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  1. Taste is entirely subjective. If you're not vibing don't go. Too much money and life is too short to force yourself to something you don't think you'll enjoy
  2. Delighted with Soccer Mommy and battles
  3. You can give them some slack, and admit that the experience was pretty bloody unpleasant
  4. All paid up. They better have sorted the loos.
  5. that would be magic yeah, adored Roisin Machine
  6. Can't really imagine banging out a music snobbery post in 2022, but the Internet never loses its capacity to surprise
  7. Any hints on the dancier stuff on the undercard? Romare and Auntie Flo were two of my highlights last year
  8. First thought is more depth - less wow. Even as a massive fan, Brights Eyes headlining is weak
  9. tbh i've had loads of problems with coloured vinyl sounding dreadful of late, so I track to stick to black now where I can
  10. I think at the moment it's a network effect of suppressed demand and not a future road map. The wider group of the pals I went with thought we were mad for even holding tickets. Now they're all dead jealous and desperate to go to fests next year. Suspect that's a common story. Green Man and EOTR both went off without a hitch, so you've got people who didn't go ready to strike for next year
  11. Since they all are touring or have recent albums out, could we get Phoebe, Julien Barker and Lucy Dacus then get us a late night secret boygenius set please
  12. Also big up the gin and tonics and the lageritas. Absolutely lush
  13. Got back from the festival to walk into a real viper's nest at work so have barely had a second to process my thoughts. First and foremost, as I said before, being back at a festival, in the sunshine, was just so fulfilling. Any time I got even mildly irked I just reminded myself how fortunate I was to be here. All those plans and clashfinders go out the window once you're there. When finally presented with hot weather and my lethargic legs, combined with essentially no phone reception meaning I'd never see my friends again, meant we focused on seeing a few bands in full. Mooching, having a drink, having a wander, sitting down, eating. Ah it was bliss. If you compared what I planned to see with what I saw they'd be quite far apart but I much preferred the experience I had. Hot Chip. I warned ya. Didn't I warn ya Skinner? For my first day back at a festival, seeing one of my all timers play the goddamn hits, like that, finishing with Bruce. I could cry. We're back baby. We built our Saturday around The Comet is Coming. They delivered. A pulverising experience that made me feel I'd transcended space and time. Epic. Little Simz. Special. She reached out. We reached back. A real symbiosis tween artist and audience that made an event. We sacked off the headliners to go and mess about cos nothing would touch that. Variety. I met a friend on Sunday whose Saturday had been v traditional EOTR. We're seen Comet, Romare and Auntie Flo's DJ set. Ravin'. What a real delight to have some beats in the gardens. Tons of stuff that made me smile, and dance - bdrmm, WH Lung, All We Are. Sleaford Mods - wow, couldn't really have them, but I found it a mesmerising tour de force of performance art. Joe Goddard at the disco ship. Garrett Millerick making me laugh back to health on Sunday morning A rare misstep - watching Blair Witch at 1am. Not much sleep had that night. The bad - no phone reception, meant all my followers on the Gram felt left out. More pertinently created a few issues for the traders who i felt bad for. Bit of a boo boo having the bars go down on Sunday morning. Toilets. Nothing to be done, but they were awful and made the weekend slightly less pleasant. No momos 😞 But really, that's me being a dick. They put on an amazing spectacle. It was lush, it was beautiful, it made me feel alive. Thank you to everyone who got it going. And to all the attendees, people from all across the gamut of human life, bound together by a deep love of music. You brought it.
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