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  1. Hi I know a few on here like IDLES. Just got an email from their information email list. Their gig that was cancelled has been rescheduled to 18th September 2021 when it was expected to be put back to 2022. Was sold out but they are selling more tickets. Managed to get a pair. Thought it might be relevant to anyone in to them. Black Honey & Spectres are support.
  2. I read somwhere many years ago that he had another project Black Onassis but can't seem to remember coming across any of their stuff or even seeing them advertised as playing gigs/festivals. I think he ended up in New York, so maybe having a career over there. It's odd that as a song writer not much has been heard of him since leaving well not be me anyway. Can't say I even remember why he left. Seem to vaguely remember reading musical differences but that could cover a multitude of things/sins.
  3. My partner came axcross this and got tickets. Maybe not one for the bright young things but certainly good value for an older demographic. A number of bands, I was in to in my younger days and a few I still go and see on a regular basis. https://signofthetimesfestival.co.uk/
  4. Many thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  5. For those who have been before, do the headliners on the 2 main stages go up against each other or are they staggered with any sort of cross over in start/finish times. Already started the debate with my other half about Royal Blood or Niles 🙂
  6. That's a shame, I would have liked to see her and Caribou but had already assumed she and him would clash with others I wanted to see such as Bombay and Gang of Youths. I wonder with Roisin out if the chances of Gang of Youths clashing with Bombay have increased if they do not replace her. I had hoped they would be on before Bombay on the main stage but they could be on either stage high up.
  7. I do wish they would hurry up and put us out of our misery and give an indication of dates for next year. I had booked a week in Madrid, paid for the hotel in advance before everything kicked off (They moved the booking out to this year, which was good of them. Hopefully they will do this again) If it's put back to the same dates next year it clashes with other events I have tickets for. I found out today Gun's n Roses is now moved to 2nd July and so another clash if i fly out on that saturday. Juggling holidays, flights and gigs/festivals is becoming a real pain. So much is starting to c
  8. Wolf alice would be top notch, we can hope. I think they could do with getting a big female artist or fronted band but I just do not see them doing it. Would love it if they got Wolf Alice, even if they did they could don with more on the lineup. I guess we will have a long wait before we find out.
  9. I agree they could certainly do with adding a few more female artists but not sure if it will be in the higher slots. Although, they might make use of the Sunday afernoon guest spot to try to give it a little bit more balance. I hope they try to get Pale Waves but expect them to go for lesser known artits just to try and up the numbers. So, I will give a shout out for a few other artists I like that they may consider Jade Bird, Maisie Peters & Holly Humberside. Interestly, all three of them are at APE on the Monday so active and convient for a slot in Portsmouth a few days earlier. So woul
  10. Dales

    BST 2021

    I know it was always likely to happen but I was hoping that when Mad Cool eventually gets cancelled, I could buy Pearl Jam tickets. I guess with the Pixies confirmed for next year at BST they are likely to be at Mad Cool in 2022 aswell.
  11. That would be my luck, I love MBV they were one of the first bands I saw live as a youngster many many many years ago. I'm going to Victorious so obviously APE will get MBV on the Friday ☹️ Secretly, hoping it will be someone I don't like but good call if they go with MBV.
  12. I think they most likely meant that when they said it but all the lines that "incident" quoted out are the sort of lines that get trotted out when someone wants to milk the cash cow. I think they could probably do fine with Serge on vocals and they may try that for a while although he may want to concentrate on his solo S.L.P project. Some time in the distant future I can see a huge reunion tour and festival headline slots with the full original lineup. Time does not always heal but it does give time to conviently forget. it's amazing what promotors and fans can choose to ignore when i
  13. Maybe Serge could take other lead vocals? I don't remember them saying they split up. Tom could also come back at some point once he has sorted himself out, come back kid.
  14. I think you are both right. I should concentrate on festivals at home.
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