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  1. Glastoboy

    2019 Headliners

    I'm pretty sure yesterday I heard Lauren Laverne say she has Bob Smith on her show on Monday. If she swerves the question then I reckon you're right.
  2. Glastoboy

    Music played on 6 Music, is it a window into Glastonbury Line Up

    Unless your Maya Jama of course. 😉
  3. Glastoboy

    2019 Headliners

  4. Glastoboy

    An announcement by christmas

    YouTube have a couple of shitty live recordings of 'Merry Christmas Everybody'.
  5. Glastoboy

    2019 Headliners

    Too right. Except I was rolling around with laughter. I love a bit of hissy-fit drama on stage and his meltdown was truly a classic. After the security guys dragged him kicking and screaming from the stage I was shouting for 'more'. Tragicomedy gold.
  6. Glastoboy

    The Cure

    There's a few good tracks scattered across 'Wild Mood Swings', 'Bloodflowers' and '4.13 Dream' but there is a dip in overall quality I reckon. I'd implore you to give Disintegration another go though. Have a toke (if that's your thing?) and slip the headphones on, it's majestic in places. The Mixed-up album is a cracker too.
  7. Glastoboy

    The Cure

    I've been a cure fan all my life and right from the start. If you are new to The Cure I'd advise starting right at the beginning and working your way through in order. Watch out for 'Pornography' though, it's a bit of a curve ball. I last saw them almost two years ago at Wembley and they were fucking sensational. Having said all that, I just wish Depeche Mode could play (what is the problem there? Money?). They are adored all over the world for good reason and I'd love to see them win over Glastonbury.
  8. Glastoboy

    Latitude 2018

    Nowhere near in my opinion. But 'iconic' is the kind of word that PR companies throw around with little regard of it's literal meaning.
  9. Glastoboy

    Latitude 2018

    The programmes used to be amazing. You could pre-order one and it would arrive with your tickets, giving you chance to really check out everything going on and get your plan together weeks before the festival. They cost £10 but we're well worth it as it was a quality product. They were small in size (about 15x15cm) but bulky thickness. I didn't go last year but I'm not sure they still do a physical version (maybe they still sell them onsite). But the app has all the same info, should have times added this week and will be completely up to date. Regards the 'iconic' secret surprise this year. I have a feeling it might be Florence & her machine. She has previous with Latitude and has a break in her tour after the Germany gig on the Friday so would be free Saturday or Sunday. This is only my guess, not my desire. I'd rather it was any one of the other icons mentioned. But it would probably please the Latitude demographic.
  10. Glastoboy

    Visiting the farm in 2018

    I just happened to be in Glastonbury last Sunday with my kids on my birthday. We went and had a lovely walk round the site. It's really strange how much smaller it seems when it's empty. We saw Michael pulling up outside Pilton church on the way and gave him a wave. We just wandered down Hitchin hill and had a big walk around most of the site. There were a few locals and family's walking their dogs and a few vehicles driving around the fields looking like they were on farm work business. Nobody seemed bothered that we were there. We stuck to the paths and tracks and had a lovely time. We took some photos underneath the pyramid (which wasnt fenced off) and at the stone circle. I reckon they are pretty cool about visitors in small numbers, especially if you are respectful but i also completely understand why they don't want hordes of people descending on the place. We came across a fire pit with loads of beer cans and rubbish left around it. Could be locals or it could be festival fans - either way you can see why they want to discourage these kind of visitors though. Respect the land and I reckon your pretty welcome to roam.
  11. Glastoboy

    Glastonbury Spelling errors

    The Underground P&O Bar.
  12. Glastoboy

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I'd be very interested to see what bands (if any) would want to play Toryfest.
  13. Glastoboy

    Secret resales 2015

    It just goes to show that these people don't REALLY want to go. And you're all still in the game.
  14. Glastoboy


    Nothing showing on the new map but am i right in saying that the people behind the Spike are building something new near the woods this year? I'm sure Michael said something about it in an interview ages ago.