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  1. Kikagaku Moyo (on their last ever tour) with a big G shaped hole https://kikagakumoyo.com/tour2022/
  2. Oh excellent. Have the ROM for Dolphin but my shitty PC is in need of an upgrade so plays a bit slow at times,
  3. The Nal


    If there was ever a band needed to release something new. Rage turning up and banging out the old hits again, which were unique to their time, nearly 25 years after the last album.... its a bit Billy Joel.
  4. Love with Arthur Lee played in 2004. And 2003 actually. Also All You Need is Love is a Lennon song. And according to Wikipedia hes dead so defo not playing.
  5. Primal Scream playing Dublin Wednesday 22nd.
  6. Scary Monsters aside - overrated anyway - yes. Diamond Dogs is awful.
  7. Love him but loads of Bowies stuff is absolute shite. Loads of it. The first two albums, Pin Ups, Diamond Dogs, Stage, David Live, Heroes, Lodger, Low and then every album from the start of the 80s until 2002. Next Day is mostly plopsies aswell.
  8. Loving the new Jack White tune. Garcia Peoples new album rocking my morning coffee/email deleting session.
  9. RIP Ronnie. One of the finest sets I've seen in the Park.
  10. Those poor people having to watch Kanye
  11. Yeah hes really sloppy and losing the ball a lot. Not getting into positions to take chances, not taking players on etc.
  12. Very true but Fergie actually wanted to sign Gazza. He inherited the players above. Morrison aside. Turns out he was useless anyway. Theres also the argument that a few players who had great careers couldve fallen off the rails without Fergie. Giggs for example is a total dickhead.
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