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  1. Bennykill

    top 5 on your wishlist

    Daft Punk Aphex Twin Jon Hopkins Hexstatic Chris Cunningham
  2. Bennykill

    Thom Yorke 2019

    Saw him do a surprise gig at Lattitude a few years back. Found it incredibly dull, which was a shame.
  3. Bennykill

    Lawks! It's only the 2019 Next Announcement Thread!

    good prediction
  4. Bennykill

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    saw Kylie at the o2 this year (took the wife, wouldn't have been my choice) and she was amazing. so much fun. will go down a storm in the legends spot
  5. Bennykill

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    I would have to give George a higher mark as in my opinion he was the only one who went on to do something good after the Beatles (Thomas the Tank Engine being the exception to the rule) I don't really like McCartney's stuff after the Beatles, but there wont be many chances to see a living Beatle remaining. so fingers crossed for a Glastonbury performance.
  6. Bennykill

    new here? introduce yourself

    Very handy guide. Thank you. Im looking forward to some act announcements. To really get the excitement going.
  7. Bennykill

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hello, thought I would drop a post to say hello. I have got tickets for next years Glastonbury, only the second time I have been (first time was 1994 so will be nice to actually see the pyramid stage). will be interesting to see how much the festival has changed over the last 25 years. I go to 5 or 6 festivals a year so will be nice to give a comparison.