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  1. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

  2. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    I'm still pissed off at that Kony lad.
  3. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    OMG this is so sad. (insert broken hearted emoji here) My thoughts and prayers are with the victims.
  4. The Nal

    2019 Headliners

    Corbyn did a speech at the festival in 2017. They've had Tony Benn many times etc, Assume Attenborough will be doing a speech about the environment and so on. Hes become increasingly vocal about it in the last few years. Or he could be just plugging his new show. Or telling us when Dynasties is out on bluray.
  5. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    As a wider point the catch-all thing is a huge problem. Hes been chucked in with Bill Cosby. Who has 50 years of rape, paedophilia and battery charges against him. Ridiculous. Its either completely good good or completely evil. No in between. No two wrongs/crimes are the same.
  6. Indeed. Lovely place to set up camp. Also helps that they have a bin area there and a bin truck on Monday morning.
  7. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    Stay off Twitter kids. Unless you're not virtue signaling on there you're a c**t. Anyway new album binned and the companies who make his kit have ditched him.
  8. It seems to vary from campsite to campsite. There wasn't a piece of litter left in Michaels Mead in 2017 or Hitchin Hill in 2016
  9. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    Goes without saying yeah. In this case though, theres worse to focus on.
  10. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    The old "ah sure she looked about 20" excuse being rolled out. Textbook.
  11. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    Indeed. No particular issue with him being an asshole to women. Awful behavior obviously but millions of people do it. Exposing himself to kids/teenagers/people he suspected may be underage is a career ender though.
  12. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    I think the Isbell stuff is more "I believe her" than anything else? Agree though cant see how a tour will go ahead in 6 weeks time.
  13. The Nal

    David Attenborough

    "Hes maybe the most well traveled human ever, been traveling the globe for over 60 years. Listen to the man". "Err well hes not a scientist is he?" "Well you don't believe them either". And so on. He really pissed a lot of people off with that last speech. Looking forward to him speaking. "with a foul stench of manure and chemical toilets, swirling storms of seagull droppings day and night and almost guaranteed mud, surely no place on earth... is this ....inhospitable. Except one..... Oxylers".
  14. The Nal

    Ryan Adams

    He could be in trouble legally if they can prove that he whipped his flute out during one of those Skype calls as its claimed.
  15. The Nal

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019