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  1. you're not mistaken, pitchfork it is (at least on 2020) https://pitchfork.com/news/primavera-sound-2020-lineup-pavement-strokes-tyler-bikini-kill-bauhaus-more/#:~:text=Pitchfork's%20stage%20will%20feature%20performances,%2C%20Tim%20Burgess%2C%20and%20Shame.
  2. so nits is not relevant. I was sure it's bigger, all this promotion on twitter for a 1000 ppl event? I guess these are really bad times for them
  3. All this free time when we don't have to guess the lineup made me look for this: https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2019/10/04/flu-vaccination-the-main-things-to-know-about-the-2019-programme/ 25M were offered the flu vaccine in the UK last winter. Let's assume 20M of them got it, I assume it was done in a month or so, to make it in time for winter, so sounds possible to give it to everyone who wants in a 1-2 months, or even faster if there's another outbreak and you do it in crisis-mode. (so back to the problem of developing and manufacturing enough of it.. these are the big blockers in my mind) as for 60K gatherings - doesn't stop the economy, but does destroy specific industries. I see how it goes now (at least in my country) - the focus is mostly economic and not health related at these days, and the industries that pressure and use strong lobbies - get the relieves they need. so I do believe that, given no second outbreak next winter, they will have the way to do it under reasonable limitations. at this matter, I wonder how big this PS nits they are planning for this weekend
  4. you can't really compare the time it takes to test and vaccine. in testing most of the time is spent on getting the test to the lab and examine it there, not the actual test, which is really all you need in a vaccine. But generally I find it really hard to believe we'll have it done before PS21. for PS to happen, we need something else to stop corona - better treatments, natural decrease in cases (or their intensity) or simply that we'll learn to live with the virus since you can't stop the economy forever. I think the last option is the most probable, and then - for locals there wont be any problem, for us foreigners we should each hope that his country will be green enough to fly into Spain
  5. this is for some shows they have this weekend. the big question is if and how will it be enforced. my guess - 5 minutes into the show (if not before) all the plastic chairs are on the sides, and no one sees the numbers
  6. So this is how Ray-ban going to look at PS2021? At this point I'll take whatever you give, just bring it on!
  7. so it's not only me that hears the strong Gorillaz influence on this one (and also on views) And yes, put her back already!
  8. for me it is usually "wow their great" on the first song and "cant listen to that anymore" on the second one, whatever the songs are so I second your question
  9. We have almost a year to burn. we can start any silly discussion we'd like to
  10. Since refunds are not done yet, what's sold out is the tickets that were not sold for this year. Still impressive, since it all new audience, not the hardcore crowd that has its ticket transferred
  11. I dont think a second wave of corona will affect only some of the tours. It will be all or nothing, like this year. So stop wasting your time in this forum and go find a vaccine
  12. keep in mind that the timeframe for asking a refund is not over yet - so they do have more tickets that will be refunded and return to the market. so the sold out now refers only to the 20-30% (or whatever that number is) that were not sold to last year
  13. And to top it off - DJ Shadow at the Ray-Ban 3AM. insane
  14. yeap, it's on their site on the news about first bunch of names: https://www.primaverasound.com/en/news/primeras-confirmaciones-primavera-sound-barcelona-2021
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