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  1. Big thumbs up from me too. Early days, but a strong contender to be high in my top ten AOTY.
  2. Ho hum - I'll leave you all to it. I'm just off to listen to Chubby and the gang AND Kool and the gang! 🙂
  3. Doesn't have to be one or the other does it? Why can't you love Chic AND The Clash? IDLES and Little Simz?
  4. No problem with people slagging off a musical genre they don't like. But I don't like the inference that all punks were walking around wearing swastikas. None of the punk kids that I hung around with would have dreamed of it and would have got a slap if they had. We didn't all grow up to be Gary Bushell!
  5. Some punks went on to make disco (Blondie, Talking Heads). Some punks threw their hat in with reggae (The Clash, SLF). Some punks were racist scum. Don't tar everyone with the same brush.
  6. Depends on your definition of punk I suppose, but 'White man in Hammersmith Palais' by The Clash is not just the greatest punk song but maybe THE greatest song ever recorded!
  7. Bodies was the most childish song in their repertoire - as a 14 year old, it was the song me & my mates used to sing at school to wind up the teachers, cos it was the sweariest song we knew!
  8. WTF? My mum's more punk than that dingbat! Saw him on the reboot of 'never mind the Buzzcocks' & had to turn off after 5 minutes - irritating little twerp!
  9. Gove has been 'out to lunch' for years! 😄
  10. Sort of goes without saying for an Attenborough series, but 'The mating game' is the best thing on TV!
  11. 'I'm wide awake it's morning' only at 140! People are fucking idiots!
  12. I've been watching Minder most days in the last few weeks. Not as good as I remember it, but still good fun. Amazing how many well known actors make an appearance!
  13. Saw Animal Collective headline EOTR in 2016 - without doubt the worst headliner I've ever seen. It was like watching a jazz band tune up for one and a half hours! If they'd played any actual songs, I'm sure they'd have been fine!
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