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  1. Popping this up as interested to get a head start on T day, is there a bunch of brand new people who fell in love with the festival after there first time or have people been turned off?
  2. Peroni


    Oh and some how... On Sunday night some twat had a shit outside the door of my sister in laws tent.... What possess some people?!?
  3. Peroni


    I was so pleased to see the water aid crew back and manning the loo’s I thanked everyone I saw for the job they did. Lest we forget 2017 was the year of the private contractor who were absolute dog shit at the job they were paid for. I’ll never get why blokes would choose a long drop, but time after time some Glastonbury goers prove often logic makes no sense!
  4. 072746. Thurs 1pm Gate A
  5. Peroni

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Left pink West 54 at 7:15. By 10.30 arrived at fleet (M3) for a maccy Ds Fairly painfree exit. I've done my time in a 7hr Q in 2015 so thankful!
  6. We are all now the ticketless. We shall be equal until t-day 2019. It's the worse feeling in the world....
  7. Peroni

    The Crowds 2019

    I'm at the back. Its pretty sparse. Think Mumford and Sons style. Lots of people wandering off....
  8. Peroni

    Best flags

    I am still chuckling at the "are you well.... I thought you were" I saw on day 1
  9. Peroni

    The Killers

    Was tremendous. Loved loved loved it. Was close to sound stage and with the fireworks, confetti and flares I was having an amazing time.
  10. I for one are glad they are not. Means I can quickly get my bottles filled without a queue.
  11. Peroni

    Is It Too Hot?

    Just need to be prepared to adapt. Suitable clothing Water and an umbrella.... Its tiring for sure, but miles better than rain
  12. People are queuing for the water aid kiosks. Ignoring the standpipes next to them. Or queuing at the first set or sinks not realising at each long drop there are sinks at either ends.... The bars do have free water and at the barriers at each stage the security guards are filling up bottles....
  13. She's not allowed to sing the originals so has to remix everything slightly. Which is why it all sounded a bit off...
  14. Hopefully it stays this way.
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