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  1. incident

    Booking Glasto stalls for private event

    The short answer is that it varies from place to place - you'll have to hunt them down individually, and find their websites and/or facebook pages. In the case of the Tiny Tea Tent (I think that's who you mean), then they can be contacted via their Website. Not sure exactly which stage you're thinking of, from that description my best guesses would be Small World, Lizard, Coyote Moon, and Ancient Futures but there's others that it could be. There's also quite a few others along the same lines that are at other festivals but not Glastonbury. No idea about the glitter etc stalls but I assume they can be found with enough searching.. Be careful with your budget though - as I understand it (I was told this a long time ago but I assume it's still true), one of the reasons Glastonbury is able to have so many of the relatively tiny stages like the ones mentioned here is that they don't typically get paid by Glastonbury at least not in cash - they essentially get paid in wristbands and the right to run a cafe with 180,000 potential customers. But for an event like you're talking about, the potential customer base is tiny and the wristband not worth anything to them so you'll inevitably have to offer them something to be there and that can mount up very quickly. The other thing I'd say - if I'm to try and gauge your tastes by the places you mention, I think you might like Shambala a lot - it might be worth giving that a try if you fail in the resale (or even if you succeed).
  2. incident

    Latitude 2019

    Wouldn't expect so.. They played Bestival a couple years ago and were on the second stage.
  3. incident

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    You really haven't.
  4. incident

    In the loop?

    So basically, what you're saying is that FR and the council have fundamentally failed to understand what The Loop actually do. The Loop never, under any circumstances, say a drug is safe or ok to take. It just doesn't happen, as that's one of their core principles. They tell people what's in the substance, and what the consequences are. The idea that there'd be a problem created because dealers would latch onto the testing and issue some kind of "council backed promise" is just laughable. Nobody is reporting a dealer to the ASA, so they can (and do) already make all manner of claims.
  5. incident

    The National

    At Glastonbury he's not. Probably not at IOW either. Most other places he will be though. Could see him being given a day at BST.
  6. incident

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Possibly. Because as of now at least 2 of the band members have no expectation of going on the road. But if he's not bringing the band with him, then surely Glastonbury becomes incredibly unlikely - a solo show (or even one with the Sessions band) just wouldn't play well to a festival crowd and especially not on a larger stage.
  7. incident

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    Creamfields are claiming them as a UK exclusive, so probably not.
  8. incident

    Bestival going into administration?

    The full list of creditors is on the report on the Companies House website. It's not pretty reading.
  9. incident

    The Cure

    It's been done before though. Most recently in 2009 which a lot of people will (correctly) tell you was one of the classic years..
  10. incident

    The Cure

    It'd be pretty tough to beat Bowie - 1971 and 2000.
  11. incident

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Not at the Arena, but The Pretenders also played Leeds this year. And Simple Minds.
  12. incident

    2019 Possibilities (Non Pyramid Headliner)

    If it's any consolation - this site has Ezra rumoured to headline Latitude. If that happens, you have to assume it'd be on an exclusive and so he'd be nowhere near Worthy Farm.
  13. incident

    Bearded Theory 2019

    There's 2 campervan fields, one right next to the Arena, and one across the (public, and not closed) road. No passouts, just a wristband and for the most part the checks going into the Arena are fairly low key - if you're wearing short sleeves you might not even notice them happening.
  14. incident

    british summer time 2019

    Rize is SJM/Live Nation so would be even more unlikely than BST.
  15. incident

    Boardmasters 2019

    Yep, and although Boardmasters might be "less prestigious", and not have booked the top tier names in the past (which I'd include Flo in), it's actually a lot larger than people realise - in terms of the number of public tickets on sale under the licence, it's nearly the same size as Boomtown (100 less to be exact) although Boomtown has far more staff etc so has a much higher announced capacity.