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  1. Yeah, more or less. I definitely saw some tweets after I'd arrived on site which left very little room for interpretation
  2. The george ezra info came from the signwritting team via insta. It would seem cruel (not to mention a waste of their time on the weekend before the festival) for them to make signs deliberately misleading people
  3. Just noticed there are two TBA's at Bimble Inn on Sunday afternoon, do we know who they are?
  4. Hope the iOS update arrives soon, the app is really bad this year. If it weren't for Bimble Inn putting their poster out i'd have missed Showhawk Duo from the bill, really think that a lot of people will miss acts this year because the app is so poor.
  5. ManLj

    Bimble Inn

    Just noticed on the app that there are two TBA's at Bimble Inn on Sunday - do we know who these are yet? 15:45 - 16:30 and 17:00 - 18:00
  6. Where’s that screenshot someone shared from Arcadia on insta. They said something about there not being a metamorphosis show this year but something special coming from the sky…
  7. Are we sure Nina Kraviz has been dropped? The EE app still shows her as 01:00 - 02:00 for me
  8. I've just been able to update on iPhone, finally!
  9. In a way it's easier to watch a DJ in their 50's than a band who've aged 20/30 years because a DJ is playing records, it's less obvious, whereas a singer's voice will change etc.
  10. What food do you take with you, for snacking etc. throughout the weekend? It's been a long time since I thought about it and i'm not in my twenties anymore, need to get some decent snacks to keep me going.
  11. ManLj

    Vegan Traders

    Pura Vida Mexican food up in The Park (on the left hand side, before stonebridge if you're walking up towards the park stage) is a vegetarian Mexican food stall doing incredible fajitas, burritos, nachos, enchiladas etc. Been a glasto must-have for me for the last 3 years now. They only do vegetarian food and fairly sure if you say no to cheese and sour cream your meal would be vegan.
  12. ManLj


    Good old Sunbelt Rentals. Christ I need to get out more 😂
  13. If a friend happened to be in the Glasto area this weekend and fancied a walk around the site, would that be allowed? Where should they park and is there anything they should keep in mind to be respectful / keep out the way of the build? Asking for a friend, of course 👀
  14. ManLj


    I didn’t know that, very cool! In hindsight, having it run on gas would kind of be at odds with all of the environmental work the festival does so bio diesel seems the obvious choice 😂
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