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  1. That Crows Nest set by Lianne La Havas will have earnt her a booking surely. Wonderful voice.
  2. They were great - weren't they?
  3. Walking away from the Other as James were about to start... "So this 'James' is it just the one bloke or a band like?"
  4. There's still camping space on Hitchin Hill. Never seen that before. Guessing it's also got something to do with the increased glamping options.
  5. I tried to leave half way. Was horrible walking up the track. Very cramped and ass hats trying to push through.
  6. I truly believe the football is to blame. There was one game which everyone tried to get in for - started making people come earlier and earlier.. Then post pandemic people just wanted even more party.
  7. OoO is on. Thought about a glastonbury themed response. Then thought - nah... don't need to rub it in any more.
  8. Jalen Ngonda. Well he'll steal West Holts at least.
  9. Will be making a bee-line for Leon's if it is there - the Lebanese Veggie platter was amazing and worth every penny
  10. Saw Ledfoot in Bourbon Street (was a bar not a stage in my memory) ... wonder what year that was. He was excellent.
  11. I'm off to the shops to buy more suncream. Anyone need 'owt?
  12. They are not allowed to do this. I would suggest this is unlikely to happen. Sometimes they don't hand them out until you're half way there. There are suggestions here that if that your ticket ends up at the box office if you don't get on the coach. I've never done it - I guess the festival could refuse entry. That would still mean your partner has to queue and go through extra checks to get the ticket.
  13. Had some last year both there and back again. But the electrics kept blowing on the way home and I think we'd all preferred the air con to work!
  14. Never checked ID and been four times or so. We've even had a driver had the pile of tickets to one of the passengers who handed them out. She really enjoyed herself too!
  15. Yup last year. I'm sure my memory is getting worse!
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