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  1. Pavement Deerhunter St. Vincent Gorillaz Noga Erez Lana Del Ray Phoebe Bridgers Die Katapult Iggy Pop DJ Shadow
  2. usually it's the first weekend of June, so probably 1-4/6/22
  3. keep in mind that the rumours about PS moving to this weekend might also be the cause of it. how many of us here have a reservation for this weekend?
  4. After break-up comes the reunion don't lose hope (hey, if we believe there's still chance for PS in 2021, we'll believe anything...)
  5. Also Porridge Radio rescheduled their tour to 2022. It includes a PS organised show in Barcelona planned for May 2022, which means that either PS think that 2021 will happen (June or September) or that Porridge Radio will not be part of the lineup if postponed again to 2022
  6. is it official? where do you see that, I couldn't find anything. and do you know which weekend? they share quite a few artists with PS
  7. You can't compare Europe to the US, things are shittier over there. But yes, each day passing makes the miracle we need for it to happen look even bigger
  8. Yeah, I was the optimistic one that thought in June that August 20 will happen, and in august that June 21 will happen... so dont trust me either (although im getting less and less optimistic about September)
  9. Nothing official, all based on assumptions here: June- the general consensus is that it's not gonna happen, too soon. There are roumors about the second weekend of September being the postponed date, also not official. Whether this one will happen- no one knows. Depends on too many things we don't know yes. So basically it's a question of how optimistic you are
  10. Madcool are teasing some announcement on 31/1. Assuming they are not teasing cancelation or postponement (their PR is crap, but not that much), do they really believe July can happen? Or just playing business as usual until the last day. Nice to see some activity anywhere though
  11. exactly. worse case, it get's cancelled and you earn a few months before you need to refund anyone. Sure, it's a lot of logistics and coordinations, but at this point in our life, I'm quite sure there's no pre-payments to any artists, venues or other suppliers, so it's only work that will go down the drain
  12. I think Its a mistake, the dates dont match. June 2-6 is not weekend in 2022, it's the 2021 dates
  13. at this point, after a year without any show and come summer it will be 2 years without festivals, I'll take whatever you'll give me and generally speaking - if we can keep the 2 meters apart at all shows regardless I'd be very happy 🙂
  14. it's very hard to practice social distancing on a festival - near the stages, food-courts, bars etc. it's a whole new level to do it on the camping zones and showers so I'm not saying it's going to easy for Primavera, I'm saying it will be much harder with camping
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