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  1. Ryan George has nailed it as usual. Do NOT watch if you don't want spoilers - this is the entire film spoiled:
  2. That's right. I've started deliberately catching myself in my flies every time I go for a piss. Irrational behaviour confuses "their" filing systems.
  3. If I were you, I'd now go online and try booking it via the main NHS website. Someone on here mentioned it a couple of weeks ago before they'd opened it up to my age group, so I tried it and it worked. One advantage of doing it via the main site is that you book appointments for both shots at the same time, whereas I've heard that booking it via your local surgery leaves you in limbo waiting for them to contact you about arranging your second shot. Also, in your case, you might find you're able to enter a postcode local to where you are now. It might not work, but it's just a brief web for
  4. Could you estimate the size of the problem you're citing here? i.e. could you give us an approximate number for how many people die of completely unrelated reasons within 28 days of a Covid19 diagnosis? I'll help you. Think very very small.
  5. They're a spammer - probably a bot. The clue is that it's a new member replying to a 5 year old post with a barely-legible word salad from Google translate. One of their subsequent posts will have the link to whatever it is they're touting. In the past, Neil has requested we report rather than reply, so the account can be deleted before their post gets camouflaged by other legit comments.
  6. I agree with the point you were making - nobody is going to hold the Tories to account for what they're doing, just like nobody held Blair/Bush to account for their mass murder. However, what we're up against is a moronic electorate who can't distinguish between social media bullshit and consistent logical analysis of facts and history. Whenever the Tories are on the ropes, the moron commentators in your local news website will immediately switch to whataboutery-mode to avoid even acknowledging that the Tories might be in any way flawed, and 'Bliar' etc. is one of their go-to mantras. If we
  7. I was on the march against the second Gulf war, protest-voted Lib Dem in the following election and am no fan of Keir Starmer's 'throw socialism out of the window in a futile attempt to persuade the right wing oligarch media barons that he's their man' approach. However, this is whataboutery of the highest order. Blair's war crimes are Blair's war crimes. This is nothing to do with that and blunting any attack on the current Government's absolute corruption is simply doing the Tories' work for them.
  8. You sure about that? Want to go back and check 'her' Twitter feed and report your findings back to us?
  9. @eFestivals I'm in no position to criticise anyone for making sock-puppet accounts, but @Citrus88 (see my post above) is a far right sock-puppet, and they're the worst kind. My advice is always to exterminate them before they spoil your whole drawer.
  10. Then you ought to choose your social media a bit more wisely. Schachtel has a long history of excoriating Faucci for being a traitor, e.g. within the past 24 hours he's tweeted his disappointment that he hasn't been jailed. But you and Schachtel have more in common than just the fact that you both inhabit far-right social media. You also like to post claims online without any sources. You're clearly enraged about Feigl-Ding's hypocrisy in moving country, but are you sure it's true? When Schachtel was questioned about where he's got his information from, this was his reply: "Yes,
  11. You're effectively claiming to favour a 'middle way' narrative here. We both know that the cess-pool of social media you inhabit doesn't believe in this kind of sensible, risk-based, scientific approach to controlling the pandemic. Your Jordan Schachtel clown beautifully demonstrates this, e.g. with his retweet from 5th March: "A year ago the American people were utterly blindsided by unthinkable and unAmerican lockdowns. We had no idea why it was happening. Now with this new email dump, we know there was a small cabal of insane people consulting directly with Chinese communists to dest
  12. If anyone wasn't aware of the far-right rabbit-hole which Fuzzy Afro lives in, take a look at that Jordan Schachtel's twitter feed, including the comments from his Trump-loving, consipiracy-believing followers. This is a regular occurrence with Fuzzy Afro - previous gems he's shared with us include far-right antifa-bashing, far-right climate-change deniers and basically anything which a red-capped angry American would be proud of. He's got a right to post it, but we need to recognise it for what it is - the far right are adept at capitalising on people's frustrations, and they're doing prett
  13. Are you aware that the right wing tin-foil hatted lunatics are running a concerted campaign of misinformation (pronounced 'absolute bullshit') about Bill Gates, Covid19 and the vaccine? You could type 'Bill Gates conspiracy' into Google to learn about this madness, but surely you've already read about this on some of the dodgy social media we know you frequent? The reason it's clearly bullshit is very simple to understand, by the way. This is a bloke who's already been the richest man in the world, but is currently giving away his billions to humanitarian projects. I don't like him for
  14. Thanks - if I've understood that correctly, an analogy for the virus versus the vaccine would be that the former is a basketful of angry kittens, whilst the latter is a basketful of angry kittens which have been neutered. If you let the former into your home, it could be overrun to the extent that they're popping up faster than you kill them, whereas if you let the latter into your home, you can learn how to quickly despatch them so you'll have the right weapons at the ready should any wild kittens get in. The more I think about that analogy, the more resentful I feel towards you virolog
  15. Thanks - I get it: the adverse reactions to the vaccine are (probably) because when someone's immune system has been primed, it will kick off big-style when it thinks it sees the enemy. Therefore, anyone who's had the virus or a first dose of the vaccine is going to get a stronger reaction to injections of vaccine. Follow-up question: if the cause of serious illness and death from Covid19 isn't the virus tearing up our organs, but our immune systems going nuclear and causing inflammations in the lungs etc., why doesn't this happen with vaccines? I.e. why is our immune system able to com
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