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  1. What time did you join the queue?
  2. Mates pulled into the carpark at 0753 and now in the snake at Gate D. Not me, waiting for a coach in Brum.
  3. I think in the past they've had djs on Wednesday and the odd thing on Thursdays... not sure but most acts are on Friday - Sunday that I've seen. But a good shout - might be worth poking my head in on Thursday. If only for a brew and some cake.
  4. I've always got in - probably just ten minutes before each set is enough. But obviously if it's a biggie...
  5. cheesey_toastie

    Diana Ross

    OH MY EFFING HELL I'M EXCITED NOW. Thanks for the posts.
  6. I wanted to go to that but I was broken and couldn't face walking from the other side of the festival. #old
  7. Their Twitter feed ranges from 4am posts to 4pm!!
  8. This has been one of my favourite places in recent years. Seen some amazing acts - and I love the chalkboard announcements. If you don't know what this is and have some time, head up the hill to the left as you face the park stage. It's a little gem. Am I correct in thinking it's tidied to a particular record label (yes, I'm trying to pre-empt who might play this year!).
  9. Factor £8 pp Breakfast - £10-15 for lunch and dinner pp. Then it's if you buy cocktails, beers, soft drinks. Work out what the two of you would go through in a day. As others have said - £100 can do an entire festival if you bring a bag of muesli, little stove for coffees, some cheap lunch and a few crates of ale and a few premixed bottles of medical tent juice. I prefer to go middle ground - enjoy a few cold ones from the bar but fill a bag with my own cans for the day, cater my breakfast but eat out and not have to return to the tent. £200 in previous years ... likely more now.
  10. I've called "Bank" on this. You're in the right place then - Gate A - straight in! The Kids Fields are awesome - I'm sure they will have a great time!
  11. That's the badger. It's where the coaches come in. How are you getting there?
  12. If you're driving in and have international tickets have a print out of your confirmation. I've limited experience of the box office but when friends have had to go there they said it was very well organised. Have your confirmation and some ID ready and get ready for the party!
  13. My thing that doesn't happen anymore is getting on the train through London after and having random office workers asking if you'd seen such and such. I think the live coverage has taken that away (though I also don't get the train via London now!!).
  14. Actually thinking on it - I think it brought you out next to where the Medical tent is now.
  15. I think it used to drop you in Pilton. There was a bitch of a hill to climb with loose stones. I think it's the lane that runs next to Worthy Farm and Hithcin Hill down towards the Pyramid. But my memory might be shot too!
  16. Hehe - report back which works. You would expect EE as the official sponsor but who knows.
  17. You're right except if you're on a network that has data issues during the festival push notifications don't come through where as SMS tend to. Worth having both. I've always been on Three. Can have full signal but zero data for patches. Tends to work well first thing in the morning and then tail off as people wake up and start using the network. With more TikTok and Insta load I suspect it will struggle this year.
  18. Some do - though we had four pints, friends also had some discrete canned g and t's - when they tried the door of the toilet it was locked. Wasn't looking to be a comfortable journey - luckily the driver took a break after an hour or so.
  19. Doubt I'll make this but I'll be in a e-festivals tee on the Wednesday as it's tradition (I have a non-forum friend who likes things to be just so..!). I'm getting on site a bit later than I'd like and would like to spend time with my friends - but if you see me around Hitchin Hill (under a big "We're just Innocent Men" flag come say hi! Enjoy guys!
  20. Sorry - I mean meet them in Pilton not on the A-road. The road will be chocca and there are stopping restrictions - you'll annoy everyone if you try to stop there! My recommendation would be to do this on the Thursday too when things are a bit calmer. Whatever you do try not to annoy the residents, it's a little village and takes the strain - they have enough to put up with / enjoy!!
  21. Depends where you're camping. Might be easier to exit via Gate A - walk up Park Hill A361 to Pilton and meet them there. The drop off spots and parking restrictions mean it would be a sod to pull up anywhere useful... this is the closest spot I can think of from a Gate to somewhere likely to be somewhat unrestricted access via a car.
  22. I wouldn't say the return coaches are a free for all. Your ticket *is* checked and you get sent to stand in the queue for your destination. If you show them a ticket for a later coach they do tend to bump people with the correct time ahead and then just fill up any empty spaces from the rest of the queue. That said I have got on earlier coaches. Basically they don't want coaches leaving empty and they also need some organisation down there or we'd all try to leave at 10am. There definitely is a feel of just get everybody off site though..
  23. Android gmail bug - open it on your desktop or forward it to someone.
  24. Though they have sent it to my old email address that I thought I'd updated...
  25. Woo- 10:45hrs from Brum. Not the bestest - not the worsest either. Thank you See Ticket elves.
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