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  1. Easty it's cool that you've this to blame.
  2. Sterling stamped on VVD's ankle towards the end of the game aswell. Pisspoor. I admire him hugely and think he's in the top 10 footie players in the world but few get more riled up by LFC fans than him. He's yet to have a shot on target at Anfield since he left. Something not quite right there if he's grabbing national team mates by the neck.
  3. Sterling a moron or pressure getting to him?
  4. Heh, yeh. That's in the mail.
  5. Not too much chat on 'ere. Wonder why.
  6. Pep has heard this a few times this morning I hope.
  7. Easty what did you make of Mané's dive? Shocking wunnit.
  8. A silly little slut.
  9. State of Pep. Dickhead.
  10. Fest went from crusty》indie》mega huge 》middle class dullard's idea of fun in the space of 25 years. Oh we're gonna move up the road to Longleat. Oh here's our book. Whod want to play this now? It's the fest equivalent of Facebook. /donthaveaticket
  11. Beach Ball head doing the biz at Newc etc
  12. Its a novelty tournament at the moment to most.
  13. To many but not all. To give one example, Real Madrid rate it highly. https://www.realmadrid.com/en/about-real-madrid/honours/football
  14. Klopp confirmed this.
  15. Wooderson

    2020 headliners

    Queens stole the show that day. I actually enjoyed the previous Chilis show at Slane more.
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