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  1. I would take that, I'm a big James fan and both me and my partner like Sam (She is crazy about him, never seen her get so excited at a concert as when we saw him last weekend at the Ally Pally). I think he would be a top booking if they get him. I like Sterophonics but never got around to seeing them before, so might be a good chhance if they play. It would be nice to get something for the Friday this side of Christmas.
  2. You should have gone in and seen them and you might have ended up loving dance/electronica. Ice rink a perfect venue I went to a dance event at Ally Pally years ago with multiple rooms, DJ's and bands and link ups to other events with New Order in the main hall. Chemical Brothers were in the ice rink and all they had done was put matting over the ice. You had to dance so as not to have both feet on the cold floor at the same time. OMD on the ice, pure bliss 🙂
  3. They have always been a personal favourite of mine, a much underrated band. I saw them at Hammersmith on the recent tour and as ussual very enjoyable.
  4. Thanks for sharing the link. I don't have an Amex but partner does and so tickets purchased.
  5. That went well for me as I was expecting some major clash with Victorious. Gorillaz with IDLES & Chems/Kraftwerk on the first week will do for me, so my Victorious tickets will still be used. As much as I like Nick Cave & The National, there is not enough on the undercards to interest me and bin my original plans. I think I would rather spend my cash on their own shows as and if they announce something. I know I will be in the minority but feel most of the undercards are poor (maybe showing my age).So unless Victorious is really poor, I will be going there the second weekend.
  6. Tiny venue to see VOLBEAT. Initially, thought it might be a covers band and not them as Islington often have covers bands. LONDON! Volbeat are pleased to announce an intimate show at the O2 Academy Islington on Saturday 21st May 2022. Pre-order Servant of the Mind on any format from the band’s Official Shop to get exclusive access to buy tickets Volbeat.lnk.to/ServantOfTheMindFI/officialartiststore Orders must be placed by 16:00 GMT on Monday 22nd November to be eligible for exclusive access. Codes will be emailed out from 18:00 GMT with tickets going on sale at 10:00 GMT on Tuesday 23rd November 2021. If you’ve already pre-ordered the album from the Official Shop you’ll automatically be eligible for exclusive access and do not need to order again. General on-sale is Friday 26th November at 10:00 GMT, if any tickets are available.
  7. It's a bit easier for me as I feel well to old for Reading and liked the fact that Victorious seems to get a mix of age groups. I guess a day headlined by AM would attract an older audience of day ticket holders but I still feel Reading is not for me anymore. I was tempted the other year when Foo's played but decided there would be to many kids. If they play I am hoping that Reading/Leeds will not be the only AM shows next year.
  8. Yeah, side tickets can be fine at times and some times brilliant. I had side tickets for Gorillaz this year and that was perfect. However, it looks like they are selling the tickets behind the the performers for Bieber 114 to 117. So you are looking at equipment and the performers from behind them. I have been to the O2 a lot of times and only seen this odd practice at U2. Bono disappeared for one song behind all the equipment to sing to those behind the stage who could not see much if anything at all. Hope they never paid much.
  9. Looks like Bieber is selling seats behind the stage. I saw U2 a few years ago at the O2 and was surprised to see they had did the same. I guess some people are just happy to be in the same room as their hero’s even if they only glimpse bits of them from behind.
  10. London Grammar are dull live. I am not sure what I was expecing really. I love their albums and went to the Ally Pally the other night with my partner to see them. She turned to me and said "christ this is dull". I had no come back they were indeed uttery dull live. still love the records but can't say I am in any hurry to see them again.
  11. Dales

    Taylor Swift

    Before, anyone gets carried away she did do the Red tour at the 02 before and so maybe thats the reason they sent the promotional email out. However, why promote an album/artist that you will not get any benefit from? When they do new album release emails or 20 years ago so and so song was released its usually a tease to shows they will host which is why I thought this email might be of interest.
  12. Dales

    Taylor Swift

    I received this email from The O2. When ever I have had notifications of albums going on sale before they have all been followed up by shows at the O2 or the Academy venues. Might mean something or nothing. Can't see this email? View online Taylor Swift - New Album out today As fan of Taylor Swift we thought you be interested in hearing about her new album Red (Taylor's Version) which is out today. Vinyl and CD's available now.
  13. They were amazing. I'm not a huge fan of the "play the whole album gigs" in general, but Coming Up is one the greatest albums ever recorded. Every track is a true classic and I was a liitle sad when they finished Saturday Night as the album was over. Don't think I have ever felt that way when a group has rolled out "their classic album". Still have the chorus of Chemistry floating around in my head, oh class A, Class B..................................
  14. That would be some painful clashes for me.
  15. Any idea when they will announce the first headliner?
  16. Some good names there and would be happy to see a number of theose headliners and subs make it to Victorious.
  17. Shame about Kasabian but Sam would be great and has a wide draw of fans from young to old.
  18. I would be happy to take Kasabian & Sam.
  19. Went to Kasabian last night. A great setlist and an enjoyable night but only posting as I think the support deserve a shout out, The Skinner Brothers. They where full of energy and a blast with a few decent tunes. Well worth checking out if they are on a festival lineup next year. Another shout out to the lady dj. No idea who she is but have seen her at a few O2 venues this year. Always plays banging tunes and gets the audience well and trully warmed up. If, I knew who she was and they listed her as playing then I would make a point of turning up early to listen to her selction of indie bangers. It would be nice to know who she is rather then referring to her as O2 Lady DJ. Her choice of songs always puts a smile on my face.
  20. I would be happy with a lot of that poster turning up at Victorious. I agree that Sterophonics are likely, I think a number of us predicted them way back in this thread. I'm less convinved about my other predictions Liam Gallagher & Wolf Alice. Lots of good stuff lower down on the Y-NOT poster but how likely are we to get artists who played last year lower down returning higher up or swapping stages. I'm thinking about the likes of The Snuts, Jade Bird & Black Honey who played the castle stage this year. Or should we completly rule them out? I would be happy for Beans on Toast to come back but not headline a small stage and then clash with the main headliners. I would also be happy with Manics and Blossoms coming back but that is not happening. Maybe Rick & the Blossoms 🤘
  21. A respectable top six and the Levellers as well. Plus lots of good stuff lower down like Black Honey, The Snuts, Dinosuar Pile-Up, Beans on Toast, Jade bird, Pale Waves. Like all lineups, its a simple case of are they the bands you like. There are loads of acts on the poster that I buy tickets to their own gigs, so for the price of a festival ticket itwould be a steal for me.
  22. Yeah, plenty of bargains available but just have to much on. Hopefully, they will do shows in the future when I dont have so mnay other gigs booked.
  23. Dales

    Arcade Fire

    Yep, Crown of Love in to Wake Up is pure class.
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