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  1. There will be a percentage that can't go, are scared of crowds etc. Good luck to those trying in 2021. I'm hoping to go but I might have to throw mine in the pot. 2020 was supposed to be my 17th and I was going to let others have a turn.
  2. I see no reason why this couldn't be done with each act dialling in the performance - no audiences just tv studios across Europe hosting each performance. Rotterdam this is London calling - here is our entry. It would be a welcome distraction from the (justified) doom and gloom.
  3. By sharing their links and encouraging clicks you're only doing that rag's job for them. Don't buy / click The Sun.
  4. The ####### Twitter account just tweeted this... I'm intrigued! Thought it might spark a memory on here?!
  5. Just said on Marc Riley (19:50 Neil ) that she's over for festivals.. hesitated and then said she wasn't sure she could talk about it. So something embargoed then...
  6. I understand each stage has their own booking manager. I wonder if they look at these threads? Is it worth posting a few smaller acts you think could be otherwise overlooked. (Sorry if there is already a thread on this). I'd like to see Ledfoot again, played the Bourbon Street bar on a Thursday and it was epic. Gothic blues...
  7. Curtis Harding. A great sound, would love to see how he is live.
  8. That brought back some memories I thought I'd drunk away.
  9. She was brilliant on the Pyramid... 2003??
  10. Boris Johnson might find a few hundred grand of funding to have IT lesson from it though.
  11. Does that say it's a Belgian style beer?
  12. Yeah - just rock up early and they just want full coaches. They will get you there. Though if I had a flight I'd not risk the roads and take train back to London.
  13. Yeah it's an email. You show the driver as you get on, bundle your bags underneath and then at a stop they hand you your ticket. One warning. Coach quality is luck of the draw and varies. As does the driver's attitude to beers on board (usually no). After years of driving myself the coach is actually an ok option of you can pack light and live without a trolley of beer (or get a friend to bring that down by car!)
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