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  1. Stylo / Empire Ants / Melancholy Hill Poison / Follow Fashion Under The Westway Mr Tembo/Hollow Ponds Lonesome Street/Go Out/Thought I Was A Spaceman/Terracotta Heart/Ghost Ship/Pyongyang Andromeda/Out of Body/Ticker Tape Tranz/Lake Zurich How Far?/Aries - - - tldr - 21 gems from a v productive decade for the man.
  2. The lads logging into your scouting app.
  3. I say blame the Germans.
  4. Wooderson

    BBC Glastonbury

    The Bowie set is the jewel in the crown for the Beeb here. Will be so special to see this one. Underwhelmed by the full sets announced however. Broad and beige.
  5. Do City have new info on this data breach Easty?
  6. Myself and my wife met in school so the nostalgia with this one is profound and disorienting.
  7. This isn't correct.
  8. Bomm-bombom-bom-bom-bom--bom-bomm... ...AAAH BEEPBEEP AAHH BEEPBEEP
  9. This is doing the rounds PPG wise...
  10. Lets see every bench full in the House of Commons before a single construction site is reopened.
  11. Is there any info on how the weighted PPG system is applied?
  12. The virus doesnt distinguish between these vague concepts. WTF is "common sense" anyway in the midst of a pandemic? Would you prefer there were no rules surrounding how people used vehicles and just resorted to "common sense"? It doesnt end well.
  13. You think this is constructive? Just want to give you benefit of the doubt.
  14. The binary herd immunity/vaccine alternatives is misleading. The state can test/trace/react furiously. It is not as bleak a lottery as you suggest. Not sure where you get your info from but it looks to be quite narrow.
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