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  1. A few clashes but not as bad as I feared. Friday has so much good stuff on all the bigger stages and would be happy to spend plenty of time at any of the stages. Very pleased to see Frank confirmed as Saturday Quarry headliner as not that interested in Jamie T. I would have been disappointed if he had clashed with Snow Patrol or Noel. Only really interested in the Snuts & Pale Waves on the main stage on the Saturday, so that mught be the day for a good wonder and maybe find some new music or have a lie-in and recharge and kick of proceddings late that day.
  2. Paris Paloma is well worth checking out, I saw her at APE last year.
  3. Saw Kid Kapichi last night at the O2 Forum. The thing that tipped it over for me to buy tickets was the excellent Dead Pony were supporting and all for a reasonable £51 for 2 tickets all in. Kid Kapachi and Dead Pony were fantastic. Can't say I thought much of the other support Dumb Bouys Fishing Club. They were not my sort of thing a rather poor beastie Boys style group inmy opinion Aalthough my partner loved them and said it was the first show she had been to in ages were she liked all the acts. I did warm to Dumb Bouys when they came out to duet on New England with Kid Kapachi and one of the Dumb Bouys set sail on a inflatable dingy across the crowd. Also, Suggs came out to duet on Zombie Nation.
  4. It's a shame about nothing on bank holiday Monday. Overall, its very dissapointing for me. I think the first weekend is really not to my taste at all. The second weekend is better but will be at Victorious, so first year I will be giving APE a miss. For those in the NHS, I can see there being plenty of freebies on those sites but that could just be me not particulary liking the lineup and underestimating its appeal to others.
  5. That would be special. I assume he wouldnot be headlining that sort of show.
  6. Went to see TheSmile last night at Ally Pally. Honestly, I found it very dull. To be fair, I was tired and just not in a mood to listen to them. Could not help feeling they would have been much better in a theatre. On reflection I shoud have sold the tickets when The Chems were announced for RAH. However, a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to seeing The Smile as I have never seen them before. I doubt, I willbe rushing to get tickets the next time they play.
  7. Just wait until the bands you grew up with are doing there 30th & 40th Anniversary tours, Now that does make you feel old.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I have been trying for tickets for a few weeks on Ladbrokes Live with no luck. Got O2 tickets and it looks like plenty are still left.
  9. I assume the fuss around allegations has died away. I had tickets to see him at Earth on a book tour/accoustic set a few years ago. It got cancelled when there was a dispute between his version of events in the book and others. I think the main one might have been around Natalie Portman who may or may not have labeled him creepy, but I can't remember the details but he disappeared. I guess enough time has passed since the aborted book tour dates that most people will have also forgotten what all the fuss was about. Only ever seen him once at Reading back in the 90's.
  10. Yeah, I know that. I probably did not lay it out well in my posting. I knew she was doing live sets as Faithless as I already had Camp Bestival tickets.
  11. Nice to see The Damned on it, one of my favourite bands. They were my second ever gig at Finsbury Park back in 86. The poster suggested they might be on in the afternoon but if the icon slot is 7.30 you would think it would be a good sized crowd. However, would many if any of Yungbluds fans have a clue who they are? I think when I first saw them in 86, it was there 10th Anniversary celebrations. The combined age of the Damned is probably more then all the other acts put together. Could be a tumble weed moment or do you think the crowd will get in to their energetic tunes? Could be good, listening to the Capt shouting abuse at a load of teens who refuse to dance.
  12. Yeah, I did look this morning to see what and where its at? Could not find anything, so maybe its been canned.
  13. Looks like there is a free Yungblub outdoor event tommorow in London. YUNGBLUD is a lowlife @yungblud FREE OUTDOOR SHOW and my biggest announcement yet. MONDAY 18th of MARCH. NORTH LONDON. Exact location released Monday morning 10am on my story. SHOWTIME AT 5pm. COME TO LONDON. SEE YOU THERE. it’s about to get fookin mental
  14. Pixies last night at the O2 Forum. Thought they were great and will echo what has already been said and Emma was good. All, I would say that playing 2 albums in Full Boas Nova & Tropue Le Monde might be a bit much. Fine, if your a fan but for the person dragged along like my partner, an album in full and second set of hits might be a better way to go. When we bought the tickets, it was not billed as a double album show. Really, looking forward to seeing them again in the summer at Victorious.
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