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  1. Yeah it's an email. You show the driver as you get on, bundle your bags underneath and then at a stop they hand you your ticket. One warning. Coach quality is luck of the draw and varies. As does the driver's attitude to beers on board (usually no). After years of driving myself the coach is actually an ok option of you can pack light and live without a trolley of beer (or get a friend to bring that down by car!)
  2. Would make sense the admin folks at See start at the top and fill coaches one by one.
  3. There's a theory that seems to hold true. The earlier in the sale you got your booking through the earlier the coach time you get. Has been the case for us the last couple of times. (Booking went through late, got an early afternoon Manchester departure).
  4. Sorry to drag this back up again but the thought just occurred that a Pyramid field full of punters singing "The National Express" before having to get on one home the next day would be great.
  5. cheesey_toastie


    Was the Run DMC 35 year this last year or ... is there a chance they could walk this way?
  6. Looks like Tom Odell managed the hop over the Irish sea to do it last year...
  7. Kaleidoscope Festival have announced Basement Jaxx and The Divine Comedy - same dates as Glastonbury. Could there be some share here? Hope so - love the new Divine Comedy LP. https://www.goldenplec.com/festivals/kaleidoscope-2020/
  8. I feel posh just paying for a cold beer from the bar. Where does everyone get this cash from?
  9. Not in my IMHO Neil Young, Blur, Springsteen - 2009 Was expecting Young to be sniffy and play b-sides and he destroyed it. Blur was the perfect sing along with a cracking set and Bruce was a great addition.
  10. Are Rage Against the Machine big enough? Just announcing a tour after reforming according to 6Music news?
  11. TBH - I thought it was better this year on the whole. You're right, the error messages are confusing though but these are where the tickets are all allocated I think and you're basically out of luck. It's so painful to get that far and get an error though. Sorry to hear you were unlucky.
  12. If you've never changed your settings and can see that page you're fine. I think the original poster had tried to change their settings based on some ropey advice a good few years ago. Basically during the sale only one of the See servers was working, folk on the internet worked it out and pointed directly at the other servers bypassing the queue. See, rightly, have fixed it so this isn't possible. So if you've never changed your settings no worries!
  13. Glad to help. Good luck tomorrow! Let me know how you get on.
  14. Yeah - we've got a mix of 8 - 10. Some girl's registration numbers are bigger than others..
  15. Yeah there are instructions here: https://support.rackspace.com/how-to/modify-your-hosts-file/ Look for something like glastonbury.seetickets.com If there's a line like this delete it. If not try checking the DNS settings https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 Change them to the google settings.
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