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  1. Did "the kids" find a touch of orange juice on the test pad have the same effect?
  2. Jazz not my thing - really wasn't going to watch it. But Herbie and his band of absolute pros smashed it. Hard not to be infected by their love of it.
  3. These people just don't care. I'm beginning to think they are paid trolls. Let's just ignore them. They thrive on the oxygen and attention. I wish you and your sister the very best.
  4. It's a very paid troll account behaviour to insist on having the last word but I'm bored now and you're clearly a bit of a weirdo.
  5. You have opinions. We get it. You're entitled to them. Understand some people have lost people. Some people have Long Covid and some people are still actively avoiding it for their own reasons. I know you think it's over. Good for you. But if I were you I'd try to be a bit more sensitive. And telling me to stop replying when you've already said yourself you were going to stop going on about it is, frankly a bit rich. Head - wobble time.
  6. Is that a promise Barry? Because some of us have had enough of "experts that have done their own research with their eyes".
  7. Presume what you want Barry Fish. I meant festival pints.
  8. Went to the pharmacy. Paid £10 for 5 tests. Cost of a pint and a half so I don't kill someone's Nan. There's a head that needs a wobble here.
  9. Yes. Another positive today in the group. 6/15.
  10. Woke up with a hacking cough. Think I might be nudging that to 6/15 in the morning. Hope I wasn't shedding and have given it to the partner and little one before my friends let me know.
  11. 14 went 4 tested positive. One now camping in the tent he was drying in the garden.
  12. What time did you join the queue?
  13. Mates pulled into the carpark at 0753 and now in the snake at Gate D. Not me, waiting for a coach in Brum.
  14. I think in the past they've had djs on Wednesday and the odd thing on Thursdays... not sure but most acts are on Friday - Sunday that I've seen. But a good shout - might be worth poking my head in on Thursday. If only for a brew and some cake.
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