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  1. Don’t they only do this when the act self-confirms, like Billie (and McCartney last time)?
  2. I’m pretty sure it did but they just gave some ‘special permission at the request of the band’ or suchlike for them to play G?
  3. audiobooks and Lynks are both bonkers live, seen them both before but excited to go again! Overall I’m a little underwhelmed, but as ever have no doubt that I’ll get into plenty of the undercard. I do like 3 out of the 4 headliners (hopefully something good will be on opposite Fleet Foxes…) but there isn’t one I’m particularly hyped for, unlike, say, Misty in 2017. Think I’ve just been a bit unlucky with who has ended up being rebooked after the 2020/21 pullouts (eg no sign of Tune-Yards).
  4. For a start they could bring back furlough, which would allow businesses to only have the amount of people working that they need for the reduced custom.
  5. sjseabass

    Taylor Swift

    Rules out Kendrick for Roskilde as well 😞
  6. I mean, I agree it would’ve been nice, I like to plan for the exact reason you set out (and usually print a clashfinder too, although this year for the first time I’m taking my proper phone so can just use that). It’s not really that big of a deal, though, particularly as the times announced by the acts so far have tied in exactly with 2019.
  7. Well yeah, but that’s only really useful if they come out a week minimum before the fest. Doesn’t really make any difference if they come out today or tomorrow.
  8. Well Stereolab are obviously top purely because they only have competition from the Tipi acts. Obviously not representative but is another thing to suggest the interest isn’t really there for King Krule, could see the site being quite empty by the time he plays as people go home early tbh.
  9. That Sunday is absolutely stacked, I think about 80% of the acts I’m most excited for are playing then! While it’s nice to have stuff to look forward to towards the end of the fest, gonna be a clash nightmare. That being said, wasn’t fussed about King Krule so Richard Dawson on Garden is ideal. Might not see any Woods headliners! All feels real now, very excited.
  10. Unbelievable amount of people moaning on Twitter about the lost acts. Must have been a rolling nightmare for the organisers, cut them some slack guys, jeez. Stick your ticket on Twickets if you’re really that unhappy.
  11. I’m pretty sure the reported effectiveness of AZ against the delta variant is 90%+.
  12. Oh I agree that we should be opening up. Just stop talking bollocks like lockdown is what is causing problems, rather than another problem being caused by the virus.
  13. Dealing with Covid instead of the backlog increases the backlog, not lockdown.
  14. Final returned tickets go on sale on 27 July.
  15. I’m considered to be clinically vulnerable as I’m on immunosuppressant medication for Crohn’s disease. I can’t wait to get back to clubbing and festivals and I have two booked for next week. I’m double jabbed so (broadly) as safe as I’ll ever be.
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