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  1. Once you get that close, then the exact path you get directed along will change based on things like current traffic conditions, which fields are being filled at that moment, and which are already full. So it's a case of follow the event signage for Purple, but it's entirely possible that you actually get sent in via Brown gate.
  2. This is the ultimate question. For the vast majority of the arseholes who leave their tents at festivals, they're doing so because the tent they've bought is at what they consider to be a disposable price point*. They clearly don't give a shit about the impact of plastics, so unless the "environmentally friendly" alternative can be sold at a competitive price it's just not going to get any traction. And that's aside from all the other valid points being mentioned.
  3. Remember that Wembley is pretty much out of action for concerts next summer due to hosting several Euro 2020 matches.
  4. incident

    2020 headliners

    I guess - the difference being that we're talking about old songs she intends to re-record and re-release to try and reclaim the rights to. Whereas a cover version nobody is (re)claiming the rights.
  5. incident

    2020 headliners

    It's only a dealbreaker if she wants it to be. There's absolutely no obligation on a Glastonbury headliner to allow their set to be broadcast. Most of them will do so enthusiastically, as doing so is basically giving them a free 60+ minute advert on prime time BBC and (usually) great looking footage that they can use worldwide - that being the main compensation that they're usually getting 10-25% of what they'd expect to be paid elsewhere. It's entirely possible that if she really wanted to play, she could do so without TV coverage. Or only allowed coverage of the songs she has copyright on. Aside from all that, I've got no idea if the fact that it's UK TV will change anything, as different copyright laws apply here.
  6. No. They're not in any way exciting, but put them headlining the Pyramid and they'd still draw a respectable crowd size. Put them on the Other and it'd be one of the larger headline crowds that stage has seen in a while. People like bland unthreatening guitar music, and they don't come much blander than the Stereophonics. They're still getting booked - and selling tickets - to headline some decent sized festivals around the country, which is probably why they've not been at Glastonbury in ages.
  7. incident

    Taylor Swift

    Hmm.. Wouldn't say that's the case anymore. There was certainly a period about 6-8 years ago where exclusive claims frequently turned out to be bollocks, but I think more recently promoters have been a bit more truthful. It was usually Live Nation who were the worst offenders - the one I remember best is Reading/Leeds claiming an exclusive on an act that had been announced to headline Boardmasters a few hours prior. Even back then, I don't recall any BST headliners with an "exclusive" tag turning up elsewhere.
  8. incident

    Taylor Swift

    It wouldn't be entirely unprecedented for BST to run a show midweek, they've done it before, but typically they've tended to be smaller lineups with lower capacity.
  9. It was fairly average, maybe slightly below. The real damage was mostly the rain in June. The Weather Thread has been sorely lacking in good, pointless, graphs so far this year, so starting in July 2012 for the 2013 festival (because going back any further makes the graph unreadable): Notes: Year quoted is the Festival year and 12 months lead up, so for example August 2016 is on the 2017 line. Rainfall data is in mm and is from Yeovilton which is about 10 miles south of the site.
  10. No. It's massively misleading at best. Just skimming through it, there's little context, some obvious errors and some bizarre choices (for example putting Green Man "in a biggest festivals list", but not Reading/Leeds/Download/IOW which are each at least 3 times the size..) Most notably as you've noted, certain festivals like Sziget count the attendance for each day and then add those up to get to an overall total - so they've actually got a 90,000 capacity site but usually end up announcing 500-600k odd - meaning most people going are being counted multiple times. For Primavera Sound they've gone one step further and not only counted each daily attendance but also collated the numbers for 2 separate festivals in different countries.. Besides all that, the number they have for Glastonbury is about 10% lower than actually attended this year.
  11. Yes - as long as you don't take out an overdraft on the account, and obviously don't use it for your main financials if you're risking your details. I've got a Starling account which I use mainly for when I want to keep a bit of separation from my main account.. So at festivals or overseas mainly, and I can drip feed money into it as needed. It works a treat as a secondary account. They're app based bank accounts that give you a standard debit card. As long as you don't take an overdraft, then the only risk is whatever cash is deposited in the account (which in this scenario would presumably be exactly the amount needed to buy tickets).
  12. incident

    Other Stage 2020

    In terms of not allowing filming at all, the last major Pyramid act that springs to mind is Leonard Cohen - only a cut down number of cameras were used in order to supply pictures to the screens, and the BBC weren't even allowed to record that, let alone broadcast anything. Though reportedly Neil Young came very, very close to doing the same thing headlining the following year - apparently he only agreed that the BBC could film it right at the last minute, and even then only allowed (I think) 3 songs to be broadcast.
  13. incident

    Levellers 2020

    In the past 15 years, they've headlined the Avalon Stage (2004), The Leftfield (2008, on the Thursday night), and The Glade (2010) - each of which being no larger than the current Avalon Stage tent. They got good crowds for the slots they were in, but not so much that it was unsafe at any of those. Avalon would sound about right in 2019, maybe Acoustic at a stretch, can't see a JP headline set working or even being considered.
  14. Starting from Pennard Hill gate (next door to Strummerville):
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