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  1. I know I am too late but we left at 7am on Mon with no problems although we did go against the traffic signs as they send you south and it took too long to get back on track going their way. We came across very little traffic being so early. If we were later, we may have gone the real way to make things better from them...
  2. I got to Jack White and thought then and there, that was way enough after being on site since Wed. Then I got home and tested positive for Covid, so I am wondering now if it's the illness talking... Some serious thinking needed though.
  3. Indian Fish and Chips at West Holtz ~ BEST Crumpets from the black van near The Park - WORST
  4. reallife

    First Timers 2022

    I love it when people post it's their first time, to know what magical things they have in store. Wish I could have my first time again...
  5. Hey, this year, I am looking to be drink free for medical reasons. I have decided to get a reusable cup with one of those baskets inside. I reckon one dose of fancy cold diffuser teas in the morning and topping it up all day at the water kiosks will make for an interesting cold brew all day. I use Bird and Blend Tea which ironically I came across at Glasto one year. Hope you have a great festival.
  6. This is great work. How fast you walk can be kind of irrelevant. All you need to do is do one of the walks and time yourself and apply that to the rest of the table. Someone may do a walk in 20 mins which you have down as 15 minutes, but it's all relative and you know how fast you walk yourself. I say crackin' job.
  7. Reading this is making me so excited. We will be already set up in B&W and possibly shuttle bussing it onto site to get the wristbands and wait for our friend coming on coach from Brighton.
  8. My tickets and CV tickets have arrived
  9. That's it, my tickets have arrived!!!!!
  10. Hiya, I have done G before and after surgery for a prolapsed disc. I just took it slow and sat much, I took a chair. There are lots of times when you're just hanging about where you could be sitting, if of course sitting helps you, it does me. You are however having time off sick quite near the festival, aren't you? At the end of the day it's your call, only you know how it feels for you, but I would have thought moving and doing your back exercises is a good thing. Take appropriate pain killers for making sure you can sleep pain free though, as I would have thought not sleeping and having back pain is awful. Good luck.
  11. Hey, CV fields also all have food vans and rubbish disposal areas. Have a good one
  12. The van has got through it's MOT and spent the last 3 days cleaning and checking what it has and what it needs. Getting excited...
  13. HI Bake, where did you get any info on the BW shuttle from? I need to know if and until when does it come from BW back to site and there is nothing official that detailed about it. Thx
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