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  1. Leaving the London stadium can be a nightmare no matter what is on. Well worth hanging about for a drink and the queues disappear pretty quickly. I saw both Muse and Depeche Mode and both were amazing.
  2. The sound wasn’t brilliant and they need to get better organised with distribution of wristbands and stuff like that. But that will come once they have done more events. As much as it pains me (I’m a West Ham fan) I really like the stadium. The new standing/seating area is good. Last time I went (for the NFL) they were selling their own beer which was nice but at the gig they only had Heineken unfortunately at most places with San Miguel at only a couple Of others. For gigs I preferred it to Wembley but not as good as London Stadium (but I may be a bit biased)
  3. Saw Lady GaGa last night. She put on one hell of a show.
  4. Southend City Festival Rather looking forward to Africa Express returning to the UK. especially as it is just a 15 minute walk from my house.
  5. Very exciting news. saw them a few times in the 90s and Glastonbury 1994 but haven't seen them since 2001 Homlands headline set. The couple of times i have seen his JARV IS stuff it has been OK but was always disappointing that he wasn't doing Pulp songs
  6. Belle and Sebastian were great at the Bristol Harborside on Friday. They had Django Django as support who were also great. Nice size crowd too.
  7. First negative test on Monday, second today. Back to work at the hospital tomorrow.
  8. Cut it off the second I get home and throw it in a box with all my other tickets and wristbands, never look at it again.
  9. My negative test this morning has turned into a positive test this evening.
  10. He was great, disappointed he didn't crack out Rockit though
  11. Not sure how anyone can say this this creates an atmosphere, it is only a recent thing in Glastonbury history and it is getting worse than ever. it is just pointless and horrible. Plus if you have more than one flag on a pole you are an awful human being and shouldn't be allowed to be around others. I do have an alien on a flag pole that I use but it is small and I am always quite far back and always put it down when all of the group are near
  12. Pangea, the spider just seems really underwhelming now and the view from Lime Kiln was missing it. also there seemed to be a lot less taps this year
  13. 1. Paul McCartney 2. Pet Shop Boys 3. Sports Team
  14. a couple of our group have tested positive, i am still testing negative though
  15. 120,000 steps 54.1 miles, not bad as I buggered my knee on one of the massive bit of wood chip by the Other Stage on the first day. I-Beer-Profen got me though (did have to be a bit of a chair w*nker though)
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