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  1. Fingers crossed for 2020. Seems like people are finally getting them outside of the US. Few sold out shows recently in London and Wembley Arena in February to come.
  2. Could easily change their flight to stop off in Bristol or Southampton.
  3. I would take this year every year, even the 30c or whatever on the Saturday. As long as you're not hungover its fine.
  4. The Nal


    The most expensive tickets for the gig in Argentina in 2009 were 380 pesos, about 7 quid. Cheapest were £1.50. Defo making a heavy loss on some of those latin American gigs.
  5. The Nal

    Musical Confessional

    Yeah give Exile on Main Street and Blood on the Tracks a skip. They're shite.
  6. The Nal

    Musical Confessional

    I saw him live 20 years ago, met him aswell, great gig. Nice fella too. Hes deaf or something now.
  7. The Nal

    Musical Confessional

    I once murdered a prostitute and put her severed head in my fridge.
  8. From potentially being taken over by billionaire Saudis and having Rafa, to having no money, no Perez and Rafa being replaced by Steve Bruce. Dear oh dear.
  9. 10 acts a day I presume you mean? The more I go through the bands I don't/didn't know the more I'm liking.
  10. The Nal

    2020 headliners

    First AC/DC post on social media in 2 years.
  11. The Nal

    Neil Young 2020

    Nils will drop everything, even Neiler, to be with the EStreet Band.
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