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  1. It would be very sad and weird to see a 20th year celebration without any of Ty Segall, Deerhunter (or Bradford Cox in any kind of form) and Thee Oh Sees.
  2. They played in 2015, but would loved to see them again!
  3. I see that RPS has scheduled a new show of "Release the line up, motherf**kers!" today at 11:00. Could we get more names today?
  4. Where is the info that it's no announcements tomorrow?
  5. This is just very fake. I believe Lana del Rey will be there, but Gabi dosen't like Beck and he said a while ago that they're just missing ONE artist/band for the lineup. So it dosen't make sense that Frank Ocean and The Strokes are still a possibility.
  6. Kelly Lee Owens is playing Primavera, according to my source.
  7. I found this one, where they say almost the same: https://www.facebook.com/primaverasoundfestivals/photos/a.10150752886208156/10157750921268156/?type=3&comment_id=10157750940273156&reply_comment_id=10157769788183156
  8. "will include the day of Sunday 7th June in Parc del Fòrum within the official programme of the festival for holders of the full festival ticket." If you have a festival ticket, you will have access to the Sunday.
  9. It should be a golden rule with Primavera Sound: Never leave on Sunday. I've seen so many awesome concerts on that day, and seems like it's even bigger and better this year with concerts on Parc del Forum!
  10. Real Estate ending their US tour on 22th of May, and got a new album next year. Seems very likely for a return next year!
  11. Primavera just love to tease us! They have now created the Primavera Sound 2020 forum: https://foros.primaverasound.com/category/36/primavera-sound-2020
  12. Good guess! It ends over a day before the festival starts, so could be a suprise act for the Benidrom Weekender.
  13. Damn, would be a big suprise if we get some bands or the full lineup this week!
  14. Lana Del Rey is such a dull headliner. I understand the booking, but she is so boring live!
  15. Would love to see TNGHT tear down the Rayban stage next year! Just announced a new EP, but no live dates yet.
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