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    Ok, hands up, who would have predicted that the only person not to cancel a gig in the summer of 2020 would be Sam Fender?
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    Aldi get away with a pun like that? Asda been any other supermarkets with outbreaks yet? Even just a Lidl one counts I reckon.
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    Blimey... the state of this thread. Normally a good read, getting all your different opinions and viewpoints on this shit that is our lives at the moment. But like many other threads on here it’s descended into bollocks and infighting and it’s off putting to the casual reader. Exactly the reason I can’t be assed to post anymore... carry on like this and there will just be about 10 people posting to each other, especially with the lack of festival chat at the moment. Fake accounts, tactical voting... have a word with yourselves.
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    So, not all bad news then.
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    if you are confused not sure where that leaves the rest of us
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    We’ll have to TesGo away from there...
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    Wow. When historical revisionism has primarily been used to sculpt and amplify narratives and structures that further marginalisation, I have no idea how comparing respecting someone's identity could be compared to historical revisionism. If you feel so strongly that 'dead names' should be preserved as historical evidence, the only person who needs to conduct some self-reflection is you. I would hate for a trans person to be browsing the thread only to discover that the forum's admin not only supports a culture of dead-naming that inevitably devalidates trans identity, but implies that it is immoral to make any effort to change our behaviours to be as inclusive as possible.
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    So, aspects of this disease are proving very difficult for me to explain. It’s an odd one, and then again, maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s a common or garden coronavirus, it just happens to be new (and the 1890 Russian flu was actually a coronavirus outbreak)...but here’s the things that don’t add up in my head. Most people who catch it either don’t even know they have it or have very mild symptoms...why? It’s been suggested that ADE drives the severe infections, but too many people get severe infections for this to be the case (and convalescent antibody therapy doesn’t make things worse, it makes things better, so while ADE may happen the odd time, I don’t think this is the reason)...the other odd aspects of this disease is that asymptomatic people remain highly infectious (I incorrectly told @Matt42 that the virus was not “highly infectious” early on in one of these threads...that was based on an R0 of about 2 as was quoted at the time...but it turns out there is massive variation in the R number (described by a low K number) that wasn’t clear at that stage...so, I was wrong, in certain circumstances (maybe many), it is indeed “highly infectious”)...sorry Matt! When we do serology surveys, hardly anyone has antibodies (and this is the same for the other common CoVs). This happens time and again and if we don’t check for antibodies within a few weeks of infection...they’re gone. so, how do we explain all this? I’m slowly coming around to the idea that we will never become “immune” to this virus, we will just become “immune” to more serious disease. I actually think asymptomatic people are already at this stage. And I think it’s all down to our t-cell repertoire. Those with no CoV-targeted t-cells are those who are developing severe disease. The rest can still catch it, pass it on, but never develop serious disease. This will go in for ever if this is the case. So, if all this is true, we are much closer to herd immunity than we think. Not immunity that will stop us from catching it, but immunity from dying from it. is any of the above true? Dunno. Is it possible? Yes. Are there other explanations? Undoubtedly! Anyway, I’m rambling... Edit: ha! Was typing this as the above posts came through! Actually feeds nicely into it!
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    Is the current prevalence per 100,000 higher in several European countries than the UK? If I were the government I’d clamp down on inward travel bridges ASAP to avoid a late Feb/early March esque disaster. Get Malta, France, Germany and Netherlands on the quarantine list to start with. Semi-related news but I had a covid scare myself on Sunday and I’m now self-isolating (purely out of an abundance of precaution, as I’ve tested negative). Had dinner at a mate’s flat on Sunday, the next day he gets a call from his brother (who he’d gone to the pub with last Wednesday) to say that the brother tested positive. Mate gets tested and finds out Tuesday morning that he’s positive despite feeling perfectly fine. I was tested yesterday and I’m negative but will self-isolate until Sunday 23 August as a pure precaution. Mate has developed symptoms today (loss of smell and taste) which suggests he probably wasn’t contagious until Tuesday or yesterday. Point of this post though is to apologise to those of you on this thread who were still taking it seriously and I disagreed with them. It’s a huge relief to be negative, but having the scare has made me understand how easy it spreads. After my isolation is over I’m going to stick to meeting people outside and social distancing properly. The big thing for me is that I met up with some relatives on Sunday evening right after leaving my mate’s place and whilst not vulnerable per se, they’re in their late 50’s and both self-employed so the knock on effects of a 2 week isolation (had I tested positive) would hurt their livelihoods, plus there’s the small risk of them becoming seriously ill despite them being in good health atm. TL;DR had given up on distancing but now realised how important it is following a covid scare. Apologies to @FestivalJamie, @efcfanwirral and anyone else who’s concerned is rubbished on here in the recent weeks
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    I’m officially going on a 3 night staycation... if we aren’t in a lockdown again by then 😃
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    Seriously @Sdsm123 what’s your issue here? It’s massively not the etiquette of this forum to relentlessly downvote someone, especially for such innocuous posts. If you disagree with Ozanne, reply with with a comment and have a discussion.
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    Let’s jump off that bridge when we come to it eh?
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    What I've read is in relation to male->female or female->male transitions, rather than to intersex, which on the surface seems less dramatic/traumatic. And in those cases, I believe the general etiquette is that the former name is a "dead name", so to "retcon" the new name in. The gist I've gleaned is that what's happened isn't really a change of gender, it's just an affirmation of the gender that was already felt, even if that affirmation involves very significant physical and lifestyle changes. It would be a bit like talking about someone who has come out as gay as if they were straight before they came out. However I have a suspicion that different people have different interpretations of their identity. It seems very natural to me to talk about things you did in a prior part of your life with the name you used at the time, especially if you now feel disconnected from the life you used to live and the persona you used to portray. But I really don't know. If the eloquent Kae ever speaks on the matter, then we'll know more about their particular preferences. So yeah, if in doubt, use "they". If that really feels awkward, then use the current name, unless that person has let you know otherwise. If there are any trans/intersex people on the board, they could certainly give a better account. All I know is from arguments on Twitter.
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    Man, woman nor child should never walk into Wetherspoons again. That's coming from me, and I pretty much spent my gap year in one.
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    Glad that even The Hunna themselves realise that they’re shit😌
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    Liam Gallagher - The War On Drugs - The Strokes - late night Tame Impala That would be dream like.
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    I don't know the answers but it seems like an excellent opportunity to use nibling rather than neice or nephew.
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    so @FestivalJamie whilst I am very much agreement with your sentiments about protecting others and ive been doing the same and im also very nervous about doing stuff , I feel now that a balance needs to be achieved and I need to tentatively start doing some stuff or this virus is going to make me become a quivering nervous wreck and my head is going to be hit so hard I will stuggle with socialising for a good while to come ... so its time for me to make some tentative and careful steps back towards the normal , whilst assesing as I go .... I think this is important for you to think about too .... although I could be off the mark ..... good luck
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    It's 280 now to be fair which means with my millennial attention span I don't even read full tweets now.
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    So given that it's all about balancing the economy and health outcomes how have we managed to fuck up both? Worst excess death rate in Europe and worst recession? Where was the compromise?
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    Cheers Buddy, that was all a bit deep last night , I must have been tired lol what i was trying to get at was . Don’t dwell on negativity, yes acknowledge it , but move forward with both eyes on the positive, Planning for Glastonbury checking out the rumours, service the Glasto truck ect .and thinking of all the gigs we will be going to next year that we have already paid for , and anymore we can get tickets for on top of that 🙂 next year is going to be awesome for live music . Btw , that year Mrs D went she was with 6 other nurses, a couple of doctors and I think some porters in a huge group, they took her tent down and put it up for her , she drove down on the Thursday with just her clothes ect , they did the same at the end so she could just enjoy the festival, I was still worried to death . She had a awesome Glasto ( 2010 was a hot one ) . And she made it through to Sunday tea time before running out of energy ( anyone who’s had chemotherapy and radio would understand) anyway guys . Stay safe and stay positive 🙂
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    I always try and take the positive from everything we do , Mrs D had cancer 10 years ago not long after we met , the thought of losing her was just to awful to contemplate, it has to be said , 4 months after chemotherapy and radiotherapy and only 8 weeks after bowel surgery she went to Glastonbury 2010 . For the life of me I could not get my head around that at the time , my first Glasto was 2015 and I get it now . thats why we enjoy every moment we get at festivals and gigs , it’s our release from the stress of work ( Mrs D is a nurse and I’m a technical director ) also I take nothing for granted, Enjoy the moment, live every day as if it was your last, spend time with the ones you love !
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    The social media team messaged me back, they're still looking at making an announcement this month.
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    Just had an evening walk up into the hills just as dusk was setting in. So calm and peaceful
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    So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time.
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    They ain’t the sharpest tools in the shed..
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    Bit of a dick move to enter the draw without paying considering the point of these gigs.
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    I’m still confident! Even with a vaccine, realistically it’ll be a couple of years before we fully emerge from this (assuming the population remains as susceptible as it currently is)...so proactively managing this will have to happen sooner or later, and that should allow more things to proceed safely.
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    thats the fast lane for me the way ive hidden away since march im still nervous with people ...Its completely mad seeing that ive jumped out of planes and off bridges in my life before ..... Its mad that this is an event in my life ... but it actually is ....
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    Not bound for Kendall anytime soon, then.
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    Judging by their website, the sign up offer to access presale to an upcoming UK tour ends on Friday so I imagine they’ll be announcing a tour of small venues shortly so you can access presale here https://earlyaccess.biffyclyro.com/register
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    Don't know if this has been posted anywhere in here but these are the dates announcements of ticket sales were made in the years since the introduction of the October sales: 2009: 30th July 2010: 17th September 2011: 1st September 2013: 20th June 2014: 16th September 2015: 15th September 2016: 18th September 2017: 12th September 2019: 17th September 2020: 17th September With final day for refunds being the 15th, I don't think there will be any news before then.
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    This is really good
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    Oh it’s not a problem at all, by nature I am quite a “stressful” person, I always get nervous before exams, sporting competitions etc, but I do have to admit life at the moment for me is a different kind of tension to any of that before. I can’t say I’m particularly nervous about the health implications to myself, I’m 19 and have no health conditions, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to end up with long term lung damage or the like that this virus could be causing. One of the reasons for my such cautious and worried perspective is that my aunt had it really awfully back in April and has been having relapses since. She has practically told me to not do anything inside as she says that risks are virtually zero outside but really quite increased once you go indoors due to poor ventilation- she is worried about catching the virus again and having it worse than the first time; she says she’s always wanted to climb Everest but now she doesn’t think she will ever be able to do that as the virus has given her breathing difficulties which make it harder to exercise. Im worried about my mum, she has breathing problems and is worried about that meaning she could get seriously ill from the virus, but my dad is insistent that he’s had the virus and if he has then we would have all been asymptomatic anyway, but not sure about that as this was back at the end of January (although it was circulating back then). I think I’m also worried about me being the cause of community spread. If I flout distancing guidelines and I’m an asymptomatic carrier, I could be the cause of someone else hospitalisation. To me that’s a pretty scary thought, and it’s why I'm so vigilant about social distancing, mask wearing and hand hygiene, and I get extremely annoyed when people don’t bother with any of those things as it’s not only putting themselves at risk, I just feel like it’s putting other more vulnerable people at risk if the virus gets out of control again. Also the fact we have the highest death toll in Europe doesn’t reassure me that the government will be able to handle an increase in cases like we are currently experiencing. Maybe if I was living in germany I would be more relaxed as I have more trust in Angela merkel and the death rates are so much lower, but I just feel like in england there is nothing stopping the virus running out of control again and killing thousands more people and destroying the economy. I feel like I have to do my bit to stop this virus running out of control. If we all stop bothering to social distance, then we will end up back at square one. I don’t know, it’s a weird one for me, I’m not nervous about myself, just nervous about how my actions and others actions could affect someone else I guess. It’s a really complicated one for me. I’m worried about my grandma and my great aunt too, but my grandma is socialising more than me and technically breaking guidelines, but then I feel a need to make sure I’m doing everything I can to protect her. It’s a really difficult situation. At the end of the day health and economy are linked. Back in March the government were fixated on economy, so the healthcare system completely collapsed. Then the economy collapsed with it. If we have another serious outbreak they both need to be controlled. If you don’t manage the health of the public, the economy will also fall with it. If we reach 5000 daily cases or the like, I’m sure lots of people will voluntarily stop going out unless they have to, so the economy will fall even if the healthcare system isn’t overwhelmed. Keep cases low, the economy can thrive. They are linked, and therefore the gov should be doing everything they can to suppress the virus. We never even managed to get cases anywhere near as low as Italy, germany and Spain did (before resurgence) so I don’t have much confidence we can put it to bed now and get the economy running again.
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    My brother in law works on the customs boats in the channel and the shit he gets from people for rescuing the migrants is horrific ..... at the moment though hes just completed his leg ( without a leg ) in a channel swim and the team have made the crossing ... so thats the sort of news these tv companies should be all over
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    Howdy! Yes, an elevated temp is pretty standard with many vaccines (and 38 isn't much of a fever to be honest). Making a vaccine is the easy part, making sure it's safe and actually works is the difficult bit. Unless the laws of physics don't apply in Russia and time moves at a different pace, it's simply not possible to make a vaccine that has "passed all the safety checks" in two months. If everyone else decided to skip this part of vaccine development, we'd have hundreds available right now.
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    Agreed. @Sdsm123, I'm wondering if you've misread how downvotes are generally interpreted here. It's not the equivalent of a wry groan and shake of the head, it's more like shouting "BOOOOO, that joke was SHIT 😡". I know they're only fake Internet points, but given it's always Ozanne, it does come across a bit like you have a beef, even if that's not your intention.
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    would it not be an idea to change the thread name @eFestivals ?
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    Neil Young subbed by The War on Drugs BOOK IT
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    Sounds like you’re having a bit of a panic attack matey. See the other threads - we are quite a way off a decision being made on this, and probably closer to a headliner announcement than a cancellation announcement. The great toilet duck is always my barometer for optimism and he remains confident we’ll be there next year. Deep breaths, and see you on the Farm next year!
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    Another from around the same time!
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    Just get ‘em headlining The Park. Anyway new album on the way, which is something we all very much love to see.
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    WOW! That looks fantastic! And serves only to remind me of how long ago my last rave in February feels now... Thanks for sharing! Ben And, welcome to non-lurker status, @SophieBee and @RustyBee - welcome to the best thread on the forum!
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    The lack of fans to boo may have more to do with it.
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    I guess its just wait and SEE
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    Most of my job could be replaced by a touchscreen and the general public developing some common sense. So on the second point I'm safe for a while

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