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  1. circus92


    I like your thinking. Having been right up close to the screens at Reading, it wasn't just the size that was impressive, but the quality was outstanding as well - really vibrant and great contrast. This information explains why - clearly a premium system. I love my tech, so this was a good read - thanks πŸ‘
  2. Yeah I vote for this - just like the virtual meets - have 2 meets. It sounds like the Thursday should definitely be designated the "main" one as @eFestivals will be there, but have an official meet on Wednesday as well at 6pm. Changed circumstances since 2 years ago have conspired to mean that I will be exploring the site completely on my own on Wednesday, and therefore I was really looking forward to meeting up with some of you lovely people on Wednesday.
  3. circus92


    Exactly - the bits where the speakers hung down were really on the periphery of the video so you just didn't really notice
  4. circus92


    I would have said exactly the same, but you just didn’t really notice the speakers at all. All I noticed was how massive the wraparound screens were - they really were incredible.
  5. circus92


    They actually did have 2 pairs, but you could only really see the outermost stack when out wide -
  6. What a lovely story - didn't know how it would end, but that nearly made me cry. Everlong is one of my favourite songs ever, and I absolutely love that particular lyric. I don't have any moments to add as I haven't been yet - I think just finally getting there this year after this endless wait will be a moment
  7. circus92


    This is so exciting to see - they really are cracking on now - loads done today! I have Soccer Saturday on here, but the activity going on down on the farm is far more exciting. Just imagining Jeff Stelling hyping it up and then handing over to a roving reporter down on the farm to show some footage of the second lot of rigging going up πŸ˜‚
  8. circus92


    Loving all the photos, updates and videos - keep them coming πŸ‘ This has now become my new favourite thread - and they are only just getting started. The excitement is real 😁
  9. Daft punk 100 Depeche Mode 110 Elton John 80 Rage Against the Machine 100 Pearl Jam 32 Talking Heads 100 Kate Bush 120 Taylor Swift 21 +10 Nick Cave 115 Dua Lipa 90
  10. Cheers - added my 10, but it’s probably futile anyway.
  11. Daft Punk 100 Depeche Mode 110 Elton John 90 Rage Against the Machine 90 Pearl Jam 75 Talking Heads 100 Kate Bush 100 Taylor Swift 60 +10 Nick Cave 95 Dua Lipa 100
  12. Really good read @Suprefan and loved the photos - some fantastic shots. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  13. Daft Punk 115 Depeche Mode 100 The Strokes 64 Led Zeppelin 40 Elton John 90 Rage Against the Machine 106 Green Day 50 The Weeknd 30 Pearl Jam 114 Talking Heads 92 Kate Bush 69 Taylor Swift 111 +10 Nick Cave 115 Dua Lipa 115 The Jam 79 Lady Gaga 60
  14. Daft Punk 95 Depeche Mode 90 The Strokes 74 Led Zeppelin 50 Elton John 90 Rage Against the Machine 95 Green Day 50 The Weeknd 40 Pearl Jam 104 Talking Heads 92 Kate Bush 69 Taylor Swift 111 +10 Nick Cave 115 Dua Lipa 111 The Jam 69 Lady Gaga 75
  15. circus92


    This is my first proper build up and I hadn't really paid much attention to the webcam before, but now having this webcam on a screen beside me is getting me really excited - I think its going to be on permanently for the next 10 weeks. Oh, and have to agree with the other comments - the site looks absolutely glorious this morning.
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