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  1. Wooderson


    A stinker of a track.
  2. 2022 suggestions! Endless Boogie Sturgill Simpson Causa Sui The Vacant Lots Hey Colossus Ty Segall Frankie & The Witch Fingers Chris Forsyth delving Claypool Lennon Delirium
  3. Black Crow/set of loos at the "Boards"/Garden/Woods all closed by 9am. The tiny set of toilets at the cider bus and the row of portaloos next to the main camping entrance only ones open apart from campsite.
  4. Toilets behind the cider bus were open along with portaloos at back of main stage but everything else closed by 9am Monday morning. Staff had locked/reversed all other bathrooms. I saw a lad in a queue for the portaloos at the back of main stage holding 3 pints of piss in a massive queue/heat. Rubbish.
  5. Closing up toilet facilities early on Monday was appalling.
  6. Had a convo late on Sunday about live music and its ability to elicit a physical response. Takes all types. Music, the highest of all artforms. Damon's show couldnt have given me more of a lift if he waded through the crowd and attempted to chuck me over his shoulder.
  7. Nice to see some positive heat towards WH Lung - loved their set. Also great to see some negative heat towards that silly little slut Gav - lets be clear, id sooner buy Nigel Farage a pint. As for Albarn, sublime.
  8. Direct overlap. The Chip on 15m beforehand so you can go see Huarache Lights with me and then amble over to Grant.
  9. Sq 1815-1915 Comet 1915-2030 Anna 2000-2100 *All mere speculation on my side donchaknow. Ish.
  10. Crack 1800-1900 BCNR 1730-1830 LJ 1845-1945 KF 1900-1945
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