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  1. I wish I'd known about Squid last year so I could have been there!
  2. When he awakes from hibernation and emerges from the Rabbit Hole in June he is going to be surprised at the empty fields around him. Returning back into his hole to wake up next year.
  3. I'd be gutted if I'd recently cancelled because I couldn't make it in 2020 but could make 2021!
  4. I was just surprised that Fatboy Slim was only on it once.
  5. Confidence Man have cancelled their London show at Kentish Town and other dates.
  6. Or they could just double the duration of the festival! Ten days on the farm? Count me in!
  7. Yes, love this. Memories of being a teenager with MTV and The Box. Edit: found the music video for it.
  8. I'm getting married the weekend before and Glasto was supposed to be our mini-moon. Fingers crossed our wedding still goes ahead!
  9. For a little bit of levity on this sad day. Who would be on the lineup? Pandemic at the Disco The Buggles - Covideo Killed the Radio Star
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