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  1. No. However ironically enough if Suarez plays another couple of seasons at Barca he'll have been there as long as Henry was at Arsenal and played more games and scored more goals.
  2. Oh Id say closer to Ronaldinho than someone that came through La Masia sure.
  3. Sure you have your Xavis and Iniestas and Messis and Maldinis and Giggs and Gerrards but they're rare. That Barca team was unique in having so many. Puyol too. Ronaldo was at Madrid for 9 years. Thats plenty. And speaking of crazy stats - 438 games, 450 goals. Fucking hell.
  4. Both I suppose. 6 seasons at Barca, 4 leagues, 4 cups and a Champions League. 191 goals in 270 games. He scored 59 for them in one season! Hes out for the rest of the season. Will be badly missed.
  5. To think Le Tissier, Gascoigne and Shearer all could've played for Utd at the same time if thinks worked out slightly differently. They don't tend to last long there yeah. Thats 5 managers now since Guardiola left. I'd imagine they're lining up a a transition period - already some good young players in there with Dembele, De Jong, Melo and even Stegen - and then hire Xavi.
  6. Suppose he had to go after the collapses against Roma and Liverpool. They really have a huge job ahead of them in the next 2-3 years. Looking at ages of the players. Rakitic 31 Busquets 31 Suarez 33 Messi 32 Alba 30 Vidal 32 Pique 33
  7. Dutch love a bit of nasty. RVN was the same. Van Basten too. Rijkaard obviously. Bergkamp though, glorious to watch. People rightly talk about the Newcastle goal but this is my favourite.
  8. 3 top four finishes in his 10 seasons. Then 5th, 7th, 11th x 2, 13th x 2, 14th and then he retired and you got relegated shortly after. Same thing happened at Blackburn after he won them the league a couple of seasons previously.
  9. I know but its not a like for like comparison. Its obviously easier for Aguero due to the great teams hes played in. City score 5 every game too. Shearer was playing with Kevin Gallacher and Shola Ameobi. Aguero is incredible by the way. One of the greats of his generation no question.
  10. Most of those goals were scored playing for Newcastle. He wasn't playing with Silva and De Bruyne. Newcastle got relegated shortly after Shearer retired.
  11. The only solution is to chop off players arms. Can't remember the last full footie match I watched. Good few months ago I'd say. Thank fuck the snooker starts tomorrow.
  12. The Nal

    Sleeping At Glasto

    Boxing heavyweight champion of the world?
  13. The Nal

    Sleeping At Glasto

    Thats full blown insomnia. Daily exercise and yoga seem to be the best cures for it.
  14. Playing Dublin on the 8th and 9th too. They were great last year in the same venue but as Priest says, the one show will do.
  15. Utd Drew with Everton, Villa and lost to Watford in December.
  16. Yeah, dreadful. That would never have been ruled out by a linesman though. Nah when the margins are that fine the benefit should always go with the attacker. The one in the Burnley/Villa game was way worse. A 5th of his stud may have been offside. Goal line technology is great. Used 2 or 3 times a season. They need to bin the rest of it.
  17. I think most people would be in favour of the odd wrong decision if it means we can keep the goal. VAR is ruining the purest thing in all of sports which is a goal. Its what you see kids celebrating for on the street when they score in between the jumpers and what you see old men jumping out of their seats to celebrate. Even the most obvious looking goals now can be reviewed and chalked off so players look like complete tits celebrating them. This poor fucker. 19 years old, bangs in his first goal, Kop end against the best team about and then its cancelled. Ah missed that. Is that what he said?! lol
  18. Only saw bits of it. This though. Ole Gunnar Solskajer Win % at Cardiff: 30% Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Win % FT at United: 29.5%
  19. After losing 2 nil to a team in the bottom half who have won 1 out of 15.
  20. And 3 or 4 of them were wrong decisions which is about the average before VAR. Don't want to be one of the dramatic ones saying its ruining the game, but.... err..... it is. Not much point in watching football anymore. Just wait till the end of the game to see if the goals were allowed and if there were any good ones just watch them online quickly.
  21. Love the look of the Last of Us but Im not a Playstation guy.
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