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    Ok, hands up, who would have predicted that the only person not to cancel a gig in the summer of 2020 would be Sam Fender?
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    Hi, just found my drone video over worthy farm which I filmed last September! Thought I might share it Enjoy
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    For my 30th in May I was meant to see him in Dublin. Obviously became cancelled due to covid... my mate contacted him and he drew this as a surprise for me
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    I’m still confident! Basically, there are 3 things that can happen that shift things back towards normal...(1) a vaccine (or vaccines). On this front, things look promising.. the Oxford vaccine and the GSK/Sanofi one have much longer safety data available compared to Moderna or Pfizer’s ones and have fewer hurdles to approval, so they remain the front runners at the moment (though emergency use designation from the FDA for the US vaccines isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, I’d be surprised if the EMA approve them as quickly)...there are a ton of others in the works, all of them failing is unlikely (HIV is frequently cited as an example of vaccine failure, but it’s a different kettle of fish entirely)...so, expect a vaccine at some stage... (2) a big jump in treatment options. There have been some significant advances on this front, many that are having big impacts on outcomes haven’t been publicised as much as things like hydroxychloroquine or remdesivir, but the use of anticoagulants and dexamethasone, even things like keeping patients prone to aid breathing are really are reducing deaths and hospitalisation time. Since focus has been on repurposing existing drugs (for the sake of expediency), it’s not altogether unsurprising that we don’t have a blockbuster treatment yet, but there are CoV-specific agents in trials that really would change things utterly if they work. Both of the above things (Vaccine and treatment) need a bit of luck and would have a massive impact on how we deal with the virus... (3) the third thing is testing. This will improve and become logistically easier, but even now, nothing has to change for this to be the cornerstone of how we start to do things we did before all of this started (and this is one big reason I’m confident, since nothing need change for this to occur)...The standard PCR test, while a little cumbersome, is a doddle to do (I’ve done 10s of 1000s of them in my time...undergrads in the lab for a few weeks do them (ok, not to approved lab standard, but it’s not rocket science)). There is an entire diagnostics industry waiting in the wings to be allowed to contribute to private testing in order to facilitate higher risk activities. If the PCR test remains the only one we can use, then it can still be performed privately, but turnaround times would be the main difficulty. There are other tests that will make it a whole lot easier too. The ID Now one can be done in Boots, but we need better validation data on it, the RT-LAMP based tests are also dead simple and work from spit rather than a swab (and there are versions of these that can be done anywhere with just a heating block...takes about 30 minutes to get a result) and there’s a bunch of others that give rapid results at advanced stages...so, while a pain in the arse, it’s not impossible to get a test a week before and a second one a day before any pre-plannned activity where you want to limit the number of infected people attending (be it going to a festival, getting a flight, going to a gig, hell, even having a night out in a club...ok, spontaneity suffers, you need to know at least a week before that you plan on going somewhere, but if all it takes is a quick gob in a test tube, then it’s not that big a deal for a while)...the key to advance testing is having a reasonably well controlled spread of virus in the community...if there isn’t much of it about, and you test everyone who attends an event, then the number of false negatives that slip through the net wouldn’t massively impact the level of risk associated with it...we don’t test people going to the shops or restaurants, but they are still allowed...so if everyone at Glasto has two negative tests, the second one the day before they enter, then it could run pretty close to normal inside the fence. To be honest, based on the standard disease progression, I’d cut the festival to Fri/Sat/Sun to lower the risk even more (almost everyone with a false negative test on Thursday would still not be infectious yet by Monday morning)...I fully expect advance testing to be required for air travel pretty soon (air bridges don’t work if you don’t actually quarantine people coming from high risk places...saying you will and actually doing it are two different things. Ozzie style quarantine was nonsense, Chinese style essentially prison for two weeks...so it doesn’t work. Testing is the only answer). tldr: yes, I’m confident, but we’ll probably need to fork out for a test before we go!
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    Hi Ryan, "appears" is used as this is the phase1/2 trial, still have to see the phase 3 data to firm things up a bit more...obvious side effects are picked up at this stage, but some rare ones can be missed since the number of participants is relatively small (there were 1077 participants in this study though, so that's a good sized phase 2). The side effects observed were all pretty standard, were predominantly mild to moderate in nature and were mostly managed with paracetamol for 24 hours (without paracetamol, there were a few patients who experienced more severe headache, malaise and fatigue...certainly higher than the control group, though none required hospitalisation as far as I can see and all were self-resolving...side effects at the second dose were much milder than first dose). We'll have to see whether rare side effects are picked up in the bigger trial that is currently underway...only monitoring long term will pick up side effects that develop later on, so this will form part of the regulatory approval (I'd expect emergency use designation rather than full approval, but maybe not). On the plus side, the backbone of this vaccine has been in humans for nearly 2 years with no known longer term side effects, so it bodes well (and other vaccines using this vector produced similar side effect profiles but are considered safe). The other interesting part of the study was that the antibody response was dose dependent, so a second boost 4 weeks later led to almost all individuals developing a strong neutralising antibody response (suggesting it could be protective). They looked at the neutralising activity out to 42 days and it persisted in individuals that got the booster (and was just as strong at day 42 as it was the week before...placing it around the median neturalising antibody activity of antibodies from convalescent plasma). The other interesting thing is that some of the participants had neutralising antibodies on the day of vaccination, suggesting they probably had an asymptomatic infection prior to receiving the vaccine. Vaccination boosted their antibody response, which tentatively could mean that it might help to prolong immunity where it might naturally wane. Another interesting finding is that the levels of neutralising antibodies detected were in excess of those observed in pre-clinical studies looking at whether reinfection can occur, again, suggesting possible protective effects. All very promising really, needs the phase 3 to go well and also needs more at risk individuals to be tested (since those recruited to this study were aged between 18-55)
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    That would explain why Calgon saw her by the longdrops
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    Still better than a Courteeners headline set.
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    Don't really buy the criticism of the Oxford vaccine as described in their Lancet paper. A 100 degree fever is a low grade fever, it really isn't something that will land you in hospital and there were only a handful of patients who experienced anything higher than that. Taking paracetamol for a day after the shot is nothing to write home about either (pretty common for kids when they get their shots). The side effects were all accurately described in the paper and self resolved with no intervention other than a mild analgesic (and when they noticed this helped, it became part of the protocol for everyone from then on). When I read the paper, nothing jumped out as problematic to be honest (certainly nothing that you don't see with the annual flu shot). The use of a different vaccine as a control is also being questioned, but the author answers their own question by explaining why (this would only become important if they were comparing severity of side effects relative to control, but they don't, they record severity in both arms and compare incidence). I'm not saying that there isn't a chance that some rare side effects could be picked up in the phase 3, or that longer term pharmacovigilance isn't required (of course it is, it always is), but nothing was hidden in the publication of the data and the media reports of it were more accurate than what was posted in the link above. The Moderna vaccine (and the Imperial one for that matter) are slightly different (platforms that have never had a vaccine approved for use to date other than in horses), so they remain a long way from having anything we can use (I really do expect the GSK/Sanofi boring old school vaccine to take over before the new RNA vaccines ever get into the clinic).
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    Aldi get away with a pun like that? Asda been any other supermarkets with outbreaks yet? Even just a Lidl one counts I reckon.
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    Blimey... the state of this thread. Normally a good read, getting all your different opinions and viewpoints on this shit that is our lives at the moment. But like many other threads on here it’s descended into bollocks and infighting and it’s off putting to the casual reader. Exactly the reason I can’t be assed to post anymore... carry on like this and there will just be about 10 people posting to each other, especially with the lack of festival chat at the moment. Fake accounts, tactical voting... have a word with yourselves.
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    So, not all bad news then.
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    if you are confused not sure where that leaves the rest of us
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    So, story time because I'm drinking alone yet again lol and my friends won't listen to folklore so can't share it with them I had a good friend I met at a festival, she was really sweet and fun and full of energy. When we first met there was instant chemistry; like people around us thought we already knew eachother. Could we have grown to become more than just friends? Who knows. Last year I went to visit her, and some friends came along. They went out to do their own thing but she came to the apartment to hang out. Taylor had just announced her festival tour, and we already had tickets for one of them. I told her this and she got really excited; she's a fan and has never seen her live before. We put on a Swift playlist and danced around the room together, even got up on the bed and table. It was goofy drunken silliness but it was really fun. As I get older it seems that happiness is so elusive and transient, but that night I felt young and hopeful again. When my other friends returned, they told me I seemed like the happiest guy in the city. Of course, that was the last time I would ever see her because earlier this year she took her own life. So listening to Swift reminds me of her and the times we spent together. Basically, this album has reduced me to an emotional wreck and I think I need to see her headline, because I'll probably cry my eyes out and maybe it'll be therapeutic 🙃
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    Still better than a Courteeners headline set.
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    Thanks for all your help and support guys. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed out and nervous since things have reopened. I think I just need to try and chill a bit more and zone out rather than constant updates. Nice to know that there’s all of us on here going through this horrible thing and that I can always come here for support when I’m feeling worried 🙂
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    We’ll have to TesGo away from there...
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    Yes we did. Boy Springer Spaniel called Benji
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    We should be really worried about this. Like, really worried. Make sure to check your bank transactions a few times every day between now and June 2021 and make sure you haven't been refunded and lost your ticket. Stay vigilant, don't get complacent but most of all, worry.
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    Sorry if this is a bit long, just got home from the gig. Was a really great night. Went with my gf and parents, mum was in a high risk category because of her asthma so was a little nervous about going, has barely been out of the house since lockdown, but she said she felt really safe there with the measures the venue took - physically distanced (They said at the gig there’s no need to socially distance yourself from anyone, just physically distance) queue with staggered entry times we were sent before. Shown to our table where preordered drinks were delivered, you had table service or if it was quiet you could go to the bar. All staff & photographers were wearing masks throughout, crowd all seemed to mask up in the queue, remove at tables, but remask if moving around the venue. Asked not to get up and dance, sing or cheer. Just clap and stamp feet. Tbh I’m not sure how enforceable that is, or ever will be especially with the addition of alcohol. A few people got up towards the end and had a little dance at their table and it’s hard to tell if someone is mouthing along or singing, + I guess if you really wanted to sing along just put your mask on and nobody can really see & it’s stopping you spread so much. They were very hot though on if you were blatantly breaking the rules, one group of lads, who’d had a bit too much fun in the afternoon were shouting & not observing the one way system around the venue, they got a warning, cut off at the bar & eventually one was asked to leave. The gig itself, amazing. Very emotional being back in a venue and that buzz and excitement before someone comes on stage. The lights, proper sound and no buffering haha, the acts seemed genuinely chuffed to be back infront of an audience as well, it was just a really positive atmosphere. It’s a long way off being perfect and back to normal, but it was a big step in the right direction. Fingers crossed we start to see a few more pop up in the coming months. Also we’ve all totally lost our night vision for in venues/clubs. Wow it was so dark walking in there, couldn’t see a thing for the first 20min 😂
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    Still think this pretty much nails it
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    Wow. When historical revisionism has primarily been used to sculpt and amplify narratives and structures that further marginalisation, I have no idea how comparing respecting someone's identity could be compared to historical revisionism. If you feel so strongly that 'dead names' should be preserved as historical evidence, the only person who needs to conduct some self-reflection is you. I would hate for a trans person to be browsing the thread only to discover that the forum's admin not only supports a culture of dead-naming that inevitably devalidates trans identity, but implies that it is immoral to make any effort to change our behaviours to be as inclusive as possible.
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    So, aspects of this disease are proving very difficult for me to explain. It’s an odd one, and then again, maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s a common or garden coronavirus, it just happens to be new (and the 1890 Russian flu was actually a coronavirus outbreak)...but here’s the things that don’t add up in my head. Most people who catch it either don’t even know they have it or have very mild symptoms...why? It’s been suggested that ADE drives the severe infections, but too many people get severe infections for this to be the case (and convalescent antibody therapy doesn’t make things worse, it makes things better, so while ADE may happen the odd time, I don’t think this is the reason)...the other odd aspects of this disease is that asymptomatic people remain highly infectious (I incorrectly told @Matt42 that the virus was not “highly infectious” early on in one of these threads...that was based on an R0 of about 2 as was quoted at the time...but it turns out there is massive variation in the R number (described by a low K number) that wasn’t clear at that stage...so, I was wrong, in certain circumstances (maybe many), it is indeed “highly infectious”)...sorry Matt! When we do serology surveys, hardly anyone has antibodies (and this is the same for the other common CoVs). This happens time and again and if we don’t check for antibodies within a few weeks of infection...they’re gone. so, how do we explain all this? I’m slowly coming around to the idea that we will never become “immune” to this virus, we will just become “immune” to more serious disease. I actually think asymptomatic people are already at this stage. And I think it’s all down to our t-cell repertoire. Those with no CoV-targeted t-cells are those who are developing severe disease. The rest can still catch it, pass it on, but never develop serious disease. This will go in for ever if this is the case. So, if all this is true, we are much closer to herd immunity than we think. Not immunity that will stop us from catching it, but immunity from dying from it. is any of the above true? Dunno. Is it possible? Yes. Are there other explanations? Undoubtedly! Anyway, I’m rambling... Edit: ha! Was typing this as the above posts came through! Actually feeds nicely into it!
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    Quite. Given that the deposits will be ~18 months old by the time any decision comes, and a precedent of sorts was set the first time, there'd be a far stronger case to roll peoples deposits over again than there was to do it originally. Otherwise there'd be a lot of loud complaints along the lines of "you held onto my cash for over a year, promised me it'd roll over, and now I get nothing?" - and with a lot of justification. Whereas if they had just refunded first time around and cited the uncertainty, most would have just accepted that it was an unlucky situation. Now they've created an expectation and almost a perceived promise. Regardless, I seriously doubt they'd take any decision on deposits until after they'd decided about the festival itself as the context of what's happening will have to play into it, and that decision isn't coming during this calendar year.
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    Fuming imagining a world where you turn up to a Taylor gig to go HAM to the bangers and it's full of slap-headed indie dads in Joanna Newsom t-shirts.
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    Me trying to sneakily board the Swifty train now The National and Bon Iver are involved
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    I was certainly nowhere near Paris and I reject the accusation.
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    It'd have a knock on effect, to varying degrees, to near enough every festival in the country worth talking about that ran on the same weekend or in some cases overlapped the build. It's not even just ticket sales. A lot of the crew at Glastonbury are key to other events - Glastonbury sometimes gets described as the "gathering of the tribes", and that's a lot more accurate than most people realise. It's also far from certain that Glastonbury would take precedence in any conflict - given that a lot of people are working just for tickets or well below the rate they get elsewhere, there's a good chance that they go with an event that actually pays them. A specific example where changing the schedule could likely bite Glastonbury in the arse - a lot of the people who bring the SE Corner to life are heavily involved at Boomtown as well. Forced to choose, I suspect a large number of them would pick Boomtown. Even if they don't, you've likely seriously damaged that relationship.
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    "All over by Christmas" it is then, good job that doesn't have any tragic historical resonance.
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    Literally the same as me killing someone and then standing up in court and saying "people were killing each other long before I got involved"...
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    I’m officially going on a 3 night staycation... if we aren’t in a lockdown again by then 😃
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    Seriously @Sdsm123 what’s your issue here? It’s massively not the etiquette of this forum to relentlessly downvote someone, especially for such innocuous posts. If you disagree with Ozanne, reply with with a comment and have a discussion.
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    Let’s jump off that bridge when we come to it eh?
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    What I've read is in relation to male->female or female->male transitions, rather than to intersex, which on the surface seems less dramatic/traumatic. And in those cases, I believe the general etiquette is that the former name is a "dead name", so to "retcon" the new name in. The gist I've gleaned is that what's happened isn't really a change of gender, it's just an affirmation of the gender that was already felt, even if that affirmation involves very significant physical and lifestyle changes. It would be a bit like talking about someone who has come out as gay as if they were straight before they came out. However I have a suspicion that different people have different interpretations of their identity. It seems very natural to me to talk about things you did in a prior part of your life with the name you used at the time, especially if you now feel disconnected from the life you used to live and the persona you used to portray. But I really don't know. If the eloquent Kae ever speaks on the matter, then we'll know more about their particular preferences. So yeah, if in doubt, use "they". If that really feels awkward, then use the current name, unless that person has let you know otherwise. If there are any trans/intersex people on the board, they could certainly give a better account. All I know is from arguments on Twitter.
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    You are all so way off the mark. Having said this I will no longer say yay or nay to any guesses. From here on.....No comment. Even though there us no party this year, they may have this headliner for 2021. I'd love to say but I'm protecting my source. If I let anything slip I'd never get any Glastonbury info again. And I like the little secrets.
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    We have booked an Airbnb at Park farm for the beginning of October, we will be able to see Pangea from our window. also managed to paint the hallway and get these prints up.
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    There is targeted door to door testing in areas that are deemed to be high risk, that’s why there are increases in tests carried out and more asymptomatic cases found. Let’s put it this way. Imagine 1 street with 100 houses all with 4 occupants each, out of those 400 people there are 20 infected at any one time. Week one they test 20 houses and find 4 infections, all sounds pretty good Week two - they only test 10 houses as they feel the area is low risk and they find 2... brilliant things are getting better it’s halved in the last week. Week three - the surrounding area is seeing a bit of a rise so they decide to test 40 houses on this street and find 8 infections, oh no it’s quadrupled in a week, what’s going on?! Week four - they decide that they had better test everybody in the street and they find the 20 infections. They shit the bed and put the street on lockdown. Completely unnecessary reaction, nothing had changed in the 4 weeks, only the perception had changed as the cases had risen but the ratio of tests:cases had stayed the same.
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    Criticising women and trying to claim the men they collaborate with are the 'brains behind' is a misogynistic trope as old as the hills. Going through the Mercury nominations last week I couldn't help but notice how many collaborators Stormzy had on every song but nobody is saying that he's not responsible for his own destiny. It's so much a part of our culture to assume a man must be responsible for a woman's success that I don't honestly think many people even notice when they do it. Music is a collaborative affair. There are very few people who can do it all and doing it all doesn't always produce the best results. There are plenty of incredible artists who weren't even capable of writing their own lyrics or music. Frank Sinatra for a start!!
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    My daughter is named Bee... Makes me appreciate Jubilee Street even more. Before you ask, not named with any inspiration from the song. Weirdest thing ever: Did Brighton marathon few years back. Don't know the place at all. Looked up as I turned a corner and saw a single street sign. Jubilee Street. Mad. Later we went for a roast dinner. Left and saw this guy walking towards us...loping away. "He doesn't half walk like..." "...ALRIGHT NICK!" "Alright mate!" Cue three minutes of fan voting chat. He looks into the pram: "A baby! Nice!" Nick Cave blessed my baby. He then crossed the road and went into his ACTUAL HOUSE, with a full length picture of Han Solo on the inside of his back door. Double mad. Never felt more like I was on the Truman Show.
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    I don’t care what you say, they’re still not big enough to headline the pyramid.
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    Was going to post pretty much that myself although it dosn't apply to me as I'm self employed and always kind of work from home. Chief Med Officer says to work from home. Boris says go back to your workplace please and it's up to your boss to say it's safe...so boss liable if you all get plagued up..... not Govt's responsibility any more it's up to your boss and it will be all his fault. And make sure that you all queue up in the local Pret and Starbucks at lunchtime. As Ozzy said, Boris and crew are fucking shitting themselves that a huge percentage of the population now know that they can work from home, avoid horrid commutes, avoid shit office environments, avoid shit overpriced food at lunchtime and their companies can save a fucking fortune in rent and all the other overheads by either downsizing or abandoning their offices. Who loses? As Ozzy has said, the mega rich who own all the commercial properties....the offices, the Costa/Pret/McD's premises etc. Yep, the very people who the Tories really look after. Yep, make yourself a delicious salad sarnie at home at lunchtime at a cost of just about bugger all and don't pay to commute and park. Remember to use salad cream not mayo on the buttie though (my longest post in years!)
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    In the post above the quoted message you say gigs won't be able to happen until fall 2021 yet in this post you're querying whether to buy tickets for a show in April. I'm starting to think you're not a reliable source on all things COVID...
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    Two more years to wait? As someone who is 44, I feel a bit like a Premiership footballer who is nearing the end of their career and is wasting it on the bench. I may only have a few more Glastonbury years left in me and I'm wasting them on repeat fallow years!
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    Thanks to everyone who donated and supported this. I contacted Glastonbury to ask how to send them the money and they said it was best to donate direct to Greenpeace, Oxfam & Wateraid. I have just made the donations. I received £244.09 after the deductions just giving takes and donated £245.
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    Would it not just be quicker and easier to overthrow capitalism and be done with it?
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    It's......... Rebekah Vardy.

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