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  1. Yeah if whatever admin job wasn't complete on Friday it's going to be a bit of time today isn't it? Be interesting to see if they update the status on the trackers to stop everyone moaning at them! Glad I'm not the poor person sweating over an Excel spreadsheet with social media Glastonbury whinging at me! Perhaps we should start Ko-Fi and all buy the See Tickets Glastonbury admin team a coffee to keep them going!
  2. Did you click the link to resend on the order tracker or did it just come through? Maybe someone else in your group did it?
  3. Out there theory - what if the risk of a rail strike and labour shortage has meant that they are struggling to book enough coaches!?
  4. One of the best live bands I've ever seen (probably the best from the Indie period). Was the last gig I went to before Covid. Hoping to catch them - they are criminally underrated IMHO.
  5. Yeah, just as the poor workers colleagu colleagues go to the pub, they'll say eff it and just send the emails as is.
  6. Were you a big group? I suspect they do fill the odd spaces.
  7. Some departure points you booked the exact coach. (Bristol, London). The others we book the day but have to wait for this email to know the time. Could be 5am could be 2pm. If you're coming from the North or Scotland it can make a big difference to your plans!
  8. The joke with my blue nose friend is that EFC are my fourth team. So I'm happy for you all. I don't have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd...
  9. Toffees staying up and a 5am departure and you're winning at life.
  10. Today's the day! * * Maybe. Hopefully. Please.
  11. We're looking at Friday evening aren't we? I don't know why I find not knowing so unsettling.
  12. If you can find your order reference you can see the update here: https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice/checkorder
  13. You will get an email (most likely this friday) that is your e-ticket. It has your time and departure point. The coach driver will check this when you get on. At some point in the journey (usually the driver's break at the services) they give you your proper ticket. If you, or someone in your group, misses the coach it usually ends up at the box office.
  14. My understanding was that they are all the same. But we'll see.
  15. You are dropped right outside Gate A. Pretty much on a great surface. The only bit from memory that can be funky is behind the John Peel tent but you can avoid that depending on where you're trying to camp. Be warned the coach drivers don't load trolleys until all the other bags are on. And some may be grumpy. Some drivers just have a free for all where everyone loads their own guff. I've never seen anything left behind but if you have more than one big bag, a day sack they have T&Cs saying they don't have to carry it.
  16. There are quite a few every hour I think.
  17. More than that - earlier the better. Might need to book an early doors train. And the prices aren't going down... I have a friend in the industry who also believes there's likely to be a railway strike around that time unless an agreement is reached.
  18. I'll go out and deliver leaflets and knock on doors for this.
  19. Dodge but not Hacker? Madness. Is this like the Gallagher brothers - are they refusing to share a stage?
  20. Yup - we've always had our Manchester times on Friday. I suspect there's an admin job done and someone / a team does it coach by coach, starting destination at a time.
  21. Would love to have been able to choose! Manchester (where I live) and Birmingham (where I was lucky enough to get tickets for in the scramble!) only inform you of the time on this email. Personally I'd still like a 5am departure 🙂 FOMO!
  22. Hi, Did look for another thread - but I've only just noticed this message on the order tracker. Looks like coach emails coming next week. Then I can properly start planning
  23. I camp the smack in the middle of a field on a hill. No streams for well over 100 meters but this is a good point.
  24. Outside your Tent with a water container, a cloth and some environmentally friendly soap Cost: Free Towels Available: If you like System: Get up, wear shorts, give yourself a scrub Times: Usually when hungover I just don a pair of shorts, bring a cloth and job is a good 'un!
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