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  1. Yep. I've got my first shifts booked for the 20th + 21st, at a centre that isn't even open this week.
  2. Yeah, but they're all easily replaceable. Give them a generous 1% rise. 😑
  3. Don't let that put you off from trying the National booking system. Some vaccination centres are on the National system, and some are on Local systems. Some allocate slots to both. In any given area it's likely that both the National system and at least one Local system are in operation and as the various systems all operate independently from each other they'll likely give very different results. You may not get offered the precise, most local, location you want via the National booking system - but you certainly should be able to book something somewhere so it can't hurt to check w
  4. It's massively coincidental that this story comes on the same day that they announce a below inflation pay rise for NHS staff. Almost as if they want to propose something else that the Unions will object to in order to keep them busy.
  5. Outdoor events are allowed up to 4,000 people / 50% of capacity (whichever is lower) at Step 3 (likely May 17th). So if they've got enough space for 8,000+ then they can theoretically run a 4,000 capacity event under the rules. No idea whether they'll actually be able to pull it off though.
  6. In terms of fruit juices - For just straight, fresh apple juice then the Cider Bus is a good shout. Then a bit further along the road going towards the Pyramid, Nurses Cottage do some less common types (Plum, Elderflower). I'm pretty sure they've also got a second (and possibly even a third) location as well but can't remember where it is. I used to like the freshly made Lemonade stands that would pop up in certain places like Yeomans Bridge for a sugar hit, but they seem to have gone away in the past few years. You can still get similar at a couple of market stalls but without the f
  7. One key difference you're ignoring is who's producing it. To the best of my knowledge, AZ are not directly manufacturing (anywhere) at all, and so the actual supply is coming from various contracted manufacturers. In the case of the UK sites, those manufacturing sites are directly contracted to the UK Government, not to AZ, and so even if AZ wanted to redirect those does to the EU they wouldn't easily be able to (so technically nothing has been "blocked" as the scenario wouldn't arise). I'm not aware of the EU directly funding any manufacturing for the AZ vaccine in the same way
  8. I couldn't disagree more with that logic. While we didn't know for certain, and especially not to this extent, we did always have a good idea that the vaccine would at minimum reduce transmission to a reasonable degree. The Oxford/AZ vaccine at least had data suggesting that and it was always likely that others would behave the same, so plans were made with that in mind. As you say, the reason for the priority lists being as they are is to prevent serious illness and deaths - but that hasn't changed at all and it'll take far less doses to get to the end of the priority list than in w
  9. Foals were booked to headline smaller festivals than Tramlines in both 2019 and 2020. What's changed?
  10. Just imagine the political fallout if those games were not only taken off Glasgow but given to say Cardiff or Manchester instead..
  11. It's not impossible I guess. A couple of Pyramid Stage-only shows, on the Saturday and Sunday of the 3rd weekend in September (ie the anniversary of the Pilton Pop Festival). 60,000 tickets per day, no camping on site so that local hotels and campsites get some benefit. If you had say 5ish acts a day with a couple of the larger friends of the festival to headline each night (yes, Coldplay being the most obvious) and and you might even get the BBC down to cover it. Profits to the Joint Charities and the usual local causes.
  12. Yeah, it's pretty grim (aside from Nile Rodgers). It looks like they're going for more of a family / Camp Bestival vibe though and so likely anything they did wouldn't appeal much.
  13. One that often goes overlooked (never been, no idea if it's any good):
  14. I heard it was great in 2020. Perfect sunshine all weekend. Enough that it'll probably need to rain for the next decades worth of festivals to average it out..
  15. Plan for a possible surge. They also plan for a possible nuclear attack.
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