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  1. I still maintain to this day that U2 played ultraviolet light as that setlist on the web mimics the BBC set entirely, which is short on time...
  2. Was ace to meet you buddy! Felt like I was in the presence of royalty! Hope you had a lovely one and I'll see you next year! X
  3. Yep. No way is average walking speed at Glastonbury more than 2mph. So that would be a solid 14h walking. Not a thing.
  4. Apparently they gave what vey much sounded like a UK farewell at their last show too.
  5. Agreed. Maybe, but not as good when the three of them are together, which I've had! I don't think they'd have as big a crowd as Macca which by most accounts the biggest ever. They'd have a bloody big one though, just don't think the wave of excitement and buzz would be as big. It was all everyone was talking about. Even if people were going elsewhere, Macca was usually in the conversation with a tinge of regret (bar those saying he was shite, voice has gone, but you'll get similar comments for FM).
  6. Then we need to stop all festivals for the foreseeable
  7. Absolute bollocks. She's a modern great, but I could list twenty bands/artists that have better back catalogues, at least. Get those Swift Goggles off.
  8. You mean that article that says the chances of reunion are shaky as fuck? Oh yeah. I'll stand by my original point.
  9. Would love it to be true, but the chances are somewhere between slim and none.
  10. Neither would seemingly having a connection between the ear canal and the brain if he got booked for the big one. He is truly awful. I understand the Sheeran one as though he's not for me, you can't deny his talent. George is a weird cabaret singer with no lyrical ability whatsoever.
  11. I get that on the talking, but you generally find people who've gone to the speaker stacks are there for the sound, not to chat. Enough space for you potentially, but you can't try and pretend that it's not rammed in there (ruined Arctics last appearance for me) and no way you get in there with a big group for a big gig without pissing a lot of people off, or being in there a couple of hours before at least, which carries the risk of needing a piss issue.
  12. Yep, but you get that just as much, if not more so by being with your pals that you care about as much as the act, much further back, where you can dance, not be penned in and feel the scale of it. Being close makes it better for normal gigs, not for a Glasto mega gig, in my opinion.
  13. The biggest strike should be that he's absolutely fucking shit.
  14. Sorry guys, anyone who's claiming 75 miles over the festival or similar has got it wrong. The steps you take are way smaller than you would normally take. Your watch will also count small movements you make while standing watching bands, dancing, clapping and even moving a burger towards your face. You've likely done half of what you think in terms of distance covered. The people who are using Google traces show a much more accurate picture.
  15. No way Elton doesn't headline if he's there. Cher could, but think Rod is the best option...
  16. There's a nice Ringwood at Hop and liquor...
  17. Talking about his singing voice. It's like a shit Vic and Bob club singer impression.
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