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  1. I fell like I should know but still lost 😛
  2. Basically people saying they don't like the forum anymore and saying they are going to leave because some people got banned for trolling and such like while still carrying on posting on the forum. You know, the usal internet based me me me melodrama....
  3. Twitter I am guessing. - no idea why that came to mind 🙂
  4. The Tories are having a PR crisis... No sure how they handle this... There is next to fuck all the government can do about most of this... nasty combination of Brexit, war in Ukraine and the bad decision's you all supported during the pandemic. And alas - Starmer still can't take advantage...
  5. The average ticket hold is a middle class Tory ticking off the bucket list item... Unpopular but true...
  6. Silly you for not wearing your face nappy!
  7. Very much yes and its got good reviews so far. Watching original with the kids this weekend so they can enjoy it.
  8. FernGully I always thought...
  9. Its a pointless statistic because it never works out that way...
  10. Cheap skate 🙂 if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen 🙂
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