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  1. Harmonic Prospector

    Albums of the Year 2018

    These albums are not in any preferential order at all and have just been listed in the order in which I recalled listening to them this year and the ones I have returned to the most during 2018. If I had to choose the top 5 though it would probably be; The Allergies, Dan Owen, The Temperance Movement, Bosley, Myles Kennedy. Tacked on to the end is my Top Songs of 2018 Spotify Playlist that they threw my way yesterday. Quite surprised how high some songs feature compared to others and quite dissapointed that my listening minutes have dropped by 10k this year, however it's a fair representation of where I've been during the course of this year. Albums: • Dan Owen - Stay Awake With Me • Lord Huron - Vide Noir • Joey Dosik- Inside Voice • The Temperance Movement- A Deeper Cut • Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats- Tearing at the Seams • Myles Kennedy- Year of the Tiger • The Allergies- Steal The Show • Lack Of Afro - Jack of All Trades • Lexsoul Dancemachine - Sunny Holiday in Mexico • Father John Misty - God's Favourite Customer • Xavier Rudd - Storm Boy • Eli Paperboy Reed - Meets Higj amd Mighty Brass Band • Chvrches - Love is Dead • Bosley- Unreal Fire • Ben Rector - Magic • Phosphorescent- C'est la Vie • Israel Nash - Lifted • Natalie Prass - The Future and the Past • Alter Bridge - Live at the Royal Albert Hall • Jonas and Jane - Sedona Rain • St Paul and the Broken Bones - Young Sick Camellia • The Trews - Civillianaries • Monster Truck - True Rockers • White Denim - Performance • Young the Giant - Mirror Master • Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - Living The Dream • The Struts - Young and Dangerous • Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of a Peaceful Army • Gavin James - Only Ticket Home • Vulfpeck - Hill Climber (bit of a cheat as only release yesterday but knew it would be a funky banger anyway)
  2. Harmonic Prospector

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Taken on Park Hill on the Wednesday evening 2015. Admittedly an Instagram filter was applied which has amplified the sunset somewhat, but it still remains one of my favourite images I've taken at the festival. Still haven't got round to putting it on a canvass to put on display yet bit am determined to get round to it eventually!
  3. Harmonic Prospector

    Thursday Night

    Yes, I had been challenged (via their FB page) to bring the smallest pineapple I could find up on stage with me. I had one and it had been in my bag all day, then when I got up on stage it had disappeared from my bag. Luckily my friend earlier in the day had gone to the cocktail van at the entrance of the T&C field and purchased 4 pineapples as he thought it would be funny to do a "I'm Sparticus" moment when they called me up with our group all holding up pineapples. The cocktail bar charged him £40 for the privilege as he was taking all their pineapples off them, which we all thought he was mental for paying that amount of money when he arrived back with them, however his very expensive joke (which we didn't even end up doing as we were so spangled by that point) saved me a lot of embarrassment up on stage as they couriered one to the front when I realised mine was missing!
  4. Harmonic Prospector

    Thursday Night

    @caballosblancos Here you go!
  5. Harmonic Prospector

    Thursday Night

    I know the feeling! I'm always pretty spannered by the time they come on and my dinghy experience was no exception! They definitely mentioned the blog by way of explanation as to why they were dragging me up. There were a couple of hairy moments during my little boat ride! 'Young Girl' was the year before in 2015. Can't sing the original lyrics whenever I hear that song now!
  6. Harmonic Prospector

    Thursday Night

  7. Harmonic Prospector

    Thursday Night

    Thursday has been the highlight of every year I've been for the last 8 festivals. The momentum is starting to build. We normally have a wander first thing and find ourselves in Williams Green for Ultimate Power - 3 hours of power ballads and one of the biggest sing songs of the weekend. A few beers up at Avalon then head to Sensation Seekers for Wheel of Four Tunes - The undisputed highlight of every year I've attended so far. In 2016 I found myself crowd surfing in a rubber dinghy to Lionel Ritchie's - Dancing on the Ceiling after they called me up because I'd written a blog about how they encapsulate the Glastonbury spirit. The night normally always ends in the SE corner at the Rocket Lounge listening to the New York Brass Band and a host of other RnB, Rockabilly type bands before the real chaos starts on the Friday. I absolutely adore Thursday at Glasto.
  8. Harmonic Prospector

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    Abbey Road has always managed to maintain top spot for me, only rivalled by Revolver which comes a very, very close second. When I start to doubt it I remember how incredible side 2 of Abbey Road is which forgives Maxwell and Octopus which both have their place depending on your mood. Revolver for consistency and eclecticism is the most rounded LP and it's creativity just bursts through on every track. 1. Abbey Road 2. Revolver 3. Rubber Soul 4. Sgt Pepper (Especially if you lump in Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane) 5. Hard Days Night 6. White Album (too much flab. Cut it down and it would be top 3) 7. Help 8. Everything else.
  9. Harmonic Prospector

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Wonderful work today people. Spent an hour catching up with it all and loved every minute of it. My mum will be getting a text in the morning. My Dad has been gone 5 years and would have been 71 now. Being an ex music industry type having worked for various record labels between 1973-1986 he was always quite switched on and open to hearing new stuff. I'd regularly get late night drunken messages from him when he was tanked up watching Jools and other music programmes either waxing lyrical about his love for a particular new act that was on, or bemoaning the 'Token Womad Act'. However, Rap was his consistent blind spot and was always universally derided. Had I text him tonight I I'm sure I would have received a confirmation that he knew Stormzy, followed by a barrage of messages about how shit rap music is and seething at the thought of a rap artist headlining Glasto.
  10. Harmonic Prospector

    2019 Headliners

    Yes, the timeline for certain songs was way off at some points, and the legendary debauchery was very much glossed over. However it didn't detract from the enjoyment of the film in any way. It's a Hollywood film not a documentary. Loved the cameo of Mike Myres and the Bohemian Rhapsody joke.
  11. Harmonic Prospector

    2019 Headliners

    I watched it last week and spent the final half an hour bawling my eyes out watching them recreate the Live Aid performace. Rami Malek is a revelation in that role, as was the geezer who plays Brian May. The voices, the mannerisms, everything was spot on. Absolutely wonderful.
  12. Harmonic Prospector

    How much crazier can it get!

    I think it was a combination of a number of factors, 2007 being a mud bath for one. I think too many people lay the blame at the decision to book Jay Z which, for anyone who had attended the festival before then, should not have affected their desire to attend as they would have known that there would be plenty of options beyond that particular Pyramid headliner. I think the credit crunch was most definitely the number one issue at that time. I remember there was so much uncertainty at that time. Mass redundancies, banks not lending any money at all and the economy grinding to a halt. At the time the crisis happened I was due to renew my mortgage and went from a 4% fixed to an 8% variable and no bank wanting to offer us the money to keep paying for our house for a number of months which had a significant impact on our household income. This scenario I'm sure was replicated up and down the country which would have made the commitment of paying for a Glasto ticket, and all the spending money required to attend, a luxury many people could not risk forking out for.
  13. Harmonic Prospector

    2019 Headliners

    I think if the Chillis were ever going to headline Glasto their time would have been 1998-2004. That ship has well and truly sailed aa they don't have the same pull any more, particularly without Frusciante. Athough if they put them as headliners on the Other Stage I'm sure they would go down a storm and draw a big crowd.
  14. Harmonic Prospector

    Arcade Fire

    It upsets me that Tunnels appears to have been demoted to a rotation in the setlist as it's such an important song in their live show. It appears Haiti has been promoted to the Funeral "Big 4".
  15. Harmonic Prospector

    "Really big secret"

    Fleet Foxes getting around their exclusive at Latitude? Seem suited to The Park but not dangerously popular to risk a massive crowd.