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  1. Friday: Not sure - might head early to SE corner Saturday: Chems Sunday: The Streets most likely unless I decide on the Cure last minute. That's the mother of all clashes for me and it's so annoying! Leaning towards The Streets because I know the majority of our group will do that and most of the grown men I'm friends with will likely be reduced to tears because of the nostalgia
  2. It's not an Arcadia drop but I've just seen on Rumshack's instagram story that they're dropping a line up this afternoon as well!
  3. Yet another vote for Scar Tissue! Genuinely a brilliant book and incredibly honest insight into Keidis' mind - I couldn't put it down and would happily go back and read again
  4. I can recommend Queen Zee to anyone not familiar! I'd heard a bit of them before, but this morning's listening has confirmed that they're firmly on my "really want to see, clashes permitting" list
  5. Sundance


    Yeah we did think this! Should have said that they'll be veggie sausages but still... reckon it's still a no no even with ice etc. in a cool bag?
  6. This is big! Very very happy to see Fontaines on the line up! They're a must see for me. Never seen anything on Leftfield and getting nervous about clashes now
  7. Sundance


    Usually we bring porridge pots that you add a bit of water to with the best intentions of having those for breakfasts, however that's gone out the window without fail for the last four years 😅 So the plan this year is make sausage sandwiches Tuesday night, whack in a cool bag and have to eat Wednesday morning, possibly Thursday if they'll keep that long (anyone got any experience with this?). After that son't have much of a plan so will be stealing people's ideas on here... One thing I'm determined to do this year is make myself drink more water, downing some first thing in the morning can only do some good before moving on to the breakfast cider of choice (Thatchers Haze this year I think)
  8. Also just signed up to Gold. I'm a semi-long time lurker and don't post much, but this place (much like the festival itself) is a bit of a refuge from a stressful job and the enjoyment I get out of it far outweighs the price for Gold. Plus this is the only place on the internet that my festival obsession seems perfectly normal! Need to wait until I've paid rent etc. this month but will also make a donation
  9. Apologies if i've missed something obvious but where can you check this?
  10. Sundance

    Secret glasto

    Hi! I'm not a big twitter user but I think I've just managed to get tweet alerts set up for Secretglasto. In the top right corner next to the Following/Follow button there are 3 dots. Click on that, click on 'Turn on mobile notifications' and then go through the steps to set up your mobile. This should just be entering your mobile number, then Twitter send you a verification code which you enter and submit. Hope that helps!
  11. Sundance


    Sorry if I've missed something - but has she self-confirmed? I bloody love her and would be SO excited to see her at glasto
  12. Sundance

    Ryan Adams

    I think the problem with not separating the artist from the music is that by downloading/streaming/purchasing the artist's music you're lining the pockets of someone who, in this case, has been proven to have abused a minor (let alone the remaining allegations). If his crimes aren't enough to taint your view on his music enough to mean that you stop enjoying it, then I suppose fair enough. Each to their own. But the root of many of these types of crimes is abuse of a position of power. That power comes in large part through relative wealth. Let's not perpetuate that by continuing to support artists with these types of history. I suppose it may be different if you were listening on a vinyl purchased years ago and not contributing to stream or download count. Also, in response to the "changing attitudes" arguments, this just doesn't wash. If Adams genuinely believed, as a result of the attitudes of the times, that texting an underage girl was fine then why would he have sent messages worrying about her age or comparing himself to R Kelly? We're also not talking about something that happened 200 years ago. These allegations, and all of those similar cases, are in relatively recent history. I don't think anyone could put their hand on their heart and say that the perpetrators genuinely thought what they were doing was acceptable. If they did, why hide it? Why would NDAs exist etc.? Doesn't make sense and it just serves to excuse their behaviour. All that said, it's encouraging to see so many people on here supporting the women who made these allegations and calling out these crimes for what they are.
  13. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but new Chaka Khan album dropping in Feb https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/43062
  14. Yeah a bit disappointed in that if I'm honest, it's the same sorts of names you get at most events. Would be interested to check out Marie Davidson's live set though, plus Eclair Fifi, Actress and Skee Mask are all good
  15. I've just booked Helena Hauff and Stingray at E1 for March and got Four Tet at Ally Pally in May I'm also considering doing Re-Textured in London, it's got some of the most interesting line ups I've seen in ages. Pretty keen to do this night in particular but they're all absolutely stellar https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1187238 That Mall Grab night will be a lot of fun!
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