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  1. Wooderson

    The Rock Slot

    Green Day would be superb. Theyve a solid 60 in them.
  2. Nils dropped Nils (his own tour) for the ESB.
  3. Wooderson

    2020 headliners

    Rollin' and ridin' and slippin' and slidin' - its magic.
  4. Their appeal became more selective.
  6. A Boston Dynamics built Emu209 prowling the perimeter for meffs and hardcases to dust up for the amusement of the waiting Grotbagathron.
  7. Adjusting the angle of the tent is tricky given the way people access the field.
  8. That Bobby is still so underrated astounds me.
  9. Martial hasn't got 1% of Bobby's drive, Lukaku doesnt have 1% of his technique.
  10. January before last people on 'ere saying Klopp under pressure/needs to go etc etc yawn. Utd will be fine, bottomless resources. Just need to get the right manager in a get the silly Norwegian tart out the door pronto.
  11. Whatever squad Bebe was in.
  12. Wooderson

    Janelle Monae

    The '11 show didnt have that climactic ending.
  13. I disagreed with both appointments. Maureen a dinosaur and Ole a silly little slut. But to say this squad is the worst in 30 years given 2nd place finish one season ago is madness.
  14. The hyperbole about Utd is off the wall. Get the right manager and that team clicks.
  15. Team that finished 2nd 14 months ago.
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