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  1. Indian any good? It would involve a 10 minute detour North, but 'Hen and Chickens' is an Indian-owned traditional boozer doing a stripped-down menu of top-quality standard Indian restaurant food. Love it. Second option would be The Wellington. A strong contender for the best real ale pub in Birmingham, and they allow you to bring your own food in (even providing plates, cutlery and condiments) so you can have whatever you want.
  2. I would normally have said zero, however this year two mates of my did exactly this on the Sunday. I'd been told they were on their way, and I was telling everyone they were wasting their time etc. until they showed up and proved me wrong. So it can be done. It was quite late on the Sunday, so I guess security was ramping down. No special tricks - they just blagged it by making up a bullshit story about how they were needed on site for work reasons, and thereby drove into a car park and walked straight through one of the public gates.
  3. I agree - that's the bit that doesn't seem right. F5ing for 30 minutes is where the queuing/fighting should happen. Once you've got through to a booking page, then you should be given an appropriate number of glitch-free minutes (4?) to get it done - i.e. that bit of the system architecture should have enough resources to reliably handle the number of simultaneous bookings they're allowing. A tweak like this wouldn't improve anyone's chances of getting tickets, but it would eliminate that particularly cruel slap in the face. (To improve people's chances of getting tickets, we just need a few 2007 mud years.)
  4. @eFestivals Monday dilemma: ban now or wait for the inevitable follow-up spam posts?
  5. Mark E. Spliff

    Volunteering 2020

    You can already register interest on the link in my post above.
  6. Mark E. Spliff

    Volunteering 2020

    It used to just be the Workers Beer Company running the public bars at Glastonbury, but after they lost their monopoly several years ago, there are now at least 2 other companies running them. You'll only get a WBC volunteer position via one of the campaigning groups affiliated to them. Your best bet is to do a bit of Googling for something like 'WBC glastonbury volunteer team' to try and find groups with teams which you might be able to get on - e.g. your trade union at work. I've lost track of who's running the other bars, but as Steve says above, Shelter provide the staff for some. WBC bar work is pretty good, although it can get a bit manic/stressful depending on how well the bar you're on is managed. If it's all going well, then it's easy production-line work - the beers are already poured and you're mainly just swapping pints for cash or card payments. You'd probably be doing around four 6-hour shifts over the festival. General conditions for WBC volunteers are excellent - good campsite with bar, showers, catering etc. Loads of interesting people to make friends with. I've moved on from bar work to something a lot more interesting, but I'd still say it was an excellent way of getting in. So much so, that if I weren't able to get a volunteer role, I wouldn't bother going. Money's no problem for me - the reason is simply that I enjoy festivals more with a little bit of structure to the day. All too often, I find that my mates who've bought tickets aren't enjoying it anywhere near as much as I am as they're getting too messy and eventually getting tired and emotional within their little group. If you're working, then you've suddenly got tens or hundreds of new people to work and play with, which feels a lot less claustrophobic than being stuck with a few mates.
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah! Even though that post on here from Philipa(sic) a few years ago was obviously from a misogynistic troll, it's good to reference it whenever possible. All women are dirty slags after all.
  8. A tip for those that manage to get their tickets: if you want to simultaneously irritate a wide range of people all round the country, then start a 'yay!' discussion thread while people are still trying. In years gone by, this was a self-policed thing as this forum regularly got overloaded on ticket day so any 'non essential' discussions resulted in handbags swinging. Nowadays this forum just about manages to cope, so it's more a matter of netiquette - if you want to pretend you have the capacity for empathy, you need to dress your smug post up as a "good luck to everyone that's still trying" job.
  9. If they did it, then they actually shared that money out between us all. Think of it this way - if 99.999% of the world's supply of pounds sterling, hidden away bank vaults, went up in flames, then the remaining pounds, in our pockets would be worth more. Less pounds fighting over the same number of goods/services means deflation. It's the opposite of forging currency (and 'quantative easing') - which devalues the currency and make us all poorer. This way of looking at the relationship between the quantity of money and its value is called 'monetarism' and it was a key part of Thatcherism - which I despise - but the theory is definitely correct when it comes to the supply of actual notes and coins.
  10. In case it hasn't already been confirmed elsewhere in this thread, on BBC 6 Music music news, they just announced that the ticket sale dates have been confirmed as 3rd October for coaches and 6th October for main sale. (Edit: just seen that Dukeicon had already posted this on Thursday. Excuse the old news - I'm out of the picture as I don't buy tickets.)
  11. I've looked at a couple of YouTube videos, and it looks as though you might want to peg the black inner tent out so it's tightly stretched out on the ground before you start putting the poles in. Your 2nd and 3rd photos seem to show your groundsheet lifting up off the ground, which in turn makes it saggy at the top. If you peg it out tighter, this should solve it. Also, your last photo seems to show you've clipped the top (blue) hook onto the lower of the two poles. If you hook it onto the upper one, that will both lift the inner tent higher, and help hold the two poles together at the top.
  12. You haven't said what tent it is, but just search for it on YouTube and you'll find assembly videos from Quechua and Decathlon. Given how saggy that is, I'd say you've either picked up the wrong poles when you were last packing away, or you're using the porch pole instead of one of the main tent poles.
  13. If your time is tight then yep: volunteering is always going to be the last-ditch option. In my previous role, everyone used to arrive on the Tuesday, and in my new role, even though we don't have anything to do until the main stages open, we'll still be expected to be there by the Monday. I don't mind using my time off for festivals, and my favourite days are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm happy with that. Maybe wristbanding with Festaff would be a good option for you as most staff presumably don't need to get there more than a day before the first punters arrive and the bulk of the work would be finished by the time the main stages open. All I know is now's the time to start digging around to prepare your escape plan, to try and beat the rush come October and April...
  14. Its a backstage job, but I'm being very vague so (a) I don't break my online anonymity and (b) I don't irritate the company I'm volunteering with. Over the past couple of festivals, they've been ridiculously tight-lipped about seemingly innocuous info so I reckon that would be a good way of me getting kicked off the team. It's still volunteering, and you have to do shifts throughout the festival, so probably not everyone's cup of tea, regardless of how hyped I am for it.
  15. There are only a limited number of volunteer roles which you're going to get a crack at through a public forum, and all of those have already been discussed on here ad-nauseum. They're all luck-of-the-draw as to whether you get decent work/shifts/supervisors and how much you can get away with. If you do get caught out, the worst that's going to happen is you lose a deposit of approx. £250. I've read the full spectrum of people's experiences on here and that's about as precise an answer as anyone can give you without a crystal ball. Re. taking £20 note from wallets etc., you may well be telling the truth, but it still meets my definition of trolling as you're needlessly mentioning something which you know is guaranteed a reaction. As I say, I don't mind this as it livens up the forum - I occasionally do the same. But it does also make you a legitimate target for me to brag at about my new Glastonbury work... I've had a pretty good Glastonbury volunteering role for many years, for which recruitment was via word-of-mouth - you needed to know someone. I'd been pretty happy with it, but a couple of years ago I landed a job at another festival through a bit of accidental networking. I'm pretty sure most people would rate this as their dream festival job - everyone tends to hang around when they're not on shift because working is so much better than being out and about with the punters. I've now done it at a few festivals, but last month I had it confirmed that I was on the team for Glastonbury. I thought you'd want to be the first to know.
  16. You're very good. There's a pattern though - you always throw in little 'asides' which aren't really necessary to your point, but are always guaranteed to provoke outrage. Here, you're telling us how messed up and absent you were when you were supposed to be doing some type of work, but the classic one was declaring you'd always take £20 from a found wallet before handing it in. That said, I much prefer someone skilfully throwing the cat amongst the pigeons rather than the forum descending into a circle-w*nk of regulars laughing at in-jokes. That's forum death.
  17. There are individual live-in sections in Temple Valley 1 & 2 crew camping. These include general sections, plus individual sections for Old Town, Paradise Heights, Town Centre, Grid, Copper County, Lions Den, Nucleus and Area 404. In Downtown crew camping, there are separate live-in sections for Distrikt 5, Diss Order Alley, Metropolis and Barrio Loco.
  18. I'm not going, but in terms of recommendations, this guy has to rank pretty high...
  19. I'm just wondering if there was anything you could have added to the topic title to make it somehow clearer. Nope, nothing. As you were.
  20. I was the one who mentioned the Catholic Church yesterday. But rather than hoping for a reaction from someone else, why not just jump in with one yourself? (Top tip: if you click the 'quote' button under that post, you won't need to paraphrase what I actually wrote - you're obviously not good at that.)
  21. My local Lidl have still got the Crivit Lightweight Camping Mats in stock. Google them to find out what they are. I know several people who've bought them on my recommendation and none have been disappointed. Plus, they're a small fraction of the price of similar offerings from posh camping brands. You'll need to be quick though - they were on a special a couple of weeks ago so will be getting taken off the shelves any time now.
  22. You're absolutely right. Criminal law is a man-made thing so changes with societal norms. There are two things that always distort this kind of discussion. (1) the paranoid 'witch hunt' scenario whereby people feel if they don't shout 'pedo' (sic) louder than the next man they'll become suspect, regardless of the facts. (2) the paranoid need to publicly deny our 'lizard brain' - i.e. the primal urges which evolved as successful reproduction strategies and which, though often embarrassing, we're all subject to. You can't have a rational debate about this sort of stuff unless you can acknowledge and overcome these 2 things. But they're so deeply ingrained in our culture that right up to the level of policy-makers nobody will stick their head above the parapet and confront them. Consequently, the experts in harm-prevention have long been complaining that public discourse has become so toxic that children are actually suffering because the most effective prevention policies get shouted down. Bringing it back to John Peel, the laws that applied in 1960s Texas were radically different to the UK's now. So putting the law aside, if I was to try and define a non-legal, non-hyprocritical standard by which to judge the morality of his actions, it would be whether he could credibly claim to the parents/friends/colleagues that they were having a 'relationship' with some semblance of power balance. In the case of Shirley Anne Milburn, the answer is demonstrably yes. As for any other 'groupies,' I've only read gossip so can't judge.
  23. You're working on a model whereby paedophilia is on some kind of spectrum in which the 'level' of paedophilia is determined by how low below 16/18/21/whatever you're prepared to go. That model is simply wrong - there is no spectrum of paedophilia. It's a binary issue: a disorder which you either have or you don't. The research in this area is vast and unequivocally demonstrates that sexual attraction is not poetic or romantic - it's a brutish, animalistic thing. Physical features, such as facial symmetry, are all compared against an ideal template to decide what's hot and what's not. A key determinant is 'not reached puberty? not interested.' If you're not genetically/neurologically/psychologically pre-programmed with this determinant, you're a paedophile. If you are, you're not. It's as simple as that - black and white. John Peel has never been accused of having anything to do with pre-pubescent girls, so bringing paedophilia into the thread has been a red-herring which has helped derail the discussion. One other undisputed finding of the research into the laws of sexual attraction will make uncomfortable reading for some of the people contributing to this thread. The other key determinant of sexual attraction is that, after puberty, 'younger = better.' That's why, throughout history, trying to make 40 year-olds look like they're teenagers has been one of the world's most profitable industries. Anyone expressing disgust at someone for being attracted to a sexually mature 14 year-old is simply in denial. It's right to blame a perpetrator for the abuse of trust, and fathers would be justified in getting out their shotguns etc., but pretending you don't share the impulse is dishonest. It's also a bit worrying: people in denial often have a poor 'track record' - just ask the Catholic church. To summarise. The issue with John Peel was statutory rape/abuse of position. We can all wave pitchforks at his grave for that. Introducing the concept of paedophilia is irrelevant, scientifically-illiterate and needlessly derails the discussion.
  24. Ask yourself why you posted the above. Why are you expressing outrage that someone has pointed out something that is factually incorrect - i.e. the claim that John Peel was a paedophile? It looks a bit like the paranoid need to be seen publicly denouncing anyone who's pussy-footing around with facts and rationality when there are pitchforks to be waved. Witch-hunt mentality. It's not necessary to shoe-horn paedophilia in to hold people to account for statutory rape. As I stated in an earlier post, it can be argued that statutory rapists are more culpable than paedophiles as they're guilty of a deliberate criminal act rather than an innate pathological disorder - i.e. bad rather than mad.
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