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  1. Hi I picked up a pair of tickets today via one of the NHS Ticket sites. My partner has just booked a hotel reasonably near. Does anyone have much experience of getting taxi’s back and forward to off-site accommodation. Is there a taxi rank etc? is it the sort of festival that allows you to come and go by car? A quick look at the site suggests they don’t. I think they might expect you to park up until the end of the festival. Will probably drop them an email but just wanted to know peoples experiences if staying off site. Sorry for the questions as I have not done any research as had not planned to go until I saw the offer and had to make an instant call to take the tickets or miss out. Still not really even looked at the line-up. I took the tickets based on vaguely remembering who was headlining. If it’s not that hard to get a taxi that might be my best option. Far to old to camp with all the bright young things who will be up all night 🙂
  2. I'm not try to defend them. All, I am interested in is whether I get value for money for the ticket I purchased as it stands I will. I just find it odd that we often get a case of double standards if Primerva do it, its fine if Madcool then its bad. Not that it bothers me much as I am fine with the Madcool lineup situation. Although, it does puzzle me that if Madcool is so bad why do many people buy tickets and continue to do. So for all those who are not happy they appeal to enough to shift tickets. If Madcool is so bad, why did you get a ticket? Clearly, you don't trust or like them. As for sound bleed, almost every festival I have been to has issues to some extent. I was not there for MA,so have to assume it was as bad as reported on here. I only mentioned MA as its an example of how difficult it will be for any festival to keep things together in the current and future climate. Even if covid is not the issue, its going to be an easy get out clause for acts and festivals. In my opinion, its not only Madcool that has issues. If a festival handles comms well, it makes no difference to me if they do not follow through with the goods. I dont know how many festivals had FNM & QOFSA cancel on them. For me, I dont care how well they communicated it but whether they actually done something about it and replaced them. Saying it well and saying sorry over and over again does not cut it with me, its the bottom or should I say top line that matters.
  3. I guess we will know in 6 or 7 weeks time but would be nice to resolve one way ora nother before then. I suppose, I am one of the lucky ones who really ain't bothered what they do about it. Although, I would be well miffed if I had bought a day ticket for the headliners. Pre-pandemic, I would buy a festival ticket just to see a headliner but not anymore as its far to easy for acts to pull out and I think festivals know they can probably get away with not replaceing like for like or down-grading the act. Although, down grading is subjective. Secretly hoping for NIN or Biffy but not that confident. I think you might be right, its going to be Cardi B with the obvious result.
  4. Why make excuses for Primavera? Mad Cool has not said they are not replacing the headliners. They also have more time on there side to do it, if they plan to. In my mind Massive Attack not been at Primavera is a bigger blow then Faith No More not being at Madcool. In any case we dont know if either festival is certainly not sorting replacements. Although, Primavera seem to be running out of time. I don't know what goes on in the minds of the Madcool team but they do seem to get a kicking when other festivalsshort comings get glossed over.
  5. Yeah, fully agree they could and should state their intention to find replacements if they intend to. Hopefully, they will sort something soon. For those going to or who follow Primavera, what have they done or communicated about Massive Attack? Have they named their replacement? I was just wondering if they had handled that situation better. I have not followed whats going on at Primavera but does that not start in 2 weeks and I have not heard of any big iconic replacement for them.
  6. I agree the comms are super poor and not doing something about QOTSA on the poster is trully staggering. However, every year they get slated for leaking/teasing artists and then loosing them. This year oddly they have said nothing about the missing headline acts and they still get slated aboout it. If they are working on 1 or 2 new headliners then I would rather they had zero comms if that could upset some highly strunge artist who is precious over such stuff. damned if they do and damned if the dont say anything. For me the line-up is stacked and I have paid more for a Metallica ticket in the past then I paid for my Madcool 4 day ticket and so for me the missing headliners make little difference. The line up is full of bands I go to see regularly play their own shows. I have seen a huge chunk of the lineup many times and still plan to see those artists again at Madcool. I still have not given up hope of them finding a replacement but if I dont like them it makes no difference to me. Its only relevant if they find some one you actually like. If some one bought tickets to specificly see FNM or QOTSA then I do feel sorry. But how is that different from those who might have bought original tickets to see Billie or Taylor or bought tickets later to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Cardi B? Line ups are going to change, thats just the way things are these days. At the moment we are expecting 1 or 2 headline changes. So far Comms are super poor but the upside, is that they have not said there are no replacement or bumped anyone up. I seem to remember Royal Blood were a headliner at one point and Pixies & Placebo were supports. I am willing to see what happens in the coming weeks. I still can't believe how many big bands are on the line-up for the price. Although, a little miffed they moved Sam Fender from day 1 to the Sunday. As it stands we dont know that there are no replacement headline acts.
  7. I know its annoying but buried some where in the terms & conditions will be lineup subject to change. They have made a rod for their own back by making a thing out of having 3 headliners a night. At most festivals being able to advertise Muse as your headliner would be more then enough. Even with out QOTSA & FNM, I doubt there are many festivals with a bigger set of headline acts. So, I'm not that bothered what they do about replacements. I love QOTSA but they were not on the lineup when I bought my ticket. I like FNM but as I have not seen them before, I dont like them enough to have bought a ticket to their own headline shows. Billie & Swift are more of a blow as they were on the original lineup. Hoping they pull a rabbit out of the hat but struggling to think who?
  8. I would take that on Saturday night. Its great when a band changes the set list if you are going a few nights but not so great when you only have the one and miss the night that fits you best. Oh well, sure we are in for a treat what ever they play but agree theycould loose Mama and it would not be an issue.
  9. Set times for those who might not have seen it yet. Takne from nme website. The stage times for My Chemical Romance's trio of shows in Milton Keynes later this month have been announced! On all three nights, the reunited headliners will perform for an hour-and-a-half, from 8:55pm to 10:25pm. Before that, main support Placebo have an hour-long set each day from 7:20pm to 8:20pm. On Thursday, May 19, Witch Fever will kick things off from 5:30pm to 5:55pm, before LostAlone take to the stage from 6:20pm to 6:50pm. Over the weekend, on Saturday, May 21 Cassyette will open proceedings from 5:30pm to 5:55pm, followed by Barns Courtney between 6:20pm and 6:50pm. On the final night at the Stadium MK, on Sunday, May 22 Charlotte Sands will start at 5:30pm to 5:55pm, and then Starcrawler will perform between 6:20pm and 6:50pm.
  10. A few pre-festival show's by APE. My partner bought us Self Esteem pre-sale tickets at £12.45 a ticket. She bought our APE tickets this year and so got the pre-sale. I have not idea what the other events are charging.
  11. Dales

    Arcade Fire

    Saw it today on the news, It looks pretty plush. Think its going to be a good one.
  12. Dales

    Arcade Fire

    I'm not sure if anyone will have any tips as I understand its had a major build/refit. I used to go regularly back in the day to Peach nights at the Camden Palace and a few gigs at Koko. However, I think the new update will be radically different to previous times. I have tickets for tommorow and as well as looking forward to seeing Arcade Fire, I am keen to see what they have done with the place. From pictures I saw after the fire, it looked like they completly gutted it.
  13. Dales

    Arcade Fire

    Would love Crown of Love but what ever they choose its going to be class. One of those bands don't have filler tracks on their albums.
  14. Dales

    Arcade Fire

    Both me and my partner are working from home and both tried at the same time. She got through and bagged tickets and I failed. I feel very lucky as we managed to get tickets a few years back when they played York Hall. Fingers crossed we seem lucky at the moment with bagging Tickets for smaller shows like George Ezra, Florence, (Placebo via Twickets) and last night got tickets on O2 priority for Blossoms at Islington. So was expecting our luck to run out this morning for Arcade. Good luck to everyone trying again at 12.
  15. My first thought was who? Maybe it's just me but doubt that many people would even notice if they left them on the poster or tokk them off.
  16. That would be nice and yes when I saw the Koko advert they did come to mind. I guess nnow when any headliners pull out at any festival they will be name that gets bandied about.
  17. We might be getting on with life but sick leave is going to be an issue for quiet some time and I think most companies have resolved themselves to that issue. The flight industry has the additional problem that there are so many staff groups who can throw a spanner in the works. Flight crews, engineers, baggage handlers, ticket staff, border force, air traffic control, security staff etc. It only takes one group to be short and it has a knock on effect. Plus planes stuck at the wrong destinations etc if/when flight crews are not available. Also, the demand for holidays/trips is so high. We might have missed gigs/festivals during the pandemic but for most people with disposable income, the one thing they all missed was going abroad for holidays. So, I think when things go wrong it wil not be so easy to put you on another flight. It would also be easier if so many airlines did not overbook flights but thats not going to change when they expect a few passenegers to cancel with covid. Flight disruption is just another part of living with covid.
  18. At the moment, I am more worried about flights then line-up changes that are going to end up happening at all festivals to some degree. At least when I had to change the initial flights when it got cancelled, I decided to re-book and go to Madrid for a few extra days before the start of the festival. That is starting to look like a good decision. Pre-pandamic I would often fly abroad on the day or day before a gig. These days, I cant say I have that much confidence in flights going as planned. For that reason, this is the only oversea festival I have booked and thats only because its a rollover. Until the logistics of travel get much better, I doubt I will be doing many gigs abroad.
  19. I am sure you are in for a treat at Bearded. I will be seeing them at MRC, Madcool & have tickets for the tour later in the year so would be good if they mix their sets up a bit.
  20. Saw Placebo tonight at Islington Assembly Hall as bagged tickets from twickets today. Mainly the new album and a few songs from the last few albums. Nice to see them in such a small venue and liked the fact that phones not allowed. Some real good tracks on the new album but would have loved a few of the old bangers from early albums but I think a lot of those songs are behind them now or put away for a few years. Played Blind from Meds, love that track. Seeing them again a few times this year. It will be interesting to see if tonights set will be the one played at festivals and their tour towards the end of the year.
  21. After loads of seeticket emails today, my tickets have arrived. Really looking frward to it now.
  22. Very happy with Bombay, Metronomy & Embrace. If Friday is just the one stage thats a crazy good line-up of acts that would normally headline mid level festivals.
  23. At the moment when I book festival tickets I am going with the view that the names on the poster may well not be the acts I end up seeing. With things opening up much more, I expect even more changes to line-ups this year then last as cases will go up. Cancelations, drop outs,changes etc for one reason or another is going to be the norm going forward for the foreseable future. So, I would expect to see plenty of changes to the lineup nearer the time. I am more worried about the venue changing then the acts as their is still plenty for me even without FNM & QOTSA.
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