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    *****Sad post alert**** I’m sorry to have to let everyone know, Big Dog has left Pilton to join the dog pack in the sky. We are completely devastated. He has made his last weather and ground report here on Earth, where he worked hard, but was rewarded with biscuits. Next he will now enjoy eating rabbit shit, rolling in fox poo and being a generally huge doofus on his next journey. RIP Big Dog. 😥
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    Sorry to break it to you, but my best friend also has no family in the area. I am fully aware of how contagion works. By your assessment I am just as likely to be responsible for someone else's life by getting groceries. If they're holding mass gatherings we are clearly going to be beyond the point where a 2 week quarentine is necessary. I'm not the one in control of whether mass events are happening or not, and I am 100% following quarentine rules. This is also a HYPOTHETICAL thread about your own personal risk if a mass gathering was ALLOWED. No one is talking about going to secret illegal very fun sounding underground raves. But I am not going to wait inside for a vaccine if life has resumed.
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    I love the fact that I'm getting so much of my information about the biggest, most significant event in my lifetime from someone called Toilet Duck.
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    I know her well. Worked in the same institute for 11 years and have even collaborated with her. Unfortunately, she lost the plot quite some time ago. It’s a pity, she was a decent scientist (and a nice person), but she had a rough time and it’s led to her believing the system is against her. No validity to her arguments at all. If you want the opinions of a lucid Irish immunologist, listen to Luke O’Neill. While we’re at it, rubbishing the Imperial #9 report because it wasn’t peer-reviewed is also disingenuous. It wasn’t an academic paper, it was a report. While it wasn’t submitted for publication, it was made freely and publicly available. Far from not being peer reviewed, I reckon it’s been pored over by every epidemiologist and public health scientist in the world. Peer review is generally 3 other academics, this one has been scrutinised to a degree that most published papers never are. After all that, most scientific advisors the world over accept its conclusions. Only Swedish eugenicists seem to have a problem with it.
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    Lockdown 2020 .... 19 hidden lockdown words .... and lockdown 2020 ... can you spot them ?
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    Gateshead! I knew it was them! Even when it was the coronavirus I knew it was them!
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    I'm loving being more in touch with nature again. I've hiked 133 miles so far this month, am intent on doing Hardian's Wall Walk when safe and permissable to do...
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    Matt, people who were infected do generate protective antibodies. How long they last for is the question nobody can answer yet as it hasn’t been around long enough. SARS/MERS generated a fairly stable immune response that lasted for a long time, it helped the virus die out. The immune response to the coronaviruses that circulate every year is more transient, it lasts about a year, so you can get reinfected. They don’t kill many people, so we haven’t bothered to even attempt a vaccine, they are just some of the many viruses that cause the common cold. Best evidence that an immune response to this one is generated is the fact that convalescent plasma therapy has been tried (taking plasma containing antibodies from patients who have recovered and using it to treat those with the disease). This has been shown to work, so it means there is at least a transient but potent immune response to infection (it’s not practical to use this approach to treat everybody). There’s better evidence that you can’t get it again (at least in the short term, and probably long enough to last til a vaccine arrives), than there is that you can get reinfected quickly. Most interpretations of the handful of cases were people have been reinfected is that they have relapsed, not been reinfected (ie, their immune system didn’t completely clear the virus first time). Try not to worry so much, I know it’s stressful, but there are ways out of this for us all, even before we get a vaccine.
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    Hi 2020...no problem at all. I'm currently a Professor in a large Medical School. My specialty is cancer. Did my training for that all over the world (in the US, I did my postdoctoral training at Columbia in New York and Harvard Med School in Boston; spent time at Glasgow Uni too; also did a spell at the Netherlands Cancer Institute; and spent the summer before last on sabbatical at Georgetown University in Washington (well, there was no Glasto!)). My primary degree was in Microbiology and my PhD was in Virology (viral oncology to be specific, which is how I end up in cancer research!). I don't pretend to know everything, it's been a while since I was a practicing virologist (though we use viruses to engineer cancer cells pretty much all the time and I'm on our institutional biosafety committee...I say we, I don't do any lab work anymore, my grad students and postdocs do all the work!...I think they'd get a good laugh out of seeing me in a lab coat with a pipette in my hand to be honest). I work with others who are part of the expert group advising the government here, so I get the chance to talk to them about this in meetings about other things (and they get lots of questions from the rest of us about what is going on!). In terms of meeting Nobel laureates, it doesn't happen all that often. We invite them to speak at the university and sometimes you get to go for dinner with them afterwards, or you run into them at conferences (scientists are generally happy to talk about science!).
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    Just sent the below: Dear Ruth, I hope you and your family are well during this difficult time. I, as most of the country, have been watching the Mr Cummings saga unfold over the past few days. The initial reports certainly did not sound good, however I wanted to wait until after hearing a detailed account from Mr Cummings himself before writing to you. Having watched Mr Cummings' press conference earlier today, and the daily press briefing from the Prime Minister, I feel compelled to write to you to voice my disgust at the government's handling of this scandal. During the incredibly well orchestrated account from Mr Cummings, I did not hear anything to make me think he was acting in a reasonable way, in line with the government guidance. The phrase "one rule for them, another rule for us" has been thrown around a lot this weekend, and Mr Cummings failed to assure me that is not the case here. A privileged, wealthy man travelled the length of the country for childcare support, when the rest of the UK population diligently followed the very clear "Stay Home" government guidelines. Mr Cummings' defence seems to be that his situation was exceptional, and his actions were therefore acceptable using an apparent loophole in the guidance. This is simply unacceptable. I am sure you have heard many stories of people who have struggled to care for their children while suffering with Covid-19, and many other stories of hardship and sacrifice. Assuming Mr Cummings is correct and his circumstances did warrant using this loophole in the guidelines, the question remains: why did the rest of the country sacrifice so much during similar circumstances? Why was no one else aware of this loophole? The government guidance was incredibly clear during that period, and the apparent exclusions for child safeguarding have only come to light in the aftermath of the reports on Friday evening. Indeed "safeguarding" appears to the Conservative word of the week. I must stress that I have sympathy for any parent trying to care for a child while they have Covid-19, however his actions are not acceptable. It is simply the behaviour of a member of the privileged elite, taking advantage of the rules to visit their family estate, where the rest of the population did not. This is without going in to the unbelievable, and laughable, description of Mr Cummings' trip to Barnard Castle as some form of elaborate eyesight test. This is not a political issue - this is an issue of immense frustration and anger amongst the British people, and I find that the government has completely misread the mood of the nation. Reading the comment section of the Daily Mail website for example, which are usually incredibly supportive of the Conservatives, it's clear this has upset people across the political divide. We have endured an incredibly difficult period over the past 2 months, and the actions of Mr Cummings, and the sickening defence from Ministers and MPs have frankly made the situation even worse. What Mr Cummings fails to recognise in his diversionary attack on the media is that people are furious about his initial actions of driving to Durham. This is something the UK public felt unable to do in a similar situation when we all acted for the good of the community, not ourselves. The finer details of the story, some of which seem to have been admittedly incorrect in media reports, are largely irrelevant; that's what the government fails to understand. Simply by driving to Durham and claiming his actions were acceptable is the crux of the issue. Mr Cummings, the Prime Minister, the supportive MPs and Ministers are trying to gaslight the population, trying to convince us this guidance was clear all along and Mr Cummings' actions were reasonable, and I find that quite sickening from a democratic government. I feel the longer this situation continues without strong and decisive action from the Prime Minister, the weaker Mr Johnson's position becomes, and it comprises any future public health guidelines published by the government. It begs the question: why is the Prime Minister bending over backwards to defend an advisor? If Mr Cummings has so much influence over the Prime Minister, that raises an entirely different, and more serious, set of questions. I would appreciate if you could publicly request the resignation of Mr Cummings, or an inquiry in to his actions at the very least. It's incredibly important for MPs, particularly Conservative MPs, so show strength here and not accept these flimsy excuses from Mr Cummings and the Prime Minister, against the best interests of the country, and when we have all sacrificed so much. Many thanks for taking the time to read this email.
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    This is the crossover I never knew I needed.
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    Thank you to everyone for your kind words. Having had the privilege of sharing our house with lots of dogs over the years we know this part is the most painful. Slightly more difficult as it was so fast and, although he was a big dog, he was still not elderly. but we have great memories and the chew marks on the stairs. And of course he will live on as part of the “state of the ground” flag which will fly again at festivals next year.
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    As it happens, I've met Luc (nice bloke, more genuine than Bob Gallo who I also met!). Unfortunately, it's still its an opinion and the facts that you seem to think are sacred are not shown (you posted clip to another professor showing facts, but these were cherry-picked to illustrate a point and ignored all the other facts pointing the other way, from exactly the same paper quoted). The pre-print you've referenced also doesn't prove anything (though they do speculate...if I was reviewing it, the speculation would be removed prior to publication as it isn't supported by the data presented). The Nature paper describing the virus (which has been peer reviewed and pored over by virologists and molecular biologists the world over) also addressed the question, but provides key facts as to why it is unlikely that it was engineered (not just the RNA sequence, but the types of post-translational modifications evident that could only have occurred via evolution in an organism with an immune system). Until I see that level of evidence (published in one of the top journals in the world; Nature, Cell or Science please) irrefutably proving human manipulation, then I'll stick to what has been proven so far rather than speculating. I'm not naive enough to think we know everything, of course we don't. I also don't doubt that human interference at some level has contributed to this (and it's entirely possible that it came out of a lab through a leak, I've worked in many, all over the world and some have better protocols than others). What I will say is that if it turns out that is was engineered (and so far the evidence doesn't support this), then it is one of the most sophisticated pieces of genetic engineering I've ever seen, with a massive amount of work put in to engineer useless changes to make it seem random (and Occam's razor suggests that the simplest explanation, i.e. they are random, is most likely to be true).
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    Go on, I’ll bite. I’m certainly not deluded and I see no evidence of this. So, please point me in the direction of it as it’s fairly easy to make this claim, yet pretty difficult to prove. I’ve looked at the molecular structure of this virus myself (and I understand what I’m looking at) and evidence of engineering is absent. Perhaps you can show me your research that proves otherwise?
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    Some might remember a photo I put on here a few weeks ago of a swan who had decided to build her nest on our local beach as it was so quiet. Took a walk past it this afternoon and great to see that her eggs have hatched! At least three cygnets. Look carefully here and you will see them. Her partner is also close by keeping watch on his family! So some good news!
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    the government doesn't 'have money', it has access to money through borrowing. same as it did after the crisis. growth in the last decade was crippled by tory austerity and tory brexit. Heres some econ for ya: the standard formula for GDP is given as: gdp = consumption + investment + government spending + (export-imports) brexit scuppered investment so that goes down, austerity scuppers govt spending so that goes down. consumption is the biggest component and is a function of people's disposable income and what is called the marginal propensity to consume (what % of that disposable income you are gonna spend). there is also something called multiplier effect. so, i pay for a haircut and that is counted in the gdp but the hairdresser uses that to pay for pints, also counted in gdp, the landlord of the pub then uses that to pay for... etc etc. in bad times, there are more poor people and poor people spend more of their disposable income. so the marginal propensity to consume is higher on average, multiplier effect is higher, the boost to consumption is higher, the tax revenue from consumption taxes (VAT) is also higher. the interest rates for govt borrowing have been ridiculously low in the last decade. so the government can borrow super cheap, spend, boost disposable incomes, boost consumption, boost gdp, boost the reciprocal consumption tax receipts. AND there has been very little inflationary pressure. so there has never been a better time to borrow to spend than the last ten years except perhaps right now for the next year. the proof has been in the pudding, the countries that eschewed austerity performed better post-crisis than those who implemented austerity. but, an even better solution would be to tax the higher earners or have some small wealth tax, which would boost the coffers without really having a material impact on gdp. a lot of rich folks earnings/wealth is static, dead money, because rich people have a very low propensity to consume, so redistributing that money to the poor is only positive. oh also that tax burden is an average and inclusive of all that shite you mentioned. also worth taking a look at the hdi / median gdp/capita / happiness of the highest tax burden countries on that map and that of the lowest and reconsidering whether high tax, high spend is a bad strategy. also it'd be fucking delightful if they made dividends taxed at parity to income. i heard on radio 5live the other day some weapon of an MD saying he couldn't put himself on furlough because he'd been paying himself in dividends. boo bloody hoo, big fat snidey business snide.
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    My pleasure - it's a tale I look back on rather fondly. I have actually just dug up some of the pictures from my facebook. Please remember these are from 2011 which is why I look nothing like I do now I've just remembered one other part of the story... when we were talking to Olly, Caroline Flack turned around and said "Oh my god are you Welsh!? Let's have a picture". So I'm claiming, on a technicality, that she's asked us for a picture
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    Primavera's job? The Spanish government has not decided yet about music festivals. Are you talking about Primavera's job or Spanish government's job? Yes, we all know that will not take place. But, at this very moment, there is not a prohibition from the government. There are several festivals in the same situation: BBK Live, MadCool, Low Festival, Azkena Rock, Vida, Ressurection, and many more. All of them taking place before Primavera (June/July). All of them waiting to see how to deal with the situation. For you is easy to say: "hey, give me my money back". Everybody wants the same. But if my boss refunds all his costumers in cash (I work at a tour operator), probably I will not get my salary (which, by the way, was cut in 33%, since we are in lay-off). So, to honor is duties, he gives vouchers to the clients, so they can use them later. Is it the ideal? No. But, is better than nothing. And I would say the same for any other festival. Yes, Primavera is my favorite festival. Yes, their communication sometimes can be awful. And yes, they are a business and, besides their "love" for music and music fans, they want the business to be profit (do you like to work for free?). But they gave me some of the best moments of my life (musically speaking, but even further). I like to show them some respect.
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    the issue with having a nuclear deterrent is this: If you fire it first then it’s not a deterrent, if you fire it second it wasn’t a deterrent
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    Morning folks...latest update in CoV news...Excellent paper from a team at Peking University published a couple of days ago in Cell (for the non-scientists out there, if the New England Journal of Medicine is the pinnacle of Medical research, Cell is top dog for Biology). This one has been peer reviewed (since lack of this has been used as a stick for other studies!). What they have done is characterised neutralising antibodies from convalescing COVID patients. This used to take for ever and was not something that could be done during the early stages of a pandemic, but they have used the advances in single cell sequencing that have become more readily available over the last while to trawl through the bits of B cells that make antibodies and find those that target the virus. They found 14 directed against the ACE2 binding region of the virus, the best of which showed very strong activity in a mouse model (genetically engineered to express the human ACE2 receptor...not a natural model, but better than some other in vitro studies that used non-human cells with "ACE2-like" receptors). When the mice were treated with the antibodies, it reduced viral load by a massive amount. Not only that, but it worked prophylactically too (ie, given before the mice were exposed to the virus, it protected them from infection). They identified a number of antibodies, all directed against the same part of the virus, but to slightly different parts, meaning that combinations them would still kill the virus if the virus mutated bits of itself to avoids being killed by one of them. Early days, but convalescent plasma therapy has been shown to work (just not feasible to get the large amounts of plasma needed to treat everybody), and now that we know what the antibodies themselves look like, manufacturing synthetic ones is possible. The team have pushed this new antibody forward into a clinical trial already (we use antibody-based drugs for loads of diseases, so it's not a new approach, just the target is new this time).
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    I quick google of "hamster mask" just gave me this absolute delight 😃
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    Not made it into any papers but I do have a story from The Brit Awards probably around 10 years ago no. I think I've told this story on here before but... My team won an all expenses paid trip to go... sat fairly near the front (over the barrier was where all the celebrities were sat.) When the event finished one of my teammates tried to jump the barrier but got caught and escorted out by security. Myself, two friends and MANAGER were all quite drunk and noticed that there was now gap in security watching the barriers. A quick hop over the barrier, over the camera run and another barrier and we were in. We managed to speak to a load of your typical Brit Awards celebrities (Olly Murs, Caroline Flack, Emma Willis, Paddy McGuinness, Keith Lemon are the ones I remember - so use the term celebrity fairly loosely here). We spotted Rihanna and tried heading over that way but security clocked on. To be fair they were sound and said they knew what we had done but were causing no problems so they left us to it but that Rihanna was probably a step too far They directed us towards the exit but what they didn't realise is the exit they sent us to was the one all the celebrities were using so we got to walk out the red carpet! So the press are there taking everyones pictures, including ours... I love the thought that back in the office the next day everyone was probably trying to figure out "who are these people?" Finally - we got to the "fans" section of the walk out, some hanging around outside and a group of teenage girls asked us who we were and if we could sign their books. At the time Mumford and Sons were very new so nobody really knew what they looked like. I said we were Mumford and Sons, we signed their books and left. Somewhere, someone has my signature thinking I'm a Mumford or a Son Pretty sure our pictures wouldn't have made it into any papers though.
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    I don’t understand the people holding out hope it goes ahead, why would you actually go? There will be no vaccine at that point so you would go risking the chance you become infected? Taking it home to your loved ones? Even if you are young how are you to know that you or your family don’t have an underlying health issue that you aren’t aware of? You’d be taking unnecessary risks with life.
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    I woke up very concerned today. Yesterday we had 4,406 new confirmed cases and 693 new deaths, which is higher than any country in mainland Europe right now. When the news leaked that lockdown would be eased, I thought it was going to be a gradual reopening of more non-essential shops and businesses, construction sites, public buildings, but still heavily enforcing social distancing and stay at home orders. I thought it would be a marginal improvement but not a real noticeable difference. It now looks like this is going further than I expected, and Boris is looking to tell Brits they can have picnics & unlimited outdoor exercise from Monday as lockdown is relaxed as well. No doubt this means now that people will be visiting others, meeting up in larger groups, and probably putting this whole thing to the back of their mind. I’m worried vulnerable people are being put to unnecessary risk to curb to pressure from bored, ill-educated, and opportunistic twitter bots and public commentators who get a hard on for Trump’s America where swathes of the population beg on their knees to go back to work. I’m worried we are rushing to catch up or overtake mainland Europe who are (if you look at the facts) nowhere close to easing lockdown measures such as this. People in Spain and Italy are only now being allowed to exercise. However, because it’s being reported as an easing of the lockdown, and attention is being drawn to the British government to do something too because so many of us are completely devoid of nuance, or reading between the lines. I’m worried that there is pressure to release lockdown because simply it looks bad if Britain isn’t doing it and other countries are. This is regardless of whether Britain is ready for such thing. I have very little trust in the government at the moment. They, and many others, denied this was a problem right up until they couldn’t say it was anymore. Then, they had the audacity to try and say that they considered it a problem all along. We are now the worst affected country in Europe and virtually no British media is allowing this to be portrayed as the case. They are playing into the fact that a lot of people are fatigued about this and probably don’t care. They don’t want attention to be drawn to the government who ill prepared us. While some countries locked down early as a precaution, were were just told to wash our hands and then ridiculed when we’d attend a public gathering. I didn’t sign up to live in North Korea, criticism of the government and scrutiny of their failed measures is not treason, and the leader is not supreme. It makes the government look like they consider the British population a Petri dish. It feels like the government is willingly walking into a second wave to try and deter attention that we are the worst affected country in Europe. I don’t trust that these new measures will be thought out well at all, and I’m deeply concerned about the knee jerk reactions that are going to come off the back of it. A second wave would put us up to Christmas and face the risk of cancelling the entirety of next summer to. To those whose immediate response is “well the British Public won’t stand for it”, “bunch of rubbish”, or “they’d never go that far here” - think about the last time you thought that and what actually happened. Just some thoughts...over and out. I’m worried more unnecessary deaths are going to come from this governments desire to look ahead of the curve when they are really trailing behind.
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    As a young healthy person who lives alone, with no family nearby, I wouldnt hesitate going to anything right now. My personal risk is low and the chance of me spreading it to anyone at risk is also low. At some point the not living is worse than the dying to me.
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    Coldplay 2016 - I was on me own as everyone in my group had gone to LCD. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy to be be there on my own, quite happy in my own company for a while! But a group of about six Welsh lads & lasses, all happily sloshed, adopted me, arms round for the singalongs, and their positive spirit matches the colours and lasers and big songs. They were lovely to me and I told ‘em that at the end, and that’s one of the very best shows I’ve ever been to as a result!
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    Thank you for all your positive thoughts! My mum is out of hospital and back at home!! 👍🏻 hope your Dad is continuing to improve Northern Ringo! 🌈💙
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    Re-watching this in full for the first time – rocket fuel from start to end. I love that the band have their own redemption arc with the farm: turned down replacing Kylie in 2005, were victims of fortune in 2007, blew the roof off the JP in 2017 with a set they more or less called their best to that point, and then go better that two years later. It's a great story and clearly means the world to Brandon. Good on 'em
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    Thanks everyone the cough and the fever. No breathing issues so I wasn’t at risk of hospitalisation. Luckily my lungs have always been strong.
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    Front runners in the race for a vaccine are the Jenner Institute at Oxford Uni in partnership with Astra-Zeneca (British/Swedish)...next in line is GSK (British) in partnership with Sanofi (French). Far from American Pharma leading the charge, British and European partnerships are leading the world on this! Both are building on work that has already taken years to get to this point, so while expedited compared to normal, they aren’t entirely rushing things. Ethical distribution has also been built into the partnerships from what I can see. British scientists and research institutes are world class. One of the things that saddens me most about Brexit (sorry!) is the possibility of losing fantastically productive partnerships we have with British research groups as part of EU research programmes. Hopefully someone somewhere sees sense and buys into the programme like the Swiss, as I’d really like to keep working with British labs!
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    And this, in a nutshell, is why many of us are so keen to see Scotland leave the UK. Pathetic comments.
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    Cruilla haven't confirmed anything AFAICS but at least they're communicating, which is more than Primavera are doing. Primavera's communications are crap, is this news to anyone? Not that it makes any difference in practice. Cruilla and Primavera are both in the same boat: they can't unilaterally cancel until the government says so, otherwise they're dead as companies. BTW, Cruilla customers have no more assurance on refunds right now than Primavera customers do: "different options" isn't a 100% guarantee, otherwise they would say 100% guarantee. I don't know if anyone else is looking at the wider tourism picture, but European governments (including Germany, Spain, Italy and France) are pushing the EU to abolish the rules and allow airlines to issue vouchers instead of refunds for cancelled flights. This is the pattern for the tourism/cultural sector, it seems. Cruilla won't happen in July, Primavera won't happen in August. Everyone knows it. This year is done. If you want the festivals happening again next year, think about vouchers instead of refunds.
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    I thought I'd post a couple of photos from my morning walk today, seeing as it is Beltane - the beginning of summer. (Beltane - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beltane) View of the Tor from Millennium Field first thing (0630 - after sunrise though - that was too early for me!) Not too crowded - a few people about but all keeping social distance. A few campervans about but no where near as many as usual for this type of event. I thought this one was promising - as I was walking back down, the clouds parted slightly to let a ray of sunlight shine on the festival site (that light beam is literally pointing to the site!). A good sign, I'd like to think, on Beltane.
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    News from the frontline: 50% of the beds on Mrs Lycra's covid-19 unit are now empty. Positive but sombre news. Many have died, including 3 of her hospital colleagues. I wanted to share this with all to give you a sign the situation is improving, albeit slowly. But please please please do not relax your guard: the war is far from being won.
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    Getting pissed no festival. I'll have me own.. Flags up, tent up. Pissed.. Sold tent.. Left no trace.. As it should be
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    This is completely unnecessary. This thread is here to be supportive of each other! Not only is it rude to the OP and teachers,I'd just rather not read this shit when I first wake up. Happy Monday everyone!
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    Colleagues keep asking why my Zoom background is two Wayne Rooneys.
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    So everyone should stay at home, until when? The end of the year? Next year? The year after? Meanwhile the private sector collapses, reduced taxes collected, no more NHS. It’s got fuck all to do with a ‘lovely country’ or the government getting a free pass, and everything to do with reality. The world can only pause for so long. We long ago decided hundreds of thousands dying each year from influenza was acceptable, at some point the same decision will be taken with covid 19. If we don’t then there’s no more economy.
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    So lets just hope they do not repeat the same mistake and put the Covid-19 virus on the lineup for 2021
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    Update from me: last night, after a few wines, I grew the balls to actually search for anywhere else to live. I didn't expect to cope doing it, but not only did I cope, I actually found somewhere. It's in the same neighbourhood, only one road back from where I live now, more affordable, more size-appropriate, and if it's OK, I'm going to apply for it. I put in a request for an 'inspection' (how they do things here in the rental market). Inspections start next week and I'll be contacted to set one up. Having that in place has given a slightly different dynamic to my grief. The pain hasn't lessened and my heart aches to the point I had a couple of heart burn moments yesterday, but it now has company, and I have some kind of structure of what the future could be like. I can imagine myself somewhere else. The State of Victoria are easing restrictions from tomorrow night, so gatherings of 5, recreational activities and regional travel are all allowed. That will give my ex an opportunity to do things (she loves to hike) so I guess I'll slowly be seeing less of her. Everything is still civil but she's gone from partners to friends overnight to the point I can't even share how I feel without it making her uncomfortable, so that makes me feel even more alone, and all our small-talk conversations feel fake. The days are getting slightly easier, I suppose. But we're talking variations on the pain spectrum.
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    Finally people can stop complain about this. Time to start to hype for 2021!
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    I'm sorry I cannot agree with your opinions. If you think you're life has been tough over the last 7 weeks then please consider all the people in hospital fighting for their lives right now (13,000 of them) and all the family members who will be heartbroken as they have lost their loved ones. Any rational and sensitive person would not agree with your opinions. The UK will not be returning to any sense of normality until perhaps next year; social distancing is going to be around for a very very long time. You are lucky with your wild opinions that you live in a country as free as the UK; you are lucky to not live in a country like China, Poland, Austria or Italy where lockdown has been strictly enforced, but this does not mean you should be acting irresponsibly and disrespectfully during this time. The point of tomorrow's announcement is so the government set out the road map of a sensible exit strategy for over the next 6 months, how we can keep the R0 less than one. If you were in charge and people would go around having parties next week, the R0 would shoot back straight up above one again and 2 weeks later another lockdown would be required for another 6 weeks. (you are lucky our lockdown is nowhere near as strict as in other countries- it is certainly not a "total lockdown"). If I was in charge of this country (which im not, so I will respectfully follow governmental advice even if I don't agree with it- not disobey it like you are suggesting people do), my main priority would be getting the economy up and running again and getting workers safely back working again. PPE provided to people going back to work and face masks required for those travelling on public transport. I would reopen non- essential high street stores, with face mask requirement for customers and strict social distancing measures on the inside. That way businesses can start to earn again and people get their jobs back. By no means should people going round having parties be at the top of anyone's priority list right now. It is beyond disrespectful to everyone suffering. All those critically ill right now, all those who have died, all their loved ones and all those unemployed and struggling for cash. This is why we have the highest death rate in Europe, because even though we have a good proportion of sensible and mature people in our country, we have irresponsible idiots who act selfishly and are causing more vulnerable people to be affected by this virus. We need to keep the R0 below one. That doesn't mean we need to stay in the same situation we have for the last 7 weeks. We move forward, but we move forward in a slow, steady and sensible manner. By no means should parties be promoted and no one should be expecting a sense of normality again for a long time to come. It would not be fair to rush back into normality now and undo the actions of the last 7 weeks.
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    Calm down man. Don’t be so offensive. Cancelling tour is cancelling plans, that is what I mean. It is not always easy to find the right words. It happens all the time in the business. It doesn’t mean that he confirmed the tour and then cancelled it. English is not my first language. I just want to say that the deal was nearly done, and finally the plan is not going trough. Some Sziget insiders had the confirmation that he would be on Sziget 2019. But their was no contract signed. There were serious negotiations with Sziget, outdoor show in the UK... but finally the final confirmation didn’t came. Before Corona hits Europe. There always a lot of contacts with the entourage of Eminem, he is a very interesting act. That is how it works in the business. Same thing happened with Daft Punk a couple of times in the past. The Strokes were supposed to be in Werchter too multiple times in the past, Eddie Vedder finally said no last year...
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    It's Primavera, it'll almost certainly be a half-assed press release. Their communications are utterly pathetic at the best of times.
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    I can't recall seeing this thread before, although may have posted something on it before, but I get the feeling not. I don't know exactly why I chose to open this thread up now. It's highly likely that it was to be given the opportunity to write some inane shite, which seems to be my forte. However, opening it up is to find out the news that you have spoken of. It goes without saying that I think you can reach out to anybody on here, should you need to. It's a who cares for the carers type thing. Nobody on here's going to forget what you did for that poor chap at Glastonbury who was having a melt down. You made the effort for him, and now we are all here for you. Just wanted you to know that.
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    That Saturday is already getting a WHOLE LOT better
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    I'll be back. 😉

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