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  1. Hopefully Future will cancel too and he'll replace him. Seen his Coachella set on youtube, amazing
  2. Can't say I'm surprised she cancelled, been waiting for it since day one, but I hoped for a better replacement....
  3. Yes, but these are expected. I assume both will have the ray-ban 3am slot on their days
  4. On the positive side, Iglooghost and Peggy Gou ate not on bits. Was sure thy will be there
  5. The more interesting part of the message is the artists who'll play bits. Sad to see Cybotron and Maribou state will play bits, I don't like PS bits- too far away from everything else, takes too long to get there and back
  6. I'd sure love to live in this world of yours... I'll sattle with one of these things happening. And speaking of wishes, Stephen Malkmus releases a solo electronic album in march. Since we have him with the Jicks, hopefully we'll get an additional electronic solo show as unexpected or hidden stage
  7. I saw her live, she certainly belongs indoor, I just don't see her fill more than 10% of the auditori. oh, and spot on about Apparat. Great single
  8. Cybotron in the audituri? Doesnt sound right, they should be in a standing show. Also Midori Takada might fit in style, but I doubt she will atract enough poeple to fill it, she will be in a smaller stage in my mind
  9. Yeah. It's a weak year in terms of big bands touring. The headliners are lame, and there are a few names I wish we'd got (Thom Yorke, st vincent, kraftwerk), but all in all, it's a great lineup
  10. missed most of their show at 2016 since they clashed with Car Seat Headrest, but the few songs I heard were great. Also, the biggest new discovery for me so far on the lineup is Cybortron. They're a bit funkier version of Kraftwerk, really love them
  11. Look at the lower lines that day: Stereolab, Primal Scream, Jarvis Cocker, Modeselektor, Pusha T, built to spill, Tim Hecker. Great day to be far from the big stages
  12. Right about the hip-hop. Expected something in the level of Kendrick/Paak/Gambino, not these names. Pusha T is cool though, and puts a good show
  13. Shame it's on Sunday and not during the festival itself. Hopefully around early after-noon, as I usually fly back Sunday Evening
  14. And for all those who's disappointed, this is the average setlist for Primal Scream on 2018: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/average-setlist/primal-scream-13d6bde5.html?year=2018 Look at that and you'll have sweet dreams tonight...
  15. They spoiled us too much in recent years... We're used to see such amazing undercut AND also some cool headliners. Imagine this lineup + Anderson Paak/New Order as headliner, and Kraftwerk at Rayban 3AM....
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