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  1. Sorry - just saw this. He was brilliant wasn't he?Such a shame everyone was elsewhere!
  2. Albert Hammond in the Acoustic? Probably not though as criminally there were only about 100 of in there.
  3. Been to some of the most horrendous ones. Walking boots all the way - and a pair of trainers for if it's nice. Wear the boots for the journey because they are heavy. Trainers in the bag. Wellies rub, smell and require football socks.
  4. ffp2 mask here and will be for the coach (and train to get to the coach!).
  5. Oh yeah - that was pretty grim. It was a mostly unvaxxed demographic at the time though - right? We've also now got a lot more natural immunity in the population. I've decided I'm going - I'm going to take a few precautions but I think you have to accept going comes with some acceptance of risk.
  6. If you cram in there on a Wednesday or Thursday you have my respect regardless of a pandemic!
  7. Not really. Most of Glastonbury Festival is in a giant field. Open air. The tents don't really get going until Friday and even then they are open sided and air will be flowing. The travel down is probably the biggest risk - older coaches - some I've been on the air con didn't work and who knows if it's set to just recirculate. But I am very much of the opinion it will be up to everyone to make their own choices. I certainly won't be judging anyone that chooses to do one or the other.
  8. Usually I work on the basis of do others have a choice - I wear masks in shops, public transport and doctors etc as there may be vulnerable people that have no choice to visit these places. If you're in a bar or restaurant you're making your informed choice - so no mask for me. In this situation it's all purely selfish TBH - I'll be wearing it to minimise the risk of me catching it and ruining the festival. I'm not planning to wear masks at the festival itself as I'm not sure how workable that would even be. Might do on the coach home too - probably the biggest risk of the weekend the more I think of it and it will help with the smell (I've never smelt others on the coach home tbf)!
  9. Just wondering what people think about this? I'm planning to wear a mask on the See Tickets coach down. My thinking is if I did happen to get Covid on the way down it would kick in just as the festival is starting (about two days usually?). I'm pretty relaxed in outdoor settings but I feel like we've all waited so long for this festival it would be bloody annoying to have to go home on the Friday (and I'm not even sure how I'd get home!).
  10. We, in our group, went back and looked. Was always the Friday for us - so we're thinking 20th May. It's only then you can start the plans of how you're going to get to the coach pickup time with bags in tow. Usually go from Manchester but Birmingham this year. If it's a super early Wednesday I'll have to remind myself I'm old and earning now and have no need for a rough night at New Street and can afford a hotel!!
  11. I've seen them play Manchester a couple of times and they were fantastic. What went wrong in the JP? Sound or just hungover?
  12. There's big variations based on weather (if all the camper vans get stuck again and back the traffic up), and what gate you come into. They seem to keep the coach gate moving pretty fast tbh. The coach arrivals are spaced out - that is probably the busiest time to arrive though. I would be happy if you got in within two hours. It depends if the stewards are directing car arrivals to that gate... I think the longest I've ever had to wait to get in is about 2-3 hours. I've heard folk joining the back of the overnight queue and waiting longer though. Things seem much better organised in recent years.
  13. 10cc - would be a good fit. They are touring, sounding excellent (the harmonies are ace). Seems to be a lack of 60s 70s heritage acts. Would be ace on the Pyramid one afternoon.
  14. It was absolutely my pleasure. All the thrills and spills of ticket day. With my own tickets safely in the back pocket. Hopefully I'm free on Sunday to help anyone else who needs it.
  15. Never had more than a cursory glance at my ticket (and once not even that). Just rock up. They want the coaches filled and gone.
  16. I have a form .. you can ring me on 07968694745 I can do a google meet if you want to see! Need card deets and the like
  17. Just got two.. have a form. 07968694745 you'll jhave to give me credit deets. I can do a google meet for comfort!
  18. Yes - be prepared to be asked about insurance. This always catches me out.
  19. I'm nervous. Never met these people but I so want them to get tickets now. LET'S GO EFESTIVALS!
  20. I am probably quite dumb here - is the expectation that the helpers will put it on their own cards and arrange a bank transfer / whatever? Has the restriction that the lead booker and the card details have to match been relaxed in recent years or have I remembered that incorrectly?
  21. Auto Hot Key for windows works well.
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