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  1. Peak late 90s douchebag. None more douche. Girls flashing their tits is/was as American as apple pie or whatever. Spring break, Mardi Gras etc. Was in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for a summer back then and it happened 100s of times a night on the main street. Random sober girls, flash those titties, get some beads around your neck from these lads. I reckon a lot of it has to do with cheerleeding in school and college personally. Can be a fairly toxic and subservient environment. That said, the majority of attendees at Woodstock 99 had the time of their lives. Just went and had a great time seeing some music. Vast majority didnt harm anyone, most of the campsites were fine. One thing they didnt touch on in the documentary was the food situation. Nightmare to get food in and out and store it properly in that heat. Some grim trips to the toilet after eating food thats been on the counter of a food truck all day in nearly 40c. There was negativity from the Boomer media before anyway due to the lineup which didnt help. Our lovely middle class white kids listening to that rap inspired Nu Metal etc.
  2. Yep I reckon if they advertised decent booze beforehand some people would bring less in with them, less waste etc. Theyre still stuck in the 00's in terms of booze. Pints of cats piss and whatever discounted donkey phlegm for wine that comes aloing with buying in such big quantities. Let a few indies in!
  3. May as well get Giggsy to manage at this stage
  4. Pfft. Think thats edgy? You weren't at the premiere of Handels Messiah in Dublin in 1742.
  5. Seems its going to last for a while longer. No manager is going to do well with Maguire, McTominay and Fred in the starting 11. Mid table stuff.
  6. End of the Road too. No alcohol in the arena, no go for me. Same at EOTR yeah. Beavertown were there for years, good cocktail scene, easy to get a drink at the bars. Not like the absolute piss served up at Glasto.
  7. Yeah really set the stage for Napster later that year. The music industry was creaming it in the 90s with CDs. 18-20 quid for an album etc. A shitty undurable disc with a cheap insert. A crumb of toast could scratch it. Unlovable stuff.
  8. Moz is perfectly entitled to his views. Doesnt make any difference to me. Lyrically, this is one of my favourite verses mainly because its not like anything Ive ever felt or experienced. Its also funny. There's a club if you'd like to go You could meet somebody who really loves you So you go and you stand on your own And you leave on your own And you go home and you cry And you want to die
  9. Hell yeah Kid Rock to Headline Donald Trump Rally in Michigan
  10. The Netflix and HBO docs are both worth a watch just for the General Melchett type attitude of the organiser John Scher. "All things considered, I’d say that there would probably be as many or more rapes in any sized city of that… but it wasn’t anything that gained enough momentum so that it caused any on-site issues, other than, of course, the women it happened to”. InShot_20211106_150320312.mp4
  11. $26. But its comically big. Man vs Food stuff.
  12. Well back to Glasto value, I spent $180 to see Macca in MSG before! So no issue with the Glasto ticket cost.
  13. Boris Johnson is a god damn pimp!
  14. Was in NYC in April. Off topic but just an FYI. The best stuff in NYC is free! Walking around Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, The High Line, Central Park, Grand Central, NYC Library, Chelsea Market, Times Square, Bryant Park, Upper West Side, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall St, Battery Park, 9/11 memorial and even The Staten Island Ferry. All free. Subway out to Williamsburg is a couple of dollars. Boat from Williamsburg to Dumbo was $2.75, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from there. You don't need to spend a lot if you dont want to. Err but yeah, Glasto. Such good value for money when you consider the price of going to gigs individully. Big gigs especially. No interest in them anymore. Too expensive, too much hassle.
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