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  1. I wasn't there this year bud, just going by my dissapointment of past nine years. I'm a raver by heart and always feel that is missing at Glastonbury. The only place that caters for the harder, underground side is the Salon Carousel, which is ran by free party crew, much like many parts of the SE corner. Guess it's the only area the peers let them push the mark a bit. I can't be arsed with squat and free parties anymore so have had to dip into Boomtown, ticks every box.
  2. EDIT I missed the bit where it said Bands and not general wishes, sorry ? A ticket A short sharp shower about 4-5am each day to dampen the dust Kate Bush Guns and Roses Less commercial house music More underground Acid Techno A monorail More toilets for the disabled A closer camper van field than E bloody 17 And finally that my Mum and brothers and me are all still healthy and happy and going.
  3. I had it bad after 2017! Remember all that dust you are breathing in on site is dried cows piss, shit and what ever else they spread over a working farm. It isn't good at all.
  4. Same bud. If I was there. Ie if be off wandering toward the SE Corner for the final push before passing out. My Mum is 63 and just rang me from the que to get in and is out now until sunrise from the Stone Circle. Fucking legend
  5. Alot of miming I thought watching it on Tv
  6. Would love to say Zeppelin or Kate Bush but feel I will come away dissapointed and have to put up with Fleetwood Mac.
  7. Thanks for getting me through it guys and girls. Been emotional over past few days.. I was broken Wednesday and Thursday and only started to cope when the weekend came and had other things on. Think it doesn't help my Mum and Brother being therw for the first time without me and saying how I was missed. Haven't heard from. The bastards since Friday and it all kicked off haha.
  8. Has there been any significant tributes for Keith over the weekend?
  9. WTF was that all about?? Absolutely ruined the whole set for me, piss poor
  10. Swine_Glasto2014

    Red Arrows

    Brilliant... Thanks for the video
  11. Swine_Glasto2014


    They are all at Awakenings and from what I've heard of the technocrat do play, they slow the set down for the more diverse Glastonbury crowds. Hopefully not the case if it's a dedicated area.
  12. Feeling that. I hate the heat when I can't get out of it or it's just to hit to even get shade anywhere. I'm at work with uber hay fever and sweating, thinking maybe dodging this year was a wise choice.
  13. As others have said, come this afternoon the main stages are open and there goes 100,000 odd people. The heat and the dust down there must be pretty mental.
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