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  1. Just saw Foals live. I haven’t been this happy in 18 months. I love every single thing about live music. The friends you make, the “I’m to old too old to be in this moshpit”, the terrible toilets. And Foals played Neptune ❤️ After the most horrible 18 months I felt like crying with joy just seeing everyone happy. Sorry for soppy post but it’s just great
  2. Exile is a choooonnnnnn.
  3. They were excellent
  4. Say what you want about Coldplay - they’re great live and it’s always good to see a band who love Glastonbury
  5. I’m in tears watching this - when the world was a better place
  6. It’s so weird. He almost seems other worldly - a true icon
  7. Someone at the top of his game and having the best time
  8. Is anyone else feeling teary watching this?
  9. Heavy weekend on the beers and tears at Bowie, but just need to say - Glastonbury is the most special place in the world. It’s quite hard to describe to people just how much that place means to me.
  10. It doesn’t get much better than this
  11. Walking in the snow is literally insane.
  12. Kendrick Lamar on the pyramid during this whole situation would have been biblical
  13. One of the must underrated acts out there - would love them to be back next year.
  14. Online dating is going to explode when we're let loose again - there are lots of lovely people out there ready for you to focus your feelings on!
  15. My biggest fear is being the gut walking down the street which the BBC uses as background footage to obesity crisis videos.
  16. My Mrs broke up with me by text a few weeks into lockdown - really struggled. She also reached out a few weeks later, spoke about wanting to meet up when life is a bit more normal (although she hadn't changed her mind at that point) but appears to have ghosted my last message. Take this time to enjoy just being in your own company. I have started counselling for grief (been a rough few years), lots of reading, a dabble into meditation. The best advice I have been given is that you are not in control of most things in your life but you are in control of you - use this time to work on yourself Hope things improve for you!
  17. I've been on Desert Island Discs...
  18. I am from Jersey and the approach there is very much "we need most of the island to get it, without overwhelming the health services". This seems to correspond to lockdown easing as its own Nightingale Hospital opens. My view is that lockdown is being eased in the UK on the assumption that people will get ill, but hospitals will be able to cope. The media will drive the government to loosening lockdown. They were obsessed with which country had the highest rates (Italy, Spain, UK, US etc.) and now that the death figures are no longer "shocking", they are pressing ahead with the loosening lockdown agenda.
  19. Given that remote working is expected to last until at least early summer, maybe it is time to take up some more hobbies...think running every day is making me lose my hair 😅 Was thinking of buying a 88-key keyboard/piano and learning using the app Simply Piano. I love music but have 0 experience of playing any instruments. Was thinking of playing an hour a day and wonder what expectations I should have? It's basically so I can play a celebratory "re-opening of the pubs" concert in Kings Cross.
  20. Haha thanks all! Absolute shit time to do it. I was already an emotional wreck following the Glastonbury cancellation.
  21. Man I was dumped by the Mrs today by text - solo lockdown just became a much more lonely place.
  22. This is simply going on the website and filling two fields and clicking a box.
  23. I don't think it is actually overreacting! A lot of my friends are angry I managed to get one but they didn't and it isn't beyond them to play the worst prank after a few beers! ahah
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