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  1. It might be this one?
  2. Glastoboy

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    The thread, about a year ago, titled "Why isn't there a Rightfield at Glastonbury?' was the turning point for me.
  3. @glasto-worker A few years back , I approached from the gate D direction and somehow ended up in that white-spaced security area. No idea how I did it, it's all a bit hazy. I knew I was inside the festival but couldn't work out how to get out of that bloody compound. As if being lost and trapped wasn't bad enough, when I finally found the exit I got bollocked by security for being in there. With regards to your fence-jumper, I did exactly the same thing at the security camp that used to be next to the acoustic stage in the early 90s. 20feet more to the left and I'd have been fine but instead I made a hell of a racket on the fence and alerted the lot of them. Guards with torches, dogs, the lot. I spent 20mins hiding in thick grass under a caravan until they called off the search and another 20 until I came out and bolted for the smaller wire fence. Ah, those were the days.
  4. Glastoboy

    The Cure

    I've seen many a headliner from this position. Good thinking. You're right about the Cure though, there won't be a moshpit, they ain't particularly pretty to look at and they don't really perform in any way. But, I saw them at Wembley Arena a couple of years back, about 12 deep from the stage, and the one thing you really get at close distance (if you admire this kind of thing) is a complete masterclass of their musicianship. A lot of Cure songs are musically complex and they all absolutely nail every song live.
  5. The B52's are a great band with some good stuff on their albums. But in terms of 'hits' you're not far off. There was only that, 'Rock Lobster' and 'Roam'. 'Meet the Flintstones' doesn't really count as it as pointless and unnecessary as the associated movie.
  6. I would donate some of my win to refurb the monorail.
  7. For the Other Stage? Early on a Friday? Nah, that field could cope.
  8. Stereophonics are touring around Glastonbury dates.
  9. @LeeHC. I'm going to come to Yogs defence here a bit. They started off by saying they wish everyone could experience both and I understand this, I'd love to be able to hop into a time machine and experience it again myself - and take a modern day newbie. The comparison to it nowadays being as homogenous as a fair ground or Costa is a bit harsh but they are comparing it to a Glastonbury that was a great deal more like a chaotic wild west than the national cultural beacon it is today. It used to be counterculture and today it is mentioned in the same sentence as Wimbledon and Glyndebourne. Also, the oft-repeated joke/comment that the festival isn't as good as it used to be probably started in 1971. As Neil pointed out, he feels that another landmark change was in the early nighties when the travellers were thrown out and the "mainstream" arrived and he's probably right about that. The great thing for me is that Michael Eavis set this whole thing up, stuck with it through good and bad and it looks to set to continue indefinitely. If I were to have one moan about the modern day Glastonbury, it's all the rich tossers and the glamping. I reckon if you went back in time and tried to explain this was the future to any festival goer 1970-2000 they would be pretty disgusted at the thought.
  10. I'm sure someone will be along soon saying how it all went to shit in the eighties etc. 😂 As per the excellent sign on your website. Personally, I have enjoyed the festival in all its different incarnations. Even the shit band years and the shit weather years. It has simply always been a great place to be.
  11. 2000 was gloriously chaotic and my favourite ever. 2002 (the super-fence) marked the start of the big changes to the festival.
  12. There wasn't a big demand for anything at Glastonbury then. We genuinely liked making our own entertainment, it was only £45 for a ticket and a lot of people got in for free. I also reckon there was a lot more LSD and mushrooms being taken in those days. It took the dance scene a while to get a foothold at the festival in the 90s. It was mainly bands. But some of the camp parties would be dance music from 80s ghetto blasters - but batteries have always been expensive so Sunday nights were quieter.
  13. The Underground Piano Bar set up in '94 too. Been a house of weirdness ever since.
  14. Early nineties nostalgia alert. Late night entertainment centred around either the Stone Circle (which was always a great party), the outdoor cinema, the infamous 'Joe Bananas Blanket Stall' soundsystem or your camp. Firewood was aplenty in those days so there were a lot of great camp parties dotted all over the place. Making your own entertainment was part of the festival then. I like how it is is these days though too. So much amazing stuff on offer.
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