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  1. Why on earth would anyone do that? You'll see exactly what you'd predict even before the festival happened - a few anecdotal accounts, some of which will likely be from bullshitters who didn't even go to the festival.
  2. Can't speak for Three - but last time out, EE would disappear entirely for hours at a time.
  3. It certainly has been, for me at least. Last time out, it wasn't even a case of "I can't get data", it was more "the network has disappeared entirely". Should be fun trying to get people through the gates.. Still, it's been confirmed that there's no night shifts again this year..
  4. Wow, that guy sounds like an utter dick. Sorry you had to deal with that - you expect the odd problematic customer, but it really shouldn't be coming from the organisers. Make sure you put it on the feedback form when it comes through.
  5. That sounds poor - were the complaints about drinking coffee from your supervisor, the gate manager, or from some other Festival Republic type? The buggy never actually reached us but there was no problem with us drinking water etc (albeit we had to walk a fair distance to get it). I was doing COVID checks on Memorial Gate on Thursday evening and didn't see nearly as many of those issues - the Gate Manager told us to accept the Blue Cards while the app was playing up, and we eventually got access to a Wifi network broadcasting at the gate that we could share with customers who were struggling which helped with the app. I was hoping it'd be broadcasting elsewhere on site but no such luck.
  6. Don't think the shortage of / long queues for Toilets is a new thing - I thought there wasn't nearly enough 3 years ago, and it didn't seem any different this time around. There did seem to be a few less food stalls than usual, with longer queues and some of them selling out early, but I guess that could be at least partially down to the traders (of sufficient quality) that are available. But overall - that's trivial shit really, isn't it? It was a fantastic weekend for me and one that I'll remember for a long time. I enjoyed it a lot more than my previous visit to Latitude for so many reasons - not least the clear and obvious mutual joy of the crowds being able to watch live music, and the artists finally being able to play it again.
  7. Remember that there's always medical on site, who have experience dealing with this kind of stuff specifically under festival conditions. Don't be slow to go and see them if there's any concerns.
  8. If the Foo Fighters rumor was true, then it could be as simple as international travel uncertainty.
  9. I'm an idiot. Hope nobody saw.
  10. To be honest there was a case for that even before the pandemic. That there wasn't legislation passed for it 6+ months ago is a disgrace.
  11. incident

    Nick Cave

    Purely on distance, it'd be Poole or Oxford. Though probably they'd be a pain in the arse journeys to make, so London or Birmingham may be easier.
  12. Yeah. Most festivals are simply saying in effect that anyone who can't provide proof of vaccine from England, Scotland, or Wales needs to take an LFT.
  13. If EOTR run it the same way as other festivals, then without a smartphone you'll need to either print off the PDF version, or request a letter is sent to you. Details at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-covid-pass
  14. incident

    Nick Cave

    You're probably right, at least a couple of those venues don't even have the capability to offer standing due to being theatres with fixed seats all the way to the front.
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