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  1. For Foals fans they have announced a concert at Sheperds Bush Empire on the 17th February. 02 Priority Sale on Wed & general sale Friday. A rare opportunity to see them in a small venue.
  2. That would be a little ambitious for them, their last gig was at the Roundhouse. I gave that a miss as I thought they were a bit expensive and thought I had spent enough already on other tickets. I would be pleased if they were at Brixton as it would open up the possibility of ticket deals. Love like Blood is still one of my favourite songs.
  3. ha, ha well not really a match for that description but I think he is the sort of act that they would have.
  4. Some randon names. Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds Lewis Capaldi The Libertines McFly
  5. Do we have any reliable information on Massive Attack or ist just some one we think would fit well for APE?
  6. Your not the only one. I have made alternative arrangements for most of the APE days as I did not want to miss out on other things by holding off just in case I really like the headliners when thhey are finally announced. I know a few people who were also holding off booking trips away for the bank holiday hoping for APE to do more announcments but ended up deciding to go away as the price of flights and hotels were going up. With my luck the day I am available will be the day I dont like the lineup.
  7. As others have stated, it will be the same sort of set as if it was their own show including set length.
  8. Dales

    Other Stage 2020

    Can certainly see Pet Shop Boys as one of the headliners. The 1975 seem a decent shout but so could any number of big arena sized acts. I also think that they will want a female headliner on the other stage, so maybe Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray.
  9. The BST Florence day was a bit weird as it was originally advertised as a Florence & the Machine gig with The National supporting. I know later on they pushed the idea of "coheadling" and it started to be referred to as this. A clever marketing ploy? I like both and so was just pleased they were both on the same line up but as any one who went will confirm it was a Florence & the Machine headline show. I think this "co-headliner" business is just a way to massage egos. Not that I think The National are the sort to need this kind of ego stroking but do think it is abit of a cope out as we all know who the real headliner is at the festivals/gigs we go to. It would be intertesting if The National are back this year as so far, we dont have any form to how quickly headliners will take to return. I don't expect them to be back but it would be nice surprise if I am wrong.
  10. No one can be as bad as Dylan. I saw him about 30 year's ago and he was ok a bit dodgy but felt good as it was Dylan after all a true legend. I took my partner to see him at BST last year and it was the worse live performance I have ever seen. She was not impressed and has lost all faith in my judgement about who to go and see live if she does not already now their music. Dylan is now the emperors new clothes, most people do not want to see how bad he now is. We left early like lots of others as it was embarrassing to watch.
  11. tbh, I hope he does not play. He is not my sort of thing but I don't expect a promoter to curate the festival to my particular tastes.
  12. Mad Cool's history would suggest they tend to favour Rock/Alternative acts as main headliners and both these would certainly be headliners if signed. Obviously, they have departed from this a little this year but not exactly thrown the idea away with Killers, KOL, Faith. I have been surprised that there has not been more talk around the likes of Weeknd, Travis, Kendrick etc or other big Rap/R&B/Urban acts but they are not the names that instantly spring to my mind when I think of Mad Cool headliners. So playing the odds game the big rock acts being discussed seem to fit the Mad Cool profile. My thoughts are we will get another rock and indie/alternative act as Friday headliners. Although, I am rubbish at predictions and with modern festival bookings anything is possible. Out of the two Eminem might fit better. I am curious as to who we will get but not overly going to be put out if its not my cup of tea.
  13. Thanks, I knew some one would work it out before I did.
  14. I have to be honest, I dont recognise that much from the Governers Ball poster. I like Vampire Weekend but they played last year. Tame Impala look like they are touring in US. We have Foals From those I know, I would like Of Monsters and Men & Fontaines D.C
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