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  1. Cool reall? I rolled mine over and feeling a bit like a mug now. No communication/update from Mad Cool and I know others who wanted refunds and have not got them. All round a little poor and not cool at all.
  2. If only. I have all ready changed my flights to next year at a stiff charge and the hotel changed the dates at no charge. So planing to roll the ticket over, those two would put a huge smile on my face.
  3. Nothing yet. I bought mine from ticketmaster.
  4. I'm hoping the dates are similar next year as just took a punt and changed flights and hotel to go from 3rd to11th. We had tickets to see Queen and that has already been put back to that week in 2021. Just need Mad Cool to play ball and be on the same week.
  5. Good call on Skunk Anansie, I do expect them to get added to a few summer lineups. Hopefully, Victorius is one of them.
  6. Yeah, I know but as they seem to struggle to sell tickets at the best of times with the current situation it is not going to help much. I was not knocking @VanderlyleTea Sorry, if it came across like that.
  7. No need, unlike hand sanatiser there is no rush to get them. Even in the current climate APE tickets must be one of the few things that no one will panic buy. Even when they love the headliner, no one actually runs out and buys a ticket.
  8. With cases in that part of London, this may well be one of the events effected if cancelling events becomes a policy 🙁 But at the end of the day better safe then sorry, If a few people are saved by cancelling events then that has to be a good thing even if it is a little annoying. I guess we will have a better idea in a week or so, If cases continue to increase and more importantly the numbers start to ramp up then there may be no other alternative but to take some sort of action regards gatherings. At the moment, I am not looking much further then the few upcoming concerts I have booked in th
  9. Has anyone come across the set times for the Bombay Bicycle Show?
  10. Roundhouse are ok about Twicket purchases, you just bring along the notification with the tickets but as most if not all 6 Music events were sold out instantly then I would expect them to do the ID check.
  11. I think I was checked at the Roundhouse for Ed Sheeran & Biffy before, so it does happen sometimes, so worth bringing ID.
  12. For those interested in the Biffy tour they are doing that register without buying the album thing to get on the pre-sale. https://www.biffyclyro.com/?eml=2020March5%2F4933891%2F6120644&etsubid=211136977 I can't seem to find the button for registering without buying. I suggest you register on the Biffy website and they should send you a valid link. I think the go on sale date is the 11th Mar. Can't really remember as I done it last night after getting in from the Blossoms.
  13. It's hard to recommend bands with out knowing the sort of music some likes. However, if you like the poppy end of the Cure think "happy sad" for want of a better term then I recommend Pale Waves. Sam Fender is quality even if low down on the poster but a big artist (think a sad Bruce Springsteen) If indie/punk is your bag then check out Sports Team & Creeper.
  14. Nice of you to think of everyone not going to Glastonbury.
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