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  1. Big Red Machine announced new album. Aaron Dessner is already around, so we're half way there
  2. new Modest Mouse album is out this Friday. Perfect fit for weekend 1
  3. Damon Albarn is working on new solo album. Secret solo set on top of his Gorillaz one? https://pitchfork.com/news/damon-albarn-signs-to-trangressive-records-readies-new-album/
  4. And looks like they got St Vincent
  5. Beck is a big name for the general non-primavera crowd as well. Free concert on Sunday will attract a lot of local non-festival goers as well, so it will be crowded
  6. Keep in mind there are several shows one after the other. Assuming they are not going to empty the place between shows, it seems that if you want priority you still need to come for the early shows- i Dont think they'll leave the place half empty on the early shows to keep room for the priority for the last show
  7. only one headliner in the last day. So obviously more to be added - which means this headliner to come might come to BCN as well
  8. it's a bit problematic this year, since there are the ticket holders from 2021 that will ask for refund, and those are processed only later. so they will probably say it's sold out sometime in June (at least weekend 1), but later tickets will be back to market
  9. Yeah, I agree. Not sure where these expectations come from. We'll get more names, I doubt it will be more headliners, and definitely not the likes of Portishead or Arcade Fire
  10. Can you share the tweet? Cant find anything. I assume they refer to the beer cups from 2019 (they used 20 different reusable cups for beer in that year, that if you collected all 20 you got a free ticket for 2020). Was quite nice, I still have those cups
  11. I'd love to see Jeff Mills with orchestra, though it's not stated anywhere. Can still dream
  12. As for the upgrade price- one weekend now costs 245 euro, thats much more than usual (remember we're at May, it's even earlier than early bird starts in a normal year.), so I think we got the original ticket in an cheap price, and now the discount we're getting for upgrade is 195 instead of 245, which is not bad.
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