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  1. Pear_Cider

    Celeb spotting

    Ah yes, I remember! Didn't know it was you...you should have introduced yourself. Good to have met you anyway
  2. I'm in East 20 too...a bit farther back than last year. Not quite sure how that happened...I only had a CV general ticket! We got directed into the quiet fields even though I told them I was supposed to be on the noisy side!! 😂 When we got parked up I checked our sticker and she'd given me a Quiet one!!
  3. Ooohh...I remember the Worthy Farm sloe gin. Bloody lovely xx
  4. Now, we all know that just packing the stickers doesn't necessarily guarantee that they will make it to the meet 😜 See you at the Ridge and Furrow (or maybe in the CV fields!)
  5. Did you manage to get a CV ticket in the resale Jen?
  6. Same here!! Hobos are the start of the festival for me...have been for years!!
  7. The obvious is my specialised subject!
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