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  1. Harmonic Prospector

    Festaff crew

    Big shout to all the Gate A wristbanders. Had a fantastic time working there this year and all our fellow Festaff team were great company. My mate and I loved welcoming people through the door, particularly all the great banter with pretty much every single person we came in contact with. Seeing the excitement on everyone's faces after the stress of the queues, security searches, ticket verification, was so uplifting and made the simple job of putting a wristband on someone's arm such a joy. Just having a couple of minutes with so many excited Glasto goers over the course of the weekend made it such a rewarding experience, we can't imagine doing Glasto any other way now. If you came in through Gate A I hope we all made you feel welcome as you hit that home straight into the festival.
  2. Harmonic Prospector

    Overheard funnies

    "Sugar is the greatest invention ever, mate. If there was no more sugar in the world you, me, and everyone else here; f*cked mate. Your life's over"
  3. Harmonic Prospector

    Arcade Fire

    It upsets me that Tunnels appears to have been demoted to a rotation in the setlist as it's such an important song in their live show. It appears Haiti has been promoted to the Funeral "Big 4".
  4. Harmonic Prospector

    "Really big secret"

    Fleet Foxes getting around their exclusive at Latitude? Seem suited to The Park but not dangerously popular to risk a massive crowd.
  5. Harmonic Prospector

    "Really big secret"

    I've definitely danced to Saturday Night at a Wheel Of Four Tunes show on Sensation Seekers at some point over the last few years.
  6. Harmonic Prospector

    Festaff volunteers

    Thanks for the info Rosie. We are planning on getting there relatively early on the Monday, more so we can get shifts together rather than what the hours are. We are actually more concerned with having the Thursday free as that is always been our favourite day ever year we have been, although given the amount of people still arriving then we are expecting we will probably have to work. I've stayed in Tom's Field before when working as an Eviction Monitor for a number of years and as part of Recycling Crew in 2014 and loved the facilities there. Been a punter the last couple of years but in all honesty we've missed working the festival despite the impact that inevitably comes with being able to see everything you want to see. Looking forward to being part of the machine again.
  7. Harmonic Prospector

    Festaff volunteers

    For those who have worked for Festaff before, can you give an idea of what shifts A, B, and C are? From the letter it says we can choose one of each so it would be good to have an idea for when we turn up. I'm assuming it's an early, middle and late shift just not sure how they allocate which days you work.
  8. Harmonic Prospector

    Father John Misty

    My friend hates him and when I heard the new album I immediately thought this is what he hears when he listens to him. I went back to it this afternoon and agree entirely with the Bored In The USA across an entire album comparison. It's just so one paced and really reminds me of the sort of stuff he was writing before he joined Fleet Foxes but on a piano instead of acoustic guitar. Having said that I'll be there watching him wherever he happens to play. I just hope he brings his showmanship again as by the end of the Honeybear tour he was just going through the motions.
  9. Harmonic Prospector

    Father John Misty

    I doubt very much that he will shun his first album completely. Think we will definitely see Holywood Cemetery Sings and Nancy make an appearance. I am huge FJM fan and his appearance on the Park a couple of years ago was one the main highlights that year, but the new album I have found to be dull as dishwater compared to Honeybear and Fear Fun.
  10. Harmonic Prospector

    The state of the ground.

    We stayed in Pilton this weekend for a friends wedding in Bruton, so we popped down to the farm this morning to have a quick look. We were tight on time so only managed to see the Pyramid field but the grass was long and lush.
  11. Harmonic Prospector


    Staying in Pilton this weekend for a wedding nearby and fancied taking a stroll down to the farm to blow away the cobwebs on Sunday morning. We are walking distance from Worthy so wouldn't be taking the car but I would imagine that this weekend may well be the last before they close access to the general public, at least I hope it is. Do I need to contact the office to say we were thinking of walking down to have quick look or are we free to enter as long we stick to footpaths, etc.
  12. Harmonic Prospector

    Power ballads

    Power Ballads have been a fixture on the Thursday afternoon for the last few years. Always rammed and always a great atmosphere.
  13. Harmonic Prospector

    Your favourite Glasto images

    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/LrGVK"><a href="//imgur.com/LrGVK"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Sunset view from The Park, Wednesday, 2015.
  14. Harmonic Prospector

    Overheard funnies

    Just before the main entrance to the SE corner on the Saturday night around 2.30 there was a sea of people getting stuck and falling over in the mud. We had just finished watching Wheel Of Four Tunes on Sensation Seekers and it was probably the worst glue mud I experienced the whole weekend. Best part of about 50 people, including me and few friends, were all stuck for several minutes, eventually opting to get out of our wellies and wading through the mud in our socks. I think it also coincided with them shutting access to the SE corner around the same time, either because of capacity, ground conditions or both.
  15. Harmonic Prospector

    SE corner changes

    I've been thinking for a while now that Deluxe Diner and The Rocket Lounge need to be elsewhere on site, perhaps Avalon. I don't think I'm alone when I say that these venues are the only thing that draws me to the SE corner. If they could be accommodated elsewhere on site it would ease the congestion as those of us who are after a Rocket Lounge vibe after hours wouldn't need to go to the SE corner at all.