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  1. I'm always happy to slope off on my own when I'm with a crew. As long as we meet up back at the tents at the end of the night, it's all cool. Actually I'm happy to go to a festival on my own - I usually do at End of the Road. I'm more than comfortable with my own company & I'd rather be around fans of my music than friends who are not into it!
  2. That Thursday lineup is pretty good! If I was going this year, I think I'd be spending most of my Thursday there.
  3. I don't think they'll play multiple sets this time now they're an established act? Happy to be proved wrong though!
  4. I should imagine she charges some kind of fee! 😀
  5. New Porridge Radio & Rolling Blackouts CF both excellent. Already my top 10 albums of the year looking better than last year & it's only May! Right, can everyone agree to stop releasing great albums for at least a couple of months, otherwise I'm going to end up in the poorhouse!
  6. For once I don't blame Spaffer - I blame the cowardly, weasel MPs who were all set to ditch him a few months ago, but then backtracked, using a war thousands of miles away as an excuse!
  7. He'll use it as an excuse to pin the blame on civil servants & sack a few of them.
  8. He's thick, but he's not THAT thick! 😃
  9. Jarvis wasn't on the email I received half an hour ago either. Love the lit stage. Perfect way to start the day. I'll probably be at most of these.
  10. OK - tiny sample size. How about, the last 7 Glastonbury pyramid headliners - male artists 18 (maybe 17 1/2 if you count Arcade Fire as a half), female artists 3 (and one of them was a late replacement for Foo Fighters). Is that a fair representation of the state of the music industry? Maybe it is, but I'm not the one arguing there's too many women represented!
  11. Yeah, based on what we know there's a massive gender bias in favour of women: Pyramid headliner - 2 male, 1 female Other headliner - 2 male, 1 female Ridiculous argument & even if it was true, maybe it's fair enough to balance up the fact that female artists haven't been given a fair crack of the whip in the past?
  12. Kendrick Lamar sounds like a duck laying a dozen eggs. Yeah, his lyrics are interesting and some of the music is good, but, man how do you get over that voice? I know this opinion will be unpopular on here, especially today, but that's what this thread is for, right?
  13. Finally got my signed pea-green vinyl delivered & I absolutely love it. Not reinventing the wheel but it's right up my street!
  14. That's the Williams Green bar next door to the Williams Green tent. The BAR is opposite the Williams Green tent. I don't think The BAR has ever had televisions.
  15. Always my first pint of the festival on Wednesday. Couple of cans at the tent then head off to WG.
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