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  1. incident

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    It's too big a question to go into much more detail than is already on this thread as there's so many variables. But essentially - The "standard" shift pattern is that first people (A Shift) start on Wednesday at 6am (technically, 15 minutes before but I'm going to round it to the hour here to keep it simple), B shift replace them at 2pm, and and so on, repeating until A shift replace E shift at 10pm Thursday and the whole cycle starts again until E shift complete their last run at 6am Monday morning. Under that cycle, everyone would have 1 each of a morning, an evening, and a night shift. But there's countless variations to that. More people are needed for gates opening on Wednesday, so some people (especially those on shift pattern D and E) may find a Sunday shift gets moved to Wednesday. Some of the gates aren't open overnight, so not everyone gets a night shift (assume you will, though and it's a nice surprise if you don't). Some shift times may be offset a bit to account for when the gates are open. A few people are needed on Monday morning so may have a shift pushed back to then if they volunteer to be available for it.
  2. incident

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    Yeah, they're still having some web site issues. Don't worry too much about it - as the place is reserved, there's no urgency in getting the final details completed. It'll be a few weeks before any of that information is needed. Though I understand the desire to do so, it's like wanting to pay the balance bang on April 1st.
  3. incident

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    The problem is that larger attendance + all the extra infrastructure that'd be required = much larger costs before you even book a band. Setting up a couple of stages and a few portaloos in Glasgow city centre will be relatively cheap by comparison.
  4. incident

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Serious question though because I don't know the answer - Aside from DF, is there another promoter with enough of a presence in Scotland and enough clout to even try a festival of that scale given how much of a financial risk it is and how much event management experience would be needed going in?
  5. incident

    2019 Headliners

    Just as an example of how people in the know can be wrong and/or things can change unexpectedly - I think I may have posted part of this before but not the whole thing. I've rarely had "inside information". The one year I very definitely thought I did was in 2005 - it was going to be U2. I first heard this in early 2004, even before Michael started name dropping them and the public speculation started, because at the time I knew someone who worked for the company that was doing their merchandise - he was as certain as he could be that it was going ahead, because they'd actually been commissioned to provide draft ideas for U2 / Glastonbury 2005 T-Shirts, and work and communication regarding this was going on throughout 2004. Right up until one day when they signed an exclusive big money worldwide "touring and more" deal with Clear Channel, and all other plans including Glastonbury were instantly off the table. All contracts with said merchandise company were cancelled as part of the deal as well. To this day I still think that they agreed to do it (albeit without a contract being signed), and pulled out. So yeah, my point in this - even theoretically rock solid sources can be wrong if events overtake them.
  6. incident

    Ryan Adams

    It's really not. I'm appalled. I'm disgusted. I'm angry. I want him fully held to account. I want an environment where this shit doesn't happen. Not being shocked that it happened doesn't negate any of those.
  7. incident

    Ryan Adams

    Not by any reasonable definition.
  8. incident

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    That's probably exactly what it means. Although I'll leave a small note of optimism - it's not unprecedented that when other festivals claim an "exclusive", what they actually mean is "except Glastonbury, Big Weekend, and/or BBC Hyde Park" as they all don't seem to count for some reason.
  9. incident

    EE site phone reception

    Still is, as far as I remember, at the meeting point. Though I guess it gets a lot less usage than it used to.
  10. incident

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    It means Monday - In the case of Glastonbury, if you don't tick the box your latest possible finish time is 6am Monday, if you do tick the box then you could potentially get a shift running 6am-2pm Monday (though probably not, I think the numbers needed for that shift are fairly low). I'm reasonably sure that at Glastonbury no shifts run any later than that but am open to correction. Other festivals can have Monday shifts running into the evening - Shambala officially has shifts running up to 8pm Monday, and at Boomtown I think it might even go up to Midnight. Personally I'd tick the box unless you need to get away sharpish. If you're given a Monday shift then that's one less to do during the festival proper, and Monday is usually fairly relaxed unless it's pissing rain which we can't really predict and can happen any time.
  11. incident

    Burning Man Festival, interesting article from the BBC

    To a huge extent, yeah, but I think the difference is probably that most of it at Glastonbury (aside from the Tipis and the Hospitality area) is off-site and so doesn't create much in the way of segregation within the festival itself.
  12. incident

    Best way to Glastonbury town on Monday after festival?

    There's a direct shuttle service from the Festival Coach Station to Glastonbury Town Centre. Might end up costing a quid or two more, but much easier than messing around with scheduled public transport. It says it's hourly, but that'll be approximate - aim to arrive at the bus station for about 8am or shortly after and you'll be in Glastonbury Town with plenty time to spare. Much later than that and the congestion (both on the roads and possibly at the Coach Station itself) will start to hit.
  13. incident

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    Yes, you should get an EPO band when you register on the Monday/Tuesday so you'll be all wristbanded up and able to skip the queues on Wednesday if you want - re-entry is a separate lane. Regarding gates - it's difficult to give a good answer as things change based on current demand. But generally speaking - there is theoretically supposed to be a site lockdown on the Tuesday night / Wednesday morning with all except a couple of gates closed prior to public opening. If that's in effect, you may get sent through VG2 to keep you away from the public. I say theoretically, because I've never seen it first hand despite going through the gates when it was supposed to have already been in effect. If the gates are open (and before lockdown), then yes, you're supposed to use the normal pedestrian gates as much as possible (sometimes you may need to walk through a vehicle gate to access your shift location). While people definitely do what you're suggesting, remember that if someone notices that you're working for someone supposed to be camped outside the fence and are leaving your staff campsite / going through the gate with a tent first thing wednesday, it may arouse some suspicion and you might get pulled aside to be double checked.
  14. incident

    7000 More Coach Attendees?

    According to Mendip council - a total of 203,000 before this recent modification. 135,000 public weekend tickets 5,000 local sunday only tickets 63,000 "non public" tickets - which includes all staff, artists, hospitality tickets, and has an allocated set aside for free children under 13. This number was increased from 37,500 about 5 years ago - at the time this was said to be a much higher number than currently needed in order to give the festival more flexibility over the 10 year duration of the licence. It doesn't say what the previous number for Coach Only tickets was.
  15. incident

    7000 More Coach Attendees?

    The way I read it, it's both. 7,000 more punters, all of which go into the Coach ticket pool. From what it says, my best guess is that those 7,000 tickets come from the "we don't need it right now, but we're putting this in the licence just in case" increase in staff numbers that got approved a couple years ago.