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  1. dizzymoo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Under Pressure. .. could be written for now.
  2. It's worth listening to the series 'More or Less' on Radio 4. This week's episode https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08fvs16 explains how death statistics are being presented and stresses the ONS is the most reliable source. More or Less sheds light on the way numbers are used to justify political positions across the spectrum. They have been particulary diligent in demolishing the claims to be testing 100k people a day
  3. In case people aren't aware the link for the Glasto 50 years supplement is working again https://adbooker.dorsetecho.co.uk/store/subscriptions/
  4. Same here! How sad is that?
  5. So glad you're starting to get better Avalon, sounds like a very scary, (and profound) experience. Thank you for sharing how you felt; in all this crap, reaching that level of peace and acceptance seems very life-affirming.
  6. dizzymoo

    How do you feel?

    So so sorry to hear this kalifire, sending you loads of virtual hugs. Wish I could send you real ones. xx
  7. Oh Lucy please believe it won't always feel like this, it will get better. The hardest thing is not knowing when. It's difficult and painful having to look at your feelings, and truly understanding your loss can make you fear that you won't get through it... but you will. Grief is hard work, and there's a weight to it, but you don't have to do it all at once. Take the time you need and be kind to yourself. Sending loads of virtual hugs your way. Xx
  8. Lovely picture of your beloved Big. Your bulletins in the run up to last year's festival did much to calm the frazzled nerves caused by the weather thread, and Big Dog's contribution will not be forgotten. Sending lots of hugs.
  9. Hello lovely people, hope you're all still managing to stay upright and alive. On Friday Romesh Ranganathan tried unsuccessfully to help me sort out a counselling room double booking, and yesterday I married Guy Garvey. Today I spent some time shaving pilled bits off cotton jersey bedsheets. I'm fairly sure the last activity was real and the previous two were dreams... though I can't be entirely certain!
  10. So this is what John Waters is getting up to when he's not making films ☺️ I'd say the lack of social distancing should make them likely to get infected, but the Darwinian experiment seems to be failing to take out fuckwits like these. I should clarify I don't want people to die; I want them to see beyond their own immediate interests
  11. Love the photos on this thread, thank you all. @Avalon_Fields, how did you get the gorgeous image of the orange tip?
  12. ...something about us not leaving the EU (yet)?
  13. Largest ever crowd at the festival?
  14. We're all suffering in our own way.
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