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  1. I've watched 4 or 5 of the games. They've been fairly poor. Scraped their way to La Liga. Lots of 1 nils and close calls etc. Basically just Benzema and Ramos stepping up. City shouldn't have problem. But its Madrid in the Champions League so...
  2. The Nal

    Moto GP

    An he still has nerve damage in his shoulder from the operation earlier this year. His other shoulder is knackered too and now hes had two major operations on his arm in 2 weeks. You'd wonder if he should sit out this season and recover and extend his career. He wont last long this rate.
  3. The Nal

    Moto GP

    Great to see Rossi competitive. Somewhat anyway. Still slightly of the pace but Ill take it. Speaking of Rossi, and Quartararo, love this.
  4. Finished on the same amount of points as Mourinho did at Utd in his 2nd season. Got to the FA Cup final too.
  5. The Nal

    Refund emails

    We should be really worried about this. Like, really worried. Make sure to check your bank transactions a few times every day between now and June 2021 and make sure you haven't been refunded and lost your ticket. Stay vigilant, don't get complacent but most of all, worry.
  6. A mod, fan produced, but...looks good!
  7. Oh good a Doves tour
  8. I could never really get on with the Mario games. Right back to the NES. Fine for 10 minutes but always got bored. 6 Golden Coins aside. DK Country added to the Switch. Still a great great game. One of the all timers.
  9. The Nal

    Moto GP

    Madness. They're different creatures though. I remember Lorenzo broke his collarbone on a Thursday in Assen, flew to Spain the same day, was operated on Friday morning, had a metal plate put in and flew back to Assen in the afternoon. Rode in the race on Sunday and finished fifth.
  10. I find getting Revalis Gale asap helps massively and makes the game much more enjoyable.
  11. The Nal

    Kanye west confirmed

    Almost as embarrassing as his performance on the Pyramid stage.
  12. The Nal

    Moto GP

    Moto3 was the best race of the weekend. Again.
  13. The Nal

    Moto GP

    That looked really bad for Marquez. Just pushed it too far. Really nasty crash.
  14. Surely even Leeds can't mess it up now?! Between endless replays of players baby toes being offside or not, I actually managed to squeeze in some football last night. La Liga won by a very average Madrid side and thrown away by a very average Barca side. Zidane defo has some sort of magic mind you. Theres always Messi though.
  15. I've played it twice through and most of the DLC and strongly considering starting up again tonight!
  16. Cant find a thread for it, anyone done the Red Rooster festival before?
  17. And decades of success. City went from mid table, losing 8-1 to Boro to winning the league in 3 seasons. Spent half a billion or something just on players doing it too. Not sure I like that model although you could argue Spain, Germany and Italy need a similar shot in the arm. Bayern have won 8 in a row, Juve are about to win their 9th league in a row. Thats boring.
  18. You need to get on the The Champions' Ballad shrines asap
  19. So heres my "must get back to that" pile. Have played a bit of some, a tiny bit of some and none of some. Splinter Cell Blacklist also one and is currently in the XBox.
  20. Are you not able to type?
  21. And much much shitter
  22. Wasn't the prettiest at times but we had never qualified for any tournament before and then had Euro 88, Italia 90 and USA 94 under Jack. Scenes.
  23. They did yeah. And the football team and others like U2 at the same time really changed the place. Good vibes everywhere. Massive change.
  24. Irelands Englishman changed this almost second world country as much as any politician did in the 80s and early 90s. Met him once and it was liking meeting the president. World Cup winner. Unique man. He did this. I still get teary eyed thinking about those few weeks in 1990. Golden times. RIP I don't think he ever had to pay for a pint in Ireland.
  25. Do you only communicate in Twitter dumps?
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