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  1. See I read that completely differently. The next 10 days or so because the whole lineup will be available in 11ish days - so Arcadia has to be in 10 or less. So in other words, full line-up on Tuesday 28th. Hopefully.
  2. It used to be a load of cans of beer/cider and a litre of rum. However, recently discovered this fantastic boxed cider at the supermarket so this year planning to change it up and just take a few bags of that. Spirits/cocktails I'm happy to buy while I'm there and it means less stuff to carry. May still take some beers though, if only because getting a can out the bag is easier in a crowd than trying to pour out a pint
  3. Kingdom is probably my favourite off the new album
  4. Do love Fists of Fury but going to have to go with Truth
  5. This is exactly how I feel about Sleaford Mods. I've tried to get into them but beyond one song I just can't understand it. Only started listening to IDLES a couple of weeks ago but find them much easier to get on board with - and can imagine the atmosphere live will be incredible
  6. A friend's boyfriend DJd there one year - I'd definitely not count it as a proper stage but it always seems to suck in passers-by
  7. Worst - As a lot of other people have said, Silver Hayes can be grim - especially if you're walking through at the end of the night when it's half-empty and full of empty gas canisters. It also makes John Peel worse by sheer proximity. I'd also give a vote for every SE corner venue that I've never been able to get into because of overcrowding. Best - Love the Park and all the small venues in that area. Also really enjoy Avalon - getting breakfast in the cafe there on a Friday morning before seeing Hobo Jones has become a mini-tradition
  8. I did the lockup trick last time I went and found it worked a charm. This year, I'll probably do the same. Also considering leaving on a 4am coach rather than sticking it out until 9/10am. Don't mind staying up all night but that final night normally peters out before dawn.
  9. mouserat

    Us Tall People

    I'm 6'4" - for me it comes down to people being polite and friendly. If you ask me if you can go in front, I'm happy to move a bit further back to help you get a better view. If you stand there bitching/moaning, muttering that you're going to pour your drink over me or groping my arse to try and make me move (all things that have happened on multiple occasions though rarely at Glasto) then it's only going to make me stand up straighter and spend as much time as possible on tip-toes with both arms in the air.
  10. Realise this is off-topic but it's not actually St George's Day today - Church of England have confirmed you can't have saints days this close to Easter:
  11. Every Time The Sun Comes Up was the highlight of her set last time around for me so that gets my vote, even though her new album is A++
  12. mouserat

    Frank turner

    Well, if we're doing rankings... 1) England Keep My Bones (genuinely think this should have been a Mercury Prize nominee a la Let England Shake) 2) Love Ire & Song (not as musically rich as more recent stuff, but some of his best lyric writing) 3) Positive Songs For Negative People (lacks the thematic richness of other albums, but song-for-song it's incredibly strong) 4) Tape Deck Heart (great first half, wobbly second half) 5) Be More Kind (takes some risks, not all of them work) 6) Poetry of the Deed (some good songs, but only a few have lasted in live setlists and for good reason) 7) Sleep Is For The Week (you could whittle this down to a flawless EP - just ignore the lecherous lothario stuff)
  13. mouserat

    day and stage

    Frank Turner's website lists him as headlining Avalon on the Friday
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