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  1. prestonmike

    Alicia Keys

    she pretty much self confirmed http://stagedoor.fm/2020/02/06/alicia-keys-hints-at-glastonbury-2020/
  2. I've just signed up to a 60 mile charity bike ride on 5th July, not sure going to Glastonbury the weekend before is the best preparation for that! best get the bike out and start training soon
  3. for anyone in the Altrincham area, Millets have a 30% off everything closing down sale (will be reopening in a few weeks as go outdoors), just picked up a couple of bits and pieces ready for June
  4. saw them at Leeds festival in 2008, they subbed for Metallica, although they were probably at the height of their fame back then so don't know where they'd play these days, maybe a park headliner?
  5. must be a sign of getting old that i couldnt name any of her songs! hoping for something similar to the year Beyonce headlined when we had Queens of the Stone Age on the other stage
  6. Good, they're awful! (coming from a born and bread Lancastrian, also, they're from Merseyside not Lancashire) They've done a song about Preston North End, the fans have asked the club to stop playing it before games as its so awful and embarrassing
  7. Just ordered this power bank, not sure how good it'll be but looks decent for the price https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07TLTP982/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. i've got one of those frio wallets lying around somewhere, will have to dig it out before june, think i'll take some testing stris as a backup incase the libre stops working or gets knocked off
  9. according to google, McCartney is 5ft 10, Kendrick Lamar is only 5ft 6 so McCartney is the bigger artist
  10. i've been going with type 1 for a number of years, ive recently been prescribed the freestyle libre sensor, hoping it will make checking my levels so much easier not having to find somewhere to wash my hands and finger prick regularly. thankfully never had any issues while at the festival, only worry is usually keeping the insulin cold on a hot year
  11. Last year i got to the payment page twice and it crashed both tomes meaning i missed out on tickets, this year i got as far as the holding page but no further although luckily a mate managed to get through and paid i don't think it was any worse than previous years, probably about the same although personal experience differs, for us, this year was much better
  12. I was in the 2019 club, luckily wont be here in 2020 but although it might not feel like it at the moment, its not the worst place to be, lots of encouragement and positivity in these threads, good luck in April everyone!
  13. prestonmike

    Resale Club 2019

    how many of the resale club got through then? My mate in Australia managed to get mine although i didnt even get onto the holding page, hope most of you will also be there next year!
  14. does turning ad block off make any difference? wouldn't have thought it would, might try switching it off on Sunday just in case it helps
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