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  1. Got to be honest, I'd rather stick it up my arse than down my throat. No gag reflex up the jacksie innit? 😄
  2. Snap! In fairness I had no great expectations of Bob - I was there to see Shakey primarily.
  3. Would love to see Lucinda Williams, Drive by truckers & Felice Brothers on the farm.
  4. Especially when he dropped his badminton racquet! 😄
  5. That drone globe was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen!
  6. Positive tests are going to mean something totally different in these games, I guess?
  7. Not sure how much call for it there is on here, but thought I would start a thread for all things Olympic related. Thoughts on the opening ceremony for starters?
  8. Met him at Reading festival one year. He was a really nice bloke, despite me drunkenly taking the piss out of his cycle shorts! Also, he does more to promote live music venues than almost anyone else on the planet.
  9. 6 weeks from now I'll be in the queue at End of the Road festival! 🙂 For the first time, I'm feeling genuinely confident that it's going to happen (hope that doesn't jinx it!)
  10. Thanks for that, saves me the bother of watching it. Might as well close the thread! 😄 Maybe you're too young to remember Benjamin Clementine, Speech Debelle, Talvin Singh, etc?
  11. I reckon most on here will go with Wolf Alice. My personal opinion is it's........alright, nothing special. I would love Mogwai to win, just cos I've loved them for years, but I don't think they've got a chance. If I had a vote I would go for Black Country New Road.
  12. Football, tennis and golf have no place in the Olympics IMO. The Olympics should be the pinnacle of your sporting achievements and it's not for those sports. So, no I won't be watching the football.
  13. Gig review & interviews on Lammo 6 music show today.
  14. Definitely not comic book guy - "Worst festival ever!"
  15. Chatted to him outside Amsterdam Paradiso (late 90's, maybe 2000) & he asked me if I wanted to go on stage dressed in one of those weird animal costumes. For some bizarre reason (probably paranoid from too much weed), I said no. Fucking blew my chance to be on stage with the Lips! What a tool!
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