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  1. Like others there are clashes all over the place for me and then some times when there is no one I am interested in. There are some very odd clashes. I am hoping if lots of us have clashes, then everyone else will and it will help to disperse the crowds over the site. The worse thing festivals often do is have no competition and everyone marches off to the same stage. Can't say I am to bothered about the earlier finish in general it suits me as these days I am flagging by then but do think it might make trying to get back to the hotel a pain. I had hoped to Taxi/UBER it but I think more people will hang it out till 3 but would have found the extra hour or so a push. Anyway it is what it is, a little dissapointed I will porbably see less acts then I expected but still think its going to be class.
  2. A bit of a blow and going to do nothing to encourage people too give new festivals a try. Just checked with partner and we bought ours on a credit card, so hopefully we can approach them. Our hotel had free cancellation and so thats something.
  3. I expected more, so hopefully that's a good sign.
  4. Hi Has anyone found a FAQ section. Been struggling to find anything with the boring stuff about you can and cant bring with you. Bag Size, Sun Cream, Sealed Water etc. I would have expected to find the boring stuff filed away somewhere on their website.
  5. Would love it if they did play but like every artist these days until they actually walk out on stage you cant be sure.
  6. It's inevitable really. I used to get excited about who I would see at festivals but thats been tamped down as I know some and maybe many will get pulled at some point ☹️
  7. I went in 2019 and you could buy sheets of plastic tokens branded with Firenze Rocks. You coud also buy single tokens. I cant remember the actual value of a token. It might have been 3 Euro per token. Tokens could be snapped in half i.e worth half the stated value. Pretty much everything was priced with tokens in mind i.e 2 tokens or 1 and half etc. There was a little supermarket on site that took cash, cards. it sold snacks, cakes, ice cream, soft drinks etc. The merchandise stand took cash/cards. I struggled to find any info back in 2019, so you might need to do some digging to find what the system is this year. I think I had one and half tokens left at the end and kept them as a sourvenir. I assume you could change left overs back in to cash but maybe not. From memory most of the supports get to play long sets, making it great if you are afan of the undercard.
  8. Went to see Billie Eilish last night at the O2. Pretty decent stage set up and lights. Doub't that set up could be replicated on the farm. To be honest, I doubt there will be any similarities other then the songs she sings. I hope, those going to Glastonbury will actually get to hear her voice. Most of the time, all I could hear was teenagers screaming every word louder then Billie. There was lots of screaming, every step, jump was greeted by thousands of screaming girls and when Billie asked them to scream it was one of the most horrid things I have come across. I almost felt physically sick. I never thought noise could be such an assult on your body. Outdoors, in a field is probably the better place to see her rather than an enclosed space full of kids who know ever single word.
  9. I went a few years ago and they had a token system back then.
  10. If he can't play just swap them out for The Reytons. Most people will not hear the difference.
  11. Pet Shop Boys. You will always get plenty of chances to catch Bicep at other events.
  12. I travel on the 3rd, so hopefully that will be ok but in general always knew that the way things are going flights/airports would be a bigger worry then who Madcool would get as replacements.
  13. Not wanting to be all doom and gloom but I am sure, I will not be the only person using Ryanair too get to Madrid. I think other countries branches of Ryanair are striking around those dates as well and so could add to the problems. Hope, it does not cause to much of an issue for those going to Madcool. Ryanair Holdings Plc’s Spanish cabin-crew unions announced six days of strike action starting later this month after pay talks fell apart. Workers are set to walk out on June 24, 25, 26 and 30, as well as on July 1 and 2, officials for the USO and SITCPLA unions said at a press conference in Madrid on Monday.
  14. Well as Pale Waves have not made any announcement but canceling European dates. I assume that Community will not replace them and just say they found out to late to draft in a replacement. Also they are on the third line down and so doubt they will be that bothered about looking for anyone.
  15. bluenova picked out that Pale Waves had been dopped from the Madcool poster. As they are a band that both me and my partner like, I googled too try to find out why. They are touring the US with 5 seconds of Summer including Community date, so we can scratch them off ☹️
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