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  1. They were excellent. All the volunteers and staff were in fact.
  2. Thoughts and sympathy with the family. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/01/glastonbury-2019-security-guard-found-dead-tent-last-night-festival-10096967/
  3. I'd stop at Bristol - there's a tonne of supermarkets just off the motorway. Or you can go to the Morrisons in Glastonbury
  4. Keep going until the music starts playing. Bonus points for tears.
  5. As you're driving for the first time it's worth noting that the festival is not in Glastonbury town (or *that* near) - I know that sounds obvious but some people head there unnecessarily! Head for Pilton and you should see signs if all else fails. The stewards are super helpful if you get lost - mention disabled parking!
  6. BA4 4EH seems to match up on google maps.
  7. You'll fly into the site. Bristol on a Friday evening has it's own issues mind.
  8. Yes - the driver hands you your ticket on See Ticket coaches. They are supposed to do it half way down on their break (I think) but sometimes you get it just before they set off. Depends on how arsed the driver is by "rules".
  9. Your best bet is to get all of your friend's phones on different networks having a go. It seems random who's 3 / 4 G is up at anyone time. Also - if it's that important you could get up early, jump on a shuttle bus and use wifi in a Shepton Mallet / Glastonbury café perhaps?
  10. You know what - if you stood on the exit of the carparks with a bit of cardboard saying Birmingham - need to go to a funeral I'd pick you up! Surely that would work?
  11. I camp near the coach site and the noise of the coach announcements starts around 6am from (hazy hungover) memory but I'm sure if you ask a steward on the way in you'll get a better idea of the return times.
  12. Unless things have radically changed.. just rock up at the coach area with a valid email and they will throw you on the next coach to Brum. Nobody turns up ontime for their return seat and they just want you off site - they'd rather fill coaches than have empty seats.
  13. They probably got sick of mates falling out with each other etc in the interim and just send them individually now!
  14. You can resend the confirmation email yourself. I would: 1) Use your husband's registration ID and check their profile details https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/registration/lookup 2) Search your emails - there will be two See ticket references - one for deposit one for balance. You want the balance payment reference one. 3) Enter this reference and your postcode here: https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice 4) Resend
  15. My e-ticket doesn't mention anyone but me. I booked as a group - we all paid separately after but they've all had their e-tickets to their registered email address. HTH
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