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  1. Spain's Health department warns that masks will have to be worn for the whole of 2021
  2. Both would've been disallowed by VAR.
  3. Sounds absolutely beautiful on vinyl.
  4. Love this guy. Hes not taking the piss either
  5. Thats ruined my day
  6. Yeah. I suppose it could go ahead if everyone promises not to sing. When Macca does Hey Jude he can just instruct everyone to mouth along but make no noise.
  7. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Not 2020 obvs but that "new" Charles Mingus album from Bremen in 64 is smoking.
  8. Not when you have 250,000 people in a field all pissed up squashed together and singing (essentially spitting on each other). People from all corners of the globe flying in sharing dirty tents, campervans, bottles of booze, spliffs... There also aren't many decent acts around touring to play it.
  9. As did one of mine during the week. The inside of the roller twisted and broke. Shoddy stuff.
  10. The Nal

    Moto GP

    Its been varied alright! Rossi has just tested positive for Covid again!
  11. Ah and I thought she was doing well recently. Here she is at Glasto 1990.
  12. Yeah dunno why I put it down. Ticked all the boxes. Will pick it up again in the next few weeks.
  13. Going back through "the pile". Fair few in there I gave up on to get back to. Ghost Recon - Beautiful but a bit samey Gears 3 - Couldn't get on with it Bioshock 2 - Loved it dunno why I stopped playing Orange Box - Haven't even started Half Life 2 yet! Dishonoured - Played about half of it Fallout 3 - Gave up after a day or two Rainbow 6 Siege - Barely played it Splinter Cell Blacklist- Halfway through, struggling. I love Conviction and they changed the controls for some unknown reason. I miss the old Sam. Busy winter ahead though.
  14. The Nal

    Moto GP

    This season has been very 2020. Iannone banned for 4 years, Marquez out for the rest of the season, 4 DNF's in a row from Rossi and 2 races missed with Covid from the last 6 races and the likely champion has only won 1 race.
  15. IF theres a working vaccine. The virus won't vanish even if so. The only virus thats been eradicated via a vaccine in human history is smallpox.
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