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  1. Easty as usual spot on. Its all a big 'spiracy.
  2. B-but English sides are doing so well in Europe.
  3. Loving the journey now. Good to see.
  4. What has Roan done now
  5. Im surprised to see either near the top of a division. That Utd team wouldnt get out of the championship.
  6. If Warren Buffett bought, say Forest, and chucked 10bn at them, City would be following similar legal route. Snivelling horrid little club.
  7. Chemical Easty. For the record, those two journos are much admired by me. Conn's work on Hillsborough particularly commendable.
  8. An-an-and Dan Roan and Dave Conn are both globalist cucks.
  9. B-but ISIS sponsors LFC.
  10. The only thing FFP has been good for is your post count on this year's thread, Easty.
  11. LFC wouldnt have turned into the best statistical team in European history (trademark that shizz) without pacemaking from City's doping. So - nice one City. Well in.
  12. Emmm. I already told you. LFC and the individuals concerned accepted wrongdoing, were punished and served punishment. Thats kind of how the system works. Your Brexit-style denial of systemic reality has really taken hold. Gawd the 25 points must really hurt. I realise youre dead busy taking shots at people (the one at Neil was cheap) but cmon.
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