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  1. I don't think she would've announced that this way.
  2. International performers - paid in GBP, EUR, USD - come with international prices. It's possible to go to festivals in Hungary where beer is only 1200 HUF and we can all enjoy Quimby and Belga for the 1000th time.
  3. Day tickets are overpriced, but I'm not too surprised about indie bands clashing with DJs.
  4. No collisions at all for me! Amazing news! And the 11th of August is going to be great: Aug 11: 17:00 - 18:00 Pip Blom 17:30 - 18:30 Becky Hill (18:45 - 20:00 Editors) (20:10 - 21:10 Naska) 20:45 - 22:00 Fontaines DC (21:15 - 22:45 Sam Smith) 22:45 - 00:00 Crystal Fighters 00:40 - 01:40 - Dead Poet Society 02:10 - 03:00 Ramkot
  5. A small British band that I like - called CHERYM - just announced themselves for Sziget
  6. https://clashfinder.com/s/sziget24/?user=14eh9o.mr& I know this is fanmade (right?), but I'm just wondering... they surely won't put Dead Poet Society and Fontaines DC in one slot, right? It would make a lot more sense to let Editors play at 18:45-20:00, 20:30-21:45 Fontaines DC, and put Crystal Fighters after Sam Smith, at the same time as DPS. So indie-rock fans could see Editors+Fontaines DC+DPS, while Becky+Janelle+Sam Smith fans can all see Crystal Fighters if they want.
  7. The "main" part is complete, we're only waiting for the very very very small, rather unknown ones, circus, etc. I think the timetable comes out around late-June, that's when we'll probably see everything and everyone.
  8. I think we're missing 3 names from there and my guess is they will be Hungarians (no Hungarians have been announced to Revolut yet), and to go even further with the guessing name I'm expecting Krúbi to be one of them.
  9. Okay this does sound amazing. For me, the Pip Blom, Crystal Fighters, Editors, Fontaines DC list is a cool one. And to be honest I'm getting less annoyed with not having a band as a headliner after the shock of yesterday, there's so many bands at A38 Revolut and Europe The Buzz, I'm sure I'm going to have a good time. I think there's much more bands than last year, I just happen not to know them lol but they do sound great, made my playlist, so let's say which ones are sticking in the next couple of months.
  10. There are only 23 names for the main stage (including Fisher and all 3 Hungarians: Azahriah, Beton.Hofi, Margaret Island). Sziget confirmed that no more Hungarians are expected for the main stage. Are we waiting for one more main stage name then? Or are they going to move someone from A38?
  11. Just announced 2 hours ago, did we already know this guy was coming? Get ready for a bold and colorful escape with Scottish sensation Barry Can’t Swim His unique blend of deep house and jazzy afrobeat creates a warm and infectious vibe that will make you dance any heartache away.
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