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  1. Assume that's sarcasm, right?
  2. Sunday still available on Big Green Coach - just got mine!
  3. I've worked with, not for, Festaff on several occasions and they've always been great. I can't vouch for MyCause. Re: Boomtown i've seen several articles and facebook group comments all saying that a lot of the volunteer / paid positions aren't given access to the festival. I was at Boomtown last year and saw the separate staff campsites on the way in, they were outside the main perimeter fence of the festival and staff were apparently escorted in and out each day in time for shifts. The things I read referenced Mint, Freemans and Volunteer staff working like that so Boomtown might be a bit different to other festivals.
  4. There's a rollover date lined up for Sunday 21st.
  5. ManLj

    2020 headliners

    Could be way off the mark here but was there a thing at one point about a solo Male headliner who hadn’t played before? Creamfields announced Calvin Harris as a U.K. dance festival exclusive today which is weirdly niche and almost like they’re desperate to claim some kind of exclusive so we know he’s playing somewhere else. Could obviously be TRNSMT, IOW or any other big festival in the U.K. but could it also be Glasto?
  6. https://www.victoriousfestival.co.uk/2019/12/line-up-announcement-release-1/
  7. Unless you've got specific info to suggest Supergrass are doing Truck I'd say that's a bit of a wildcard and not very likely if you look at the profile of the crowd. The bulk of Truck's audience are 16-20 years old, Supergrass wouldn't be a huge draw for them.
  8. I thought that, but reading the Download website (here) the lineup announcement article, specifically the paragraph introducing Iron Maiden says: "Iron Maiden will return to Download in 2020, in what will be one of only two homecoming festival shows." Where else would they play in the UK? My thinking was either - Glasto, TRNSMT, Isle of Wight or Reading and Leeds (maybe) ?
  9. Depends where you park (zodiac or general parking), how much stuff you have and how long the queues are (if any) at the time you arrive but on a good run no more than 15/20mins. Firstly make sure your rum is in a plastic bottle and then stash it in with your clothes etc. should be fine. Crates are anyones guess because security are pretty strict.
  10. ManLj

    Celebrity spotting 2020

    Was stood next to Dan from Bastille and Oli from Years & Years together at Maribou State on west holts and then bumped into Jo Brand walking to the Pyramid for the Killers.
  11. I was there. Stormzy absolutely smashed it out of the park, what a moment!
  12. Yeah we did this. We arrived at 07:00 and were told we had to use gate A by security / Marshall’s. Gate D was “closed”. We queued there until 11:30, it was taking us 20-25mins to do 1 row of switchback / Disney queueing and we still had 7 left. Made the call to bail and by 11:50 we were in via D with a wristband. No idea what’s going on and why the queue isn’t being managed better.
  13. We arrived at 05:30 on the Weds and were in the queue by 06:00 last year, walked through the gates (PGD) at 12:00 ?
  14. Nailed it, ta very much ! ?
  15. ManLj

    Alcohol Thread

    30 cans of lager, 10 cans of cider, 1 bottle of Captain Morgan.
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