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  1. Definitely a trek that could be worth it. Maybe tie it in with another trip?
  2. Or your local indie running shop x
  3. Oh man, you're sending me down a hell of a worm hole. I'll report back 😂
  4. This is possibly the worst thing I've ever heard.
  5. That's the worst and most hamfisted shoehorning of a phrase I think I've ever seen. Seriously, rather impressive 😃
  6. It just shows that my sentiment is likely more valid than it being so fantastical you're going be playing poker with Sammy and Frank. To be fair, in the true sense of West Holts, neither the Music, or any of Justice, The Chip Shop Boys, or Jungle would traditionally have been anywhere near WH, as they're all Other or JP, but in recent years the top spots of WH have been available as a landing spot for big acts that put on a party that don't quite fit high up elsewhere. My first thought for the Music would have been JP, but then Jungle have done the same, as have Hot Chip and they've got the same intensity as Justice. It's hardly jumping the shark, so before you designate yourself as the official judge of that, you should prob check the proper meaning of it 😘
  7. Mumford. Music for people who don't like music.
  8. That wasn't boredom due to Nick. It was the negative "anticipation" of the banjo clan.
  9. No links to that fucking rag posted here please.
  10. Absolute bobbins. Yes, they use guitars but The Music are a dance band and would be fine on West Holts.
  11. They had Hot Chip, Jungle and Justice top or high up on there. The Music would work just fine.
  12. The beast it cometh, cometh down.
  13. Superscally


    I was but FWIW, I cancelled my tickets this morning and TM refunded in full, bar about 4 quid this afternoon... ...and yes! Let's get it done soon!
  14. Superscally


    Well that's not helping 😂
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