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  1. they were on 2019, too soon to come back
  2. I was really wondering who 'kings wool' are... Stupid automatic translate.... 🙂
  3. Their bets were completely off the last couple of years, and this year they started with strong rumor on Billie Eilish, so until they prove otherwise, I don't know what it's worth. But on the interesting part- if Im not mistaken, Lena Del Ray was there and removed on the last update
  4. Things changed since his last comment. Now on the website they say Sunday be another day at the forum, and it requires ticket. https://www.primaverasound.com/en/barcelona/primavera-pack-2020 will include the day of Sunday 7th June in Parc del Fòrum within the official programme of the festival for holders of the full festival ticket.
  5. Three main days are still thu-sat, something (probably same as always) on Wednesday, something (who knows what) Sunday. Personally I am waiting eith flights to see what it is. Usually come Wednesday morning and leave sunday night, might choose sunday instead if it's big
  6. Primavera are not on a delay. Especially if, like Gabi said, we'll get it on the first half of December. It's inline with recent years. it's the other festivals that are late. We usually know more about RW, Madcool, NOS, BBK, APE and many more at this point.
  7. Everyone seems to be taking their time with the announcements this year. Usually at this date we know much more. I wonder if we'll get something new during PS weekender tomorrow, maybe some postcard with another band, or some other clue
  8. Djcoco just replied in the forum: la verdad es que he copiado las fechas de la web, pero en general seguirá como años anteriores: jornada inaugural el miércoles si. Or in english- everything is regular, Wednesday still happens
  9. The main page says 4-7, but on the tickets's page it says '3-Day general pass. The festival will take place on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June in Barcelona.' my guess is that it's the regular Sunday shows around town, just a bit bigger
  10. I see people already asked him about that. I guess we'll get an answer soon, people need to reserve flights and hotels, so the dates can't be a secret they reviel too late Madcool was extended to four days, maybe 4 is the new normal? Doubt that, without any pricing change
  11. My guess is that it's related to Benidrom Weekender (happens this weekend) Hopefully we'll get some news during the festival
  12. Bradford Cox and Cate Le Bon released an EP together today. I'd be very surprised if we wont see Deerhunter on this year's lineup, they've been there about a gazillion times before, and Bradford always talks about how much he loves this festival. Any chance for a double show for him? Cate did one of the pre-festival gigs this year, so also makes sense to see her again this year
  13. Mmmm.... No. I actually don't know any Taylor Swift song, but whatever.
  14. 13 years passed, in which they didn't do much. I get it that it's a reunion, but nostalgia can take you only that far. Still seems wierd to.me
  15. Are they really big enough to headline Coachella?? I must say I'm surprised
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