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  1. I've just been sent the confirmation of despatch email a few minutes ago!
  2. Thank you my friend. Panic over!
  3. Slightly worried that See Tickets doesn't think my registration number is valid when I checked the status of my order earlier, despite having a confirmation email about my ticket balance being paid 😕 A quick phone call in the morning is needed I feel!
  4. After last time I thought they may have moved Rhythm Of The 90s to a bigger stage that can cope with larger crowds, somewhere like Sensation Seekers. Having ROT9 followed by Wheel Of Four Tunes on Sensation Seekers on the Thursday night would be epic! I know they clashed last time but think they missed a trick by having them on at the same time. Hopefully they won't clash again and they don't play the Thursday as by the sounds of it it was dangerously crowded at Croissant Neuf with little else on across the site.
  5. Bloody Marys can also be found at the cocktail caravan as you enter the Circus Field from the Theatre Field on the left hand side. You can spot it as they normally have someone dancing in a cage above the caravan at peak times. I don't drink them but my friends who do swear by them and that place is their first port of call when they need one! Prices are also around the £8 mark from what I remember.
  6. Art was a similar one for me too. Launching into The Boxer as his second song caught me off guard which resulted in uncontrollable tears which I never really recovered from. Seeing others around me having a similar reaction just made things worse. However, his poetry was a complete buzz kill and he misjudged the British crowd with that bullshit.
  7. As much as I love the culinary cheese, I was disappointed that the conversion hasn't so far turned to the musical equivalent! Club de Fromage at William's Green (normally post-midnight on the Friday night) is one of the most enjoyable experiences after a day of serious music and is the perfect antidote to the SE corner if banging house, dnb, techno, and massive crowds aren't your thing and you still want to party and have a non pretentious singalong! Wheel of Four Tunes on Sensation Seekers from Thursday to Saturday has the potential to fulfill all your cheesy/multi-genre needs with plenty of stage banter and an active encouragement to leave all musical pretentiousness at the door!
  8. Avalon Inn is definitely open on the Tuesday. Had a great night there as part of the wristbanding crew in 2017. Start at Bread and Roses, Avalon Inn, SE corner Crew Bars, then Stone Circle until sunrise (shifts permitting). Love the Tuesday on site as crew. The atmosphere and anticipation is incredible. I've really missed it when I've attended as a regular punter.
  9. This will be my 8th Glastonbury and beyond the first 2 years where I had paid work at the festival it has always been a bone of contention in our house. My wife is the polar opposite of me and could not think of anything worse than attending Glasto every year, but appreciates and recognises how important it is for me and what I gain from going as a release from the outside world. When I didn't have to pay to go and actually came back with money in my pocket which could contribute to a family holiday later in the summer it was a much easier sell, however in the years since I have volunteered on both recycling crew and wristbanding, as well as attending as a regular punter twice (3rd time this year) it has become a bigger challenge. In her eyes it is a week of A/L and substantial money out of the bank which isn't being spent on the family which I really do appreciate, especially when considering that she is not a festival person at all so doesn't "get it", no matter how much I bang on about it each year. If i thought that me attending would have serious repercussions on our relationship or if it meant that a main family holiday wouldn't happen as a result, then of course I would sacrifice my week of escape. However I am blessed that, despite her protests, she begrudgingly accepts that if I find a way to go each year then I will go. As long as we get a decent summer holiday and my remaining 4 weeks of leave are used to spend time with the family then the balance is just about right. I do however try and make up for it throughout the year and go the extra mile to make sure she also has the same escape time that I have. Maybe not in the same hedonistic way, but certainly with a spa weekend or two which is much more her thing! Ultimately it is different for everyone depending on finances, childcare, age of the kids, and all manner of other personal circumstances. Glastonbury, as incredible as it is, is not worth losing the most important thing in life which is family. There will be other opportunities to go and always focus on that.
  10. Hall & Oates have two random Irish dates the week after Glastonbury. I'm calling them as Friday WH Headliners!
  11. These albums are not in any preferential order at all and have just been listed in the order in which I recalled listening to them this year and the ones I have returned to the most during 2018. If I had to choose the top 5 though it would probably be; The Allergies, Dan Owen, The Temperance Movement, Bosley, Myles Kennedy. Tacked on to the end is my Top Songs of 2018 Spotify Playlist that they threw my way yesterday. Quite surprised how high some songs feature compared to others and quite dissapointed that my listening minutes have dropped by 10k this year, however it's a fair representation of where I've been during the course of this year. Albums: • Dan Owen - Stay Awake With Me • Lord Huron - Vide Noir • Joey Dosik- Inside Voice • The Temperance Movement- A Deeper Cut • Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats- Tearing at the Seams • Myles Kennedy- Year of the Tiger • The Allergies- Steal The Show • Lack Of Afro - Jack of All Trades • Lexsoul Dancemachine - Sunny Holiday in Mexico • Father John Misty - God's Favourite Customer • Xavier Rudd - Storm Boy • Eli Paperboy Reed - Meets Higj amd Mighty Brass Band • Chvrches - Love is Dead • Bosley- Unreal Fire • Ben Rector - Magic • Phosphorescent- C'est la Vie • Israel Nash - Lifted • Natalie Prass - The Future and the Past • Alter Bridge - Live at the Royal Albert Hall • Jonas and Jane - Sedona Rain • St Paul and the Broken Bones - Young Sick Camellia • The Trews - Civillianaries • Monster Truck - True Rockers • White Denim - Performance • Young the Giant - Mirror Master • Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - Living The Dream • The Struts - Young and Dangerous • Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of a Peaceful Army • Gavin James - Only Ticket Home • Vulfpeck - Hill Climber (bit of a cheat as only release yesterday but knew it would be a funky banger anyway)
  12. Taken on Park Hill on the Wednesday evening 2015. Admittedly an Instagram filter was applied which has amplified the sunset somewhat, but it still remains one of my favourite images I've taken at the festival. Still haven't got round to putting it on a canvass to put on display yet bit am determined to get round to it eventually!
  13. Yes, I had been challenged (via their FB page) to bring the smallest pineapple I could find up on stage with me. I had one and it had been in my bag all day, then when I got up on stage it had disappeared from my bag. Luckily my friend earlier in the day had gone to the cocktail van at the entrance of the T&C field and purchased 4 pineapples as he thought it would be funny to do a "I'm Sparticus" moment when they called me up with our group all holding up pineapples. The cocktail bar charged him £40 for the privilege as he was taking all their pineapples off them, which we all thought he was mental for paying that amount of money when he arrived back with them, however his very expensive joke (which we didn't even end up doing as we were so spangled by that point) saved me a lot of embarrassment up on stage as they couriered one to the front when I realised mine was missing!
  14. @caballosblancos Here you go!
  15. I know the feeling! I'm always pretty spannered by the time they come on and my dinghy experience was no exception! They definitely mentioned the blog by way of explanation as to why they were dragging me up. There were a couple of hairy moments during my little boat ride! 'Young Girl' was the year before in 2015. Can't sing the original lyrics whenever I hear that song now!
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