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    Bought some champagne from a stall yesterday and despite explicitly asking for it served at a temperature of 9c it was closer to 11c. Worst festival ever.
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    Seriously? I thought we were having a sensible conversation about safety at the front of rock gigs. You really believe that women should not be allowed to the front of a pit? Allow me to state once again - I am not talking about moshing. This is to do with encouraging thousands of people to jump the barriers and rush to the front. These are very different things. "It's people like you that make for a bad atmosphere at a rock gig" - I don't believe you know me. If you did you would find that statement particularly silly.
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    Holy shit! Queens of the Stone Age looks fucking crazy.
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    I’m looking forward to seeing all you guys at the dudey rhino meet up 😅 xx
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    Agreed that the security guy was a dick. Right, I'm sure this will get a lot of abuse, but here goes: The rights or wrongs of VIP can be discussed, but the fact is that there was an area cordoned off from the rest of the stage. My family and I were in there for Queens Of The Stone Age. I'd never really listened to them much before, but really got into them in the lead up to the festival. The set itself was amazing, I was enjoying it enormously from the back of the pit with my wife and eldest daughter. My youngest daugther and her boyfriend (being young) were down the front. A little way into the set Josh Homme decides to make it plain that he wants the VIP area opened up to allow more people in. Now, I've no objection to this at all, I've been on the other side of things many times in days gone by and a large area at the front of the stage that is partly empty when there are so many ardent fans of the band is frankly stupid. Here's the problem: when this didn't appear to be happening he repeated time and time again that the crowd shoud jump over the barriers and storm the pit (my words, not his, but that was the inference). My wife and I looked at each other and immediately knew this was not a good idea. What did he think would happen? People would jump over then stop and dance around at the back? It started to get out of control as more and more people came over the barriers and rushed for the front. My wife was almost in tears as more and more excited fans moved past us and headed for the stage. The thought that our daughter was about to be caught up in a potentially serious crush was alarming. Luckily things eventually calmed down - whether extra security got to grips with things or there were enough sensible people who decided that they shoudn't get involved, I don't know, but it could have been a very serious problem indeed. There have been enough serious crush issues at concerts in the past, I certainly would not wish to ever see or hear about another ever again. I gave Josh Homme the benefit of the doubt after the incident with the female photographer, but not after this. The day one of your sons is old enough to be at the front of the pit for one of your concerts and you entreat thousands of fans to rush the stage, I'll be happy to cut you some slack - otherwise don't be such a dick. Once again, this is NOT about the rights or wrongs of VIP areas at the front of stages, but about the way he went about it. I heard more than one band (Tame Impala, Franz Ferdinand) ask for the VIP area to be opened up and I think that it often was, but in an organised manner. Whipping up a crowd to jump over barriers and rush into a small area is a recipe for disaster. Sorry if you find any of this offensive, but it was something that was really frightening at the time and it took the shine off what was a great set for me.
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    NIN. Incredible. Will post more thoughts when I've recovered, this picture I snapped probably tells it better than I could anyway:
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    Judging by your posts on here you are nailing some heavy gear on the regular haha
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    So, while not originally planning on doing anything Glastonbury related for the fallow year, we got the opportunity to attend a fundraising event on Friday night with an appearance from a certain Mr Eavis. Michael gave a talk about how he started the festival and some of the challenges he's faced over the years, whilst taking questions from anyone that had them. Me and the wife were just in awe hearing it all from the man himself and could have listened all night. Said all three headliners are sorted for next year (last one confirmed at roughly 5pm that same day on a call from LA...), and they're also currently working on 2020's headliners. As expected a lot of potential names were brought up, with Michael saying The Smiths would be his dream headliner but he can't see it ever happening. Also talked about Led Zepellin, and again how he doesn't think that'll happen. Fleetwood Mac mentioned, saying that they'd be great but don't know if it would be the same without all of them (not big enough of a fan to know their many lineups through the years sorry), however, also dropped in that he'd just spoken to Mick Fleetwood yesterday (Thursday) so make of that what you will, especially coupled with the apparent final headliner booking... Never thought I'd get a chance to meet the man in person, nevermind in such an intimate venue (Meare Church Rooms), and huge credit to Michael for staying at the end to chat with everyone, take pictures and sign things; an absolute gent! Doubt they get on here, but got to say a huge thank you to whoever organised the event as well. Whilst we were down that way (all the way from Sunderland) we made sure to visit the Tor, the Chalice Well and of course the site! Surreal seeing it as it is now, with some areas quite eerie, looking abandoned almost. Highly recommend anyone to check it out if passing by that way, it's something we've always wanted to do but aren't exactly in the neighborhood too often 😋 Sorry for what is a bit of a brain dump, only just got back and didn't want to forget the details as thought some people on here might be interested. Happy to answer any questions or post pictures if people want them 😊
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    Struggle to remember a festival with a stronger 3 bands in a row. Queens/Mode/NIN will take some beating. A bruiser of a day.
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    When Massive Attack played Low Festival in Spain, they made Corizonas, a great Spanish rock band, play the part of their set that clashed with Massive Attack, with acoustic guitars and no lights. Lot of things are going bad in Mad Cool this year, but Massive Attack issue is not their fault. Justice nailed their show in the same Stage with Kasabian playing in the same Stage where Franz Ferdinand played last night.
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    First visit for me and found it a great festival. Easy to get to, easy to get in and the security and staff within were very friendly. The beers at 4 euros for half a litre was decent value, as were most of the food stalls. Quite impressed overall. Negatives - some real choke points when the arena was full due to everyone going from the main to the second stage when bands ended and the walk taking you through where everyone was standing eating. They could be done with having a few more toilets as well. Big queues to get in and out. The size of arena may not leave enough free space for a 3rd block but it's something they should maybe look at. Thursday was the least exciting day for me act wise and watched Bryan Ferry who was ok, Wolf Alice were decent and Arctic Monkeys who were pretty dull. The day was made by NIN who were outstanding. Friday - Was in to see Kaleo who were excellent. @Gossard they did Iceland proud (met the guy with the long hair and glasses after their set, top lad). Little bit of BRMC from a distance who sounded the sames as they did years ago. Eels in 2nd stage were amazingly good. Yo La Tengo were ok but didn't float my boat. The National on the other hand were fabulous and really should be a headliner. QOTSA put in a top performance. I sat outside on the benches and watched Future Islands. They don't do it for me but I get how people like them. Saturday - The Last Internationale were a fine start and followed by Marmozets who were quality despite a very poor crowd. Saw a bit of AIC, then Franz who were fine. Jack White surprised me with just how good a set he did. I stayed for a bit of MGMT which was fine. Pearl Jam - It's been 18 years since they played in Scotland and that was last time I've seen them live. Their set was worth the travel, accommodation and ticket price alone. Utterly fantastic set topped off by a great version of Comfortably Numb. Such a fantastic band and amazing setlist. So after first visit to NOS, would I go back, without a doubt if the line up is as good as this year.
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    Honestly... I haven’t missed it this year, I’ve just smiled a lot when I’ve read people’s memories. I’ve discovered new festivals, new friends, and so far had a bloody good summer! 5 more festivals to attend as well as a trip to the farm and a camping trip in Weymouth. 2018 has been a fab year. I’m incredibly scared for Tday already. I’ve been having mad Glastonbury dreams for months. None of them have good endings 😞.
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    Since I pass the festival site every day by bike on my way to work, I can see how PKP is shaping up. Seeing the festival growing bigger each day means that the hype is growing as well. Only 30 days until Pukkelpop!
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    Solange was great. Small crowd but the crowd were great and appreciative. The whole 'her headlining is bullshit' talk is boring, if you're that offended by who is headlining a festival then you need to reassess your priorities really, no one is forcing you to buy a ticket or go and watch that headliner 🙂
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    Looking at FB events this is what I've found so far: Thurs 26th Hacienda 21:30-23:00 Craig Charles 19:45-21:00 Gerry Cinnamon 18:15-19:15 Micky P Kerr 17:00-17:45 Lost Colours 16:30-17:15 Friday 27th Icarus Catfish & Bottlemen James Sugarspun - Yam Riot - 20:00 Sat 28th RUN DMC Slow Readers Club Fun Lovin' Criminals Bugzy Malone Mistajam Grandmaster Flash Wolfpeake Gaspa Nali - 13:00 Lucid Dream - Yam Riot - 21:30 Sun 29th  Libertines Lanc Hotpots - Main Stage - 12:00 Wailers - Main Stage - 16:20-17:20 Clone Roses - House Party - 16:40 Peter Hook and The Light Ocean Colour Scene The Amazons Basement Jaxx (DJ set) Feel free to edit/update
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    It is starting to become obvious that boomtown were so reliant on getting the extra capacity approval that they spent stupid money this year. I actually heard this from an extremely reliable source (I naturally can’t name them. sorry guys but I am sure you understand) everything about the festival this year STINKS of cash grab from the extra money for wednesday entry (before they made it free) to boomtown springs to these new released tickets when it was supposed to be sold out and many other things. i say this as a massive fan and attendee of every boomtown to date the last 10 years. this year better be worth it.
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    We had a great day yesterday. No where near the queue for drinks. The sound on all stages was impressive. Went to Franz Ferdinand who were really good. Glad didn't leave for Massive Attack now. Got the number 8 metro and then stumbled upon a night bus which took us almost to the apartment. Went to Nos last year and really enjoyed it there. This is much bigger. Also don't miss the walk over the bridge of death every night after! So apart from the first 3 hours on first day which were completely not acceptable the festival has really picked up. Can't wait for this evening!!
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    Everyone enjoying themselves? My first time at NOS and absolutely loving it.
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    Sorry had this one but forgot about it.. Can't let it go to waste.
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    Okay guys, anybody who knows me knows I'm not one for positivity. Hell, I give pessimists a bad name. But, there's a lot of negativity on here that I feel gives a really skewed impression. I've been here both days. Other than the cluster fuck of not opening the gates on time yesterday, and the complete lack of signage/explanation of how to queue where, this festival had been no worse than any other for me. Bar and food queues/prices are pretty standard. I've yet to queue more than 5-10 for a beer. I appreciate there are busier times, but pick your bar, pick your timing. If you queue at peak times, what do you expect? Yes, prices ain't pretty, but it's no worse than a UK festival imo. The sound is immense, the visuals incredible, the setting beautiful, and the cooling fans/jets a godsend. The crowd is great and the bands are smashing it. Justice were unreal. PJ crowd was insane and they killed it (dicks near me who talked shit all through acoustic Breathe notwithstanding...) . Today, queues were easy. I got here at quarter to 6, walked straight in. I'm spending more than I wanted to, but that's cos I'm solo and so what is there to do but drink and eat and listen? My only sustained gripe is water - €2 for 330ml bottles and they aren't even cold now, and the free water is lukewarm too. Which would all be okay if I was allowed to bring my own bottled water in (I'm okay with sealed). That's the one thing I'd change. Yes, opening gates were a shambles. Yes, several bar staff are fucking clueless. Yes, the €1 cup nonsense should have been explained better (basically, buy first drink, swap your cup when you get second, and repeat. Yes it's €1 extra, but it's not a bad souvenir to take home - has the line up on the side etc). But these are all teething problems, and it's honestly a pretty decent little festival if you can get past the niggles.
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    At first thought this was the worst organised festival i ever been to, and i've been to a lot both in the US and Europe. then things improved a bit once inside, cause it really looks beautiful, layout is great. it is a masssive Coachella ripoff, but still very very nice. lines everywhere are monstrous. everything you need, food, drinks, piss, you'll wait for 30 mins minimum. Getting inside was solid hell, around hour and a half. At one point it looked like there are 2 security guards on every 5,000 people. Just ridiculous. Sound is very good though. One of the best at any festival. Also, too many people at such a relatively small festival ground. If doing a fest for 80-85k per day, you do need way more space.
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    Having a read of the Mad Cool thread just makes you appreciate just how well organised Pukkelpop is, year after year. I'd rather take a not so good line up with decent organisation than a decent line up with not so good organisation. 33 days to go!
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    Had the pleasure of meeting Jarvis at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth and VERY funny.