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  1. BC Camplight has just started on his Facebook.
  2. ourkid1984

    October Drift

    I originally heard of them I would say maybe even close to 2 years ago. It was, I think, the first time they had played in Southampton and I was gutted because I couldn't go. Then by coincidence I saw them being mentioned on here by you and was pleased they were making an album and touring. As soon as I saw them playing down here again I was definitely going to go this time especially as the album is so good. I took a mate with me who really liked them and another mate couldn't go but I told him to give them a listen. I wish them well.
  3. ourkid1984

    October Drift

    That would be me. 😀 The album is fantastic and they are just as good live.
  4. For about 5 years I was struggling. I had reached 30 and felt that I should really be progressing in my career. I felt that if I put in the extra hours and extra effort promotions would come my way. All that happened is I became a yes man, worked lots of extra hours for no extra pay and when I tried to ease off I got threatened with losing my job. The massive stress of that led me being off work for over 3 months with stress. During that time I realised that health is more important than, in my case a little extra money. I also worked out that because I was working so many hours I was wasting money eating and drinking out. In my spare time I was so desperate to make the most of it I'd blow money on nonsense. In January I started a new job with far less hours and far harder to do overtime. I get less money but spend much less and most importantly I feel healthier than I have for a long time. I know for many people doing something like what I've done is not possible but finding time to relax on a regular basis is too important not to do it. I hope you find the right balance for you soon.
  5. That is amazing and nice of the security to do that. What a fantastic last day of the festival.
  6. That is amazing! Hope you got it signed. I bet that was a pain carrying it around so I hope it was worth it.
  7. Really nice guy. I was in a bit of a daze and it was all a whirlwind so just didn't think to ask for me. I have had a photo with him before so at least I've got that. Skinny Lister are so good. Perfect for a festival. We left straight after to hear Fontaines DC. We were sat outside while Lucy Spraggan was on. She sounded like she has improved a lot since a few years ago when I last saw her.
  8. With the drinks prices that was a good deal. LINNES are good and I wish I'd got there quicker after the Cure. Like you I would see them if they came to Southampton.
  9. Haha no probably not. Whoever I saw it was on the Thursday night I think. I went with my wife and dad and although my wife is fairly clued up with acts I like and she likes a fair few of them. My dad is stuck in about 1982 with who he likes but he is happy to give anything a go so I was happy that we all were happy to see Skinny Lister who were fantastic as usual! Here's a picture of my wife and dad with Will Varley. I am gutted I didn't get a picture with him.
  10. I felt bad for him as it just wasn't the right crowd for him. We were in the tent at first but then sat outside where there was quite a large crowd who seemed intent on causing trouble so left before the end.
  11. I probably didn't see Jaz then. The guy who I saw had shorts and a flowery shirt on. Looked a lot like him though. I did but then I got fed up with people responding to me seeing/meeting someone with a "who's that? Never heard of them." But then showing no interest in finding out who they are.
  12. This post has made me realise that I have marked LINNES wrong on my scores. I now remember catching the last song or 2 of theirs before the drag act. It was the drag act I didn't like. I usually love that type of act but wasn't really liking the atmosphere and found them a bit too confrontational.
  13. Oh don't get me wrong I was massively chuffed to have bumped into him. I'm a big Will Varley fan but just consider celebrities to be more well known to the general public. I thought I saw Jaz as well, can't remember which day. Think it was in the Avalon area.
  14. I was very close to the front in the rabbit hole and it seemed rammed. Even after the gig I tried getting out and it was a bit of a struggle. It was immense. Great end to the festival.
  15. I'm not exactly young and not really a fan of dance music although I do like bits and pieces but I quite like Silver Hayes. It reminds me of chilled out dancey areas at European festivals and it's better when it's sunny. I like that it's close to most of the main stages and yet it's quieter than most other areas and I like that there is a variety of music on offer. On one afternoon between seeing acts at BBC introducing I saw or heard snippets of Self Esteem, a reggae/roots singer and DJ sets. There was plenty of seats and plenty of shade. It's an ideal stop off place.
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