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  1. Sad he never played it. Would've been a great headliner. RIP
  2. Yep defo agree with those recommendations. Gave Tug of War a spin yesterday for the first time in years. Still fairly shite.
  3. Well that was fun. A lot of goodies. Going to hold off with Ganon though. Got to him but he killed me. Doesn't seem too difficult. Rito Beast still to do. Ill stretch it out. Get a few more shrines done and wander about the many places in the map I've yet to get to.
  4. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Nine Inch Nails new stuff is a nice relaxing dark listen.
  5. The PSX emulator plays really well. Available on the xbox one aswell.
  6. Mino Raiola is her agent. She has an offer from Bayern on the table. Raiola has said its "always been her dream" to make tea in Munich.
  7. Will do. Kinda got sidetracked up in Tabantha Tundra and then around Faron Tower. Amazing how much of the game I've still to play. Only game Ive played with a bigger map is Ghost Recon Wildlands. Which I've just reminded myself to get back to as I've only played about 5% of it.
  8. OK certainly wasn't easy! Got to the bit when he starts warping into you and died. Great fun though. Will complete after the next divine beast. Back to the desert for the moment!
  9. OK Ill give it a whirl later. Tonight sorted so!
  10. Accidentally yes. Before I had done any beasts. Ended up in a cant-get-off sequence of waterfalls and then right in front of Windblight Ganon where I was quickly killed. Decided to leave that one for a while.
  11. Two Divine Beasts down in BOTW. 56 shrines done. Really stocked up before I went near a Divine Beast. Loads of hearts and stamina now.
  12. John Prines debut. John is in a bad way at the moment. I think if you look at "underlying health issues" he ticks every box.
  13. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Dylan out with a previously unreleased 17 minute song about JFKs murder.
  14. Oh sure pick the only set involving the guy who cant watch it himself. Sick bastard.
  15. Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Smiths, Morrissey, Simply Red, Joy Division, New Order, Inspiral Carpets, Oasis, James, Elbow, Buzzcocks, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State....
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