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    Rave-id Attenborough
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    The full Reggae, Roots and Sound Systems line ups will drop tomorrow at 1pm featuring Lion's Den, Hidden Woods and Tangled Roots
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    You can literally do anything, be anyone. Perfect opportunity to be entirely yourself. Do the most ridiculous thing and still feel like you're being reserved in comparison. Do the most drugs and still feel sober in comparison. I get excited just thinking about the freedom. Sometimes I'll have my headphones in and a song will remind me of glasto and I think of how if I was there I'd be doing a run/dance through the crowd and I walk down the street with an extra skip in my step that i think the people walking past me cant see. Really this is me:
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    Survivors of abuse, either mentally or physically. Controlling, manipulative behaviour is abuse. A 40 year old bloke having sexual text messages with a 16 to girl is a famous man using his fame to coerce a young girl. It's disgraceful in my opinion that people are even suggesting that 'the girl might have lied' is even an excuse. Aside form the fact at even 16 she was underage in most states, it's classic deflection behaviour. Whether she was 15,16, 17 or 18 is irrelevant. He was 40 and abusing his position of fame. End of. People wonder why girls don't come forward more often. Some of the posts on this thread are exactly why. 'Scraping the barrel', finding plausible excuses for his behaviour, creating hypothetical. If a girl comes forward, the reaction of quite a large percentage of the public is still to cast doubt on her. The facts aren't clear, making it out to sound worse, etc, etc.
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    Friday Py:Stormzy childish gambilo Other: tame impala JP: Editors Saturday Py: the killers the strokes Other: Bastille JP: Interpol Sunday The cure Liam Gallagher vampire weekend Other: the streets JP: two door cinema club More to be annconed
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    Disclosure Bastille/the courteeners Coldplay
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    Just get Avalon Emerson to the farm already, I'll drive her myself if needs be.
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    There is no way they are waiting for Kanye West. He cancelled Coachella nearly two days before the lineup announcement and forced Coachella to book Ariana Grande at the very last minute. After having all that trouble with Massive Attack last year, there is no way Mad Cool will book an artist that is much worse on finding excuses to not play.
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    Believe he's doing the 4am techno slot at Genosys
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    As a wider point the catch-all thing is a huge problem. Hes been chucked in with Bill Cosby. Who has 50 years of rape, paedophilia and battery charges against him. Ridiculous. Its either completely good good or completely evil. No in between. No two wrongs/crimes are the same.
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    I can't think of a better way to announce your international fart festival than via a bot.
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    Alexisonfire have released their first new song in a decade (it’s great btw) so I would love to see them headline the Lock Up, preferably against Post + 21P.
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    Damn quit moving the goalposts. I don't think anybody has said they're exciting, but exciting headliners are thin on the ground. Glastonbury needs solid headline acts and The Killers are one. Last few years they've sold out 60,000 cap Hyde Park in a matter of days, headlined stadiums, IOW, TRNSMT and Latitude, shifted 50k first week sales (in UK this is pretty good, esp. for a band). Their status here is undeniable, and I would say over in America they're clearly one of the big bands seeing as every festival seemed comfortable enough to book them to headline despite being all over the map. They're oversaturated, sure, but the general public don't analyse this shit like we do, nor will they know/care that two guitarists have changed. They want a band they know who they can get excited about and sing along to, and The Killers are very popular with the middle-class millennial demographic that Glastonbury attracts a lot of so I don't see any problem..
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    My first year as a bin painter. Its a big committment (full 2 weeks work pre festival ) , so more hours than anyone else asks for but for me my dream come true, and it wasn;t about getting a ticket, it was about getting involved and giving hours back to somewhere thats bought me so much joy. My third year of applying and this year I got lucky :-).
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    It’s bloody great innit? Watching all these ‘orrible old duffers panic in the face of joyous organised caring kids has warmed my heart. All power to them
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    I have actually no idea. I can say without hyperbole that this will play on my mind for weeks. I really mean it. There are exactly zero ways of communicating that idea. Which is precisely the sort of thing that is worth protecting.
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    Which one? They're all Belgian! 😊
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    And....Flights are booked!
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    I think we can all live with that. What we can't live with though, is white men in position of power being complicit in abuse. Fuck off.
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