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  1. Oh Jesus. him writing an album comparable to Neil Youngs Trans had me laughing though.
  2. Imagine what he would've done in the last 50 years.
  3. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    All round hate. Cradle to grave.
  4. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any worse.
  5. A couple of times I saw him were as good as music (and therefore life) gets. Celebrations of joy.
  6. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Oh good a new Doves album
  7. The Nal

    2020 New Music

    Thats one for @eFestivals. Don't think it'll convert any non fans.
  8. Sure, BOTW game engine though. Ill take it to see me through to BOTW 2. Really struggling to find anything to play on the Switch.
  9. Hopefully not just a run and slash type game.
  10. iso hunt this morning. Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine, Rogue Squadron, Super Smash Bros.....
  11. Never played Galaxy either. I suppose we can rule out BOTW 2 for the next couple of quarters given this news. Sad face,.
  12. Unless theres a vaccine in the next couple of months (very unlikely leaning towards impossible) there isn't a prayer of Glasto happening next year. Same for any large event globally.
  13. Yeah makes sense just to have the one resale in April. Less cost for Glasto HQ.
  14. Same. Everything I hate. Early mornings coupled with queues. Looks like hell tbh.
  15. Maybe. He may not have the energy for the longer Saturday night slot by 2022.
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