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  1. incident


    As has been covered, a little less so at Glastonbury.
  2. Tbh, that's not unusual either at Glastonbury or at other festivals. There's plenty of routing signs that will be changed at various points through the entire lifecycle.
  3. incident

    2025 Headliners

    For Bruce at Glastonbury? It's one of those where at first glance and without context he appears to be free, but when you consider how carefully spaced out the tour dates are these days then it becomes clear there's no chance. Even where they're playing multiple nights at the same venue, they're leaving at least one and increasingly two nights off between the shows. Where there's extensive travel (ie flights needed), then the gap tends to be longer. So the Monday show in Milan definitely rules him out of the Sunday and almost certainly rules him out of the Saturday. Friday Night is less clear cut, but it does indicate that currently Glastonbury is very much not in the plans - in short, if he was lined up to play, then they probably wouldn't have put the Milan show on that particular date.
  4. incident


    Definitely nothing officially shown by the festival. That's already been confirmed. Beyond that there probably will be a few stallholders around the place who have a telly or a laptop and put it on, but given the likely screen size involved and the potential for it to draw a crowd, I wouldn't rely on being able to get within a visible distance of it, or being able to follow what's going on.
  5. incident


    No. If you want to watch it, bring your own mechanism.
  6. incident

    New Map

    It was a viewing platform/tower at the top of the T&C fields. Like the one in the Park, but nowhere near as high. The front of it was painted white, so that they could project some artsy stuff on it at night. I think it was only ever there in 2016, maybe 2017 as well but definitely not the past few years.
  7. incident

    Arcadia 2024

    Yep - ultimately given that 99% of the time people will pay any attention will be after dark, they can pretty much make it look how they want with suitable lighting. And arguably Grey is easier to light than a Green would be.
  8. incident


    As buses go, to my eyes it's quite substantially different to the Genosys Sound System one..
  9. It's at best inconsistent but I'd generally assume not. As a general rule, coach companies don't tend to use their flagship vehicles for Glastonbury.
  10. Nope, the first two Dublin dates were included in the initial announcement. People were speculating because she (at that point) had the Sunday free. Which was batshit crazy. A 3rd Dublin show was always likely and even if it didn't materialise there was no plausible scenario under which she could transplant this show to the Pyramid overnight.
  11. According to all reports, last year both O2 and Three had extremely poor coverage and connectivity. So if those networks did put in extra capacity, it wasn't anywhere near enough and certainly nothing like the scale that both Vodafone and EE put in. Yes, those reports are anecdotal. But they're both numerous and consistent so I think can be trusted to be accurate.
  12. This one, any other BBC ones that come up (6music?, Asian Network?), and the Voter Registration one I think. Aside from that, everything should have picked a winner by now.
  13. If the need for a phone at short notice is really, really desperate then the shuttle bus to Shepton Mallet will drop you next to a retail park which has both a Tesco and an Argos, each of which will have various options cheap.
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