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  1. I am really hoping this goes ahead. We went to the first one after they moved to Eastnor and it was a great little festival. We only went as we loved the Big Chill so much and wanted to see what they were doing with the space. But really enjoyed the atmosphere and setting. Decided to give it a go again this year and went for the gold tickets. Hoping that being able to park next to your tent won’t spoil other festivals for me.
  2. My three favourite so far are Bicep - Isles Benny Sings - Music The Coral - Coral Island
  3. As seems to be the general consensus there was a whole lot of all right but nothing great this month. my favourite was India Jordan - Watch Out but as it was an EP I haven’t included it. 1 - Gary Newman - ‘Intruder’ 2 - Gruff Rhys - ‘Seeking New Gods’ 3 - Matt Berry - ‘The Blue Elephant’
  4. I gave up. To much of a ball ache. Will download a dodgy copy of it and watch it later.
  5. have given up on it now, will be watching Eurovision instead. hopefully it won't be £20 down the drain and will get a refund
  6. no I paid the £20 and still can't get in
  7. has anyone who had access denied not got though to watch it?
  8. £20 and can’t get on. Had adverts all week while trying and nothing now
  9. My favorite new album was Pet Shop Boys - Live In Rio but as this is from 1995 and I have had a bootleg of it for over 20 years I don’t think I should include it. my top three are 1) Benny Sings - Music 2) The Coral - Coral Island 3) Myd - Born a Loser
  10. Am off to Wembley tomorrow for the FA Cup semi final. Will be strange to be around so many people and also strange that Wembley will be so empty. Hopefully it will be the first of many gatherings.
  11. Would be good if the first 4000 tickets sold got the option of attending live
  12. 1. Jon Batiste - We Are 2. For Those I Love - For Those I Love 3.Jane Weaver - Flock
  13. Don’t know anyone in this photo but always makes me smile when I see it on my phone.
  14. Was mesmerised by the drumming puppet.
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