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  1. Instead we focus on the death of a 99 year old freeloading racist
  2. If your sole aim is the reduce infections then lockdowns clearly work. But then you have to consider the harms of a collapsed economy, inactivity. Mental health, largely closed health system creating a future backlog of issues. I wouldn’t be surprised when we look back in years to come we come to the conclusion they did more harm than good. You have to also factor in when we lose a mother of three to undiagnosed cancer vs an 85 year old nearing their end of life, there is an issue... and the toll in this regards will be huge over the coming years.
  3. So said the millionaire Michael Eavis CBE....
  4. I post on a very different forum - I put something negative about the whole shit show and now I am being downvoted like nothing else 🙂 Its like mentioning muzzles here 😛
  5. I don't think it fitted her well.. I don't think she thought she would need it 😛
  6. Dear lord... TV is at its absolute worse today 🙂 Royal Propaganda bullshit 🙂 Every rent a ghost talking head is it broke 🙂 What is funny is I was watching BBC News as the it broke. I am 99% sure that the women presenting changed out of her top for a black one before breaking the news. They must keep a black top backup for such an occasion.
  7. Lets hope Patsy stays at home with her megaphone this time and doesn't cause another riot.
  8. Yup - second shot is more about extended how long the protection lasts.
  9. If it happened during covid it would be amazing to see all the restrictions thrown under the bus.
  10. I doubt they will want to throw the meat to the hounds 🙂
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