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  1. midlifecrisis


    Blue and White one must be Pussy Parlour I think. That's never been the same venue since they stopped it being a covered venue and turned it into an open sided tent. I loved stopping off there on the way home to see what ever bonkers band they had playing late!
  2. midlifecrisis


    Looks like it's turned back into an actual tent this year??
  3. midlifecrisis


    Ahh, Ok good point! 🙂 Thanks.
  4. midlifecrisis


    ....although that picture is the 8th June. If you change the date to 13th June there's quite a lot more up, although still not as much as now I think?
  5. midlifecrisis


    Does anyone have the link to that webcam page that you can specify the date on so I can see where they were at this point in 2017?
  6. midlifecrisis


    Can't believe how excited I am at the sight of bins! 🙂
  7. midlifecrisis

    Crowd Tolerance

    Because I like to leave a bit of a gap in front of me so I'm not heavy breathing onto the back of the person in front of me, I always seem to signpost myself as the pathway towards the front. Doesn't seem to matter how far front or back I am, I always seem to get a river of people walking past me mid gig. Also irritated by the people who arrive 2 minutes before the start of the headliner, squeeze through the crowd and then stand in my comfort gap. No mate, I just stepped aside so you could get past, I didn't invite you to join us, keep moving! Yes - hate the talkers!
  8. midlifecrisis


    Definately raisen or chocolate brioche for breakfast. Can totally stand being squished in a bag and still tasty after a couple of warm day in the tent. Also small stove for morning coffees essential!
  9. Haha! beat me to it! 🙂
  10. Tactical weeing and re-hydrating! Always go when your passing the loos not when your need to probably halfway through a set and immediately re-hydrate buy necking at least 1/2 your water bottle then refill. Never had a hangover yet!
  11. midlifecrisis

    Resale Club 2019

    I pretty sure it was 18th May at around 11am in 2015!
  12. midlifecrisis

    Resale Club 2019

    Sorry being a bit dim! Is https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/content/extras the main page for alerts?
  13. midlifecrisis


    I know it's wrong to be excited by the sight of Longdrops being installed but I can't help myself! 🙂
  14. midlifecrisis


    Lol! I just came on to alert everyone to some digger action in the Arcadia field! Maybe it's ground works for the new structures they're creating?
  15. No it was a short one this morning. I was worried I was refreshing the page of doom as it was so different but it did eventually go through to the booking page. It also didn't have the banner across the top.
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