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  1. It's madness 🙂 Upgrading the day 2 travel test to a PCR was a sensible move but yet again too much delay. Lots of people who have pre paid for LFT are now out of pocket
  2. I pretty much hibernate between December and February so not really arsed I don't really do public transport either. Too many poor people
  3. Just seen Pagel on Sky saying we should stop all international travel... She didn't mention she had been to "a lot" of shops with covid...
  4. Lots of EU countries now starting to restrict travel to southern africa to stop a virus variant they just confirmed to be in Belgium. WHO warning against travel restrictions. All sounds predictable... all sounds pointless..
  5. The documentary was fantastic but its very much in support of Senna. There is obviously more to the story- two sides etc. Was great to see him, mansell and prost go at it.
  6. The reporting around drop in immunity is. They did it with delta and in the end there was no difference in terms of illness. Sarah Gilbert said she doesn't believe we will see a varriant which will escape a vaccine in the terms of serious illness. Look I can see you swallowing the fear. Go right ahead... but the reporting at the moment is toxic.
  7. lmao - so maddening - but people consume and believe this shit 😞
  8. None of which changed with delta and none of which is likely to change with this variant. Its still the same virus. This is all about entry point into the body.
  9. but for balance - I read the same thing about someone with the Delta variant the other day. What will be important is protection against serious disease. All the fear is centred around the upfront protection which was already hurt by delta.
  10. That 40% can't possibly be based on any evidence at this stage. It will be weeks before we have that sort of data.
  11. When we talk about low level measures which would make a difference - the madness above is obviously something we could do better.
  12. Its a little over the top for sure.
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