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  1. Not sure I'd ever describe 2004 as middling weather. While it wasn't a full on mudbath, it was pretty wet at times and the site got pretty sticky in quite a few places. Combine that with the gales on Wednesday that made setting up a pain with tents flying everywhere and it was on the wrong side of average.
  2. Not the biggest act by a long shot, but it always amazes me that The Decemberists have never played.
  3. I agree that it's preferable to support companies that actively invest in good things - but in terms of trying to change behaviour it seems like a couple steps beyond where most people are at the moment, and would need a lot more research / education by the consumer than most people are prepared to put in as that level of information isn't usually available in an easily digestible format whereas comparison sites do often have things like fuel mix data. Considering that most people currently aren't buying renewable to start with, convincing them to do so that has to be the starting point for a discussion - especially as it may (but not always) cost them more or they might not have heard of any of the companies and so there's automatically resistance there. The most important factor for me is that it's a company with a 100% renewable fuel mix and not a "renewable" tariff from the likes of British Gas or OVO as buying from them doesn't change anything - they're going to buy a certain percentage of renewables anyway and on their scale it's unlikely that consumer choices will impact that in any way. So buying one of their renewable tariffs effectively just means you're paying for the supposed environmental option but with no environmental gain.
  4. That's fine, plenty of festivals say something along the lines of "use this station instead of the nearest one". But generally those festivals have more than 2 coaches across the entire weekend going from the station to the festival site. If they were putting sensible provision in place this wouldn't need to be a discussion.
  5. incident


    Not bothered about the specifics of the application, but for me that further confirms that the next fallow year is pencilled in for 2024.
  6. incident

    2020 headliners

    Days, Well Respected Man, Tired of Waiting.. it really is amazing just how many widely known and loved songs they have and I think if they were announced people would remember that pretty quickly. Regardless of whether it's headline or legend, after 25 years away the place would be absolutely packed.
  7. incident

    2020 headliners

    Nobody would deny that he has a loyal fanbase - and yes a good sized one, that has definitely increased since last time. What he doesn't have (that those acts do) is enough mainstream recognition / well known songs that he's going to attract significant numbers to the stage beyond those same people who would buy tickets to his own concert. Like it or not, that has to be a key factor for a Pyramid headliner. The proof of that is easy to see, it happened just over 2 weeks ago when he stepped out on stage to for the most part a collective wave of indifference.
  8. incident

    2020 headliners

    One of the main considerations has to be given to how many people the act is likely to draw to the stage - in the case of The Cure it wasn't packed out but it was still a respectable number and enough that you probably couldn't have safely put them elsewhere. They do have enough name value, and enough well known songs, that they can (and did) still attract a few floating voters. Can you honestly say you think the same is true of Nick Cave? Especially considering most of the Glastonbury audience were at Kylie this year, and as has been covered already seemingly a large chunk, probably a majority of those either didn't know who he is or just didn't care.
  9. Half Man, Half Burger is pretty good. Not the best on site (because that's Eat The Farm between West Holts and Leftfield), but probably top 5. They're the airstream style van on the path between Beat Hotel & JP.
  10. incident

    2020 headliners

    Have people really forgotten what happened the last time Nick Cave played? I know that his fans absolutely adored the performance, but the field was far from packed and there was loads of complaints on here afterwards about how half the crowd were waiting for Mumfords and actively ignoring the stage. Yes, I accept that it was 6 years ago and that he's much more popular now than he was then. But surely putting him as Other Stage headliner would make far more sense - aside from anything else it means you'd all get to be in an audience without nearly as many tourists annoying you as they'd all be off watching Taylor Swift.
  11. It'll just be the (probably very small) allocation of early bird tickets that have sold out. They'll put tickets back on sale later this year or early next year, probably around the same time they announce the first acts. There shouldn't be any danger in waiting and allows you to see what you're getting for your money.
  12. incident

    2020 headliners

    Slightly dated examples, but nobody would have ever predicted either REM or Pulp to headline a 100k+ festival based on their first 3 albums.
  13. incident

    2020 headliners

    To be fair, it's understandable you'd choose to block out something like that. I can't imagine the trauma.
  14. incident

    2020 headliners

    You might have seen him last at Coachella, but RHCP were the headliners that day.
  15. incident


    Not actually sure if it counts as Biodiesel or not, but they're running on a fuel based largely on waste Vegetable Oil.
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