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  1. Anna Meredith and Blanck Mass were exactly what I needed, so I'm all good for the line up now. Anything else a nice bonus
  2. Cackling at the idea of Swans at EOTR. I saw them at Primavera Porto a few years ago and they were so loud they made me feel physically ill and I had to go and sit in the furthest part of the site away from them in order to recover
  3. "vilified' it was some exceptionally mild ribbing alongside providing you with some tips and recommendations
  4. Really struggling at the idea that Angel Olson and Big Thief are arty but Misty and white denim arent! Theres a few playlists about, when I last went in 2018 I found putting them on shuffle while I played FIFA was a great way to get under the skin of what I wanted to check out
  5. I saw them at Mirrors and they were.....raw live. Some of the vocals were pretty rough
  6. So I'm working through the line up - any electronica kind of vibes beyond WH Lung anywhere? I liked the odd bleep to break stuff up ya know
  7. So amped about The Comet is Coming. It's gonna be vibbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy
  8. That's a real nice line up. Good headliners, plenty of vibes down the line up. Buying my ticket tonight
  9. I'd be quite disappointed with Pixies as it feels a bit......uninspired for EOTR, they're pretty past it, everyone's seen them a million times since they reformed and no Kim anymore. I'd actually much rather have a band making the step up like Big Thief, even though I personally find them a bit dull live vs record.
  10. Would love to see Self Esteem there
  11. I actually found it a bit claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Pinch points and chairs made it really awkward (sample size of one year admittedly)
  12. I'd back my tastes as being pretty outgoing - there's some interesting stuff there, but it all feels a little Emperor's New Clothes and don't even get me started on the guy's voice. Makes them sound like a joke band
  13. Saw Let's Eat Grandma again yesterday at BST. Not a surprise, but fuck they're tremendously enjoyable
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