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  1. Always do but the Picnic won't be on this year.
  2. If the reality is anywhere close to the current plan theres a great chance. Bands are itching to play and they could pull it together physically in a few weeks really once the back office work is done. We'll be drinking pints of Neck Oil in the sun in September. Mark it down.
  3. Oh I would but I can't find it so you're off the hook. For those of you who weren't there, it was similar to this
  4. Now if someone can just dig up the picture of @hogga celebrating.......
  5. Still a couple! 2009 and 2010. I played in both. Very well organised by Neil, Chaz, Hogga, NoRainPlease and others and a lot of fun but its a tough start to the festival for organisers and a lot more organisation needed that you'd think. Extra trips to cars etc. And lumpy mucky ground mixed with 8 inch tall grass isn't the greatest surface for sport! We were lucky it was dry both years even if 2010 was like playing in the Sahara. It'll be wet next year. I know it, you know it and Eavis knows it. Cricket is shit anyway. An abysmal excuse for a sport.
  6. Still holding out hope here. Vaccine the only show in town though. I may not be able to travel from Dublin. Or if I do I might not be able to get home without a fine/hotel quarantine. 6 and a half months is loads of time to get everyone vaxxed up and back to normal (ish) though right?
  7. Mine is currently en route, somewhere...
  8. Horace is 50 times the game Hades is and that was only one guy!
  9. Hades. Not my type of game at all. Don't get the hype. A bog standard dungeon slasher/button masher.
  10. I love the stealthy stuff. Splinter Cell etc. I love knifing people in the back. Innocents preferably.
  11. Great stuff cheers, will pick this up today and get killing
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