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  1. Glasto Steel is it then, thanks all. Have an effing great festival xxxxxxxxx
  2. Hasn't it changed orientation? Looks like it is pointing directly at the Ribbon Tower and up the hill, not along the hill...
  3. The detail when zooming is excellent. Things are really happening now.
  4. Hi, Has anyone used one of these bottles from the festival? https://shop.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/products/small-etched-bottle-pre-order I am trying to go along with the no plastic bottles on site incentive this year so need a water carrier. Can anyone tell me if the water tastes metally? I ask because the thought of drinking out of them sets my teeth off! Also are they double walled to keep hot, hot and cold, cold? Ta
  5. I think I only saw it because I was zooming in! Sorry your camera isn't up, it has been great to see two cams!
  7. Oh I was sooooo excited when I saw this on the BBC yesterday. I thought they don't usually start there. Still, no matter I still say eeeeeeeeek! Wickedfaerie Is your camera on line this year?
  8. reallife

    Emotional Moments

    I was going to write this. Except I think "I'm home". I love the heat haze coming off the centre of the site and the flags fluttering and being reminded of things I had forgotten. Bring it on!
  9. Just a quickie. Bigger vans often need Gennys and they will not allow them. We were parked next to one in West five /six years ago and the Marshalls wouldn't let them fire it up, so not sure how they managed to do anything!
  11. I am never again ever seeing a band I really don't want to. I saw Dolly against my better judgement and am never getting those 3 hours back!
  12. Mr Reallife says a waxed cheese may keep better for the last days. For Sat he has gone for a Camembert for spreading on a sturdy Rivita, possibly seeded. Remember there is usually a raclette stall. Cheese covered me thinks.
  13. reallife


    Alexa help team just said it is too new and not yet available to ask Alexa to play it. He is passing it to the Spotify team and then tell me I can ask Alexa direct. In the mean time I am now playing it on Spotify through Alexa!
  14. Mr Reallife says he remembers being there but says there wasn't a big fuss generally on site. He wasn't at the Other at the time though.
  15. reallife


    Ha, yeah! Erm, no then.
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