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  1. In my opinion I think the Main Stage is already closed !! The Secondary Stage is only 1 name!And by day will lack a name compared to the year 2018!
  2. It's been a year since the time of Nos Alive 2018 This year is very very strange.
  3. It's been two years since it was showing time
  4. Main stage : 2018 : 17 bands 2019 : 15 bands (Currently) Secondary Stage: 2018 : 23 bands 2019 : 18 bands (Currently) Date when times were posted: Nos Alive 2017 ----- 06.07.2017 Nos Alive 2018 ----- 11.07.2018 Very strange this whole delay!
  5. I believe one of these names will be: Tame Impala Florence Foals
  6. Last day is closed or Main Stage?! I think there are only 3 names left for the Main Stage. Tom Walker had been waiting for a while, I knew him back in the days when he was doing a lot of publishing on the Instagram. I just hope we have at least a good schedule and good weather.
  7. There are 4 names for the Main Stage
  8. The Strokes + The smashing pumpkins --- dia 14 de Julho Doctor Music The Strokes + Rosalia ---- dia 12 de Julho Bilbao BKK The Cure + The Strokes ---- dia 11 de Julho NOS Alive .... I think I'm dreaming....
  9. Xavier Rudd, Gavin James performed in Portugal this year and the following week were announced.
  10. Unfortunately I'm believing that next week will be announced Twenty one pilots
  11. Will the Black Keys be on the second day?
  12. If they went to NOS Alive it was going to be their fourth concert in less than a year. They had at the Festival Vilar de Mouros 2018
  13. https://img.europapress.es/fotoweb/fotonoticia_20190222173551_1920.jpg Last year at least there were two names of this festival at NOS Alive. Is Iggy Pop going to NOS Alive? If it's the Black Eyed Peas I get disgusted!
  14. Tomorrow will be the poster of the Son do Camino Festival that takes place in the north of Spain in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Leave at 4:30 p.m. Last year had names that passed later in NOS Alive
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