping acid? 7. What is the locking hook on the back of a long drop door actually for? 8. After securing your ticket on T-Day you find that none of the Pyramid headliners particularly appeal to you. Do you return your ticket? 9. What is 9? Done and dusted.
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    Its down to postcode....if you're not within a rough 10 mile radius then you won't be in the catchment. Can I also just ask that if you don't have a qualifying address (I'm only about 2 miles outside it myself...) that you don't use any address of relatives etc who may be within the catchment? Its a concession for local people who are inconvenienced by the festival in many ways...and abuse of the system is only likely to a. deny a real local of a ticket, and b. threaten the concession from existing in the future. Thanks.
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    it took me a couple of hours to do my quick sketch
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    Post T-Day and I'm trying to numb the pain of missing out on tickets by doing another one of these: Friday: PY: Lady Gaga / Vampire Weekend / Paolo Nutini / Christine & The Queens / Boyzone / Chromeo / Shame / Soccer Mommy OS: The Chemical Brothers / Silk City / Years & Years / Lily Allen / DMA's / Rex Orange County / Alina Baraz / Sping King / Bloc Party WH: Skepta / Jorja Smith / The Internet / Loyle Carner / Tom Misch / Craig Charles (DJ Set) / Ebeneezer JP: Ben Howard / Young Fathers / ??? / Drenge / Bad Sounds / Tove Styrke / Genghar PK: Public Service Broadcasting / Tom Grennan / Ezra Furman / Confidence Man / KWAYE Saturday: PY: The Cure / Lana Del Rey / Weezer / Jungle / Tom Odell / Kamasi Washington / Nick Murphy / Blue Planet w/ The Halle Orchestra OS: The Strees / Giggs / Courteeners / Anne-Marie / Sigrid / Miles Kane / Maggie Rodgers / Pale Waves / The Joy Formidable WH: Friendly Fires / Robyn / Carly Rae Jepsen / Honne / Noname / Let's Eat Grandma JP: Fatboy Slim / The Blaze / IAMDBB / MNEK / Yaeji / H.E.R / Rae Morris PK: Courtney Barnett / Django Django / Superorganism / Lapsley / Blood Orange / Jade Bird Sunday: PY: Macca / Liam Gallagher / George Ezra / Kylie Minogue / Cage The Elephant / Sleaford Mods / Black Honey / The Hacienda Classical OS: Travis Scott / Janelle Monae / Jess Glynne / Lykke Li / Ray BLK / Declan McKenna / Blaenavon / Fickle Friends / Tom Walker WH: Jon Hopkins / Groove Armada / Vince Staples / Kali Uchis / LANY / Ezra Collective JP: CHVRCHES / Mura Masa / Charli XCX / Brockhampton / NAO / Now, Now / Becky Hill PK: My Bloody Valentine / Ash / Idles / Hookworms / Gerry Cinnamon / MisterWives And in poster form:
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    As other people have said, a lot is down to personal preference. Except - USE THE LOCK-UPS! They are big marquees where you can (for free) put anything in for safe storage. So, as soon as you've set up camp, keep some money for a day or so and put everything else into a lock up. You can go and get it whenever you like (they're open 24 hours a day) to get some money out but it protects from dropping all your cash when you're buying a drink or someone going through your tent when you're out enjoying yourself (yes it does happen, someone went through my tent the first time but didn't find anything worth nicking). Also worth putting your car keys, house keys, return train ticket, etc in there. If you're short on space you can also put your trolleys, pushchair rucksack, anything you like in there. You really don't want your festival ruined by losing all your money or your car keys!
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    Anyone tweeting about Glastonbury is a loser anyway.
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    Ooh it's been a while.... FINBARRR!
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    All year round we have to put up with the right wing press and, at best, centrist TV media, as well as disinterested work colleagues and bigots. its nice to spend a few days with like minded people.