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    This is like when people say they're packing in Facebook and Twitter and are back posting 48 hours later. You'll all be sweating like Josef Fritzl on MTV Cribs come T-Day in October, you fucking crowd of drama queens.
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    How would that be fair on people on low incomes (or even people on hefty incomes) who don't have the time to spare because their job/s require a lot of hours? Or people with childcare responsibilities or care roles? Or people who live in areas with no certified community service orgs? I wouldn't really want to go if you have to prove yourself worthy, it's a festival not some sort of godly judgement
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    It wasn’t even 8mb 🙄 3 and a bit. So attached it here (realised limit here is 7mb). Should at least be a bit better quality than the one in the media. Enjoy
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    Then how do you explain George from Asda sitting on the end of my bed as I put on my pants this morning, huh?
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    I'm here. Give me 15 minutes and I'll get a programme and post up set times.
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    Not wanting a band to play because they were really good last time is one of the most bizarre comments peddled on this board.
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    “And if you’re at Glastonbury, there’s seven; because Chris Martin appears from the ether with his acoustic guitar.”
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    All the time in the world for arguments that it won't better 2009 and so on and so forth but fuck me we need those tunes in that field again Watching 2009 footage tonight, drunk and emotional and cannot believe it was 10 years ago. Fuck
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    Well, that was pretty bloody amazing, wasn't it, folks? Sunday in particular felt about as perfect as a festival day can be. Perfect weather, wall-to-wall banging sets (particularly BCUC and that crazy good My Nu Lueng finale!) and even some really amazing food choices thrown in for good measure. And the best bit, I'm not even feeling that much like shit today! Win. Lost my phone at some point when it bounced out of my pocket during an enthusiastic Prophets mosh. Some friendly souls nearby got their torches out to help me look for it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Minutes later, Prophets smashed out "Jump Around", and I accepted it's fate, At the end we stayed behind to find it and we found a phone which wasn't mine, and another guy holding up a set of car keys and a second phone (also not mine) whilst looking for his own lost phone, as well as someone who had lost a shoe. Amazingly, all phones were eventually reunited with owners (including mine, without a scratch on it!!) leading to a few group hugs with randomers. Big Boomtown love all round 🙂 I hope you guys all had a good one!
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    Blossoms going on stage in the middle of that pop/hip hop Main Stage run.
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    Thats what I did, kids have been coming since they were 18 (22&26 now) we spend time with each other when tastes align & otherwise do our own thing. They are as obsessed as me & more of their friends go each year. One of them said to my eldest this year "How old are your dad & his mate?" "57" "Will you promise we will both still be coming when we are 57?" "Of course" Made me smile, my time will be up only when I cant cope physically any more.
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    Music snobs who lambast people for enjoying meat and potatoes rock are just as bad as indie ladsladslads who denounce hip hop, pop and every other genre as 'not proper music. There's no such thing as a guilty pleasure, if you enjoy it then fucking own that shit.
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    Post Malone / Mura Masa / Andy C are the worst selections to end a night I've ever seen at R&L.
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    Anything with this phrase is bad.
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    I started a job when I was a smidgen younger than you are now, and stayed there for 28 years. Within those years there were good times at work, and bad times too. At the end, I was holding on to my job by the finger nails, as I hated it so much - with one of the reasons for that being the stress of the job. I got lucky in the end, and managed to orchestrate my own redundancy - hoorah! Anyway, after leaving that company (and after 28 years there), I soon learnt that there was a life outside of that company, and that that life could be a far better life than had I stayed. The questions that you ask are ones that I have, within myself, asked of myself ie. If I had my time all over again, would I have chosen the same path? The answer is a resounding 'No'. No, I wouldn't at all - as in, not in the slightest. It's a shame really to admit that you fucked up a good many years of your life, taking the pain, in order to feed something like a mortgage, when you could have been happier and fed the same thing - if that's your bag, or replace mortgage with anything else, as you so wish. Given your young age, I would urge you not to get to my age and regret sucking up to the comfort that a stable, albeit stressful, job can provide. To my minds eye, now, job satisfaction would be paramount. One final thing, which is a piece of advice my older brother told me - which I din't take heed of. He said to me that ' The graveyard is full of people who thought that they were indispensable'. The same applies with your job now. Don't think that the pat on your back from a boss for taking the stress 'means' anything. I'll tell you now that it does not. If you want happiness in a job environment, then you are going to have to go and find it, because it's very unlikely to come knocking at your door and say 'I've arrived'. I wish you all the very best.
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    I sense a monty python sketch developing here . Nine hours? Luxury!
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    Right so I’ve finally (sorry!) got around to the all important jar business! I present the Coffee Jar of Destiny.
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    If I get a signal, I will post them.
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    Interesting (perhaps not to anybody else) anecdote. I can tell you what happened in a Community Shield game. 2005, Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal. I was 11 years old. Entered a comp in Match Magazine to design the front cover of the programme. Only went and won! I drew it with an explosion between the badges but they photoshopped it out due to the 7/7 bombings a mont earlier. The game was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and my Spurs supporting Dad drove us down on the day. I got the Chelsea badge temporarily tattooed on my face in a McDonalds in Cardiff before the game and Chelsea won with a certain Didier Drogba (Arsenal bully!) netting twice. Here's the programme for those who fancy a laugh...
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    Went with my 24 year old for the 3rd year running and yep, noticed a difference this year but not actually enough to stop us buying tickets again this morning. I think it's a great mid sized festival and with a few tweaks, could be ace Great Plains was huge this year and all the pre erected tents was on flat ground leaving the rest of us peasants on a slope. Twas ace to get home and sleep on a level bed. Loads of people moaning about the trek from the car park? Seriously?!?! You've obviously never felt the pain of being sent to the Pink car park at Glastonbury... you might as well be parked in Bristol! 10 min walk tops from parking to camping with a bit of a hill. Bit knackering in the heat of Thursday but it wasn't totally horrendous Expensive beer and food prices. Again really? It's not really any different to any other festival. Every other festival I've been to, including Glastonbury with the exception of the addition of Co-op this year, has a huge mark up on ice. 5 quid a pint and 2.50 a soft drink/canned water isn't all that different to anywhere else. Every member of security we encountered were fab. Special mention goes to the one manning the road between Great Plains and the arena on Sunday. I toddled down to go and buy some smokes but he couldn't let anyone through as the arena was late opening whilst they tried to clear some mud. He promptly went and got some of his own smokes to give me. Absolutely superstar! The main stage was like a lake when we walked past early hours Sunday morning. I'm actually impressed they managed to get it open at all on Sunday! The biggest change this year though was that it appears Kendal is the new right of passage after GCSEs that Leeds and Reading is. I get I probably sound like my Ma and I am a huge advocate for 16 year olds being the future of festivals... you can only rehash 90s indie bands that my generation generally love so many times but please... learn some fucking gig etiquette! I don't doubt for one second there were also 30 somethings acting like knobs. I didn't encounter any though. I did encounter my fair share of teens chewing their faces off and trying to barge to the front of the stage well in to set start times in big long lines all holding hands and then being abusive when told there was no space to get anywhere. It's just seriously rude and the only time in 30 years of gigs I've left the front of the stage was during Nile Rodgers... a disco act for fucks sake because it was just getting ridiculous. Stuck my arms up to clap and then couldn't get them back down again! Drink what you like. Take what you like. Just be considerate of those around you!
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    The rain was pretty heavy too lol
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    Full time grandparenting from today onwards.. Baby Eliza today and bady Evie in a few weeks..baby Eliza was one yesterday.. Mad ah .. And as on q here she is.. 2 of my angels Byeeeeeeeee
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    New App been released for Boomtown today with all days and times released https://www.woovapp.com/event/7885
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    Despite the sweltering conditions for building a festival... the crew seem to be in good spirits. Big up the build crew!
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    Can see Vistas packing the FR tent out. They are getting much higher slots elsewhere. Not sure why they have been put on that tent at midday
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    Today as I have a week off work and its a while since the festival, myself and @jc2000 went for a quick wander around the site .... Parking at pilton skate park ... down to the Festival office to get the Pilton Party tickets .... then through the wood ..checking out our campsite by the john peel ... pyramid ... around the backstage of silver hayes ... other field to the Glade ... quick cocktail in the spike bar (thought they might not be open ... but the service was great ) Pirate ship and then back past the pyramid spotting the ribbon tower top and big silver wing adornment up near the farm .. light shower as we arrived but apart from that sun shinning and heavens opened as we drove back through Glastonbury
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    Would these community service bouts run concurrently or consecutively with any court announced community orders that may also apply to applicants? Asking for a friend.
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    Got to say that we’re seriously thinking of not trying for tickets in October. Since we first started going in 2010 it took on a huge level of importance and we were gutted the three years we failed to get a ticket. The first of those three we went on holiday which was a complete waste of money because we sat in the most beautiful place I’d ever been to and just talked about what would have been happening at the festival at that moment. The second time, we decided to pay an extortionate amount to glamp it and get the hospitality tickets. This past year, when we yet again missed out in October, we thought about going the glamping route again but decided that it would have too great an impact upon the rest of our lives. It felt weird making that decision, a bit like I was betraying a good friend, but it was the right decision for us. It’s had a really strange effect though. Wednesday of the festival this year hurt like hell. Reminiscing about the packing up of the car, the driving down to site, collecting various people as we went, the constant worry about queues to get in, traffic etc etc. Lordy, the excitement involved in all that! But by Thursday, that hurt was all over. I watched most of the festival from the comfort of my home and felt really happy for the people enjoying themselves. Thought a couple of acts were astonishing and then realised they were acts I wouldn’t have chosen to go to if I’d been there. So my mind was actually broadened more (musically at least) by being at home than it would have been if we’d been at the festival. Then we went to a tiny (by comparison) festival last weekend and had an absolute ball of a time. It was like all the things we love most about Glastonbury Festival but without the things that make it difficult or not-quite-as-enjoyable-as-you’d-like-it-to-be. I’ve realised that equally great times can be had elsewhere. Though we’ve enjoyed some great acts at Glastonbury over the years, after 2010 we didn’t go for the music and missed as many ‘must-sees’ as we actually caught. The ‘other’ stuff - the friendliness, the kindnesses, the chatting with random people, the dancing as if no-one is looking, the laughing - were actually more readily available at the smaller festival. So we spent more time doing that stuff and that’s the stuff that I love. I’m not saying that we definitely won’t be trying in October but it’s less likely than it was a little while ago. And I’m definitely not saying that I’ll never go to Glastonbury again - in fact I would love to volunteer one time so that I could give something back to a place that changed me forever and, I hope, for the better.
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    Find a local who owns a well and a big dog.
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    Theres an increased risk now that Glastonbury 2020 will be cancelled if the weather is bad.
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    Completely reiterate this. It always baffles me on this forum, and other forms of social media, when people conflate 'I don't like them' with 'they're not big enough'. It is an unavoidable shame about Beirut, but if the festival always had Barnett headlining and Tempest on before I doubt anybody would have claimed that is not a strong Saturday night. Also, three cheers for a female-dominated Woods Stage on Saturday night! I am also saying this as someone who is not a fan of Tempest whatsoever and very peeved Barnett and Low are now clashing.
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    Bizarre that some of you are suggesting that Kate Tempest isn't big enough to play before the headliner even thouhh she is much bigger than Baxter Dury, who is in the same slot the night before. Also, the suggestion that Simon didn't care because it has already sold out is absolutely laughable. I won't see either of Tempest or Barnett but am actually quite happy that they're on the bill.
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    So, here we are, there has been a "Boris Surge" and it seems like the Conservatives now have a 10 point lead over Labour. Most of that surge seems to be from men switching from Brexit and Lib Dems. Boris would most likely win a General Election tomorrow in FPTP, which is what we have. Women, sensibly, are still far more suspicious of Boris and Remain inclined. Do you know any Boris supporters? I do. Well off, self employed, male, leavers, yes I know them. Self Interested, deluded frankly (IMHO), certainly no Socialist tendencies whatsoever. Still only a third of voters actually approve of Boris, but that will likely be enough for a working majority after an election. There is no way that the leadership in the the Labour Party will relinquish power now and there is no way that JC is going until he looses the coming election. So here we are. Insane no-Deal Brexit looms. Leavers harp on and on about Democracy, well there is no faint hint of a majority when it comes to No-deal in either Parliament or the Electorate. Yet here we are, they hold all the cards. What can we do? March? Shout? Civil Disobedience? Let them fail and watch our country go to the dogs, then re-join in X years time? Nobody knows, nobody has an answer. We are utterly screwed. I never thought the World would come to this. Hope is fading. This is like a faint memory now. Barack Obama while imperfect, was so, so much better than anything, anywhere that we have currently. I thought all that racist bullshit was over and gone, yet still it abides. This seems ludicrously light hearted in light of our current circumstances, it was so beautiful at the time. I wish we could roll back time. "It's like the Red Wedding"
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    I love it. Despite all the chin stroking, obscure band name-dropping and general musical snobbery around here (and I include myself in this btw) what we clearly all want as a collective is some pop music bangers in the sunshine to let our hair down and dance to. Long may it continue
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    Liam Gallagher would be such a boring headliner. Not like I'm a huge fan whatsoever but I'd much rather Slipknot as they're a much more interesting booking.
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    Ive had a couple of instances of bad news over the last couple of weeks that has made me more determined than ever to keep going whilst I can ... the son of someone I work with died in a motorbike accident, he worked at Asda a few years ago and whilst I didn't know him as a friend it was someone I spoke to and he was only 27 ... and someone else I worked with I found out today had committed suicide ... its brought some perspective into my life to make the most of those valuable times of enjoyment and Glastonbury is definitely one of them ... It is also time to start introducing some new things also that will be things to look forward to in harder times as life isn't always quite so rosey
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    We've got M in the place with a beard on half his face.
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    None, there’s way better things to be doing at glasto
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    Just seen he has a single out.
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    Can't help but feel the "the 50th will be my last" is the equivalent of "I'll l have one more drink, then an early night"
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    T-day for 2021 is looking like a cakewalk.

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