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  1. TheGChild

    2023 Headliners

    Mate that's a crazy comment. Rage are a small headliner at a festival where Stormzy, Florence, Kasabian etc have headlined!?! Jog on with that bullshit!
  2. Stick Timberlake or Pink in a Pyramid sub and watch them steal the show.
  3. Took some liberties here: Fri Oasis Sat Gaga Sun Dre, Em, Snoop, Cube etc Fleetwood Mac (Legend ha ha!) Aerosmith (Rock slot) Timberlake (Pop slot) Tears for Fears/Duran Duran (Other opener) Arcadia closing set: Daft Punk
  4. Give less a f**k about where you camp and get a sack truck. Boom. We were out in about 10 minutes. 1 trip in 1 trip out and we had a 6 man tent (for 2 people), camp beds, chairs, cool box, etc.
  5. The festivals flirting dangerously with becoming some weird hybrid of Cornbury, Boomtown and Wireless.
  6. I'm Emily Eavis and so is my wife!
  7. Thursday: Thrill Collins / New York Brass Band / Random stuff around SEC Friday: Libertines / Hobo Jones / Rufus Wainwright / Crowded House / TLC (ish) / Oh My God ITC / Random Greenfields stuff Saturday: Brass Against / Sampa The Great / Baskery / Noel G / Macca Sunday: Kojey Radical / Ferris & Sylvester / Nightmares on Wax / Fisherman Friends / Bootleg Beatles / Yola / Kendrik …and various bits of bands in The Bimble Inn, Toad Hall, Greenpeace, Small world, Lizard stage and comedy in the Cabaret in between.
  8. TheGChild

    2023 Headliners

    Pyramid: Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Fleetwood Mac Legend: Spice Girls Other: Biffy Clyro Dave Prodigy Friday opener: The Strokes
  9. Bootleg Beatles. Can't even remember which song in particular but the emotion of it being the Sunday and everyone there with that shared purpose of a good time and singing their hearts out to these anthems we've grown up with and had passed down to us, just filled my heart. Bottom lip was wobbling.
  10. Shall I tell them, or you?
  11. TLC. My own fault as obviously didnt get there earlier enough but could not find a spot in that crowd.. Ended up by food stalls to the right of stage and the sound was god awful. Watched it back today and looked like fun. Wish I persevered for a good spot. Ditto Sugababes. Seriously though, put these acts on a bigger stage.
  12. Sure most of us have had a peek at some of the things we've missed out on whilst we were off somewhere having fun, a cry, a poo, queuing for noodles. So what is your 'damn wish I was there for that' moment. Still got a lot of highlights to work through but 'F**k you!' looked like an absolute scene.
  13. Wednesday Mid afternoon/early evening? The Magic Teapot at Avalon California Dreaming If you were there you would know
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