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  1. Bottom of the map near the Cinedrome, maybe?
  2. For once I'm really hoping we get some rain, so that it's safe to burn the green man on Sunday night. It just wouldn't feel the same without that final night tradition!
  3. Sounds like Running Punks will be leading some running clubs at the settlement https://twitter.com/runningpunks/status/1557680882227585024?t=V8Ytp2qZ2u3ySkmTWv-sAA&s=19
  4. Anyone heading to this? I'll be there stewarding for the first time, went as a punter in 2019. Clashfinder here: https://clashfinder.com/s/deershed2022/
  5. Saw Working Men's Club on Sunday and had a great time. I struggle sometimes with musicians who don't talk AT ALL on stage, but they had enough atmosphere to keep you engaged.
  6. The festival tell people to use Fanticks as their official resale site. https://www.fanticks.com/event/green-man
  7. Not sure if this had already been shared but here are the stage splits
  8. They had some difficulties, apparently the airline lost their equipment (nightmare!) so they were playing on borrowed kit. Still put on a good show though
  9. It really was, you'd never guess they hadn't played for a decade
  10. First time at Blue Dot, we've got day tickets for the Saturday to give it a go. Anyone know roughly what time the last acts are due to finish for the night?
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