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  1. Yeah I knew it wasn't gonna be anything like the specials, but I just couldn't get into it and I like all types of music. Glad you enjoyed it though!
  2. Jerry Dammers's spatial orchestra playing the West Holt's in 2010,an hour of my life I'm never getting back!
  3. grayzer1

    Volunteering 2020

    Does anybody know if wateraid have their own field to camp in like Oxfam have? And if so can you bring a campervan?
  4. Would love to see Aussie Floyd at glasto!
  5. Hi,were about on site does the shuttle bus drop you off/pick you up?
  6. Wasn't sure what to expect as even though I love there albums they can be a bit slow at times,but I thought they were brilliant
  7. Wasn't sure what to expect as even though I love there albums they can be slow at times,but I thought they were brilliant
  8. We were at the stone circle on Sunday evening when a red land rover drove past and stopped at the top of the hill. We walked up and Michael Eavis got out,we asked for a picture cause it was my girlfriend's birthday but he looked very distracted and ignored us and went through the fence towards the bar. A gang of fellas lying on the grass then told us the bar was closed!
  9. 1. Foals 2. Chemical brothers 3. Pond
  10. grayzer1

    Mason's Arms

    Yeah we found it on the Wednesday afternoon in green fields,they had tunes playing and the table football at the back,but the fella there told us they weren't allowed to run the bar this year,but gave us a wink and said come back later after fireworks and there might be ale available for a donation. We went back later and it was all shut up with no one about!
  11. We've arrived at various times between 3 and 11pm and drove straight in. I drive a T25 and know the pain of a quickly overheating van!
  12. grayzer1

    Real Ale

    There's a craft beer tent in the theatre and circus field, careful of the grimbergen though,lethal stuff!
  13. grayzer1


    I've just had 10 days in New Orleans and Memphis listening to soul and blues and would love to find something similar see at the festival,so I'll be following this thread!
  14. Foals,the coral,the specials So a good chance of getting 1 out of 3!
  15. Hi,one of our group isn't coming to glastonbury now, however one of our campervan tickets was booked against his registration number. Will the campervan ticket be cancelled automatically when he doesn't pay for his festival ticket?
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