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  1. Don't pass out, half sticking out of your tent, in the afternoon sun without a ton of sun block on. If your friend does this, wake him up if you see him. If you take a trolley or whatever, make sure the thing has proper chunky rubber tyres to cope with the mud and boardwalks. Do not skimp and buy a cheap trolley with hard/shopping trolley type wheels. Take drugs responsibly if you're that way inclined. I witnessed the guy in 2014 who overdosed on ketamine.
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot waste my day listening to excuse after excuse that FBI stats are bogus, or that I'm a Right-Wing racist. If anyone wants more facts go watch and ABL or Larry Elder - https://www.youtube.com/user/aloge/search?query=black+lives+matter They use those things that are used to prove or disprove something. I'm sure there used to be word used for these things... Fumps or Famts...I think they used to be called (bonus point for anyone who gets the reference). Also, extra points for those who call the statistics I used as "inferential", without understanding what that word means or the point I was making in my original post... Or watch Larry Elder - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmkvHLQu76lYbW1w9FoGzQ/search?query=black+lives+matter They're both black. That seems to matter for a lot of identity politics supporters, so now you can't call them racist. Unless you want to call them Uncle Toms, Coconuts, Choc Ices etc which Democrats often do. If you must and keep up the stellar argumentation (with STILL NO EVIDENCE to support systemic racism OR police brutality), I'm sure it's why Labour and the Lib Dems did SO well at the last elections and why Keir Starmer is losing polling points on Bojo even though the Tories have massively fucked up their pandemic response. Some of you unfortunately cannot see the wood from the trees. There is racism of course, but more racism (gammons, BLM, Labour's definition of Islamophobia being racist) won't solve the problem. And neither will bending the knee.
  3. Oh, and as someone pointed something out, I do oppose Feminism. It's been garbage since the end of the 80s and almost comp pointless. You do not have to be a BLM supporter to oppose racism. Case in point, anyone who says "gammon" is probably also a BLM supporter. Apparently racism against white people is okay. You do not have to be a Feminist to fight for equality for women. Which in the UK and USA they do have btw.
  4. Great use of facts there.
  5. He's comp right tho, don't you think? All these videos of people gushing to bend the knee, it's being used as a form of subjugation and cops doing it through 40 ppl surrounding them and intimidation is disgusting.
  6. If we're all bias, how come they only focus in black people? It's identity politics at its worst, separating ppl into the colour of their skin. BLM will do nothing but harm relations. You can see that through the retaliation to their riots.
  7. Yet more great stats there. I bet you think you're so cool with all your knowledge and wit and lack of evidence. Well done, big bonus for you esp being a racist yourself who calls white people "Gammon".
  8. BLM direct from their website for fundraising - https://www.gofundme.com/f/ukblm-fund "We’re guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world." Dismantle imperialism? What imperialism? Captalism? You mean the system that's far better than any other. Even Denmark had to correct everyone that they were "socialist". White-supremacy? Seriously? In the UK, White-supremacy is the biggest threat to anyone in the UK? If these people were "brave" they would go after places that actually have modern day slavery. Saudi Arabia, China, most of the Middle East actually. They're just communists using racism as a stick to beat people with. And they're so OPEN about it. They literally telling people that's what they're doing, and everyone just tweets out the hashtag and keep their heads in the sand.
  9. Keep your head in the sand why don't you 😄
  10. If everyone could go to this link and see the mayors of the biggest fifty cities in the USA, you would see that 35/50 are Democrat held, several of these have long histories of being Democrat cities - such as Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_the_50_largest_cities_in_the_United_States If people really cared about the illusion of systemic racism, then why don't they go and direct their ire at the mayors (several of whom are black and have a long history of appointing black mayors)? Strange that so many of these cities seem to top the charts for the worst management of poverty, inequality, homelessness, health standards, hygiene standards etc. https://amac.us/americas-25-worst-cities-are-democrat-led-the-answer-new-leaders/ So, if so many people here support BLM (major backers of the Dems and vice-versa) and are obv. very anti-Trump, why is it always "racism" that has held people back? Chicago's demographics are 32% white, 30% Hispanic and 28% black, with a very long history of black mayors and Democrat held. If you really cared about institutional racism and support BLM you would go after the Democrats for it. Biden - 47 years in politics. Pelosi - 45 years. Chuck Schumer - 45 years. Why didn't they do anything about police reform and choke holds and police brutality? Trump - 4 years in politics. Made choke holds illegal except in life or death situations.
  11. In 2015 there were over 250,000,000 police interactions with people over the age of 16 in the USA. People killed in 2019 by cops - 1,004. The percentage of 1,004, divided by 250,000,000 is so small that it's completely insignificant. BLM telling everyone that black people are being hunted, gunned down for no reason in their houses, telling their children they could be killed at any moment walking home by the police is complete fantasy and all the people who have criticised the stats without any evidence to push their own narrative just because "ACAB" on this forum, in the press and in the wider world, have bought it hook line and sinker. Police interactions is here - https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cpp15.pdf You can easily find the police killed stats yourself. PS - it's absolutely hilarious how many people have replied to me (some nice, but in the very small minority) and either insulted me, dismissed the stats as being corrupted, or attacked my tone - all without any data to prove that racism is a big a problem as BLM make out. No wonder that Labour is losing when it keeps chasing the ID political vote. I suppose you're all the same people who are still shocked why Trump won the election.
  12. Did you read my original post? That has my conclusion in it. In summary - BLM are pushing a false narrative and they're nothing but a black nationalist group. I do NOT think that blacks are more "murderous" or some other pirate slang method of explaining my points. I am claiming that their theory that it's "all racism/it's systemic racism" is bullshit. There are too many examples of millions and millions of the black middle class/black celebrities and politicians etc to say that it's all racism. When does personal responsiblity take place?
  13. Oh, because David "The World Does Not Need Anymore White Saviours" Lammy would be so much better...
  14. Could you send me a link of this? My point still stands. Black to white murders are twice the rate of white to black murders. It should be the other way around, shouldn't it, if the USA is this horribly racist place? It should show that whites kill blacks far more often (whites are 66% compared to blacks 13.5%)..., should it not? But instead the data shows that black people kill twice as many whites, as whites kill blacks. It's a moot point you're making. I love how these stats are "grabbing random stats". Could you or anyone on this forum who has criticised what I've written show ANY evidence to refute my points or support their own? So far all I've received is character assassinations, insults, and stupid idiots making "nah" comments.
  15. Who said I wasn't interested in the why? This is a classic case of moving the goalposts. I was addressing why BLM are pushing a false narrative and now you're criticising I didn't include all the reasons why there are differences in attainment at high school or why there are more black children without a father at home. You're not interested in learning, you're just interesting in shifting the discussion. And I am blasé? Talk about projection. How do you know that I am being blasé? Are you watching me? Classic case of playing the man, and not the ball. Stick to the discussion, please, instead of saying something which reads as "You don't care about people getting murdered". FFS. What a ridiculous comment. Here are some more stats for you which you'll probably ignore and still say "nah" too, like the other guy who just makes comments for the likes. There are about 42,000,000 black people in the USA. Police shot 1,004 people last year. 250 were black, or 25%. Nearly all of them were black men armed with a weapon or resisting arrest. That means as a percentage this number of black people were shot by cops in 2019 - 0.00000595238% Does that seem like a large number to you? Compare that to the stats from the FBI about how many black people have killed other black people. Where are BLM for that? They're non-existent.
  16. Sorry, I don't mean to pick you out from many commenters on here but you could take any number of pictures and create a "this encapsulates the entire two movements'" narrative. Policewoman smashing her head into a traffic light because someone fired a flare gun at her horse vs BLM graffitiing a statue. White man being surrounded by black people and then being jumped from behind vs same white man being saved by police officers. Black conservatives being called Uncle Tom's vs BLM supremacists. The white guy who was being carried could very easily have been a BLM supporter himself, ppl just don't know. We need to stop looking for simple narratives in pictures or soundbites.
  17. Larry Elder redpilling Dave Rubin. LE also redpilled me actually. Five years ago, I would have been one of the people marching with BLM, but after watching LE explain it all I've changed my whole perspective.
  18. Hahaha. My skin is far too pale and my bank account is far too low, but that's a good comment 😄
  19. Thanks. I had a serious word with myself and I said I was doing a great job. Your attitude also stinks if all you've got is insults. Go watch Larry Elder explain it. He's a black conservative and regularly gets called an Uncle Tom, A Choc Ice (black on the outside, white on the inside), and a coon for his views from other black people (people who call themselves the tolerant left). He has all the facts. BLM just have feelings.
  20. And here is a good article dismantling the documentary 13th. https://medium.com/@xenocryptsite/ava-duvernays-13th-and-documentary-as-advocacy-some-factual-issues-92e50b250d0
  21. Wow, you are incredibly obtuse. Did you read my first comment OR my second comment? I AM NOT VICTIM BLAMING. I said clearly, GF did NOT deserve to die. I said I found it a sham that he is heralded as a hero, because his life was anything but heroic. I don't know how many times I can repeat myself. During the protests a man named David Dorn was also killed by looters. He was 74 years old and was a veteran of the police. He was killed defending a shop from looters who cowardly shot and killed him. BLM would prefer to represent GF than David Dorn.
  22. So, you really DO agree that there is systemic racism against white people for driving under the influence of alcohol? Becuase that literally does happen as well, according to your logic. Oh, Christ. Also, if you think all the data from all the police departments in all the counties and states has been manipulated and thousands of black men are being arrested for raping women - at five times the rate of their population - then please present your evidence to the world. This is your chance. This is your chance to prove it.
  23. Wow, you will literally go to any low to try and be correct. Your logic is flawed. If you scroll down to alcohol offences you can see the only ones where white people are over-represented. Are you saying (with your logic) that police are going out and tracking down white people to arrest them for driving under the influence and then not convicting them of that crime? Are you saying there is "systemic racism" against white people of driving whilst drunk? Give me a break. Are you saying that black men are being arrested for raping people at FAR higher rates than their population, because the people who were raped just wanted to blame a black person? The victims of rape just tell the police that is black men doing the assaults, because, meh, they hate black people?
  24. No, no, no. I will not let you misrepresent what I said. I said it's nonsense that GF is held as a hero or a martyr by BLM. His life was anything but heroic. I did NOT say that he deserved to die because of it. That's a horrendous accusation when I clearly did not say that. Go and re-read my post again. Also, it's funny how you complain about my apparent "character assassination" (which I didn't do), then you go on to try and do the same against Chauvin.
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