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  1. What is the name of the Facebook group out of interest?
  2. I thought Joy Crookes was brilliant on Jools last night - especially her second song. Metronomy’s new album sounding brilliant live too.
  3. There’s just been a short 10/15 second advert on BBC before the women’s football started and they used The Killers - When You Were Young
  4. Juniore’s new single from a couple of weeks back. I’ve no idea what they’re saying as usual but it sounds great to me.
  5. Did anybody hear from this yesterday? I can’t see on their twitter that it was announced.
  6. Hi everyone, like many before me I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while. This will be my second glastonbury after successfully getting tickets in the Sunday resale. This forum became a big part of my build-up/excitement in 2017 so thought it was only fair I joined the fun!
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