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  1. Kendrick on RW week: Wednesday - Open'er Festival - Poland Thursday Friday - Longitude - Ireland Saturday Sunday I do not believe that he works 3 days in a row, much less the same day with RHCP, only Sabado with Gorillaz remains.
  2. Wednesday is a good day to visit Brussels
  3. Thanks Ken for keeping your dreams alive! I have followed the graph of the number of daily cases in Covid and Belgium it seems that this is much calmer. I hope it is a good announcement, here Portugal are already announcing.
  4. I start to believe that we will have to do quick tests to the covid before entering ... from now until the summer the quick tests should be more evolved and effective ... I believe or is my positive thinking talking ...
  5. Here in Portugal the total daily number of cases is breaking records unfortunately and however Rock in Rio has just confirmed 4 names. I am not criticizing your opinion, I am only seeing the views of organizations.
  6. I remembered Rage Against the Machine now, is that possible?
  7. ... and Friday will we have a new name?
  8. If Kendrick comes along with the Gorillaz, if they go on separate days it will be a disillusionment of the line-up. There is a lot of good band to announce to put on the line-up since The Strokes, The Killers, Tame Impala, Placebo, King of Leon, Faith No more, London Grammar, Foals, Parcels ... etc ... now Kendrick so no Saturday !!!
  9. @Ken19 tomorrow can we have some names?
  10. The Strokes and Tame Impala ... or a surprise for an extra day with the Foo Fighters ... but there I am already dreaming a lot
  11. Will they announce a name tomorrow? A headliner to "prevent" people from asking for the voucher ...
  12. Do you think Tame Impala is a strong possibility in RW? I know you like them!
  13. For me that day only the Placebo is missing.
  14. Here in Portugal they are doing the same refund method. I didn't understand it, but I can already understand that if it weren't for this very festival, they would die next year.
  15. Thursday PJ - Pixies - The Lumineers Friday The Strokes - Tame Impala - Liam Saturday Gorillaz - Twenty on Pilots - Jamie XX ( Faith No More ?) Sunday RHCP - Placebo - Royal Blood
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