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  1. Wooderson

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Saw them over the summer. Good craic.
  2. Wooderson

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    Hmmm. My ears last month must be deceiving me.
  3. Wooderson

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    I’m sure there were headz that wobbled away from the ‘mid in 2000 complaining too... “Don’t care for the substitution of z for s in his enunciation, so offputting.” Peeps are a bit mad.
  4. Wooderson

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    Yep. His singin is woejez. 😕
  5. Wooderson

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    Not enjoying Macca 2004 is a bit mad.
  6. Wooderson


  7. Wooderson


    Have they played Glastonbury before? Unaware of that.
  8. Wooderson


    Similar buzz on eFests about Arcade Fire's appearance in 2007. Whilst I doubt Idles will hit those numbers, it is a while since theres been a band that get this level of interest on 'ere for their debut.
  9. Wooderson


    No question.
  10. Wooderson


    Interested to see how this transfers to a big stage (presumably) in the daylight. Could be euphoric.
  11. Wooderson

    Football 18/19

    Haha best this dull as a spoon thread has been in weeks.
  12. Wooderson

    Football 18/19

    Yep, true. Having a blast of a season. Nowt won yet. Why not enjoy? This concept flying over your head particularly is surprising. Thought you were better than that. Fingers and toes crossed for City to pip us to it must be exhausting.
  13. Wooderson

    Football 18/19

    This revisionism is a bit mad but knock yer selves out. I’m laffing away at peeps who were bigging Maureen up a couple weeks back now saying success isn’t mysterious.
  14. Wooderson

    Football 18/19

    Hmm. Can’t see LFC ever cheering on Everton to a title. Comment on spending is amusing.
  15. Wooderson

    Football 18/19

    Big cheers when the halftime score at Anfield read out.