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  1. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Khruangbins newie is weak as piss. They can jam, but the album is a whole load of nothing.
  2. I think its fairly simple. No vaccine, no festival.
  3. It may keep him away from microphones
  4. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    Download them and download Plex and you'll have access to them whenever you want from wherever you want.
  5. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    The lollipop was in Norway a week before he played a gig in the Czech Republic and had to cut it short because of what he thought was a trapped nerve, played Germany a few days later but was rushed to hospital right after the show from a heart attack. One of his roadies also died a few weeks earlier setting the stage up. A fairly swift end to touring life. He looked dreadful in Germany. This is him mid heart attack. Mild as it was.
  6. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    Some acts don't like it. Bowie didn't want to be filmed at all. Same for Neil Young. Why David Bowie's full Glastonbury 2000 set is only now being shown for first time
  7. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah. I was struggling to find anything I hadn't already seen before or was previously available.
  8. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    Spoilers! Full show below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XYS9lRA24sTAGp1Rfn0tVnVNp1L6Umck/view
  9. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    Think they showed all of Blur aswell?
  10. The Nal

    BBC Glastonbury

    So was there anything truly rare or previously unavailable shown over the weekend?
  11. Shout out to the couple in the big ground who decided the best time to pack up and leave via the path on the right of the Pyramid field was 5 minutes before Kylie came on. One of the greatest scenes ever. The biggest crowd in the history of the festival and they're trying to walk half a mile through it with two huge ruck sacks and a trolley.
  12. Smallest crowd I've seen was Patty Griffin in the Acoustic 2016. 30 odd people there while there was rather bizarrely about 70k at ELO.
  13. Thats 23 points now. Congrats LFC fans. Well deserved. Didn't actually see the result until this morning. Looks like I picked the right season to pack watching footie in! Although I think next season will have the same winners.
  14. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Different lyrics pop out at you with every listen. Goodbye Jimmy Reed Transparent woman in a transparent dress Suits you well, I must confess I'll break open your grapes, I'll suck out the juice I need you like my head needs a noose
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