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  1. Cheers will give it a whirl.
  2. Looking at a few games Ive missed in the last 10 years or so, is Dark Souls as good as they say?
  3. Looks great. Ill have to wait a year for it though.
  4. Just keep him away from the Kidz Field and itll be fine.
  5. You got to see his last game and 10 goals. Wise choice.
  6. Well its the same writing team (ish) as Cloud Atlas so itll be weird. Be surprised if they made a safe sci fi.
  7. The Nal


    Haha. WWE has been so competition free for 20 years it must be a shock to them.
  8. The Nal


    AEW beat Raw in the ratings.
  9. Some of the prices fans are paying to see Ronaldo! Christ.
  10. Who had a shower and then bumped the button to turn it on after you'd put your clothes back on?
  11. As above, I reckon they had a late staffing crisis and pulled the emergency cord. Bloke that served me obviously had never poured a pint or worked a till before. He had absolutely no idea what he was at. Great learning experience/upskilling though. By the end of the festival he was strutting his stuff. Thats on him though. All of the other portaloos were open. They just closed the toilets behind the Black Crow and the main toilets. You're only a short stroll from a toilet anywhere on site. Pissing into pint glasses and lenor bottles in your tent is nonsense. A barbarian. Should be banned from attending the festival.
  12. I suspect similar happened with the bars. Took the poor lad 15 minutes to get me 2 pints, a G&T and a red wine on Thursday. No joke. 15 minutes. By Sunday he was moving around like Tom Cruise.
  13. The ones round the back of the Cider Bus were fine all weekend. Clean and lots of bog roll. They stayed open on Monday too.
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