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  1. TV Priest delving The Lucid Dream Needlepoint Papir
  2. Would agree. Don't think any of their genre excursions is strong enough to fulfill a whole show. Also, not enough Polygon.
  3. How much is "genius" Pep G gonna spend this summer?
  4. No matter if Sumner worked hard as you say for 100 years, he aint nailing To The End or This is a Low.
  5. My tastes/opinions are unremarkable. Will defend things i love howevz. Mwah.
  6. Miserable presence on telly and an abysmal pundit. The whole "arsed" persona does nothing for me.
  7. Hmm maybe youve higher standards you're applying? Can Damon sing like Aretha or Axl Rose? No. Compared to vast majority of his peers? You betcha. He has as a rich, resonant voice with huge range. Instantly recognisable for close to 30 years. His current baritone is a national treasure. Your above description could be applied to Bernard Sumner or Louise Wener. But Damon? Nah. Let's be real.
  8. 99 out of 100 peeps would say Damon a gifted singer.
  9. Great season from Ancellotti.
  10. Neiler has a reedy slightly unconventional tone but Damon is a superb vocalist. Delete your account old son. 😘
  11. Fam Damon rinsed it. True headliner tonight.
  12. Albarn. A triumph. Fucking hell.
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