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  1. Having told you repeatedly that I don't question Israel's right to exist, there's nothing more I can add. You've changed my words. I specifically called Zionism irrational. I’ve already explained why I think that, in terms of magic iron age books, but I’ll try to put it another way: “Sorry chaps, we’ve decided that it’s time that the worldwide disaspora of Celts and Druids finally get reparation for the Romans kicking them out so we’re re-homing them in the South West of England. Let us know if you need any help with packing.” You’re now going to pull me up for being facetious, but
  2. I agree that Zionism and the Israeli govt are two separate things - one's an ideology, the other's the Government. I've never claimed the two are the same. I've been attacking both of them on here, but for different reasons: the former for being irrational and the latter for breach of international law etc. I'm happy to admit to attacking both and I'll still refute your claim that attacks on both or either (or even one masking as the other!) are tinged with antisemitism. You've proposed using different words, and that's got to be the cue to introduce (Professor of Linguistics) Noam Cho
  3. I think you intended to alternate your points with quotes from me? I'll respond as best I can: I presume you were intending to quote me from our last debate back in June where I accepted I was biased against the state of Israel? That was my open and honest confession that my jaded views on the Israeli state means I am susceptible to bullshit stories about it, just as Maxine Peake was. We're all biased against lots of things - it doesn't mean that I question their right to exist. I'm a pragmatist when it comes to Israel/Palestine. The best solution is whatever produces a long-term, ju
  4. Apologies - passive aggressive tit-for-tat is way too tempting in an online handbag-battle. For what it's worth, I don't think there was much danger of me convincing anyone you were on the far right.
  5. Clearly, we disagree about the Israel/Palestine situation. However, we're now discussing it in terms of effective and just strategies, rather than good versus racist/antisemite. I'll take that. I originally mentioned Zionism with respect to the Jewish Labour Movement, whose members are the source of all the Labour antisemitism claims. They're Zionists - affiliated to the Zionist Federation of the UK, and part of the World Zionist Organisation. (Quoted from their website.) They're opposed by left wing Labour groups and one notable Jewish intellectual opponent is Noam Chomsky. I appre
  6. I have disdain for Zionism for exactly the same reason I have disdain for Christian, Muslim and Hindu fundamentalism - believing that an ancient magic book overrides rationality and morality is always harmful. The reason there are no posts from me on here questioning Israel's right to exist is a lot less complicated than the verbal gymnastics you've gone into above. It's because I don't question Israel's right to exist. Your world view, expressed above, is that anyone criticising the illegal settlement process probably denies the right of Israel to exist. That's an extreme right wing
  7. Presumably, this being your website, you know your way round the search function. Do me a favour - have a look and find the post where I questioned Israel's right to exist. (We all know you're too big a man to do apologies, but I'll take your failure to come back with said post as the nearest I'll get.)
  8. Even as we speak, Mike Pompeo is visiting the new settlements in Israel where fundamentalists continue to pour in and displace Palestinians, in breach of UN resolution 2334. But that's okay. Let them get on with it. Mr Trump might have a few slightly troublesome policies, but he's bang on the money here. We don't want to be accused of antisemitism because all Jews are Zionists, like all us Anglo-Saxons are fundamentalist witch-burning Christians, right? And their iron age book tells them they're fulfilling God's word so it's basically fine. Any attempt to stick up for a UN resolu
  9. If there was an attack on Labour from a fundamentalist Muslim group who were keen on female genital mutilation, I'd tell them to fuck off. If there were an attack on Labour from Christian fundamentalists who were upset about contraception or abortion, I'd tell them to fuck off. The source of these antisemitism claims are the Jewish Labour Movement, who are opposed by left wing Jewish groups for being a politically-motivated Zionist group. Zionism comes with the same irrational baggage as the rest of the religious fundamentalist nutters, e.g. believing their magic Iron Age book gives them a
  10. You and Stevie know each other better than most, so if you say it was a joke, then that's good enough for me. My main point still stands, i.e. out there in the great web-fingered public, anti-vaxx lunacy is endemic. The comments section of your local news website makes depressing reading.
  11. Sadly, I'm not surprised to read this sort of thing - even on here. There was an article today in the local in-bred news website about local recruitment for a Phase 3 trials of the Janseen vaccine. The response was 95% anti-vaxxer twats.
  12. I read your first draft of this post just in time before you changed it. From memory it was "heard[sic] immunity is the only way forward. NO TO VACCINES." I was going to reply that you'd have been better off starting with something less provocative and gradually working up to weapons-grade trolling, but then you went and changed it. I'm genuinely not sure what your revised post even means - there's a contradiction within the post itself and then there's the contradiction between the post and your user-name. Like I say, start slowly and work up. If it's your first post, you're nev
  13. I think this will drag on for months as Trump is using the invention of an election scandal as a smoke-screen to raise money to try and dig himself out of a financial hole. (Up until now, he's been able to get away with threatening to sue his biggest unpaid lender - Deutsche Bank - simply because he was the president.) I doubt he'll put himself through the ignominy of actually appearing in public and facing the questions and abuse - it will just be the odd tweet here and there to rile up the MAGAs and keep raising money. So if you want to keep the comedy rolling for the next couple of m
  14. Mark E. Spliff

    Protest songs

    I also marginally prefer the Stiff Little Fingers version, but got to give credit to Bob Marley - it's his song.
  15. Okay - no worries. Genuinely didn't know whether you still hadn't read it or not.
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