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  1. I guess Fred, McTom, Matic etc will look to win the ball and give it to Bruno or Pogba and then to Ronaldo to score. Sounds easy doesnt it!?
  2. Not sure any of the signings were his idea really? And he never got that defender.
  3. Not sure why Poch would leave PSG. He has Messi there and they'll walk the league every year. And them winning the CL is the big goal in that job. They could do it in the next few seasons. Zidane is jobless and made it clear when he left Madrid earlier this year that it was because they weren't going to back him long term. Utd are looking for a proven manager to back long term. Ronaldo are Varane are at the club.
  4. 8 month crash course in English for Zidane.
  5. Sleaford Mods in Dublin last night. First time they've been abroad since covid and the first Irish gig Ive seen since Supergrass on Valentines Day 2020. They were great. InShot_20211122_113156968.mp4
  6. Agree on both points but its too easy to play against a team who can be by bypassed from their attackers losing the ball to defending with one pass. Been that way for a long time now. Pogba was supposed to be the answer but hes shit. Maybe yeah. Hes looked decent in the short moments hes been allowed to play.
  7. Theres a couple of glaring problems there no one can fix. No good holding midfielders and no one behind Bruno who can put their foot on the ball and play.
  8. Its Zidane apparently but not unti the summer. So, err, Fletcher and Carrick?
  9. Yeah Id imagine theyll be doing a few festivals. Still plenty of gaps there.
  10. So would End of the Road. Maybe they'll do a couple of them.
  11. Also an accurate summation of what Fosters tastes like. Is that the actual contents of the can?
  12. Was always going to be a series of stepping stones for Leagueless to get to manage LFC. But hes doing it the right way. Unlike say, Red Nev at Valencia.
  13. The Nal

    Moto GP

    Rossies last race this weekend...
  14. A month before but all these bands are in the area
  15. Yeah we used to come over with our football team and go to games, play some games. Its ok though, I was behind the goal in the Stretford End for this 2 days before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm9CzcbHzlY&t=16s&ab_channel=ManchesterUnited
  16. Crazy that the stand was side on to the pitch. Was only in Maine Road once. Vs Liverpool game in the early 90s and some noise from that side alright. I was in the stand at the end, with the Kippax to my left. Edit, it was this game Maine Road was in dire need of a refurb/demoltion even then. Bit of a kip.
  17. The Nal

    Diana Ross

    My uncle died a couple of years ago and my old man was asked to choose the song for the crematorium. My uncle wasnt a big music fan but liked "pop music" apparently so my old man chose - Chain Reaction. For no reason at all really. A surreal experience sitting there with the first 90 seconds of the song blaring as the coffin vanished behind the curtains on his way to the flames.
  18. Well hes exactly what Utd need.
  19. Leicester, Everton and Spurs are mid table and look like staying that way. Arsenal and Man Utd look like the only other 2 top 4 contenders at the moment. As good a chance for West Ham as any year imo.
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