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  1. ManLj


    He'll have the Eavis' selling the farm to release funds and moving into a caravan 6 months into the build!
  2. ManLj

    day and stage

    Interpol definitely not available Sunday, they're playing Garorock in France - https://www.garorock.com/programmation Interestingly the same lineup has Christine and the Queens playing Friday so we wont see them at the farm until Saturday at the earliest.
  3. ManLj

    2019 Headliners

    I've been away for a week and somehow we've got through nearly 50 pages which I wont be going back through 😂 Now we've got the balance payment window (1st - 7th April) and the resale dates what do we think the chances are of getting something (anything!) before 7th April ?
  4. ManLj

    2019 Headliners

    Sold out Wembley in 90minutes. Wow.
  5. ManLj

    2019 Headliners

    They played the O2 arena last year around October time and I heard on Radio 1 that they were the first band ever to have sold out a UK arena without visiting and playing here previously.
  6. Your maths is a bit out.
  7. You've got some time yet, last year the price went up in rounds of about £5 over 5/6 tiers if I remember correctly. They're advertising tier 3 on the website currently.
  8. He'll be at Parklife anyway as part of Major Lazer..
  9. Drawing my own conclusions here but I feel like they always strategically place the event in locations which don't already have a nearby annual music festival, for that reason Chelmsford doesn't fit the bill because of Rize festival / V Festival.
  10. Can't see it being Manchester with Parklife happening just 2 weeks later.
  11. What was the link?
  12. Could the guitar be the courteeners?
  13. It would appear that way😂 Although I've seen other festivals impose the same restriction.
  14. I assume they mean bags like this 😂 - http://www.asos.com/men/bags/flight-bags/cat/?cid=13247 - I've taken a backpack with me into the arena when I've been previously (2016, 2017) and never had an issue other than having it searched (which is fine by me).
  15. What makes your info any better than StevieG1993's ? Prodigy have recently played / been booked for other festivals owned by the same guys that own Y Not festival so I'd say that's possible - doing Victorious festival this month in Portsmouth and have played Snowbombing a bunch of times. The Streets and Alt J are also a possibility but I think Alt J would be an outside choice for Y Not.
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