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    @TheSherlocks: “woahhh thanks for coming to see us Reading! you were mint. on to Leeds tomorrow xxxx”
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    Fuck right off. Shikari now clash with The Story So Far. Stop booking these shit fucking rappers who are totally unreliable and pull out every damn year. Sensible head back on: that is unfortunate.
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    Watching this live, when the first chords of Everlong begun, I got tears in my eyes. That has never happened to me in 35 years of going to gigs! It was a combination of the two people being invited on stage, the majesty of the lightning storm going on around us, the realisation it was the end of the festival and probably a little too much beer! But the creation of a memory that will last a lifetime.
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    Yeah, to be fair I think I’m on my own in not liking it. Im not a fan of The Spark to be fair, would be much better as a six track EP. Still love Shikari though so don’t rule out seeing a fat, drunk welsh bloke in a Coheed TShirt dad-dancing to Stop the Clocks on Sunday afternoon.
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    50,000 R&L goers when that notification pops that Frank Iero's a secret set in 30 minutes.
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    These kids know fuck all. It’s pink then black.
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    Still not sure if I'm gonna try for tickets or not in October but thought I'd best renew Gold Membership anyhow. Missing Glastonbury is bad but missing reading 'Effects Of Inhaling 800 Cartridges' is unthinkable.😁
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    Balls I look like Im 35, will I not be able to get one in?
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    Well done 👍 Hope your 2020 prediction turned out to be true as well, it would be solid lineup.
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    Will come back to this tomorrow when I have a clear head (and if we're not still arguing about the wind that was so destructively almighty it made the trees and flags flutter a bit more than usual) but I'm currently thinking SVE was set of the weekend.
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    You’re completely deluded if you think this has been or will be a windy festival. There hasn’t been wind even vaguely close enough to shut stages as you have been predicting for weeks. Weather forecasters can’t predict the level of gust a week ahead of time. Hell, they can’t even predict the basics, as today has proven which has been wonderful despite the previously gloomy forecast. Your faith in long term forecasts is misplaced. i do agree with your last point though!
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    Lizzo was in the frame for this year, so would imagine they’ll try for her again, although I imagine the price will have gone up after the summer she’s having.
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    I doubt it will actually be Idles for the record....firstly why would they want to hide booking one of the UK's biggest bands at the moment, and secondly the surprise act has obviously been booked for months as there has been less sunday big top bands ever since they released the day splits.
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    Would make sense, Leeds don't get introducing secret sets am I right in thinking?
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    If you start with Ready For It, then skip to So It Goes and listen to the rest of the record, it's a belter.
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    The internet was down in work so I was sat there chewing my face right off my skull. I gotta say FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK MISS TAYLOR HAS STEPPED UP THIS IS AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I'm going to hit every UK date of this tour and maybe some Deutsche ones. No more Mr Poorboy, gonna see ma girl play live first time since 2009.
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    You've got me in a tight spot here Matt because I don't wanna make a case for him headlining TRNSMT but I still want to point out how what you've just said is utter shit. Hmmm... Either way, he headlined a festival in Kosovo a few weeks back among other European dates that he does all the time. He gets heaps in Las Vegas - anyone who plays there does, but they also have to go out into the world and do other shows. Live Nation can afford him if they want him.
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    More than ready to hear 2020 versions of Should've Said No and Picture To Burn. Looking forward to hearing new vocals on all of the early stuff.
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    The Spark is my third favourite Shikari album, I absolutely love it! Stop The Clocks is helped by the fact that I’ve had the ‘and all your life...’ melody in my head for 4 years as Rou sang it during No Sleep Tonight on their first Ally Pally live album
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    As described in the Discussions section; I've just had to have a thoroughly good shower. The reason for this is that my drains blocked (yet again) and I had to have a go at cleaning them via rods. There is an inherent fault in the drainage system, which means that it blocks up every 5 to 6 months or so. I have been able to clear the blockage in the past with rods, but tonight's efforts proved futile. What I did manage to achieve though, was getting liquid human excrement all over my face, hair, clothes, and foot wear - hence the urgent need for a shower. I have had better day's. So, to cut a long story short - I could really do with a breath of fresh air right now.
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    Where's the suspicious dog when you need him?
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    one time for me - Aerosmith/Deep Purple/Guns n Roses (filming their 'Paradise City' video) in New Jersey's Giants Stadium 1988 just across the river from NYC
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    It was ok — Friday ended up incredibly muddy, like that gloopy thick stuff that you really get stuck in, but it was walkable without wellies by mid-afternoon on Saturday. Having said that, though the rain was persistent on Friday, it was nowhere near as bad as that Sunday at end of the road a few years back (the infamous Perfume Genius/Bill Callahan wash out). More sort of frizzy misty rain than driving. I do wonder how bad it would get with more than a day of proper rain as they didn’t seem to have any hard surfaces. Tho.. in general... I loved it, was my first solo festival and it was friendly and fun and so lovely to wander around. There were a lot more children with trollies (didn’t offend me by any means!) and it felt much bigger. Am really looking forward to being back at EOTR next week, maybe it’s nostalgia, but feel like it’s got more “magic”!
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    Has this ever been more relevant.
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    For anyone going, we bumped into the lads from Pattern Pushers at Beautiful Days this weekend and went along to see their set. There're a good bunch of lads and had the crowd going. Get and see them 👍
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    There wasn't. The longest was between idles and John Talabot - 45 mins whilst they burnt the Green Man.
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    Kasabian will open the R1 stage on Friday I'm thinking
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    inb4 Biffy fly in on a water plane, land on the river and open the arena early for a set
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    feel like pure shit just wanna know the secret sets
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    Beginning to think about EOTR now that GM is past. Really would like the stage times now. The Clashfinder currently shows Fontaines DC starting in the Big Top as The Murder Capital finish in the Tipi Tent; if it stays like that its going to be EOTR's version of the migration of the wildebeest.
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    1. ADTR 2. Royal Blood 3. Foos
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    Someone’s never been to NYC Downlow...
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    I've made myself sick laughing at the bollocks you post PING.😆 Is this your new tactic cos the other ones are so crap?It's a sign of your psychosis that you imagine nobody sees you for what you are.Anybody who doubles down and then treble down on laughable lies is in a poor state.You think anybody believes you've read this report for instance?488 pages and you don't know anything about it.Billy Liar ha.You're only kidding yourself.You've had the same arguments through the years and people have fucked you off for the same behaviour that verges on personality disorder.You only last so long as friends.You're the typical kiss up kick down type.You're a weakling. I find you funny though.Youre great.😎
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    Hi, the shuttle bus drops you off and picks you up from Gate A 🙂
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    Can we all please just agree that there is no chance Macca or Elton are playing the fucking afternoon slot. Seriously get a grip.
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    Yeah, only people that post on this forum day in day out know anything about music and festivals 👍🏻
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    Don't celebs normally try to keep this sort of thing quiet?
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    Priest aren’t a headliner. Lots of people think they should be because of their heritage etc but they’re a sub headliner. A really strong sub headliner for Download, I think. I agree about them being before Iron Maiden or Metallica. That would be an excellent few hours if that’s your kind of thing.
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    Or even the Boomtown wind!!! For all the hysteria about the boomtown weather this year, at no point did it bother me anywhere near as much as the Saturday of Glasto. I just doubled up on tent pegs and made sure they were banged in extra hard!!!
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    Hahaha Claude vonstroke cancelled mate, it was all Skream up until Eats Everything
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    Still smouldering.
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    Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek - LOVED them at Café Oto in January and can't wait to see them again! KOKOKO! - utterly addicted to their album and looking forward to seeing their DIY scrapyard instruments in action. Kikagaku Moyo - was impressed when I saw them in May but felt that they were held back a bit by the terrible acoustics at Electric Brixton. Fully expecting them to blow the roof off the Garden Stage. BCUC - looked like a riot at Glastonbury! Nérija - one of the best acts that I've heard coming out of the new London jazz scene. Hoping for blazing sunshine for their Saturday lunchtime Garden Stage slot. Low - always an emotionally intense live act, never missed them at a festival. Crack Cloud - lots of good post-punk bands this year, but these guys have captured my attention the most. Heard they're fantastic live. Ata Kak - god bless Awesome Tapes From Africa. Penya - really interesting fusion of sounds and an amazing percussion section & trombone player. Great live band too. Yves Tumor - finally getting the hype surrounding this guy. Looking forward to hearing Noid and Lifetime live especially.
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    Brilliant a stack of people doing a half arsed job for a reward rather than from a sense of social or community responsibility. If you want to help your community just do it.
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    The problem for me is that if you decide to go every 2-3 years, what happens if you don't get tickets on the years you choose you want to go? So I will try every year and if I get them I will go!
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    download really needs to get new headliners. in the last 2 years they lost Linkin Park, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and The Prodigy. and now Rammstein doesn't seem to do festivals anymore and maybe Metallica will do the same. They need to push bands already headline size like Alter Bridge or Bring Me The Horizon and try something new with other big names like Blink and Foo's who never played but are headline-size

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