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  1. I doubt that very much... I have no doubt there is 20% around the edges which comes down to his own warped interpretation / not accepting responsibility but the main thrust of it all looks truthful to me.
  2. lol - okay - thanks for that - never knew 🙂 I was talking about mass events - sport / festivals etc
  3. Its been approved for Children 12 and over by the UK regulator. JCVI says we aren't going to vaccinate them though unless vulnerable. We are some way of offering it to all children. If they decide to start vaccinating children in September / October its still going to be along time before they all have two jabs.
  4. Presuming the quality of Scottish lap dancer isn't up to much 😛
  5. Children wont... That's my biggest worry. Other than that I don't mind.
  6. Cases will fall in a couple of weeks - everything will be fine 🙂 Hope not fear 🙂
  7. Over 12s going to need a negative test no doubt Under 12s exempt
  8. Mask usage in the wild seems to be between 50 and 70%... Didn't see anyone fist fighting in the streets.. This makes me happy... Live and let live.. Hope not fear 🙂
  9. The thread is dead - I might get some work done today now 😄
  10. Our school haven't changed its advice - so masks still required at the school gates. Many schools haven't changed. Not sure schools are the best example. More interested in Asda / Tube / Shops - that is where you will or won't see a change.
  11. Today with some people really wanting to keep masks and others happy to let them go would of happened if we had opened up 4 weeks ago or in 6 months time. Maybe to differing degrees but it was always going to happen. The saddest thing is the government not having the courage of its conviction and not offering a strong message either way I feel. Respect me without a mask and I will respect you (and give you distance when and where possible) with a mask. Pretty simple - Hope not fear 🙂
  12. Exactly and now as we move to the next stage people who are scared should upgrade their ppe to the type of mask that actually protects them. And then they can wear a mask and say "safe". Its a reasonable suggestion
  13. Today is really simple. Upgrade your useless cloth mask for a n95 mask or better and be happy with your choice and others Take some responsibility for your own health
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