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  1. Not sure I want to pay to hear Damon being righteously sanctimonious for 25 minutes followed by Coldplay followed by Jarvis Cocker pontificating, spoken word only. 🤮 Sounds like hell to be honest.
  2. Two good ones yeah. Although Dylans best version of Tom Thumbs Blues is the one that didnt make the album but is on the No Direction home soundtrack.
  3. The only "better than the original" Dylan cover is maybe All Along the Watchtower. All the rest aren't as good. Most are terrible. The Byrds are fairly shit, The Band are overrated.
  4. Reminds me of this tweet from Mani years ago 3 things visible from space, great wall of china, peter hooks wallet stuffed with ian Curtis blood money, man citys empty trophy cabinet!
  5. Me too, can't see it but the optimism this week has been encouraging regardless.
  6. So did the one about the Picnic. Both organiser and government.
  7. Thankfully there was no trouble. And they all fit into the same taxi to take them home.
  8. Even talking about the Electric Picnic being on in Ireland now, same weekend as EOTR and 80,000 people.
  9. Crazy to think of all the great things Aguero has done for City that he'll be remembered for fluffing a peno to win them the league.
  10. Assume we'll all be signed up to the digital green cert? Ill have to be anyway, traveling over from the colonies.
  11. Whoever spends the most money usually wins. Been that way for 20 odd years. Scouting is such a big and effective industry now. City and Chelsea have spent the most in the last 2-3 years so they're in the final. PSG and Madrid spent less so got knocked out by teams who spent more. Liverpool won the league because they spent loads of money and were shit this year because they didn't. Utd are better because they've spent loads and abandoned the 2shit against the wall" policy. Inter ran away with Serie A because they spent the most etc. All fairly boring.
  12. John Peel the famous paedophile.
  13. 😆 So angry. Love it. Great banter. A swing and a miss.
  14. Sleaford Mods nailed The Park stage at Glastonbury in 2017 no bother. Thats not much smaller than the Woods. I think it might actually be the same stage? Its EOTR though there'll be someone good on somewhere else if they're not you're thing.
  15. No ones laughing alright but no one really gives a shit either. Abu Dhabi could've bought Stoke and they'd be in the CL final now instead.
  16. Beeline for the Beavertown bar for pints of neckoil when I come trough the gate
  17. Truman Show stuff yeah. Some beauties in there alright. But more importantly, a load of acts I've never seen before.
  18. Ill be swimming over if I have to.
  19. Happy enough with all those bands gone as long as they're replaced with some of the guys already in town over that week or two period. Get the feeling they'll still be scrambling about right up to the week of the festival.
  20. XiaoYing_Video_1619532292406.mp4
  21. The Nal

    2021 New Music

    New Toumani Diabate with the London Symphony Orchestra is all sorts of beautiful.
  22. Was supposed to be on in 72 days though. Ambitious. EOTR may just sneak in there but I'd be surprised if anything does before that. Need to sort out the EU vax passports etc first.
  23. Problem there is that those teams will suffer a dip in performance and quality, and so will the leagues and Champions leagues so FIFA/UEFA/Leagues are shooting themselves in the foot. I think there will be a couple of token useless fines and everyone moves on.
  24. They were announced for Wide Awake anyway. Between whats been announced so far, Manchester and Wide Awake they can pull a great lineup together there at short notice you would hope. https://www.festicket.com/festivals/wide-awake-festival/
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