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  1. Bennykill

    2020 headliners

    I know her back catalogue. I have young nieces that listen to it constantly.
  2. Bennykill

    2020 headliners

    That’s true, but doesn’t stop me being shocked by just how popular she is. Having young nieces I am well aware of her back catalogue. I have to listen to it every time they are in my car. Doesn’t rock my boat and I love a bit of pop. I have never knocked her, just shocked by the level of her appeal.
  3. Bennykill

    2020 headliners

    I am not complaining about her being a headline act, she is a massive act. I am just shocked at her appeal. My teenage nieces love her so I have always considered her in the same vain as Little Mix, Ariana Grande etc. (Other people they like). Just because she isn't my cup of tea doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be a headliner. oh and I have never liked Oasis.
  4. Bennykill

    2020 headliners

    I’m stunned at the level of excitement over Taylor. She is a massive star but I’m shocked she is so popular amongst non 15 year old girls. Shake it off is a fun track.
  5. Thank you. Didn’t see that on the search. I have that on Bly ray. I was worried there was something new out there.
  6. What was the show on Sky Arts. I can’t find it?
  7. I found knowing the history it was set helped with the viewing. I found I spent the whole film expecting one thing to happen and it then everything is thrown on its head at the end much like Inglorious Bastards.
  8. travelled from Southend to see Nouvelle Vague at Dreamland this summer. was a lovely venue and a great show. always keep an eye on whats going on after that
  9. Album: Hot Chip - A Bathfull of Ecstasy Song: Floating Points - LesAlpx Glastonbury Set: 2 Door Cinema Club Non-Glastonbury Gig: torn between - Bjork, O2 - Elton John, Kracow - Tim Minchin, Southend (all brilliant in diffent ways) Film: The Lighthouse TV Show: Silicon Valley (brilliant end to a great series) Book: Loui Theroux - Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television Game: Untitled Goose Game eFester of the Year 2019: @Greenelk for a Glastonbury CD i am still listening too on and off
  10. Bennykill

    Taylor Swift

    wait till you are older, easy access to bathrooms will become very important.
  11. Any time the Per Shop Boys cover a song it is better than the original.
  12. this was my first too. paid a man a tenner at the fence and in i went. dont remember too much, Bjork, Blur, Beastie Boys and a truely magnificent show from Orbital,
  13. plenty of other good festivals about.
  14. They are playing the Concert at Sea festival in the Friday of Glastonbury
  15. where do they see the festival going over the next 50 years?
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