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  1. My guess is somewhere between - we know that the system already has the ability to mark nominated registration numbers as eligible to buy when most can't, as used for the cyclist pre-sale, and for friends-of-staff on cancelled tickets close to the festival. So while they'd without question refund everyone (aside from anything else, to avoid carrying the balances across a financial year) maybe they give everyone who had a ticket 24 hours head start before opening ticket sales to the wider world.
  2. The extra cost of the wristband itself is trivial. Maybe 2 pence per person - Maybe. The bigger cost is the infrastructure - The scanners, wifi, etc at each of the (20ish) gates, with spare scanners and/or batteries will amount to quite a lot - however if they're doing it for staff, then the bulk of that cost is already sunk so they might as well go wider.
  3. incident

    Volunteering 2020

    That does raise the very real prospect that your friend cancels, 5 minutes later they call to offer you their place?
  4. This is one of those ideas that sounds a lot better in theory than it actually works in practice.. I've seen a few festivals try something along these lines (off the top of my head, Shambala did a version of it last year), and it's very easy for interest to trail off after a few acts that aren't to your taste.
  5. Yep. it was in Trash City, back when Trash City was in what's now Block 9 West. I think most likely it 2009? Only made that one appearance and I've never heard of it being elsewhere either, which is really strange because it was great. I'd love to know what's happened to it - ideally it'd turn up in a warehouse somewhere ready to be returned to site, but the fact it's more than 10 years gone now I suspect it got broken up for parts/scrap.
  6. While that's true, when the only "tickets" left are the 300 quid plus hospitality ones, most people would view it as near enough that it makes no difference.
  7. I'm 90% sure those are of the Reading Festival site..
  8. I'm pretty certain that this whole extending the field thing is going to turn out to be largely irrelevant anyway. Maybe they shift the boundary half a metre further into Row Mead. Maybe. Most likely nobody even notices much. Probably they would have done it at some point anyway.
  9. It was 2007 in The Ballroom, in the final ill fated year of Lost Vagueness. Allegedly it was one of the factors in the relationship between Roy and the festival disintegrating, essentially because he wanted to put them on at 1am after everywhere else had closed which would have created a seriously dangerous crowd problem. In the end I think they went on at about 11:30, and it was still utterly rammed.
  10. Having been to some pubs in a remote part of the west coast of Ireland (Mayo, specifically), I'm slightly surprised by that..
  11. Yes. There is a reason why we've gone from having 10 acts a day in 2007 to 7 acts a day in 2019, and it's not time. They could, feasibly, drop all the changeovers down to 20-30 minutes and fit more acts in that (much more workable) way but that's not happening either.
  12. incident

    Volunteering 2020

    It kind of is to be honest.
  13. incident

    Volunteering 2020

    Please please please everyone remember that unless something changes this year, tickets are not barcoded / scanned in, and so can't be cancelled - which also means they don't get reissued if lost except under pretty exceptional circumstances. If you do need to get a ticket from person A to person B, then consider the options carefully.
  14. Careful with that. I was working at Shambala a couple years ago. During the pack down on the Monday, all the way through the shift there was almost a running commentary on the radio regarding someone who spent seemingly the entire 8 hours in and out of a composting toilet receiving several visits from medical during the process. Apparently they'd brought some Bacon Sandwiches with them on the Thursday, and thought that they'd still be fine when they broke them out on the Sunday Evening. The result being one of the more unpleasant medical situations I've heard. I'm very much a carnivore, and do find Shambalas meat free policy frustrating, but that's a bit far even for me.
  15. Maybe, but it's stretching what most people would think of when they hear that..
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