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  1. Not an economist and I really hope you're right that we get some sort of boom! But although some people may have more money in their pocket, I wonder if the average consumer will be more cautious about spending their disposable income for fear of future uncertainty (e.g. second wave, job safety etc.)
  2. That could work...or if you haven't had the virus but have a ticket, sign a waiver for any liability on the part of the festival if you do go and get sick. That might also make the festival more insurable too.
  3. Hello! You might want to consider getting in touch with Working Families. They're a charity that gives our free employment law advice to people in situations like these (I'm a lawyer and have worked with them in the past, though admittedly I'm not specialised in employment law). That being said though, being put on furlough is a voluntarily process. Your employer can't force you to go on furlough, just as you coudln't force your employer to put you on furlough. They need your consent, so if you'd rather not be on furlough and take the redundancy then I don't see how your employer could argue against that. As your employer isn't picking up the bill for your salary while you're on furlough, it just sounds like they've put you on the scheme to guarantee your income while everything is still uncertain and until you take your redundancy (this being the altruistic interpretation - it could just as easily be an admin error on their part haha!). Hope this helps anyway
  4. Sundance

    How do you feel?

    A bit differently to people here, I think I'm finding it harder as it's going on. When I first heard the news it was somewhat expected and there were bigger issues to worry about. But now I've been working from home for a few weeks (read: boredom setting in) and the sun has been shining here recently, which is making me pine for the festival. Especially as about now would be full on preparation mode, dissecting the line up, planning booze, planning outfits etc. Imagine it'll only feel weirder the closer it gets!
  5. Nick Cave postponed his London gig in May - no news as to when it'll be rearranged for (to be expected) and no mention of a refund (not that I'd take one anyway). Meant to be a present for t'other half so, although expected, a bit disappointed in this house today!
  6. Apparently the Beeb are going to do a celebration of Glasto special over the weekend 2020 would have been going ahead. Something to do with that maybe? Or perhaps Rum Shack are going to do some sort of live stream over the weekend?
  7. Out of the years I’ve been going (only since 2015 but glasto is already a huge part of my life) this is the year when I’m probably best placed to cope with the cancellation. God knows how badly I’ve needed and relied on the festival in previous years, but this year I’m a better place mentally and maybe better prepared to deal with the disappointment. Silver linings? 😊
  8. @bennyhana22 I just wanted to say thanks for your positive, fair, considered responses on here. You have a knack for providing clarity!
  9. Hmm possibly, but it seems like a big jump to then mention it on the radio if she wasn't pretty sure? Or maybe I'm being too optimistic!
  10. I think she just whispers "fingers crossed"
  11. I'm considering doing my first trial run batch of flavoured alcohols in the next few weeks. Thinking of trying a pear drop flavour vodka this year after the success of Werthers the year before last. Will not be trying melon and mint again after that disaster (tasted like weird toothpaste and was not even palatable as a Sunday user-upper)
  12. I misread the poll and thought it was asking which would you rather have and clicked extreme heat...now very concerned I have mortally offended the weather gods ? I was at ‘16 and ‘19 - both were very hard and I missed lots of stuff due to weather both years. On balance though being able to sit or lie down and have dry clothes is better for me. I also really feel the cold so wet clothes is problematic on a rainy year.
  13. Sundance

    The Joke Thread

    This had me howling ?
  14. My only hesitation with a big Kpop act like that their fee. Do we think their managers would be likely to accept a low glasto fee compared to what they'd be getting elsewhere?
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