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  1. Moderna would be the obvious one. Don't think anyone was expecting approval for Moderna quite as quickly as Pfizer or Oxford anyway. Partly because they only filed a couple days ago, and partly because unlike the other 2 they've not been subject to a rolling review for as long so there'll be more work to do on it. If Oxford isn't approved before Christmas (and probably within the next 2 weeks), then it'll indicate that either the data quality isn't good enough (yet), or they've spotted something they don't like. It's far more likely to be the former, while scare stories presume the l
  2. It's murky because it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the Glastonbury build does start and when it actually needs to - as far as I can tell nearly all of the early work (skinning the Pyramid, setting up Long Drops, etc) is done by farm hands who are employed and on site regardless rather than external contractors. I suspect the build time would be a lot more compressed if they had to rent the core land by the week and could be next year if needed. The first external contractors of note (specifically, the first security team and the people putting up the fence) usually start on site
  3. Not relevant. I'm not saying don't put up a postcode checker - just don't direct everyone to use it as the entry point in the initial rush when doing that was obviously going to cause it fall over create a bottleneck. If they'd put the list of areas up first, and then the postcode checker a few minutes later, then there'd be no issue.
  4. While that's probably true in terms of the actual code, someone involved in the design should have realised that they were needlessly overcomplicating it and that introducing a lookup like that would create a bottleneck. A simple page with a list of areas and tiers (which is what they eventually put up after the site choked) is more than enough for most people and would have used far less resource. Then have the postcode lookup as an option for those who don't know where they live. It's like the Glastonbury site - during the ticket day rush they turn off all the bells and whistles an
  5. Think that's a bit of a stretch. There have been other credible rumours about other artists (Arctics, Flo, Muse), albeit nothing new for 2-3 months now. Yes, it could be that the lineup - whatever it is - is provisionally set with the headliners rolling over.. But it's equally possible that it's set without one or more of them and the lack of activity is just that there's nothing to do / talk about until the final go-ahead is given.
  6. I think you've deliberately grasped the wrong end of the stick here.. He's not a backup, and on his farewell tour he's not anything less than an outright headliner.
  7. Thing is, just about everyone in the industry is hurting from missing an entire years worth of business, including the companies those contracts would be with - nobody wants to take on that risk.
  8. It can be a factor if they're travelling/touring together. There's probably better examples but at EOTR last year, Hannah Cohen almost certainly wouldn't have played a (fantastic) Piano Stage set if she'd not been at the festival anyway with Sam Evian.
  9. Until there's a formal statement from GFL, Download is probably the best marker we have - 80,000 capacity and comes close to selling out every year. Next year it's scheduled to take place 3 weeks before Glastonbury and so will likely have a similar timescale in terms of taking a final decision on whether to go ahead or not.
  10. 50% capacity and up to 1,000 people indoors seems a lot higher than anything that ran before lockdown though. Most of those distanced gigs were in the 20-30% range.
  11. To be fair, there's been literally hundreds, maybe thousands of attempts to create vaccine candidates, and most haven't or won't make it. Pfizer for example originally had several candidates under simultaneous development, and jettisoned the others because they didn't appear as promising. When all the cameras are trained on the finish line, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that nobody is paying attention to the bloke who's given up halfway through the marathon and nipped into McDonalds.
  12. Yeah, the public might be prepared to vote him in again, but I doubt he'll be interested in sticking around that long. He's clearly not enjoying it anymore, and he'll make a killing with a couple of part time adviser / director roles and giving the odd speech. I think as soon as this is out of the way, and before the worst long term effects of Brexit are hitting us, he'll look to make an exit while he can still proclaim himself a success.
  13. So I've been reading the document.. People have mentioned that spectators for Indoor Sport can return at the lower of 50% / 1000 people in Tiers 1 and 2 - but according to the document that's not just sport, it's also "Live Performances" ie gigs? That's just about workable if a promoter wants to try it (and is prepared to risk that the area might be moved to Tier 3).
  14. Wondering if that's Wireless etc moving from Finsbury because of all the ludicrous restrictions that have been imposed?
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