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  1. You should. I also never gave them much notice - and just decided to give Live Drugs a spin based on this thread. Currently 2/3 of the way through and totally getting it now. Fantastic stuff.
  2. Not Jealous. Not Jealous. Not Jealous .... who am I trying to kid! You are very lucky to be going to that - I am sure it will be amazing, and very memorable - 1st game back with fans and first as Champions. Enjoy! 😃
  3. circus92

    Spotify Wrapped

    Hadn't noticed your 3 favourites were all 3 of the bonus tracks! I thought the whole album was quality - although it did tail off towards the last 3-4 tracks. The Steps, I Know Alone, Gasoline, 3am, Don't Wanna, Another Try all highlights for me, and then the 3 bonus tracks - great stuff.
  4. circus92

    Spotify Wrapped

    Digging the love for Haim - Hallelujah. Thought it was just me, but clearly not. @Chapple12345 @maelzoid - and to think it was a bonus track. What a bonus!
  5. circus92

    Spotify Wrapped

    Loving how Prospa - Ecstasy stands out like a sore thumb in your list 🤣 It is an absolute banger though - got many, many plays from me as well 👍
  6. Thanks. Eventually got it - had to update my app, then it appeared.
  7. Also loving the recognition HAIM – Women in Music Pt. III is getting - a fantastic return to form. It has appeared well up in many lists so must be scoring pretty well so far, and deservedly so.
  8. Funny, I was fully expecting you to have Folklore at Number 1 😜 It all depends on the perspective you come from when you compile these lists. Many of the music publication lists currently being put online are clearly just trying way too hard to be cool / alternative and you get the feeling some of them think the more obscure the better. My list is probably a bit uncool, but is based entirely on what I found myself listening to and enjoying, and without a doubt "Folklore" completely hit the spot this year. I was already a huge fan, but the fact it came completely out of the blue (right
  9. Really struggled to keep both Albums and Singles down to only 10 - some great stuff this year. To me a very clear trend developed early on, and continued throughout the year - the ladies smashed it! Makes you wonder what is going on with all these festivals dominated by male acts - are they not seeing what is going on out there? There was only ever going to be one winner for me - Folklore, but surprisingly Haim pushed it really close - absolutely cracking album. Album of the Year Taylor Swift – Folklore HAIM - Women in Music pt. III Halsey – Manic
  10. Saw her at Reading last year - massive crowd, but thought it was rather dull to say the least. Seriously, I really can’t see what the hype is about. Spotify numbers say she is huge, but is that really how we measure things now? Wouldn’t be rushing to see her again.
  11. circus92

    Taylor Swift

    Okay - I mean nobody is ever going to agree with the list as there is so much quality to choose from, but I actually found myself in agreement quite a bit, with a few glaring exceptions. Top Ten Excellent Top Ten imho, particularly as it includes my favourite track from 5 separate albums - All To Well deservedly at (1) from Red New Romantics (2) from 1989 (would also have Out of the Woods in there) August (5) from Folklore Love to see Long Live at (6) from Speak Now Cruel Summer (10) from "Lover" Not sure what Mirrorball is doing in the Top Ten?
  12. circus92

    Taylor Swift

    Haven’t read it yet, but ranking Out of the Woods at 73 makes me wonder why I should bother!!! Easily in the Top Ten for me.
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