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  1. Mark E. Spliff

    *hypothetical* In two weeks time i'll be...

    I'm surprised nobody has started a hypothetical weather thread. Given the prolonged good dry/warm conditions, there would be much paranoid talk about sod's law and biblical downpours starting the moment the gates open.
  2. Mark E. Spliff

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Watching those 'Wandering Around Glastonbury 2000' videos confirms to me the other reason (apart from the crowds/superfence) that Glastonbury (and the world) isn't what it once was. There were no cameraphones, few videocameras and no YouTube/Facebook/etc. You can see in the video, people just doing their thing without worrying about going viral. And then in zooms the big VHS videocamera and suddenly the black bloke minding his own business at a burger van is singled out for a needlessly-long, paranoia-inducing starring role, and the group sitting down eating their chips are suddenly forced into reluctant-jolliness-for-the-camera. Fast forward 18 years, and everyone is running round acting like crap TV presenters.
  3. Mark E. Spliff

    Half Man Half Biscuit?

    1986. There's an audio clip from it (Time Flies By and Seal Clubbing) on YouTube. Would be one of the few acts I'd be excited to see on the line-up but Google tells me they rarely play down South these days.
  4. Mark E. Spliff

    Glastonbury Research

    Done, but (1) questions 4 and 5 need looking at and (2) most of your respondents will have been to more than one Glastonbury and your questionnaire doesn't accommodate that. (3) I genuinely didn't understand what I was being asked in question 8. (4) Question 11 is asking for reasons why you answered 'negative' to Question 9 (was your experience of Glastonbury positive or negative?) I answered 'positive' to Question 9 but I'm not allowed to submit my response unless I explain why I rated my experience as negative! To anyone else: I wouldn't recommend you bother with this one until Seneo has confirmed the above problems have been sorted.
  5. Mark E. Spliff

    Mark E Smith

    I think you're probably right about him - I wouldn't have voted him for Prime Minister and probably wouldn't even have enjoyed meeting him down the pub. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the originality of the music and the comic, confrontational theatrics. If a bland, 'nice,' PR-constructed artist was found to be a secret Mark E Smith, I'd despise them for it, but I can't feel the same about a seemingly self-destructive artist who never tried to portray himself as anything other than an unpleasant pub drunk.
  6. Mark E. Spliff

    Mark E Smith

    An unusually-accessible Fall track which might help those who don't 'get' the man:
  7. Mark E. Spliff

    How to check a wedding photographer’s portfolio?

    Surely if any post deserves a 'one strike and you're out' approach, it's this one.
  8. Mark E. Spliff

    Paloma faith

    If you read certain newspapers, you'll be exposed to their favourite tactic of changing the emphasis of something that has actually been said in order that they can repackage it as "political correctness gone mad," "elfandsafety," "barmy brussels bureaucrats" or whatever other agenda they're pushing. Two examples you might have heard of were (1) the EU keeping food businesses happy by setting common standards by which they can describe/sell their products being twisted into "Brussels bans bendy bananas." (2) A well-intentioned but somewhat naive headmaster writing to parents asking that kids be provided with safety specs to avoid eye injuries whilst playing a well-known game being turned into "HSE bans conkers." The woman in your Daily Express article hasn't ordered anyone to stop using the words "girls." If you listen to what she's actually said, it pours cold water on all the pitchfork-and-flaming-torches fun: http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/what-natasha-devon-really-said-dont-say-girls-boys/
  9. Mark E. Spliff

    What to do in an off year?

    I've never been, and the only thing I'd heard about it was the fatal crush during Pearl Jam in 2000. However, this year's line-up looked pretty good and the discussions on this (offical?) forum give the impression that it may well be a decent distraction for June next year.
  10. Mark E. Spliff

    T minus & counting 2019

    Open goal:
  11. Mark E. Spliff

    Stall finding help

    If it was the stall also selling bamboo clothing and phone covers etc (with a bamboo-framed racing cycle on display) it was this company: https://mabboo.com
  12. Mark E. Spliff

    Glastonbury tattoo - help needed

    Apart from coming up with the original idea, I don't think there's much left to think about. The basic design should be straightforward - just copy the font and format from a previous wristband and pick whichever colours will look best as a tattoo. Once you've got the main text in, you'll only have enough room left for one or two logos. You'll want to play on the fact that it's a non-existent festival, so you could go for something like a flying pig. And find something to replace the word 'contemporary' in the main text - e.g. 'imaginary'. I'm not a tattoo person, but I think it's a brilliant idea, providing you can find an artist talented enough to do it well. I wouldn't have posted about it online though - better to keep it as a surprise for anyone who spots it.
  13. Mark E. Spliff

    Stolen acoustic guitar from my tent at Glasto

    It's not a particularly attractive item from a thief's point of view - wouldn't make much money in the local pub, plus too big to put in your pocket and you're more likely to be seen with it. If you've been playing it at your campsite, I'd put money on it having been taken by a nearby camper and ditched somewhere else on site. Therefore, there's a good chance of you getting it back if you contact lost property.
  14. Mark E. Spliff

    Getting campervan sticker off

    I also saw moisturiser mentioned as a sticker remover in another thread. I've never tried it but seems worth a try if you've got some. I always use paraffin - just dab a bit on and give it a minute to soak in and any stickers will turn into a sludge you can wipe off without any effort. I think some moisturisers contain paraffin or a similar spirit-oil.
  15. Mark E. Spliff

    Secret resales

    Sorry... Your post got me doubting myself Big Durbs so I dug out last year's wristband, and it's NOT an EPO. So ignore my last post - it looks like my crew just stopped being given EPO access last year.