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  1. reallife

    Where's the Reggae?

    Got to admit, not pleased Dreadzone aren't at The Glade...
  2. reallife

    Living near site

    Yeah, please don't upset the locals, don't take the festival away!!!!!
  3. reallife

    Living near site

    Do the non Glastonbury goers/locals hate all the fuss?
  4. reallife

    Living near site

    Ok yeah, bit jealous but of those of you who live near site, is it because you love Glasto or because you happen to be living there for another reason? We seem to have a lot of folk who regularly walk the site...
  5. Chic are one of my fav Glasto moments since 2010. Wasn't even going to go, but wow!!!
  6. If you can't believe The Mirror, who can you? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/uk-weather-forecast-odds-hottest-16198584?fbclid=IwAR3mnAr9JGcIIFBHjYDUjlQz7KSpxRQtKg7dPV4tOrVaWDFg1P1_7cyrH2g
  7. No pattern to most things Glasto related!
  8. Now, only just come across this thread and yes, I have had a couple of sunny afternoon ciders, but is this for real? @Wickedfaerie has been asked to not take photos of Arcadia but we can still zoom in on the BBC webcam and see a big red crane like feature going up? Bit dramatic I realise but are we living in a police state? @Wickedfaerie can you not still do the panorama shots and blur Arcadia out and we can just look at the BBC to see that bit?
  9. reallife

    Vegan Traders

    Hey Fiona, where are these based as I haven't noticed either over the past 10 years!!!!! TA x
  10. Glasto Steel is it then, thanks all. Have an effing great festival xxxxxxxxx
  11. Hasn't it changed orientation? Looks like it is pointing directly at the Ribbon Tower and up the hill, not along the hill...
  12. The detail when zooming is excellent. Things are really happening now.
  13. Hi, Has anyone used one of these bottles from the festival? https://shop.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/products/small-etched-bottle-pre-order I am trying to go along with the no plastic bottles on site incentive this year so need a water carrier. Can anyone tell me if the water tastes metally? I ask because the thought of drinking out of them sets my teeth off! Also are they double walled to keep hot, hot and cold, cold? Ta
  14. I think I only saw it because I was zooming in! Sorry your camera isn't up, it has been great to see two cams!
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