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  1. midlifecrisis


    Does it look like a new path going through the field behind the large farm sheds next to Gate A? I'm sure that's normally just fenced off but it looks like there's been a pathway being marked out? I can't zoom in on my PC to have a look? New Security queuing arrangements?
  2. midlifecrisis

    Packing Light or Wheelbarrow

    Same here, never take loads but can't carry it all so put my tent, chair and a holdall full of drinks n nibbles on a fishing trolley. Will be in the queue about 5am so don't want to have to come back out again for a 2nd trip, would rather wait and get it all done in one go. Will put my chair on top and keep a few ins of JD n Coke (yes and water!) handy so I can get comfy while we wait.
  3. midlifecrisis


    Is Pussy Parlour still missing? Big blue tent is BBC intro (?) and PP should be to the right as you look at it?
  4. midlifecrisis

    The 2017 packing list!

    Just hang your bag on the door hook. Not sure who said that first but it's genius!
  5. midlifecrisis


    Aaaahhh! Course it is! You usually see the chap going up before the headliner with his sandwiches and flask! :-)
  6. midlifecrisis


    Yes, it why is the crane there and what on earth are they building!
  7. midlifecrisis


    hmmmmm, thats not usually where the viewing platform is. Normally clear between sound stages? Wonder what's occuring?
  8. midlifecrisis

    Bag tags

    That's a great idea!
  9. midlifecrisis

    Travelling from the Midlands (Derbyshire to be precise)

    Again I'd recommend that you check out this site as it's reporting M5 closed southbound between J4a (M42s connection with M5) and about J7 from 9pm til 6am from 19th June. http://www.trafficengland.com/?evtID=1123235
  10. midlifecrisis

    1 Top Tip for Me!

    Never eat yellow snow.
  11. midlifecrisis

    Travelling from the Midlands (Derbyshire to be precise)

    Think M42 and M5 have quite a few overnight closures so could be wise to go M1, M69, A46 to M5 Junction 9 then down to J23?
  12. midlifecrisis

    The state of the ground.

    Another vote for daily updates Mr Splodge pleeeeeeeese! :-) #justalittlebitobsessed
  13. midlifecrisis

    New security measures in place

    Think you'lll be fine with a trolley, advice seems to be warning of delays getting through rather than a ban. We're still taking one but are going to assume it'll be searched so will pack with that in mind.
  14. midlifecrisis

    New security measures in place

    Also this! We camp in Rivermead so can never be sure we not going to be flooded! :-) I stand a better chance of having 1 set of clothes that survives floating away!
  15. midlifecrisis

    New security measures in place

    Any thoughts on how to label bags? "We would also ask you to put luggage tags on all of your bags and belongings with your name and mobile number, so that we can identify them as yours."