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  1. You are bringing a Cream Sofa? count me in
  2. I think you are misunderstanding the point being made. They are absolutely a strong option, in fact I have been constantly surprised at all the other rumours eg chillis given that I reckon The 1975 are nailed on for next year after the recent news about Kendrick and Taylor. That doesn’t change the fact they have been overexposed in recent years
  3. Not your imagination at all - I am a big fan of them and agree with you 100% on that. Kinda get the feeling that they have peaked
  4. Good shout. I would be a very happy camper if we got that - very good balance. I would be spending 3 nights at the Pyramid, which I wouldn't have been with this years trio.
  5. circus92

    Virtual Meet

    Great to meet you to - I think I was on for about an hour and the time flew by. It is frustrating, but at least the countdown has started now 😀
  6. circus92

    Virtual Meet

    You checked out not long after I joined - was it something I said? Only joking.... my fault really as I was rather late. Will join earlier next time and can chat then
  7. circus92

    Virtual Meet

    I really must join in a bit earlier next time - I did leave it a bit too late .... and was a bit worse for wear as well by the time I plucked up the courage to drop in. It was a bit confusing at first, looking all round the screen trying to work out who everyone was, but will def be easier next time. Bad call watching KOL on Sky Arts - would have had a better time chatting to you guys! It was really great to meet you all - everyone was just as welcoming on zoom as you are on here
  8. The 1975 are the only one, and will be about next year. It’s gonna happen 🤞
  9. My sentiments exactly - for my first Glastonbury that would be a hugely disappointing booking. I am 46 so should In theory be loving the suggestion of the Chillis, but have zero interest whatsoever, so can’t imagine how badly this would go down with people in their 20’s and 30’s. They are just so not relevant anymore
  10. Why would Emily choose the Chillis when the The 1975 are available and gagging to do it? Just wouldn’t make sense at all. I know many of you are not fans of The 1975, but they are way more relevant than the Chillis at the moment, are British, have served their time with two previous appearances, and from my perspective anyway are miles better than the Chillis. The 1975 are currently at their peak whereas the Chillis are well past it - surely that’s an easy call? Friday - The 1975 Saturday - Macca Sunday - Gaga That would really make up for losing this years headliners for me anyway
  11. Agree with that 100%. Have been reading all the various suggestions on here recently, and they are all a significant step down from this years top tier except for Gaga. It feels like this is the moment to get Gaga on that stage - the timing just seems right somehow. She would smash it 🤞
  12. Oh come on now - this is getting worse. Now we are comparing Pearl Jam to The Killers 🤷‍♂️
  13. That is quite a coincidence! However it also reinforces my opinion that Spotify streams aren't really a great metric for measuring how big an artist is. Demographics come into it a lot i.e. if an artist is hugely successful in America, but not as popular in the UK, their streaming numbers will be significantly bigger than an artist who is the opposite - huge in the UK and not really big in America. That is why loads of rappers etc have really high streaming numbers. Age is also the other big factor - your average Cure fan way less likely to listen over and over on Spotify (may use other mediums vinyl /cd and has less spare time) compared to the average Billie Eilish fan (wouldn't know what a cd is and loads of free time). For me these dynamics massively distort the value of streaming numbers. The only really useful test as always is the Mum test, and I reckon most would know numerous Cure songs, but wouldn't even be able to name one Pearl Jam song. This is in no way a criticism of Pearl Jam, but just my feelings on "Streaming Numbers" as a valid metric.
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