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  1. The Bobby Gillespie & Jehny sBeth how has been cancelled. Received the email below this morning. With Primal Scream celebrating Screamadelica next year and this show not been rescheduled, I guess we might not get to see their collaboration done live. To be honest I am not that disapointed as I have ended up with far to many shows in November with new bookings and rescheduled gigs and the refund will come in handy. Hopefully at some point in the future they may play the album live. "We regret to inform you that BOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETH at EartH (Theatre), Stoke Newington, London on 10/11/2021 is cancelled and will not be rescheduled. The support artist Art School Girlfriend will continue to perform at Pitchfork Music Festival London, now performing at Oval Space on 13th November alongside Tirzah, Koreless, Good Sad Happy Bad, Lucinda Chau, and many other great acts."
  2. Went to the Rick Astley & Blossoms play The Smiths gig at Kentish Town O2 Forum the other night. Probably the best fun, I have had since things opened up. A little surreal and have avoided reading social media on it as I know there will be an element of Morrisey/Smiths fans who will see it as sacriledge but it was so so much fun. Ricks's voice was top notch and Blossoms played the music brilliantly. They hammed it up with gladiola and rick swinging his microphone. I have not had such a good sing-a-long in years. No support band but the crowd sung to every track played by the DJ which was a stream of banging tunes and the sing-a-long carried on through Ricks set. It was so good even if just a little wrong 😄 I dont think I have ever seen so many happy people in once place before. Plus an encore of How Soon is Now, This Charming Man & There is a Light That Never Goes Out. I know a lot of people have a problem with Morrisey but boy did The Smiths produce some of the best music out there. Love you Mozza but please take note of the above encore and maybe play it sometime? I know it was suppossed to be a one off set of two gigs but that set at a festival next summer would be a killer.
  3. In full agreement, saw many a band there in it's hay day. Good sound and just the right size that you were never that far away from the band.
  4. Done a couple of festivals since things opened up and fair few gigs. Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls @ Margate Dreamland, only booked it as we had tickets for James and thought we would make a weekend of it down in Margate. James cancelled but Frank was great and also had Beans on Toast as support, a real bonus. Gorrillaz @ O2 This was the free NHS gig and trully amazing amount of quests singers. I am a huge Cure fan and first track up Bob was the guest! It don't get better then that but boy did they try. Culture Club/James Blunt/Van Morrison @Heritage live. A few tickets came my way for 3 of these days. Cultrue Club were a slice of notstalga nothing serious and whats left of Bananarama were fun. I know he is not popular but I thought James Blunt was pretty damn good (Don't tell anyone I said that) Van Mossison was rubbish but The Waterboys supporting made up for that. A honour mention for The Hackney Colliery Band. Can't remember which day they played but were damn fine (Nirvana's) Heart Shaped Box sticks in the mind. Liam Gallagher @ O2 Another free gig for the NHS and I was lucky to get tickets again. Liam was on form (Well as much as he is these days) Plenty of Oasis stuff and best of all supporting by Primal Scream (One of my favs) Plus Black Honey (A new fav). If you dont know them take a chance to see them if they are on lineup of a festival you go to. Sign of the Times Festival Showing my age but a fun 2 day festival with Adam Ant, Happy Mondays, Ash, Peter Hook & the Light, Cast and many more. Biffy Clyro @ Margate Dreamland. A trip down from London on a school night, stayed overnight but stupid early start the next morning to be back in London for work at 8am. How was it? It was Biffy F**** Clyro so it was damn fine. Bombay Bicycle Club @ Camden Assembly Hall. An odd one I enjoyed the gig but it was the first standing gig in a packed sweaty venue. So we left after about an hour of their set. It was so different from all the out door gigs and O2 shows. Still a little unsure about going back to these sort of venues as partnet was shielding during the pandemic. Victorious Festival, Portsmouth. First time and loved. Felt good to be outdoors again to see some bands. Far to many to mention but loved Royal Blood, Blossoms, Black Honey All Points East Foals & Bombay Bicycle Club Got back from Portsmouth and went to this on the Monday. Loved Bombay but Foals sound was not good for me. A bonus for me was Gang of Youths & Holly Humberstone. Lets Rock Exeter, Lots of cheesy stuff. We were on holiday down this way and Adam Ant was headlining and so a no brainer for a relaxing fun day. Eden Sessions Royal Blood/Snow Patrol/IDLES Our holiday had moved on to Cornwall and so booked a few of the sessions. They were all great and our first Eden Sessions. Another vote for Black Honey who supported IDLES. Gerry Cinnamon @ Ally Pally. Maybe not everyones cup of tea but I dont mind a bit of dark fruits. He was great as usual love his mix of social commentary and energy. Circa Waves were support another band I have a soft spot for. Me and my partner have really warmed to the Ally Pally. We stayed towards the back but had plenty of comfortable space. We are still not at the place were we ant to be in acrushed crowd but still want to go out and have fun and listen to music. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis @ Royal Albert Hall - Pure class.
  5. Like Union Chapel & Roundhouse and I know not a popular choice the 02 for bigger artists.
  6. Dales

    Nick Cave

    Thats what i thought 🙂
  7. Dales

    Nick Cave

    Yep, a great night. Not all the songs would be my personal choices but still nop notch and two of my favs at the end. Was anyone here the guy in the Radionhead T-Shirt 😄
  8. Probably not but that's an odd thing for Madcool to post if they don't have them. As it certainly strongly hints they are playing and after the mess of the leaked poster before it seems a very stupid thing for them to do.
  9. Don't know what to say. If they have them, its dumb to hint and and blow it if they don't have permission and P*** them off. If they don't have them its also dumb to hint and P*** ticket holders off when they announce some minor booking. Lets hope they have them in the bag and everything is cleared to play games.
  10. The hints suggest its going to move but have not heard anything definative yet. I am sort of locked in as already paid in advance. Its hard to know where to start with booking accomadation without knowing where the site is going to be.
  11. I thought the same at what point do you stop 😀I could have gone on to add The Killers ,Placebo, QOTSA, Pearl Jam, The Stokes........ This thread is a good reminder that there is just so much good music outthere to have a definative fav.
  12. i would be happy with that, only seen them twice. Once supporting the Foo's at Hyde Park and the other year when they played their own show at Finsbury Park. Plus if they were added it will amusing to see the melt down of those who think they are going to Rock next year.
  13. We paid for our hotel in full upfront pre-pandemic to be fairly near the festival site and our hotel agreed to move the booking forward twice now, but if they did not we would have lost our money. So we may well have a hotel in the middle of nowhere and a long way from the festival if and when it gets moved and no doubt will have some pretty expensive cab fares back and forth to the festival site.
  14. Are BTS a band? I dont really have a favourite band but if I did it would be one from The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Primal Scream, The Damned, The Stone Roses, Radiohead, Adam & the Ants, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Manic Street Preachers, The Mission, The House of Love, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds or New Order. Sorry, not really answered your question but as The Cure, Depeche Mode & The Smiths came to mind first its probably one of them or maybe I cant choose between them. However, by the end of the week it could well be Rick Astley & the Blossoms.
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