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    Its so fucking clearly wednesday, not even up for discussion. You get in early doors, as soon as the gates open, tent pitched by 10, sitting outside the Cornish Arms, pint in the sunshine, watching every other poor fucker stagger in as you periodically turn to your drinking companions with the refrain 'ooof, wouldnt want to be arriving now. Poor bastards'. mooch around the site, noting what's changed, which stalls are 10 metres to the left of where they were last time, like the best, most interactive 3d game of 'spot the difference' ever. and all the time, you're getting updates from your mates, who's in, who's pitched, who's at which services, who's not set off yet. then, mid afternoon, the gathering begins. Friends you've not seen since the last Glastonbury, people who flown over, people you love, hugs, pints, catching up, laughter, more pints. The feeling that this is where you're meant to be, the feeling that right now, at this moment, there's nowhere else on the entire planet you'd rather be, giddy with excitement and anticipation. you can stick you fucking Sunday up your bollocks.
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    I find myself wondering what I could possibly gain from attempting to converse with you, I don't understand how you manage so spectacularly to miss the point. I don't know who I'm doing this for, but.... ... in your hypothetical comparative situation: your packaged, measured, regulated, chilled Bulmers is all of those things because it's legal. The drug has been manipulated into the state you describe - you know exactly what you're taking, you know the active chemical is exactly the same as the last time, and the time before that. It says 5% on the bottle, you know exactly how much you're having and you know exactly the effect that a few of them will have on you. If alcohol was illegal, you'd have bought that substance in a test tube, beaker, or jonny off someone in an alley - he'd have made it himself in his bath, and would have had free rein to add anything he wants to in order to make it look or smell attractive or yield the profit he wants it to. So, when you got back to your socially acceptable garden scenario and started drinking it there's a significantly increased likelihood that you may end up 'wondering what's happening'. It would be nothing like your nicely chilled, packaged drug that you clearly enjoy so much. Do you need me to complete the circle of the comparison, or can you join the dots? I'm not one to argue pointlessly with people on the internet (apart from Neil from time to time ;-)) so I'm now out. You are of course entitled to your opinion, however wrong it may be.
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    I LOVE Tuesday night. I usually get there on Sunday or Monday now, so by Tuesday I've walked the entire site, watching it build and grow and visited my favourite spots and been to say hi to the dragon, and drunk lots of pints in lots of crew bars, and I know I should get an early night but nope... Wednesday morning I'm usually awake before 6am listening to Worthy FM and waiting for the massive YAAAAAYYYYYY when the gates open, and out and about by 8am watching the masses get in looking like they've won the fucking jackpot even though they're carrying their body weight in camping kit and it's 29C in the shade... I love the place when it's empty and all mine; I love it even more when you lot arrive on Wednesday morning!
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    A forum about festivals isn't the ideal place for a debate like this.....but......here goes..... I'm not a pill muncher. I think I had a 'funny' brownie once which made me a wee bit funny in the head. I'm a drinker. This is my own personal choice, due to being a) educated about what drug does what (benefits and risks) and b) knowing my limitations. This is just my own way of choosing what to use to enhance my enjoyment. HOWEVER, millions of people partake in recreational drugs every weekend. 90 odd percent in these fatalities are due to said drug of choice (mdma, coke, whatever) is due to said drug being laced with something that isn't the drug it was claimed to be. These things are happening now. If you ignore the legality of it, SURELY the best thing to prevent people from dying this way is some form of testing station. So you know what you are taking! Say you bought a bottle of voddie from yr local office, and it was laced with bleach. You would be life threateningly ill. Regulating drugs would mean knowing that officially sourced drugs were what they were claimed to be. And let's not even go into the official stats from the office of national statistics which state that there was 50 deaths in the UK in 2015 from mdma, yet 2016, good old LEGAL alcohol was responsible for over 7000 deaths here in blighty. Or the good old fag (legal) which is responsible for 80000 deaths in the UK in 2014. Or even my personal favourite, cake. I blooming love the stuff! Yet obesity counts for 30000 deaths annually. So....yeah. Educating yourself and knowing your limits is the best way to chose your own personal vice. Drug testing station aids that education. The end. X
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    What’s the maximum number of threads you’re going to open every day? Divide that by two and that’s how many people you’re going to fit in front of the Pyramid.
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    As efestivals has said above, that's pretty much normal for security staff. It's not a job you do if you actually want to go to a festival. I've done both work for ticket and paid security work at festivals and it's completely different. You have to treat it as a job, because it is one. If you really want to go to a festival work for your ticket don't try and do paid security work. Most security are actually paid, so of course they look at it as paid work. If you're earning up to 11 an hour (badged work with some companies, even more for close protection) and working 12 hour shifts it's a job, not work for ticket (especially as ticket price is a fraction of the amount you can earn) You're too knackered after most shifts to care who's on any of stages, if you're lucky enough to finish in time and you've got to remain sober enough to do your job (turn up drunk or drugged and get caught and you'll be dismissed and run the risk of losing your license, which you need for out of season work) so no hanging around stone circle until the wee hours. And most of these guys work from mid April through to late September doing one job to the next for a variety of companies. I've met a couple of people doing it who haven't needed to work out of festival season from doing it. You can also be told at 5am in the morning or half way through a shift your on a steward job so you're getting a few quid an hour less than you would for badged work (when calculating how much you'll earn if you're doing this, go with the steward payment and class badged work as extra money). Everything you do whilst on the clock and sometimes off it will be monitored as well, so enjoy the festival too much and you've lost work for the rest of the season with that company, and potentially others if their your only security reference. In terms of working for ticket they're generally more accommodating. You're expected to work far fewer hours. You can generally request certain shifts so you can see your favourite bands and your expected to pay a deposit (often the full amount but a few companies take a token amount) and bound to pay the full ticket price if you disappear. You could actually get let off early if it's quite where you are to go and see a headliner as you're almost always surplus to the actual security requirements (whereas with real security work, you've generally been placed somewhere you absolutely need to be and will be moved if you're needed elsewhere.) Don't take this as working for ticket being an easy ride, you're expected to work as hard as you can and do what your told to - just for far less time and you're going to be doing steward type jobs (marshalling, wristanding, crowd monitoring, ticket checking, traffic marshalling) rather than proper security (searching (although this can depend on the specific event, physical intervention, guarding licensed premises etc). The key difference is you'll actually see some bands (I was lucky enough to get Thurs/Fri when I did it and then be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend, not a luxury you get with proper security). Either way make sure you're stocked up on sun cream, warm clothing, hats and enough food to last your shifts. You can easily be in the middle of nowhere during your shift or you could easily be placed miles away from anywhere; and you'll never have enough time to queue for food on your breaks anyway. Oh and practice you're fake smile, it's customer service and 90% of people you meet are having the time of their life, so you need to match their mood even if you're starving, cold and miserable. Oh and be prepared for the thinking on your feet to try and solve the other 10%'s problems - that's part of your job. Either way it beats an office job any day of the week...
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    Idles haven't even played yet and I have a feeling they will be best set of the day
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    Wednesday isn't a full day. Saturday + Sunday are like Friday with less energy, so that leaves Thursday + Friday. Now, in theory it should be Friday, because that's when the bands are on, but Thursday is full of such joy and promise. Plus, there are actually bands on these days. Thursday.
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    One might suggest you are quite uneducated on the drug issue.
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    It was 2015, Clean Bandit were on the Other Stage when I noticed a tiny movement at my foot, I lifted my boot and a beetle went scurrying to my other boot, I thought how TF did you manage to get through all those people without getting squashed. I decided there and then this brave little beetle needed my help so I picked it up and put it in an empty bottle, walked it all the way to the outer perimeter of the festival and let it out into a little wooded area. So I missed Clean Bandit, but hey at least i did a little bit of good that day
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    well they have Migos headlining, so yes.
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    It took me a second to realise this was a drinking fountain icon, not a 'person being sick into a bin' icon
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    Deerhunter were fantastic
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    Walking up to Strummerville on Thursday evening by myself, watching a couple of young bands whilst drinking warm cider and realising that at the age of 51 I'd finally made it to Glastonbury. Just remember feeling so happy in that moment.
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    Nah but @Andre91 is gonna watch them at Leeds.
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    “Who is that old dude?” ”and why is he asking everyone about Nick Cave?”
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    So while it's debatable Spotify is the Devil but it has it uses. I'm very slowly making playlists for all the stages one by one as I found it's the best way to discover acts with the official playlist taking you from Ska punk to Hardtek and Psyc-Trance one after another and they only put one song per artist. Anyway going to start this here thread and update it as a when, I've made the playlists collaborative, if anyone wants to join in. DSTRKT 5: Scrap Yard, Robotica, Brocken Cores Tech Services (quite a few acts missing)
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    Only there for 2 days this year because my car broke down on Thursday and I was supposed to go LCD on the Sunday in Glasgow but that never happened Anyway, I got to play in the Something Else Tea tent on Friday and I managed to get some footage again. Check it out
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    At the airport waiting to fly out and a little more excited than I should be 😄 First time I've been abroad in thirteen years on a plane as I used to be afraid of flying but worked on it for a while. Someone get a pint of anything ready in Barcelona for me!
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    This, by any chance morph 100?
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    That post-headliner feeling That 1am feeling. The possibilities are endless. That middle of the night feeling. That Sunday evening feeling. One more night. That Monday morning feeling. Telling Glastonbury we'll see it in two years, in front of a beautiful sunset.
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    Up near the sign on thursay(?) of last year. Fallow years really are shit.