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  1. Herbie > Nubya > Snarky was quite the vintage jazzy Sunday run. Vibes.
  2. To think, he could have done the Toys R Us song about the Giraffe. Sake.
  3. Fuh You grates a little. Lets be real fam. Tapps oann.
  4. Seen peeps still going buckwild in the stone circle at 2pm on the Monday afternoon. Place was crawling with plod.
  5. Itll take me a week at least. Is the last 80mins the best the Pyramid has ever seen?
  6. Ha! Spotted you at Nubya yest mate. Didnt get close enuff to say 'ello. Hope you and Kizz had a good weekend.
  7. Guardian review of Fender from Friday night mentioned it.
  8. Still working through Sat folks. Lot to unpack.
  9. Lot of "bruuuuuuuuce-ing" from me, freely admit.
  10. The reaction between each of her songs was wild. Incredible relationship with her fanbase. The devotion/emotional outburst at the end was spesh.
  11. "Gap" from Pyramid through to Mandela Bar after Sam Fender only second time in more than a dozen fests ive felt things get out of hand. How many people are on site this year???
  12. Solid ten min shower in Wicket just finished.
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