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  1. Neil i hold my hands up. VAR is a total mess. The tech is near perfect btw. Fabinho penalty incident this evening crystal clear. Just the people running it are cretins.
  2. Wooderson

    2021 chances

    As a near neighbour im amazed and sickened on near daily basis mate
  3. So no action to be taken on Pickford as the officials cool with it on the day. Super.
  4. Argh theres a trend there. Funes Mori kissing the badge etc.
  5. Fuck off. I was at work you twat. I thought the idea was moronic.
  6. ? Bit sad this Easty. Even for you.
  7. "Fuck them" ..... Wondering what it is about relationship between Ev players and fanbase that wild lunatic career ending tackles are seemingly ok - dare i say it something to be celebrated. Im actually not too familiar with level of anger im experiencing this evening. A new one for me.
  8. Wooderson

    2021 chances

    The scientific version of me. @BlueDaze thats a compliment whether you meant it or not mate. Much respect.
  9. Wooderson


    Newie a peach. Could headline the 'Mid easy.
  10. Wooderson

    2021 chances

    Super work from you mate. Would look forward to shouting you a few coldies at that blissful "back to normal" moment in the future.
  11. Wooderson

    2021 chances

    Fair point. Very naive of me to comment responsibly when it comes to Perfidious Albion.
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