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  1. Can we stop with the pie chat please! I'm banned since my heart attack last year & you're making my mouth water! ☹️
  2. Sad news. A Glasto legend.
  3. I think last week's was my favourite. Particularly loved the Jungle Book cover with his wife on kazoo.
  4. This just become a Beatles thread now? Ho hum.
  5. Have you been watching his lockdown shows on Thursday nights? Bit gutted they're over tbh - what am I going to do on a Thursday night now?
  6. Must......not.......quote......Alan Partridge! Let's face it, almost every artist in history's best album is their greatest hits compilation.
  7. Craig Charles is a massive bellend. Yes he plays some great music but he's the Smashy & Nicey of funk & soul.
  8. That's not how the head of 6 music will look at it though!
  9. Lammo ain't going anywhere, his listening figures are huge for a digital only radio station.
  10. You're entitled to your opinion. It's just a shame it's so fucking wrong! 😉
  11. Horseshit! Technique is the greatest summer album of all time. Power corruption & lies and Low-life are also great albums.
  12. If Neil Young doesn't make the top ten then you're all fucking idiots!
  13. Watching Graham Norton. Ellie Goulding - what the fuck are you wearing??????
  14. It won't be the wrong thing though! Life is to be enjoyed, otherwise what's the fucking point? If most people have been vaccinated & it's still not safe, then I reckon we just have to take our chances. We can't stay in lockdown forever!
  15. Oh, do give it a rest! If you want to wait another 16 months to enjoy yourself, that's up to you. But I'll be having a party in a field the second I'm allowed to!
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