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  1. Sundance

    First gig back

    I've had that many rescheduled now that I'm anxious about accientally missing one that I've forgotten I have tickets for! Was meant to be at IDLES on 20th June, so close!
  2. 2015 was my first one and will always have a special place in my heart. The weather was good from what i remember, except maybe a shower during Catfish and the Bottlemen (dont judge pls, I was young). Same as the others I don't remember too much about it musically, except watching Kayne, though that might be because I was working. Even working though was a bloody brilliant experience and I got to see a whole other side of the festival (even though, it being my first, I didn't necessarily appreciate it at the time!). Wish I'd realised there were so many staff bars I could have gone to 😅 20
  3. Wax Tailor is new for me - really looking forward to getting stuck in! Thanks for organising again. Got my Friday afternoon playlist sorted
  4. Thanks again for organising @EighteenSixty7! Defo wish we still had upvotes, you will have to accept a theoretical one for now! Hope everyone enjoys Akua Naru, really keen to hear all your thoughts 🙂 I'm looking forward to getting stuck into LEG @kingcrawler!
  5. Has anyone heard where Maiden Voyage is likely do be? At first look I thought the line up wasn't that exciting but actually I think there's some good stuff on there now I've had another look (and also gave myself a talking to because by the time i've got a beer in hand with a bunch of mates nothing else is going to matter). Also completely agree with everyone on here that a day festival at the end of august is probably the best bet right now!
  6. Yeah I've only heard good things about Gottwood. I went to Houghton in 2018 and it was really great. The 24 hour music licence means that everyone got to play longer sets and so they could really do interesting things, plus it's a small site so you really felt like you could get to know the place. The only drawbacks were that there is absolutely NO signal whatsoever, so if you're lost you're lost. Also the year we went was the year they got the toilet logistics completely wrong - they made the longdrops at the back of Pyramid look immaculate. I've never been to Boomtown but keen to try -
  7. Considering trying for Houghton again...they've had absolutely rotten luck. Really hoping they make it back this year!
  8. I knew realistically that this was inevitable and I thought I'd feel a bit relieved, but I think deep down I'd let myself start hoping and now I'm just gutted!
  9. It's not a surprise and I thought I'd come to terms with it but still...fuck
  10. Sundance

    How do you feel?

    Story of my life! Got loads of bright ideas when friends come to me with issues of their own, but I'll be damned if I know what to do with my own life 😅
  11. Sundance

    How do you feel?

    I know you were replying to @Tartan_Glasto here but just wanted to say thanks for this I've been feeling really stuck for a while now and haven't found much about that seems helpful, but these tips are fab!
  12. Hey @tpark! If you want a broad intro to house/techno you could try listening to some shows on NTS (Moxie's is always great) and Noods radio. They get all sorts of djs and artists to play shows and often they'll have tracklists so if you hear something you like you can find the name of the track and go from there. They tag each show by genre so just pick out ones tagged house/techno/breaks/electro etc. depending on what vibe you're after. Off the top of my head, if you like Maribou State and Bicep, maybe give Daphni (or Caribou) and Four Tet a go? Maybe check out the stuff Four Tet releas
  13. Not an economist and I really hope you're right that we get some sort of boom! But although some people may have more money in their pocket, I wonder if the average consumer will be more cautious about spending their disposable income for fear of future uncertainty (e.g. second wave, job safety etc.)
  14. That could work...or if you haven't had the virus but have a ticket, sign a waiver for any liability on the part of the festival if you do go and get sick. That might also make the festival more insurable too.
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