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  1. Can anyone tell me if the mercha stall is open on the island this morning. Ended up ripping my t-shirt on the way home last night!
  2. Sub-headliner turnout for HH is poor. And how many of them are for Arctic Monkeys? Feel sorry for Holly tbh, she seems nervous as hell. She's been put in a really poor position and she's already quite an awkward performer.
  3. Moving Holly Humberstone to sub is ridiculous. She barely warrants a slot on the main stage, never mind a sub slot. It'll be empty. Why not just put her in Inhaler's slot in Freedome and move Inhaler onto mainstage?
  4. Has Sam Fender dropped out??? He's disappeared from the line-up and main stage timings have changed. Absolutely fucking gutted if he has.
  5. Stromae seemed to have the crowd. I only know two of his songs and enjoyed them completely. Caught 'Run Boy Run' by Wood kid as his closing song. Freedome was packed and he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Not seen that kind of devotion in a long time. He seemed genuinely blown away by it. Wish we'd got there earlier. Jungle's crowd was huge too. Literally no space in Freedome from the first song onwards. Great way to end the evening.
  6. Well, we gave Bieber a go and 40 minutes in we gave up and went elsewhere. Amazing turnout, obviously a very popular and profitable booking but, my goodness, he delivers nothing and looks off his tits on something. My 17-year-old daughter summed it up best with her "I've never seen someone so boring, and bored, in my life" comment.
  7. We are a bit like you. We are coming in for Alfie Templeman at 5pm and then our next act is Jungle at midnight. A big gap to fill. Will probably take a look at Stromae as everyone says his stage show is impressive and might give slowthai a look but that stuff with Katherine Ryan a few years ago still doesn't sit well with me. Think we'll give the circus a go during Justin!
  8. Got to say that having nobody playing Freedome when she was on was borderline dangerous IMHO.
  9. It's to the left of main stage as you look at it. It has two levels with the top level (five boxes) being the VIP section of the VIP section. Lol. All were private boxes. One of them was an YSL one, not sure who the rest belonged too. Corporate hospitality essentially. Sound was okay. Nothing stood out as being an issue.
  10. I may be wrong. I really wanted to watch them but my kids dragged me to Nova Twins. However, I saw the first 20mins of RDS and the crowd seemed a bit disinterested. It may have just been where I was positioned.
  11. How was everyone's first day? We did VIP and not really worth the extra tbh. Very oversold. Great at main stage during the day but last night at was packed with no seating to be had. The VIP at Freedome had long drop toilets and a bar, nothing else. Act wise, thought Dua was great but her setlist missed some great songs and included a few I wouldn't have chosen. Role Model was excellent, came across really well. As did Nova Twins. Cleopatrick were okay but sounded quite quiet. Rufus du Sol just seemed out of place. A decent start but nothing blew me away.
  12. Ah man, that sucks. Where are you flying from?
  13. Mine said that last night (BBC) but has changed this morning to sunny intervals for the duration of the festival with an average high of 28 degrees.
  14. What time is likely to be the best for smaller queues to get our wristbands today?
  15. The Arctic Monkey's setlist from Istanbul tonight is a lot better that expected. Very excited now: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/arctic-monkeys/2022/zorlu-center-psm-istanbul-turkey-4bb38f4a.html
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