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  1. I believe that both Oxfam and MyCause have spaces left.
  2. £6.50 for a pack of 10 x 330ml. Full fat.
  3. There's still ways to ensure X number of people arrive by coach. Instead of selling 22,000 tickets tied to a particular journey, sell 50,000+ generic "coach only" tickets, and distinguish them so that they're only valid at Gate A, and only if stamped by the driver*. And then the important part - enforce it (as other festivals do). It'd be very effective if after the first year there was a couple dozen people kicking up a stink on social media because they turned up at Gate C in a car and got locked out of the festival. You could then have people book the journey separately and use the ticket for the journey of their choice - and could open it up so that you don't just have to use the See coaches, but also Nat Ex are available as well, and any other operator that wanted to provide the service and could meet whatever criteria laid down by the festival. * the stamp part is an example, there's dozens of potential ways of "validating" the ticket, from very low tech to very high tech solutions.
  4. Feels like near enough everything they own, in some cases.
  5. Despite nearly always travelling to the festival by public transport, the only sale I ever tried for Coach Tickets was in October 2019 - and that was with very exact parameters (Bristol only, no later than 11am Wednesday - which we got). I doubt I'll try this time around, as the lack of flexibility and no choice or even indication of times from anywhere other than Bristol or London combine to make it a lesser option. If I ever had to resort to the resale, my thinking would of course be very different, but for October there's no reason to compromise.
  6. I saw Mark Thomas in the Theatre tent last year, so assume he wasn't the only one. He was doing his tour show rather than a straight stand up set.
  7. Yep - had played multiple sets both televised and untelevised - including headlining the Acoustic the year before.
  8. incident

    2023 Headliners

    It's actually a newly created "Glastonbury shaped hole", that seems to have appeared in the past week with the Paris show now scheduled for Wednesday 21st previously having been scheduled for Sunday 25th. So it's clearly been moved for *something* - the question is whether he was watching Macca on TV Saturday night and thought "Actually, Yeah, I do fancy a bit of that", or whether he was playing BST and enjoyed it so much he thought "I want to do this again next year". Or it could be something else in Europe, or he's decided he needs to play Brunton Park. Forget any talk of Legends Slot - if he plays, he's absolutely doing so as a headliner. There's no way he plays lower, any suggestion otherwise is delusional.
  9. Sorry, but there's no possible scenario it'd be great. He's just not capable at this point, no matter who he has to help and even if he stretched out those few well known songs as much as possible. If you could find a time machine and bring in the Cliff that you saw 32 years ago, then I wouldn't be nearly as against it. As I said, go watch some recent videos, it's embarrassing and would see the field empty faster than even Gorillaz managed.
  10. It's slightly misleading because the Car Parks are lit up - approximately speaking, the camera is pointed towards the South East - the thin line of moving lights (cars) heading out to the bottom right of the site is the A361.
  11. Absolutely amazed that anyone could seriously suggest Cliff Richard - presumably it's because they're looking at record / ticket sales over the years and judging purely on that and not considering whether he'd actually be any good. Go watch some live videos of his from the last 15 years. I've seen enough, my mum always has them on. He's a terrible performer these days and other than Summer Holiday and The Young Ones, I don't think his material has really carried into popular consciousness. Here's a setlist from his most recent tour - the 4 best known songs of the night shoved into a medley, and the rest is outright grim. I'll predict outright that if it ever happens (and I'll be taking names to blame all of you if it does) then it'd be the biggest flop that slot has seen, by some distance - Imagine everything that people complained about with the ELO and Paul Simon performances, amplify it, and throw in a significantly worse setlist than either managed. That's without even considering the BBC friction which hopefully would mean he'd say no even if the festival ever became crazy/desperate enough to ask him.
  12. incident

    2023 Headliners

    Personally would much, much rather have Don Henley solo in the legends slot. More likely as well.
  13. Sorry, when I said moved earlier - what I meant was that they would have done the rescheduling before now rather than referencing the date of the actual rescheduled show.
  14. I love the confidence - and I'm desperately hoping that Elton is on the table again, but we've been here before. My concern given the apparent timing of the change is that if it was Glastonbury, wouldn't the Paris show have been moved earlier? Maybe he enjoyed BST so much he's decided to do it again next year and so cleared the weekend. At this point, I'm moving from "not happening" to "maybe" but not getting my hopes up.
  15. It should end up looking approximately like this -
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