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  1. reallife

    Site Visits this September 2018

    OK, I am a saddo with withdrawal symptoms so am going down to camp a couple of nights in Glasto town in Sept this year. Does anyone know of a map of site when the show is not in town so I can walk site without upsetting any farmers? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Just done the first lawn mow of the year. The smell of the cut grass made me go all Glastonbury, which was simultaneously fabulous and deeply depressing!!! How's everybody hanging on in this fallow year?
  3. reallife

    Stall finding help

    I can't help with the stall, but it's worth asking if they will post stuff to you, that's what I do when I buy from Kerry Tremlett print maker who also has her stall on th4e same row. Saves carting stuff about and worrying about breaking it!
  4. reallife

    Glastonbury Spirit

    Oh man, we live the life don't we! I'll break out the cookies and we can sit in the garden and be anxious about it nearly raining!!! Not counting out 14 cams of cider though
  5. reallife

    Glastonbury Spirit

    After a somewhat up and down few years which are still rumbling on, Glastonbury this year was a perfect release for me. During Chic I realised I had not been that happy and relaxed for a couple of years. I really had a good time and thought as I usually do that I would bring the Glastonbury Spirit home and run with it, because it's a good feeling and to spread the love might make others feel it and the whole world would be a better place. Sadly I realised a couple of days ago, that it had left me as I swore at another driver cutting me up... Ok, I thought, refocus and try again. How are you guys feeling with the spirit? I am gonna keep trying till it becomes second nature... It can't be a bad thing...
  6. reallife

    Posters from the Glasto Free Press

    I got the Beware of the Long Drops one from a couple of years ago and found a frame in a charity shop!
  7. reallife

    BBC repeats

    Hell that's a good idea, thanks. I shall go looking.
  8. reallife

    BBC repeats

    Don't they fall off iPlayer quickly?
  9. reallife

    BBC repeats

    Hi Y'all, Forgot to set the telly to record the BBC coverage this year and am now sitting watching the "Best Of" compilation they aired over the weekend and feeling mighty miffed. Does anyone know the pattern of repeats the BBC have or is it a keep your eyes peeled, totally random? Missing it deeply already...
  10. reallife


    aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh so flippin' excited
  11. These times are hard for dreamers

  12. reallife

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    The Goan Fish Curry stall on West Holts (still want to call it Jazz World) was superb and I think I spotted it on the coverage of V this year! Took me right back. It's not like the pungent, strong taste of takeaways (although they too are marvelous), more delicate and flavoursome, they don't blow your head (or any other parts) off!