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  1. So sorry Guy, sending you big warm hugs (xx)
  2. dizzymoo

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Ah, very sadly missed. Used to love settling down to watch them after the headliners. They had such a brilliant deadpan way of introducing their songs - 'here's one about our esteemed new pope... "No Bumming". My sons still have their 'fight capitalism for only £9.99' t shirts, and occasionally bump into other people wearing them.
  3. Aw Vintage I hope the op goes well and you keep looking after yourself too - so easy to forget when everything is focused on getting your daughter through the next fight that comes along. I've been feeling sorry for myself being both ticketless and wiped out by flu... but I think your need for healing vibes is greater. Sending you and your family warm (virtual and non-infectious) hugs xx
  4. I agree, going to Glastonbury is a privilege not a right, and no one gets to decide who deserves to go. Am absolutely gutted not to get a ticket but can't begrudge those who've been successful, particularly newbies. It's hard to see how they could make it fairer - it would be nice if they could iron out the glitches in the payment process, but that wouldn't guarantee any of us a ticket.
  5. No luck here, or so it seems. I couldn't get further after putting reg details in, and @Seldom Seen Kid put payment details in and it timed her out in 2 seconds. No payment pending or email so I guess that's it. Genuinely delighted for those who are going, especially if it's their first or they've missed a few years. Bit sad here though. Xx
  6. Send Emma a big thank you hug from me! Should I dm my card details to save time if she gets through? I know what you mean about the stress of trying for tickets for other people. I find the coach sale doubly stressful as there are so many ways to get it wrong.. Wednesday from Edinburgh instead of Thursday from Taunton, anyone? I'm sitting up in bed typing this, and Mr Moo and eldest have done the shopping. Every cloud... In other news, youngest has been in Leeds for 2 weeks and is settling in after a very difficult start. Freshers week with a load of strangers isn't the best environment for someone with anxiety and sensory overload issues, but he's kept going and found some societies to join. I'm beyond proud. Less brilliantly, he's managed to lose his driving licence, the only photo id he has, thus demonstrating he definitely takes after his dad, who is unable to find an object if you move it 6 inches away from where he last saw it...
  7. Love that description CG! My non festy friends just don't get it. I'm languishing at home with flu, and the only reason I'm not shitting myself about tomorrow is because I don't have the energy. Will be on the case in the morning though, driven by adrenaline. Good luck to all tomorrow xx
  8. Thanks Vintage yes we're all extremely happy bunnies. Obviously uni will be a whole new set of stresses but he's overcome so much, and learned more self acceptance than most of us ever will. And he's shown up the people who said he would fail for the idiots they are. As you can see I'm completely over that now....
  9. Hello lovely people I have wonderful news. Youngest got A*A*A!! Both he and his girlfriend have got their places at Leeds, and their friend's got his at York. Very happy. Hope life is being kind to you all.
  10. It could be like Lindisfarne's 'farewell tour', which I believe has been going since the 1980's. Glad your feet have recovered @Curlygirl. I have a tiny bit of festivalling left, including Cropredy 'fringe' this weekend, which largely consists of a few bands playing at one pub. But I can catch The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican for free, having missed them at Glasto. Then a day at Victorious with my bestie who doesn't do staying at festivals. Then 2 weeks in Cornwall for our first holiday in 15 years outside school holidays. Then the bit I don't want to think about, which (assuming he gets the grades) will be youngest leaving for uni. I know it's our job as parents to prepare them to leave, but why does it have to happen just as they get more civilised and interesting?
  11. Did anyone see The Dark Room with John Robertson? We went along after New Order, having no idea what to expect. Funniest thing I have ever seen. Ended the weekend on a real high.
  12. Love that you couldn't admit to liking cuddles without blaming the beer 😊 Glad you've had a lovely week with baby Eliza @guypjfreak
  13. I love the idea of squidy hugs - all those arms! Have your feet recovered @Curlygirl?
  14. dizzymoo

    Kate Tempest

    Checked on iPlayer and it says it's available for 10 months. Hopefully your laptop will be fixed before then 😊
  15. We've been lucky enough to go to 9 of the last 10. Got tickets from 2008 to 2013 in main sale and assumed others who failed weren't trying hard enough. Then got nowhere in 2014 main and resale (this was before I knew about efests or secret resales). 2015 we got tickets in the secret sale and I've seen every one we've been to since as an absolute privilege. Always got our own entry tickets, even when trying in groups with the lovely folks on here.
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